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Complete a brighter shade of red

Discussion in 'Centria' started by Weiss Schnee, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Weiss Schnee



    As Yang pulled her close in a crushing embrace, Weiss struggled for a moment; fighting against giving over to the overt displays of affection she and Ruby were known for, before giving in finally, and gingerly patting Yang on the back. She had many reasons to be grateful to her yellow-haired teammate before and now it seemed like she'd have to add 'saved my life' to the top of the list.

    "If it were up to me, we'd all have a little more Schnee showing. Maybe we'd finally be respectable," Weiss shot back primly. Her nose drifting up into the air as she fell back into her haughty self.

    Yang's cheery confirmations of her demise had Weiss blinking awkwardly for a moment. She wasn't sure what she was expecting Yang to say to her question, but part of her was hoping that it would have been a little softer than dead as a doornail. It was something to examine at another place and time when she could properly grapple with the fact that she, Weiss Schnee of the Schnee Dust Company, had actually and very seriously been dead. If she broke into hysterics now what would Winter think? No, she had to be strong and wear the Schnee name with pride and the world was lucky. Yes, lucky, that she was still in it. However, she did not want to be the one who broke the news to Winter about what had happened. Maybe... maybe it could just be her and Yang's secret.

    At the cagey way Yang glanced around them, Weiss followed suit, her hand drifting down to Myrtenaster as though she might need it in the open field they were in. "Uhm, ok?" agreed Weiss hesitantly mostly because she had no idea where 'off this road' was.

    She followed Yang back toward the motorcycle before she stopped dead in her tracks. "You've got to be joking, Yang! I'm not getting on that death trap with you!" Weiss looked from Yang to the bike and back again. "I mean it. No way."

    They stood that way for an uncomfortable moment with Yang offering the helmet cheerily reminding Weiss of safety with her eyebrows raised expectantly while Weiss stood with her arms crossed and her toe-tapping... before Weiss finally gave in. "Fine. But a helmet, seriously? What am I going to die twice in one day?" she scoffed, but still unpinned her asymmetrical bun and quickly braided her long white hair before plopping the helmet onto her head. "Happy?" she inquired testily before she moved toward the bike and slid in behind Yang wrapping her arms around her middle and pressing her cheek to her back.

    "Yang," she said in a soft voice, muffled from pressing her cheek into her jacket. "If you kill us, I won't forgive you."

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  2. [​IMG]


    After making a show of huffing, turning her nose up, and digging her heels in, Weiss finally relented. As Yang knew she would. Because the other option was to walk, and there was no way Weiss Schnee was going to walk several miles down a dirt road in the middle of farm country if there was any other option. Yang didn’t bother hiding her cheeky grin as Weiss took the helmet.

    "“Aw, you look adorable!” she exclaimed with a giggle, then turned to get herself situated on the bike. Weiss slid on behind her, and once Yang felt her arms wrap tightly around her middle she turned the motorcycle on and wheeled it around in the right direction. Soon they were off, and Yang maybe hit the gas harder than strictly necessary, leaving a thick cloud of dust in their wake. It was only once they were a few miles down the road that Yang let some of the shock of the past hour sink in. Weiss was behind her, so she wouldn’t see the way Yang’s face paled and her lips thinned as she tried to hold the feelings in. Her friend had been dead in her arms. She still had Weiss’s blood on her hands and clothes.

    What the hell was wrong with this place?