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Private A Concerned Acquaintance

Discussion in 'Residences' started by Genji Shimada, Jul 12, 2018 at 9:07 PM.

  1. Genji Shimada

    Genji Shimada Overwatch
    To know yourself is to be at peace.

    Bodyguard/Ramen Shop Owner
    Neutral Good
    @Raphael Santiago

    July 10th
    Genji had been keeping up with the news and saw the part about vampire hunters on the rise. Normally it would be something he would have disapproved of, to an extent, but otherwise not get involved simply due to this kind of thing being very much out of his depth. However, his brother was friends with a vampire, that much he knew, and the fact that the vampire that was interviewed for the report was called Santiago made it very easy to connect the dots.

    As it so happened, the cyborg and the vampire lived in the same apartment building so it was really just a matter of going down a floor to pay the man a visit. Now, this really wasn't any of his business, Hanzo probably already knew of what was going on and, knowing him, had probably talked to Santiago about it already, but Genji was concerned all the same and decided to offer some help of his own if the vampire was willing to accept it.

    He knocked on the door wearing a dark red shirt and white pants, plus a pair of red shoes giving him a somewhat patriotic color scheme, if one didn't count the coloration of his armor, that is. He wasn't sure if the vampire was at home or not, so he decided to just wait for a few minutes and if he wasn't there, well, he could always try again later.
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