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By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box. Only the box is a world of its own.

We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.


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Jul 18, 2018 at 7:13 AM
Jul 11, 2018
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Voltron: Legendary Defender

OOC: Anyone interested in doing a awesome action-y thread for Lotor's entrance to Pandora? Jul 14, 2018

Lotor was last seen:
Jul 18, 2018 at 7:13 AM
    1. Lotor
      OOC: Anyone interested in doing a awesome action-y thread for Lotor's entrance to Pandora?
      1. ArmoredBacon
        If he has a vehicle and you want space combat I could throw Mardia Cruz at him.

        If you want him to meet someone evil and might be a potential ally I could use Mumm-Ra.
        Jul 14, 2018
      2. Lotor
        Ooh I like both of these! While I think Lotor and Mumm-Ra should definitely plot (I'll hit up your organizer), I really like the idea of a space battle. I didn't have Lotor come with his ship, but I could just have Pandora throw him into a random ship. And then they could fight space pirates or something. I like it.
        Jul 14, 2018
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