to Pandora

By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box. Only the box is a world of its own.

We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.


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  1. Welcome to Pandora! We are a pan-fandom, play-by-post roleplay.
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  2. The snow topped buildings and shops of Hogsmeade are all decked out for the holidays, ready for visitors! Make sure to visit while it's still here!
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Character Reservations

1st Reserve 2nd Reserve 3rd Reserve 4th and Final Reserve
  • milk is reserving Rhys (Tales from the Borderlands) until Jan 24.
  • Ivy is reserving 9S (NieR: Automata) until Jan 24.
  • Keira is reserving James (The End of the F***ing World) until Jan 25.
  • Sigil is reserving Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) (Marvel Universe) until Jan 26.
  • Fell is reserving Varian (Tangled: The Series) until Jan 26.
  • Crystal is reserving Tsukino UsagI (Sailor Moon) until Jan 26.
  • Matty is reserving Bill Denbrough (IT) until Jan 26.
  • Tucker is reserving Aragorn (Tolkien Legendarium) until Jan 27.
  • Morpheus is reserving Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) until Jan 27.
  • Chiming Bells is reserving Kris (Pokemon) until Jan 27.
  • North is reserving Jon Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire) until Jan 28.
  • Jarnvidr is reserving Julian Randol (Continuum) until Jan 28.
  • Amity is reserving Claire (Lightning) Farron (Final Fantasy XIII) until Jan 28.
  • Noel is reserving David Haller (Marvel Universe) until Jan 28.
  • ScorpioRat is reserving Makoto Niijima (Persona) until Jan 28.
  • Nairne is reserving Elias Ainsworth (The Ancient Magnus' Bride) until Jan 28.
  • Space is reserving Dana Scully (The X-Files) until Jan 28.
  • DeisTheAlcano is reserving Jessica Drew (Marvel Universe) until Jan 28.
  • Imaginationqueen is reserving Kim Possible (Kim Possible) until Jan 28.
  • Oddie is reserving Amanda Brotzman (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) until Jan 28.
  • Octi is reserving Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura) until Jan 29.
  • Ursiel is reserving Phil Coulson (Marvel Universe) until Jan 29.
  • Liquid Snake is reserving Galatea (Justice League Unlimited) until Jan 29.
  • Hunter is reserving Conner Kent (Superboy) (Young Justice) until Jan 29.
  • hildagarde is reserving Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) until Jan 30.
  • Kitty is reserving Lorna Dane (Marvel Universe (The Gifted)) until Jan 30.
  • Elle is reserving Christina Wendall (Hemlock Grove) until Jan 31.