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A crow in the city

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Zevran Arainai, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. June 10th, Y7

    The terraced landscape of Rialto by night was beholden in all it's splendor, laid bare to Zevran's eyes at he looked out over the tops of villas as he crouched on the top of one of the upper tier buildings. It was the personal villa of one 'Guildmaster of Rialto', who now was the former Guildmaster of Rialto, his body lying in the rose bushes in the inner gardens of his compound. Zevran pulled out one of the long, skinny blades he kept at his sides, tossing it expertly in his hand, toying with the weapon as he marveled in the glory that was his latest achievement.

    The Crows had sent assassins after him, assured in their task to kill off their own Black Shadow, but their shadow had returned - and he was leaving them with another message, pinned to the left butt cheek of the man he had left behind to be found. He was not so easily dissuaded.

    "Night falls, like a heavy curtain pulled suddenly over the eyes. Buenas noches, my friend." Zevran said quietly to the air, chuckling through a broad smirk with showed little teeth. He stood up to give his dagger one last twirl before he sheathed it and hopped from his perch, down to the lower roof of the villa. Maybe he should have kept it it out, or maybe he shouldn't have spoken so openly, because he had barely took over over the rooftop when he felt a tug from multiple sources, like he was being grabbed from behind, and then darkness enveloped his vision.

    He struggled in vain, held fast by his bonds, and he probably would have made a flippant, perverted comment aimed towards his captor, if in fact he could breathe or talk at all. It was like he was in a void, without air, if that made any sense to him. And just before he thought he was going to suffocate, he found he could breathe again, the darkness fading and the sensations in his limbs returning again. He coughed, landing on all fours as he was jostled from the lost momentum he had had before, cat-like but without the grace.

    "Maldición. If you are going to bind me so tightly, at least allow me the pleasure of seeing your- oh..." he gritting out, still recovering from the loss of air. As he stood up, his rant stopped slowly as he looked around. There was no one around him for he was on the top of a building, except he was not on the top of any building he had seen in his lifetime. It was flat and smooth, without the red, ceramic tiles that made up the roofs of Antivan buildings. But it wasn't the roof of the building that actually caught Zevran's eye. It was the night skyline, laid out for him in glittering stars-like lights and dark rising shapes that went way above the edge of his hood, which he slid over pointed ears and platinum blonde hair to stare up in open wonder.

    "Maker's breath... Well this is unexpected, is it not?"
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  2. Lois Lane

    Lois Lane Guest

    Lois knew, in her bones, that she was behaving awfully extra over a lead that might just as well end up evaporating past her fingertips. Different town, out of her element? Check. No backup whatsoever? Also check. But because she was Lois Lane, in her Lois Lane way, she also knew in her bones that she didn't need no stinkin' backup. All she had for comfort was the feel of her 3,000 volt taser in her carrier bag, the comforting weight of her binoculars hanging around her neck, a quick radio with which phone in local patrolmen in case she really found herself in a pinch.

    Perched against the edge of the rooftop, she stared pensively into her binoculars for where this... alleged shady rendezvous was supposed to transpire. Some upper echelon purportedly with connections to that Darth Maul fellow, before he kicked the bucket. Nasty business. Pockets miles deep with racketeering, and no way of nailing him for sure, until now, maybe. All she needed was a glimpse of the asshole, maybe an audio clip if she could manage it.

    Immersed as she was, it was no great surprise that she nearly jumped six feet to the sudden rustle and voice belonging to an individual who was not supposed to be there.

    She whipped around with alarm in her eyes, taking the taser in her hands and brandishing all 3,000 volts in a spark of electricity flashing from its business end. "Get back, you-- you…" ... Huh.

    ... okay roguish, Renaissance looking elf man was probably not what she expected as far as bad company pouring buckets of cold water over her stakeout went. More important than that, the gentleman looked beyond bemused at the town lights. She hadn't heard his approach either, not even a hint of shuffling steps. Maybe she should've paid closer attention to her surroundings, but she did hear some muttering that sounded like... Okay. So maybe it didn't take an investigative genius to add up all the numbers and get a solid enough of a picture to give the elf man the benefit of the doubt.

    The tension evaporated from her shoulders a little as she knit her brows at the stranger. "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're a long way from wherever you were before, Señor."
  3. He had heard her movements before he heard her yell at him. He spun around on his heels as she brandished some kind of ... short wand that produced electricity. There were several things that when through his mind of what you could do with that, but he suspected that at this moment, she was tending to wield it as a weapon. It definitely sounded menacing enough.

    His gloved hands went up into a non-threatening gesture, and he faced her full on so she could see that he was up to no tricks. At the notion of him in such a formal title, he chuckled openly, a smirk playing across his lips. "Ah, no, Señor would be my father - well, such it would be if I still had one. You make me sound so old. I guarantee you I still have quite a few years left in me." he said smoothly, aiming to lower her guard with a little playful banter.

    "So long as you do not poke me too much with that magic wand of yours." he added with a cheeky wink. He slowly lowered his hands while he spoke to see what she would do. "May I? My arms grow weary." he asked, lowering his hands into a more natural posture. They weren't growing weary, but he did not wish to stand there an an impasse all night.

    "Ah, well if you had just wanted to get me alone on a rooftop, my dear lady, all you had to do was ask. Although the bonds and the lack of air were a nice touch, no?" he jested with a slight purr at the end.

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  4. Lois Lane

    Lois Lane Guest

    While the mysterious elf man set about being annoyingly suave, Lois glanced restlessly behind her shoulder in an attempt to keep an eye on the dimly lit alleyway just beneath the ledge of the building. Still no activity, she realized with relief seeping through her. Nonetheless, her voice dipped into a low whisper and hiss as proceeded to address mysterious elf man, whatever wary sympathy she might have felt sharpening into an edge. So what if he was new and innocent of any deliberate intrusions; that didn't make him irrefutably trustworthy. And charming individuals were rarely innocent beyond all measure. Her guard remained up, but she was no longer as aggressive as before. "Ay dios mio de mi vida, you talk like somebody from my mama's radionovelas. This is already weird. Don't make it weirder."

    She remembered the ambient buzz of static humming from between her hands, her fingers still clutching the taser's activation switch. Cautious still, she turned the voltage off but did not move to stow it back into its hiding spot.

    "Look, muchacho," she revised with a wrinkle of her nose, and cast another distracted glance behind her, "I wasn't behind any of that. Do you want your introduction spiel or not? And I'd like to point out that this is a really bad time for me, so you're welcome."
  5. Zevran's smirk didn't fall at her rejection of his innuendos. He didn't feel rejected. He felt intrigued. But his grin did thin a bit as he conceded a temporary defeat. "Ah, I am not aware of any 'radionovellas', but I like your mama's tastes. However if they make things weirder, then I shall, as they say, tone it down." he responded without the tone of disappointment that maybe other men felt.

    Now that he wasn't watching for her in case she lunged forward to zap him - or just to watch her for the sake of admiring - his amber-colored eyes flicked past her, to where she kept looking off in the distance. He wondered what she was looking out for, and the more he took stock of the situation, it occurred to him that she might be waiting for someone, or something, perched on the top of this building for advantage.

    "I apologize for inconveniencing you with my abduction, muchacha, but if you wish to give me an introductory welcome, then make it a good one, no?" he said with a grin that he could not help. He didn't mean to make it sound so alluding, but it was just his default behavior. Zevran realized that he was meant to 'tone it down', so he made a conscious effort to stifle much of his grin to make it... less so.

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  6. Lois Lane

    Lois Lane Guest

    This was acceptable. This level of coquetry did not make her groan internally. Maybe her tolerance for shenanigans was lower than usual tonight, with her current business-minded vigilance on top of the lingering pangs from... the recent loss of a puppy. A special puppy. Gosh, that still smarted. But Lois could be professional and not let that get in the way of her civic duty to explain Pandora to a freshly abducted ... whoever he was. Mouthy elf man.

    The jury was still out on more meaningful labels, much less a name, but that didn't matter. "Hm, alright," she conceded, still without smiling, still holding the inert taser in her grasp.

    "Bad news is, you are correct. That was abduction. A trans-dimensional abduction. I'm assuming those black ropey tentacle things got a hold of you and dropped you here, si? Happens to everyone, and we're a lot of people from a lot of different dimensions." She waved her hands at the town lights, taser and all, and not without casting yet another one of those poorly veiled glances down below. "Nobody knows if it's science or sorcery or the will of some gods, only that you're stuck. We're all stuck, until the black ropey tentacles reappear and take us away again." Was he still paying attention? Any signs of that token disbelief and/or mental breakdown? Well, this was a spiel, so she was going to keep going. "Good news is! There's civilization and stuff here to keep you occupied." ... That was probably it, if not most of it. "Oh, and we don't care about past crimes, either. So if you have a history of larceny or murder or whatever, congratulations! New slate! Just don't do any of that here," she added with a final raise of her shoulders.
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  7. There were several things that she said that went right over Zevran's head. trans-dimensional, dimensions, science... He did pick up on sorcery, and assumed this was in fact a nefarious deed of magical proportions. Magic was not to be trusted, naturally, but she didn't seem to know exactly what it was judging on her response. He let out several 'hmms' as he listened to her spiel, and half way through his arms crossed over themselves and leaned against his chest. If there was one thing Zevran did know how to do, it was how to listen to a woman.

    His face fell as she mentioned how he was stuck here and he didn't respond immediately as he processed what all of that could mean. He was stuck here? There was no return to Antiva? That made his heart ache. He loved his country, and the idea of never seeing the glittering jewel that was Antiva City, or feel the comfort of a lady (or man) of the night in his bed. The fine leather smell. The aging barrels of wine...

    He must have looked particularly somber, but after he fully went through the stages of grief in span of several long seconds, his facial expression changed and he went right back to smirking. "No history of criminal behavior, you say? Perfect. Oh, I wouldn't dream of such a thing, my friend." he said with a disarming, totally innocent smile.

    "Now, what are you looking at? You keep glancing off down into the streets. Which is a long way down I might add, no?" he said with a change of subject. He appeared to have taken the news that he was lost to Thedas forever pretty well considering. He walked over to her and perched on the balls of his feet at the edge of the rooftop, kneeling down with an expert bend of the knee. The presence of the taser didn't seem to dissuade him from being close - although respectably distant - to her.

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  8. Lois Lane

    Lois Lane Guest

    She was on edge for the entire span of those long seconds, watching with a wary eye for evidence of disbelief or psychosis. Instead, she was met with what she could only describe as poise. The roguish stranger took the news like an absolute champion, which dulled her edge... somewhat. Somewhat. To the man's credit that counted for one less emotional meltdown Lois had to deal with, so kudos to him.

    So when Lois rolled her eyes with a healthy dose of skepticism at the first remark he shot back, it was with less of a cold shoulder than there could've been. His casual striding on over had the hairs on her arm bristling instinctively with residual paranoia, but she was comfortable enough to quash her wariness to more reasonable levels. He was just another lost soul a little glum for what was left but curious for what lay ahead. She could believe that much, looking at him now.

    As long as he didn't screw up this stakeout (if there was a stakeout), she had no beef with him, and it was enough for her to finally pocket that taser.

    She opened her mouth to say something on the lines of, I'm waiting, when the pitter-patter of distant footsteps had her snapping back to attention and immediately sinking further to conceal the rest of her, as much as possible, under the ledge. She raised the binoculars to her eyes, but not until after raising her hand in the universal sign of stop talking.

    A moment later, there was a strained muffle from below. A pleading, whimpering noise, and a noncommittal grunt in return.

    Peering through the darkness, she could make out four figures: two big ones, a lanky one, and one bound and gagged being pushed along by one of the big ones. Her brow furled together as she strained out to make out more details, facial features in particular, through her binoculars.
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  9. Zevran smirk disappeared as he took picked up the telltale sounds of multiple hurried footsteps. He didn't need to be told to be quiet, and for a split second he found that little gesture amusing, but his focus was suddenly on the shady business going down below. He pulled his hood up over his head, hiding his blonde hair and shadowing his features once again. Zevran stepped away from the ledge and melted quite easily into the shadows caste by a building taller than the one they were on. Quite expertly, he must say, but he was still able to see clearly the scene that was playing out.

    He frowned, but watched curiously, disapproving but not enough to look shocked or even mildly put off. Some poor sod was getting what he likely deserved, mixed up in the wrong crowd. It happened all the time. Especially in Antiva, and even more so in his line of work. But the woman was here for this specifically, although he couldn't tell why since he had just arrived here and she hadn't had time to explain much. If he thought his predicament might be dull, he was mistaken.