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News Article “Anthracite” Burns Down Building And Kills People Inside

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Jin Oshiro, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Jin Oshiro

    Jin Oshiro STRAY

    Chaotic Neutral
    September 23rd

    In the afternoon hours of yesterday, September 22nd, workers of an industrial company on Garberstreet were alerted to a chemical fire that had broken out in a warehouse of the company, directly next-door. According to the public spokesperson of Fiftyfour, a company producing motorbikes and their spare parts, the warehouse in question had not been in use at that time, preventing more damage to personnel and company property — yet still, the police has since released a statement, informing the public about the two dead that were found in the burnt ruins of the building that couldn't be saved from destruction. The police was unable to identify the bodies, due to the petrified state the two were in when they found them. At this point, it isn't officially confirmed whether or not the two deaths were tragic accidents due to the chemical spill in the building, but the internet has since taken to connect them to the series of gruesome murders stretching back to April. There seems to be no consensus on a name for the individual who's known as Petrifier and Black Plague in a few online circles, but is being called Anthracite by some, and Charcoal by others.

    If you come across someone like this, do not engage! This individual is dangerous and will not hesitate to kill.

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