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Luke Skywalker
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Aug 22, 2019 at 3:03 PM
Jun 21, 2019
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Island Hermit

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars

Luke Skywalker was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Aug 22, 2019 at 3:03 PM
    1. Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker
      I don’t understand my father… Why doesn’t he enjoy building SANDcastles on the beach, like other nine year olds?
      1. Jaesa Willsaam
        Jaesa Willsaam
        Why would anyone who lived on Tatooine want to have anything more to do with sand than necessary?
        Jul 23, 2019
    2. Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker
      What are people’s views on hitting children? Should I spank my father whenever he refuses to go to school?
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      2. Naofumi Iwatani
        Naofumi Iwatani
        What none of these ladies release, is that discipline doesn't always have to be about violence. If you're worried about spanking, try taking things of interest away from him for short times as punishment instead.
        Jul 10, 2019
      3. Aphrodite
        Right. No mothers actually realize that. Ever. Which is why we said don't hit a kid. Right.
        Jul 11, 2019
      4. Naofumi Iwatani
        Naofumi Iwatani
        You said don’t hit a kid, that’s true but you didn’t offer the man any alternatives.
        Jul 11, 2019
    3. Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker
      Can somebody babysit my 9 year old father tonight? I need to milk some aliens, so he can have Coco Pops tomorrow.
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      3. Nico di Angelo
        Nico di Angelo
        I'm more wondering how and why would you milk an /alien/
        Jun 26, 2019
      4. Hellboy
        I think I almost cracked a rib from laughing so hard.
        Jun 27, 2019
      5. Jughead Jones III
        Jughead Jones III
        I think the kid version of his dad is less evil then the adult one, and if I remember right the alien in question is really just a big yak.
        Jun 28, 2019
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