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Open A Boss No More

Discussion in 'Blackhaven' started by Giovanni, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Giovanni

    Giovanni Pokémon

    Rocket Technologies / Team Rocket Boss
    Pandora Town
    Neutral Evil
    December 2nd, Year 7

    What was this? Giovanni had awoken to find himself in a different place. Shadows were cast on the alleyway in which he sat. It was night time, but no one appeared to be out. In fact, this place appeared dark, almost as if a shadow permenantly sat over the stones of the buildings. Rubbing his head, Giovanni attempted to recall what he had been doing last. He had taken a drink before bed, but not excessively enough to come up with something this elaborate. He touched the cold stone next to him to test if it was real. Yes it was. His eyes widened in fear. Where was he?

    Beside him sat his Persian, still in slumber. The Pokemon had its head on its paws, looking as undisturbed as he had. "Persian!" Giovanni snapped, rubbing its back roughly. Immediately the cat stretched, followed by a long yawn. Once the creature opened its eyes however, it sat up in alarm, looking around wildly.

    "W-where are we?" Giovanni asked. Slowly, he got to his feet. Following the alleyway, he found a more opened street lit in dim light. He wrapped his trench coat around him tightly. Persian meowed back with uncertainty, staying close to its owner's legs. Someone must know where he had come. Giovanni didn't see any Pokemon about and certainly had never visited such a place in Kanto before.

    Maybe one of his enemies had drugged him? Or he was still in a bad dream? Whatever the case, Giovanni was determined to get to the bottom of it.