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News Article 27 Dead In Elysium Confrontation

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Moh Kohn, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Moh Kohn

    Moh Kohn The Star Fraction

    Reluctant Leader of the Masses
    The Free Elysian Commune
    July 8th, Y108


    Several people have been reported killed as Elysium state security forces clashed with what the Alliance have claimed are "dissident terrorists" in the moon-city's factory district just an hour ago. According to eyewitnesses, security forces opened fire on a large gathering there, injuring an unknown number of people and killing at least 27. The Alliance, headed by new General Secretary Inilossum, has promised to carry out an anti-crime programme that would unify the city's unofficial "undercity" and "overcity" areas under the One Elysium Policy announced at Inilossum's inauguration speech in June, and it would appear that the gathering was in response to specific changes that have stemmed from this.

    The Alliance has released a statement regarding the incident, which the Pandora Times publishes below:

    "The Peacekeeper Security Force was called out today in response to reports of an unlawful gathering in the vicinity of several key factories in the city. When they arrived, they found seditious elements attempting to whip up a riot against the rule of the General Secretary, and were moreover fired upon by terrorists within those ranks when they first attempted peacefully to restore order. Our officers responded accordingly by returning fire; in the clash, several of our officers were murdered, and some of the dissident terrorists were also killed in turn.

    What has happened here today illustrates precisely why the One Elysium Policy was first launched. These lawless elements bring nothing but strife and bloodshed to honest Elysian communities. They are very happy in the degenerate conditions of the so-called "undercity," as this suits their message of division and hate. The Alliance and its Peacekeepers do not negotiate with such individuals or groups, and we will cleanse Elysium of the conditions in which they can spawn."

    It is understood that a group amongst Elysium's rebel fringe has claimed responsibility for the events, though they have set forth a different account of events from the official line of Elysium's government. The Red Star Front, a small group thought to be based amongst the undercity's poorer communities, claims that the gathering was in fact a one-day strike called by employees of the factories in that area, that security forces opened fire first and were only then shot at in self-defence, and that rather than peacekeepers it was mercenaries that had been sent against the gathering for the purpose of crushing it. These claims have not yet been verified, and the Alliance spokesperson whose statement can be read above categorically denied their truthfulness as "the scrambling justifications of extremist agitators, desperate to hide their role in destabilising honest communities with their lies."

    The Pandora Times will of course update this story as more information becomes available.

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