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Private A Confusing Pile of Nonsense

Discussion in 'Dread Wastes' started by Claude von Riegan, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Claude von Riegan

    Claude von Riegan Fire Emblem

    Sexy Librarian
    you can't just ask that
    Chaotic Good
    So...apparently they all had a thing for Teach.

    Claude's gaze lingered on Edelgard with how she described those oh so intimate details of a certain shared teacher of theirs. Brow quietly rising with a knowing smile on his lips. Edie's little gay ramble mixed with Teach and Dimitri just holding hands, sort of painted a pretty vivid picture. Claude's own feelings on everything sort of a jumbled mess. A sort of uniquely worded confession said to Teach only a few hours ago for him. Wasn't even really planned. He just kept talking and the words grew more and more incriminating as he went.

    At least he wasn't alone in having a crush on his teacher.
    Honestly he wasn't sure if that was a comfort, or just more of a sign that what he and Teach had wasn't special at all.

    And that was a thought better reserved for Alone Time.

    "I, too, am in favor of playing nice, at least until we can piece together where we are," he agreed with the rest - finding himself tensing a bit when Dimitri went on about needing to do something.

    Considering literally everyone came from a war - it wouldn't have surprised him if the guy took a swing at one of them. Maybe future Claude was even more of an asshole. Considering the fact he was basically frothing at the mouth and demanding Edelgard's head when the war was declared...she seemed like the most obvious choice.

    But until they could just piece this shit together, he'd prefer that the people he kinda knew didn't kill each other. Or like at all. Ever. He was a fan of people he knew generally being alive and breathing.

    Then Dimitri did about the least likely thing Claude had expected.'s relic.

    "Failnaught," he took the bow in his hands - for once speechless. If Dimitri's Claude had given him this...that didn't exactly shine well on Claude's survivability in the future. This thing would have been his best chance at staying alive in the middle of the war. Why would he give it up? And if it was in his hands at all, that answered questions he hadn't even begun to start unraveling.

    It felt very heavy in his hands.

    This was all a bit much.

    No quick-witted comments or jokes finding their way to Claude's lips. Instead, he simply said: "Thank you...Dimitri," a million questions he wasn't sure he wanted the answers to just yet, balanced on the tip of his tongue.

    Instead, he just took a deep breath, and slid it onto his back, "We should get moving," his jaw clenched as he evened himself out - forcing a bit of bounce back into his voice, "Considering there's no real way to tell which way is humanity, who wants to choose a direction so we can blame them later for everything going wrong?" he paused, "Fine. I choose this way," he started marching - purposefully keeping a bit of the others.
  2. Edelgard von Hresvelg

    Edelgard von Hresvelg Fire Emblem

    Governor's Assistant
    Cascade Bay
    Chaotic Good
    Byleth looked vaguely uncomfortable at the thought of their alternate self, which made sense. It was an odd concept to take in. Having people actually agree with her ideas felt off, but it was better than pointlessly fighting in the desert. Dimitri pulling out Failnaught of all things brought her to a halt. Even Claude seemed shaken by the sight of his Relic Weapon, but he accepted it and moved on.

    Why did Claude give him Failnaught in the first place? As a show of good faith to the Kingdom? She remembered Claude taking his bow when he left Fodlan, so why was it different with Dimitri- Oh right, she had invaded the Alliance as a preemptive strike to secure an eastern route into the Kingdom. He'd been spared, but she wasn't naive enough to think Claude trusted her that much even after letting him flee with his life.

    Edelgard was silent as she trailed after him, deciding not to comment on the mystery.
  3. Byleth Eisner

    Byleth Eisner Fire Emblem

    Ah, Failnaught. Byleth remembered that conversation well.

    After the Kingdom's Army had saved Deirdru, Claude had entrusted his family's relic to Dimitri before departing. He'd stepped down as the leader of the Alliance, entrusting it to the to-be king, before departing the country to take care of business elsewhere. Byleth still hadn't any real idea why he hadn't taken it with him. Perhaps because it would make him more of a target? Relic weapons were fairly hard to miss, and given the implications of one owning one, it was fairly easy to believe as such. It was likely far easier to surrender Failnaught to Dimitri rather than carry it on his person. It was odd that Dimitri seemed to carry it on his person -- had he done that in their timeline? They didn't think so -- but perhaps that was a good thing, now.

    Even if Claude seemed... a little surprised by it.
    Well, they supposed, that was normal. He hadn't gone through the war yet. Dimitri owning his family relic gave off strong implications that something had happened to Claude in the future.
    It sort of... heavily implied that he'd have died.

    They wished to say something to maybe put the younger's mind at ease. But what did they know? Could they tell for sure that Claude didn't die where he was from? Edelgard had clearly died where they were from. Yet here she was, standing amongst them, healthy as ever.

    You're thinking so hard about this that I can feel the smoke pouring out of your ears. Sothis mused, ending her astute observation in a hum.

    It was a conversation for later, Byleth decided. They'd have to discuss all of this later. When everyone was ready for it. When that would be, they sure as hell weren't certain.

    Arms falling to their sides, they trailed behind Claude and Edelgard without so much as a sound, only gesturing for Dimitri to follow.