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A Dance In the Snow - Misty Hollow's Official Snow Ball Dance

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Chief Jim Hopper, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. December 20th, Year 7

    In the church at the center of town, a gathering place had been set up for Misty Hollow's first ever Snow Ball dance. After all the conflicts with the fae, supernatural beings, and day to day Pandorian drama, it was time the citizens of Misty Hollow caught a break and celebrated for a bit. Hopper had suggested the idea and it spread quickly throughout the town. Everyone had been invited and a full crowd was expected, fae and human alike as well. While Hopper himself had his usual wariness as he always did at these events, he had allowed himself to relax. He'd been appointed to play the role of Santa Claus, if only because the others wanted to make sure he didn't over strain himself anymore than he had. They'd left an advertisement out for volunteers to help supervise at the event, mainly for the sake of the kids who would be there.

    Hopper had found himself a cheesy Santa suit and was sitting in the corner with a stack of random gifts that had been donated by some of the locals. For all they knew, people were coming into Misty Hollow without anything more than the clothes on their backs and the place was already getting cold and snowy. It kept the mists at bay at least, and made Misty Hollow not look nearly as intimidating as it usually did.

    The pews in the church had been cleared out for a dance floor and a jukebox sat in the corner playing an assortment of classic Christmas songs as well as other upbeat dancing songs. Hopper couldn't say he recognized half of them, probably stuff from a future he was yet to see. Fake snow flakes hung from the ceiling and garland hung along the windows. It had been work, but it had paid off. Hopper was now content to just sit and wait to see how the evening would unfold.

    ((OOC: Hey sorry for the delay! Here is the thread. Tagging: @Dustin Henderson , @Mike Wheeler , @Nancy Wheeler , @Jefferson , @Eel O'Brian , @Briar Rose, @Byakuren Hijiri , @Tiana . Anyone else is welcome to attend!))
  2. [​IMG]

    Tonight was the night. Misty Hollow was having a Snow Ball. Dustin assumed it would be similar to the event held back at Hawkins, an excuse for everyone to get together, dance, have fun and celebrate the season. Or seeing it was Misty Hollow, maybe just celebrating the fact that they’d all made it this far and no more trees had eaten people. Dustin still couldn’t walk past a tree without side-glancing at it suspiciously just in case they had it out for him having escaped their clutches.

    He made it to the ball with no further tree-related disasters and he’d dressed for the event with a little help from Steve. He had a suit and everything as the Ball invite said ‘formal wear’. He’d gotten a crisp mint blue-green shirt to go with his dark blue tweed style formal blazer. It was finished off with a bow-tie instead of a tie and Dustin had changed his hair. Rather than his usually wild and untamed curls he’d brushed the sides back off his face and given the top a little volume. He hadn’t had a clue what to do but Steve had said three puffs of the hairspray would do it so he’d done just that. He’d even taken one jaunty curl and pulled it down over his forehead.

    He thought he looked pretty awesome and had spent the journey there with Steve trying to pep talk himself into actually believing that but that didn’t change the nervous little flutter in his stomach as he walked up to the doors to the church where the dance was being held. Suddenly he halted and turned to Steve like something had just occurred to him.

    ”Wait. Steve, we can’t walk in together.” Dustin announced for currently unspecified reasons. ”That’s like-” He waved a hand and gestured to the door, ”-going to the dance with your mom. I mean you’re not my mom but it’s like that. You have to wait out here for five minutes first.” Dustin pointed an accusing finger at him like Steve would be out to ruin Dustin’ non-existent cool reputation, ”Five minutes okay.”

    He dropped his hand, fidgeted nervously, ran a hand over the slicked back hair at the sides of his ‘do’ took a deep breath to psyche himself up and then headed inside alone. Or hopefully he’d be alone, if Steve just walked in after him he was going to metaphorically kill him for ruining everything. The ball inside was what he expected, cutesy decorations on the walls, some unfamiliar Christmas music playing on the jukebox and a few people milling around and dancing that has arrived before him. A badly dressed santa was lounging in the corner next to some gifts and only after a moment of staring did Dustin realise he knew the santa. It was Hopper.

    He smiled and waved a hand over to him but didn’t approach for the simple fact that talking to an adult dressed like santa was totally uncool and he was too busy looking to see if any of his friends were here yet, maybe Mike and El would be is Hopper was already here?

  3. Briar Rose

    Briar Rose Guest

    Briar Rose was very nervous. Although she appeared to handle the dressing up and all the other preparation with ease, in truth, she felt very unprepared. But, the event had described itself as a ‘Snowball Dance.’ And who was she to resist a dance? It didn’t help that she’d realised Tiana was attending, which made the blonde even more eager to attend.

    So, here she was, outside of the doors, her purse clutched tightly in her grip, (honestly, these things were wonderful, much more flexible than a basket), her hair as curled and set with a glittery band. The ball was ‘formal’, and apart from her earlier adventure with Tiana, the maiden had little idea of formal wear, having been a peasant all her life. She’d eventually decided on the dress they’d purchased a few months before. Even though it flattered her long frame, Briar Rose still felt hopelessly self-conscious.

    As she arrived outside, the girl heard the church playing very…lively songs. She hesitated for a moment, almost wishing she’d come with Tiana. No, she had to do this on her own. After all, what was a dance to her? Only something she’d dreamt of forever?

    Taking a breath, Briar Rose entered, skirts in her hand. She was amazed by what she saw. To anyone else, it was your usual run-of-the-mill decorations, but she had never experienced the festivities before. A gasp escaped her lips at the display. There were a few people already here, a man in the distance dressed in red…oh, was that supposed to be the mythical Santa she’d heard so much about?! That was exciting, although she wasn’t naïve enough to think that this was the real person. She wished she'd had enough to donate for presents, casting a wistful look at the display.

    Another individual was here too; a boy a little younger than her, dressed formally, with styled, curled hair and one of those ties..she could never remember what it was called! Although she was too shy to engage in conversation for now, she smiled at his effort, then proceeded to look in awe at the rest of the room.

    (This is the dress, just imagine it with straps also. xD)
  4. Cynthia

    Cynthia Guest

    There was something irresistible about a party centered around Christmas, Cynthia found. Of all of the holidays, it was undoubtedly her favorite. The sense of giving and companionship was just beautiful, and it reminded her of home.

    The people of Pandora weren't any less kind than those from her home, Cynthia was sure, they just needed a big event like a Christmas party to bring out the goodness inside them. Besides, it was a good excuse to go dress shopping, and Cynthia was never going to miss out on a chance for that.

    After a few enjoyable hours exploring all of her options, she eventually found a dress that fit her usual dress style very well. It was black and hugged her curves with a low cut at the top and long sleeves that ended in fur, much like her favorite coat.

    As usual, she was joined by Glaceon and Lucario, who were both excited for the party in their own ways. Glaceon was enjoying the cold air so much that she was even more hyperactive than usual. Lucario stayed at Cynthia's side, a small smile gracing his lips.

    To fit with the dress-code of the dance, the two were wearing little bow ties that Cynthia had stumbled across and couldn't resist having them wear. Cynthia was enjoying some refreshments with Lucario standing by her side when Glaceon noticed a young boy entering. She immediately bounded over, tail wagging incessantly as she begged for pets.
  5. Nynaeve al'Meara

    Nynaeve al'Meara The Wheel of Time

    Infirmary Head
    Cascade Bay
    Human - Aes Sedai
    Lawful Good

    This entire Christmas deal was baffling to Nynaeve. If she had to compare it to anything from her own world, she'd compare it to Winternight, but it was so much more colourful and... well, honestly, it felt like noise and cheer was being shoved down her throat everywhere she went. When she'd heard of a Christmas party, she initially hadn't planned on going. She had work to do; people wouldn't stop needing medical care just for some ridiculous party.

    But several of her colleagues had practically nagged at her to go. She worked herself too hard, apparently, and she needed some decent time off. A party would be perfect for her, to let her hair down and have a good time. She'd tried to protest but they'd been having none of it. Bloody ashes. She was supposed to be their boss and they were ordering her around! She could have ground her own teeth into dust.

    The huge room itself was full of so many twinkling lights that Nynaeve was certain she'd have a headache by the end of the night. She wore a dark green gown, her hair still in its long braid despite her colleagues' claim she should 'let her hair down'.

    She stood near to one of the walls, a drink in her hand, talking to one of the nurses from the medical centre. She was here just in case someone had an accident, that was what she told herself. Christmas didn't exactly mean anything to her, after all. It didn't help that she'd spent so much time in the medical centre the previous version of her in this place opened that she hadn't had all that much chance to get to know people unless she was treating their injuries.

    Her colleague moved away to greet his wife who'd just arrived, leaving Nynaeve standing at the wall, watching over the proceedings with a drink in her hand and with an air that she hoped didn't look as uncomfortable in this gaudy situation as she felt.

  6. Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda Maximoff Marvel Universe

    For all the festive flyers and reminders being tossed about throughout the first weeks of December, the event would have flown right over her head if not for Mike's helpful, subtly nudging reminder of a text. And then the few minutes of indecision as Wanda sat staring at her phone screen longer than she would have liked to admit. And then the giving in (painless, more or less!), the rolling with the punches, and the promise that she would 'swing by'. Unfortunately, one did not simply 'swing by' at a formal dance.

    She told Kal about it not long after, and then... it sort of escalated from there. His bowtie was the best part. So now she found herself wrapped in a violet halter dress which seemed to strike that precarious balance between inoffensive and not too frumpy, which... also took longer than she would have liked to admit. And she owed Riza a thousand thanks for her sage advice, and more importantly the moral support and patience in the face of her being utterly out of element. Casual dresses were fine and right down her alley- formal dresses were another field altogether, but this worked out, didn't it?

    Her eyes lifted upwards to marvel at the sheer effort the coordinators and volunteers had to have put into this. Someone decided to put the fake snow here, hang the streamers over there, arrange the light fixtures this way and that— yes, and with the amount of smiles she caught, she could see why this could be a balm for something like on-and-off shaky town morale.

    There was what had to be Chief Hopper in a... in an attempt at a Santa suit. No judgment there. And a small and pleased grin eased its way up her face when she caught sight of Nynaeve, who did manage to rationalize a reason for attending in spite of all that resistance and fuss.

    Her hands balanced a small pile of gift-wrapped winter sweaters and socks as she ventured with Kal to the stack of gifts, stooping down to settle them with the rest of the arrangement.
    #6 Wanda Maximoff, Dec 25, 2017
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  7. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

    Punching Bag
    Pandora Town
    Advanced Human
    He and Wanda had never been to anything particularly.. classy, as people called them(ironically, he hoped). And while he had associated himself with the high and mighty back on Earth and he was no stranger to galas and parties, he felt like he belonged outside, having adventures with his lady friend. But from the moment he stepped in the church turned to grant hall for the ball, a sense of nostalgia took ahold of him. Αnd any nervousness that he might had soon disappeared as he was taken by the decorations and the catchy but entirely unfamiliar songs. That was what they called pop music, he reckoned. Once in a while he would recognize a certain melody or rhythm, thanks to starktube and the repetitive notes of this kind of music.

    Each and every person inside contributed to the beautiful sight, but it was difficult to tear his eyes away from Wanda, who was more striking than ever. His own looks had been purposefully downplayed for the occasion, as they were in the place she lived in and while he enjoyed who he was, for better or worse, it wasn't necessary to flaunt his superhero status or his adoptive culture on every occasion. But he could not resist the political statement of his red bow tie, that he hoped matched his grey woolen suit. Wanda had put the most effort in organizing the gifts that they were donating, which increased his admiration for her to new heights. He was glad people would not be left without nothing during the winter. This small settlement was active on taking care of their own.

    He followed Wanda to the corner with the gifts, with a small smile of his own. 'It's very nice.' he commented, his eyes travelling from her to the rest of the hall, the people and the Santa standing close to the presents who had arranged this beautiful event. 'I'm going to see if I can find us any drinks. I will be back.' he then added. There was no chance he was going to miss on a lovely evening. Even if catastrophes happened somewhere in this vast dimension, he reasoned that Pandora had a lot of heros to step in and save the day. He deserved this night. They both did.
  8. Mike Wheeler

    Mike Wheeler Guest

    A year ago while sitting in the school cafeteria at night, Mike had talked to El about the Snow Ball dance. After everything that had happened, he never thought he'd get the chance to share the experience with her.

    Since the dance said for formal wear, he'd spoken to Hopper about it and then asked if he could arrive separately. His plan was to ask El to dance with him and so one would think he would arrive with her - except he wanted to wait there for her. Treat her like the princess she was. This wasn't his dance, this was hers and he wanted to make it special for her.

    So when he had arrived, he stood near the punch bowl that sat on the table, having gotten himself a drink and was standing there. He saw Dustin arrive, hoping to catch his eye and give him a nod of recognition. He'd been to dances before of course and that wasn't what made him nervous. This time he was going with someone he really really liked.

    That was the cause of his nervousness even though he didn't have to be nervous.

    ((ooc// adding a few more tags! @Eleven, @Will Byers, @Joyce Byers @Steve Harrington aaaaand will change the gif later))
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  9. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Here we go, Jefferson told himself, watching intently as the main room of the church began to fill up. Twenty filled cups of punch, twenty pieces of cake if anyone wants them, and thank the Fairies, no angry trees.

    Back in his world, celebrations like this would most likely have been reserved for the richest and the most powerful, since they would have been the ones financially stable enough to throw them. Well, in between the days in which they ruled their respective countries, of course. Still, he couldn't help but be grateful to that Hopper fellow for deciding to share this particular tradition with the rest of Misty Hollow, and not just throw it away as a leftover from his respective world.

    If this night goes by without a visit from a single Evil Queen, I'll drink a toast to the entire town government,” he promised himself, straightening the collar of his violet corduroy jacket that he'd worn over a black shirt and a pair of black slacks.

    Who knows? Maybe one or two of them might decide to drink right along with me…!


    words: 185
    mood: Hopeful :D
    #9 Jefferson, Dec 25, 2017
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  10. [​IMG]

    Okay so maybe he shouldn’t have made Steve stand outside for five minutes because he couldn't see anybody he knew in the room yet. That his choice now was go lone wolf for five minutes until Steve came in or hang out with Hopper dressed as Santa. Dustin considered his options and deeply regretting making Steve stand outside because he was going to have to lone wolf it. No way was he hanging out with the Sheriff Santa. No. Way. He swallowed nervously and ran a hand down the front of his suit, he just needed to not look like he was standing there awkwardly by himself.

    Suddenly something sort of teal-blue bounded up to him, tail wagging enthusiastically. Dustin looked slightly startled for a second and stepped back. It wasn’t a dog but it kind of looked like one. He smiled at it and noticed the bow tie.

    ”Oh…hey there buddy, looks like we match.” he said to the dog-thing meaning his own bow-tie. Then he reached a hand out to pet the creature tentatively and when it failed to suddenly peel back its face and sprout a few hundred teeth he settled his hand between its ears and gave it a fuss.

    He looked around while he petted the weird dog-thing, sort of trying to look for the owner maybe but noticed there was a girl smiling at him. A pretty girl. She had a multi-coloured sort of dress on that looked like it had been dipped in two different colours. She was definitely older than he was but not as old as Nancy, somewhere in between. Dustin smiled belatedly back at her and gave her a little shy wave but she was already looking in awe at the rest of the room. That was also when he noticed @Mike Wheeler was actually here after all, he was standing beside the punch bowl.

    Dustin nodded enthusiastically at him in recognition, flicking him a salute. However rather than go over to him he started massively over exaggerating gestures from across the room to communicate across the distance. It started with a point and thumbs up to Mike to indicate he was looking good, followed by a not remotely subtle point to @Briar Rose. Dustin indicated he was going to go for it.

    ”I’m going in, buddy.” He then said aloud to the dog thing and sounded more confident than he felt. He brushed a hand back through his hair, took an overly deep breath because this was maybe the most terrifying thing he’d ever done in his life but he was going to do this. He was going to go over there and…and…son of a bitch he had no idea past that. He was just going to start with going over and then go from there.

    Dustin walked over to where Briar Rose was looking around the room. He got there, told himself that he was irresistible and beamed a megawatt smile up at her.

    ”Hi.” He managed and was pretty pleased he’d not forgotten what words were in the face of a pretty girl, ”I’m Dustin.”

  11. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington Stranger Things

    Misty Hollow

    He'd waited exactly a minute and a half, because no way in hell was he gonna stand there awkwardly outside the church's door for an entire five minutes. Not that he didn't have any idea where Dustin was coming from, Steve was honestly sort of the same way. Why did anyone think he was literally never seen with his parents? Hell, some people wondered if he even had parents. Still, Steve wasn't exactly his mom and he wasn't exactly gonna give him the safety speech. He'd probably ignore the kid once they were both inside. After all, Hopper was gonna be in there, so what was there to worry about?

    Besides everything. There was literally everything to be worried about when those kids were involved.

    He'd taken that minute and a half to make some subtle adjustments to the burgundy suit he'd decided to wear. It had been less of a decision and more the fact that it was the only one around town he could actually find this last minute, and he hadn't realized how damn uncomfortable it was gonna be until he was actually in it. It was so tight. Why was it so tight?

    Too late to switch gears, though, as far as suits went, so he stepped inside, his dark eyes immediately searching for Dustin's head of perfect hair. All thanks to Steve, of course. Okay, so maybe completely ignoring the kid wasn't totally working out, but he couldn't help the little smirk on his face as he saw him making his way over to a pretty blonde in a dress. You go get her, his expression practically screamed before he turned to head over to the punch bowl, absently listening to the unfamiliar music coming from the jukebox on the other side of the hall.

    Only, halfway there, he'd sworn under his breath and wandered off toward the quieter side of the hall. "What the hell are you doing?" he hissed to his suit, grimacing as he promptly unbuttoned the front of the jacket. That alone was an improvement, but it didn't help the tightness around his arms or his legs. Glancing absently over his shoulder a second as though to make sure no one was looking, his hand tugged at the white fabric of the dress shirt he had on underneath, pulling it loose where it was punching up near his shoulders. He must have looked like an idiot from the outside, standing by that wall and not looking even remotely comfortable in the suit he'd gotten stuck with.

    And why was his waistline so low?

  12. Lift Reyes

    Lift Reyes The Stormlight Archive

    Thief / Knight Radiant
    Human - Surgebinder
    Chaotic Good

    Lift hadn't really been sure if she wanted to come to this place. Johnny had told her about it, suggested she come and that it might be good for her to go meet people. There'd be people her own age, he told her, and she could make friends. She wasn't so sure she was interested in that though. Most kids didn't really... seem to figure out what to make of her. There were lots who'd had comfier lives than she had and her weird mannerisms seemed to make 'em uncomfortable. Least, that was what she'd come to expect in Pandora.

    Mainly she just wanted the food. She'd rather steal it, but she wasn't gonna turn her nose up at free stuff she could eat. So she'd agreed to come, though she'd been stubborn and dug her heels in when Johnny told her it was formal wear and that she should wear something nicer. Like a dress. She'd pulled a face, and flat out refused. Wasn't like he was her papa, he couldn't force her. The people at the front door might not let her in if she was seen wearing her usual scraggly brown trousers and shirt though.

    So she did what she did best, and she broke in, finding a way in through the back and wriggling through a tiny little window.

    "Was breaking and entering really necessary, mistress?" Wyndle asked as he grew down the wall after her once she'd jumped down onto the floor into some kinda storage room. "I am quite certain the nice men at the door would have let you in regardless of your current clothing choices, especially if you went in with Johnny."

    Lift grimaced, lifting her shoulders in a shrug. "I ain't gonna go in with him," she said as though the very idea was horrifying. "Not gonna make it look like I'm just a sad little lost axehound puppy who has to follow its master around. Pfft. 'Sides, more fun this way."

    Wyndle sighed but remained silent as she moved out of the room and made her way through the building, slipping into the main room where the dance was and immediately melding in to look like she'd been there for ages. Her spren wound around her arm to stay close to her, invisible to everyone else there. Lift glanced around, and then made a beeline without hesitation for the buffet tables.

    She piled a plate high - as high as it could possibly go without food starting to roll off - and then perched herself on the end of one of the tables, starting to eat with gusto as though she hadn't eaten for days. She might as well not have, not with how much awesomeness she'd used earlier that day doing "completely unnecessary and ludicrous exercises" as her spren had described them. While she ate, her dark eyes scanned the room, lingering on all the pretty ladies and the stuff they was wearing. Not in a creepy way though. Gross. They all looked way nicer than her, and as she glanced at a girl only a little older than her in a multi-coloured dress, she started to wonder if maybe she should've taken Johnny's suggestion of one after all.

  13. Johnny Blaze

    Johnny Blaze Marvel Universe

    Ghost Rider//Mechanic
    The awkwardness of what Johnny Blaze was about to do was not lost on the man as he drove his motorcycle to the church in question, glasses and a stocking cap keeping the sting of winter off his face as he rode into a parking space and left the motorcycle as-was.

    Johnny Blaze was going to a dance. First one he’d been to since high school. And as he unzipped his leather jacket, revealed a nice red button-up shirt and a green tie, he didn’t quite feel up to it as he had when he first heard of it. Berelain was home sick as a dog, curled up with Anne the actual dog on his sofa in front of a blazing fire that he had fed before he went. Enjoying a fresh pot of tea and a crockpot with homemade chicken soup.

    He’d rather be there taking care of her. Rather there than here: about to walk into a social event….

    He stood out front for a moment, lit a cigarette and coughed as the hot ash combined with the cold air. He was getting a cough himself: probably caught whatever Berelain had. Ah well: what goes around will eventually go around. As he smoked, he waited for Lift to meet him there so he could walk in with her together….

    Cept after a good five minutes of freezing his ass off and a cigarette, it was clear she wasn’t coming through the front door. He chuckled as he let the cigarette fall to the floor, grinding it under his heel. Just like Lift to be a pain in the ass.

    Finally: after that long, he went on in.

    And found that indeed, walking into the social event, he stuck his hands in his leather jacket, looking for the food table. Yup: there she was… stuffing her face with what he promised. Didn’t wear a dress either, though he couldn’t say he didn’t try to tell her she’d stick out like a sore thumb without something a bit nicer on.

    Just like Lift to be a pain in the ass.

    He walked on up to the girl, grinning at her as he reached around her food-vaccum: ”What happened to ‘I’ll meet yah outside’, eh? I was out there freezing my ass off, you could’ve at least texted me, yah dozy girl.”
  14. Cynthia

    Cynthia Guest

    Of course, as soon as Dustin started petting Glaceon, she was as pleased as could be, crying happily and leaning into the pets with gusto. He said he was going in somewhere and seemed quite confident. Glaceon nodded in agreement and Yipped some encouragement.

    Sadly, her new friend seemed to be talking to someone else, so she wandered back over to Cynthia, had been watching her make friends with amusement. "Aren't you just the life of the party?" she asked, gently stooping over to smooth out Glaceon's hair a bit.

    While Cynthia was fussing with her other Pokémon, Lucario took the time to scan the room. Most of the humans seemed nervous for reasons he couldn't quite comprehend, but it seemed like nothing he needed to concern himself with.

    However, he sensed someone was feeling something different. Something was making him uncomfortable. With a small glance back at his trainer, Lucario moved through the growing crowd, leaving her at the refreshments table.

    In very little time, he found the source of the discomfort, a younger human in a brightly colored outfit. He had no perspective on human fashion, so he had nothing to think about that. What was of concern to him was the fact that it was making the human unhappy. He moved closer, letting out a soft, "carr," to announce his presence.
  15. Briar Rose

    Briar Rose Guest

    The girl couldn’t get over how magical everything looked, and some of her initial anxiety was replaced by the wonder she felt. She saw more people begin to filter into the hall and took in their outfits, amazed by all the different styles. Being a peasant, she had made her own clothes, but there was only so much variation in patterns one could create with the material available. Some of the techniques used on garments here, even on her own dress, with its multicoloured dip dyed skirt, was something she would never have been able to do in her own world, with dyes being very limited to earthy or neutral colours.

    She tapped her fingers on her purse, still unsure of how to proceed and continued to look out for Tiana, oblivious to most of the goings on as she stared towards the door. It was only as she turned back around did she notice the boy who she’d smiled to briefly had headed towards her. Although she was even more nervous than before, and hoping she wouldn’t make a fool of herself, she returned the boy’s most charming smile.

    “Hello, Dustin,” she lifted her dress slightly in a curtsy, “My name’s Briar Rose.” If she were honest with herself, she was somewhat relieved that someone had taken it upon themselves to greet her first, as she was never good at those sorts of things; her dated gesture of greeting certainly reflected that. Her eyes were drawn to his outfit, as she recalled how she’d struggled to name what that garment around his neck was. However, it was Dustin's hair, now that he was close to her, that really got her attention; she had no clue about what sort of style it was supposed to be, but all the same she could see that he must have put a lot of effort into it. “You look very nice,” she complimented.
  16. Christmas, although not a holiday from her religion, it was something that Byakuren could appreciate all the same. It was an occasion where people love and generosity towards others and was a time to be merry and joyful, something she felt that Misty Hollow could use at a time where it was going through so many difficulties.

    For that purpose, Byakuren dressed herself up as Ms. Claus as well just for the occasion, an outfit that she put some care into for the purpose of not looking like she was mocking the whole concept, as the fact she was a buddhist was well-known at this point thanks to the media coverage of her temple. She was even bringing with herself a red bag with some toys she had managed to get herself. She flew over to where the ball would be happening and made her way inside without drawing too much attention to herself.

    Her eyes scanned the room, spotting both children and adults just casually chatting with each other. It looked like the dancing would happen later, so Byakuren decided to make use of this opportunity to talk with some of the citizens. The one that got her attention the most was the man dressed as her more famous male counterpart, Jim Hopper

    She had never really gotten to talk to the man himself, despite knowing his role in trying to make Misty Hollow as safe as it could be for the people living in it, so she decided to finally hold a conversation with the man during an occasion where he didn't have to worry as much about the town.

    "Hello, Mr. Hopper! Have you been well?" She approached the man with a warm smile on her face, then gave out a couple of giggles. "I suppose it's only appropriate that you be the Santa Claus of this gathering."
  17. As the room filled up with guests, Hopper kept a close eye. People had smiles on their faces and look that could only be described as the relief of returning home. If only for a night everyone could forget where they were and just enjoy themselves. And it looked like it was a success. Hopper couldn't help but grin to himself. Ya did good Hop. Ya did good. No one was approaching him, -no doubt some creepy guy in a Santa suit sitting in the corner would frighten your average person anyway- but he didn't mind. He could see the kids from Hawkins filter in with the others. Hopper spied Mike over by the punch, looking nervous as hell. Of course when it came to demogorgons, that kid was plenty eager to get into trouble. But girl issues? No way. That was a dimension that only few of the male species could understand let alone enter.

    He'd given Mike a quick pep talk before hand. After all, the kid had been enchanted with Eleven. It was written all over his face when he looked at her. As for Hopper himself, he was just relieved to see the kid was still around after all. This time, Hopper wasn't going to let the kid out of his sight. Discretely, the officer gave Mike a thumbs up and a smile from across the room. He wished the kid luck. Hopper felt like El's father, having excitement for her being able to do something a normal teenage girl could do. He didn't know what she was going to look like when she arrived, that spoiled the fun after all, but he knew she would be the prettiest girl there.

    As he looked around, familiar faces were appearing through the crowd. He noticed Johnny and gave him a friendly nod. He was an alright guy. There was Cynthia, the interesting Pokemon trainer and active member of Misty Hollow. A few other faces he had seen around town, but didn't know personally. Hell, he even recognized a few fae mingling their way in. Hopper was still wary, but remained calm. Things had finally settled down and maybe this celebration wouldn't end quite so badly....

    His eyes shifted over when he saw Dustin. At first, he started to smile when he saw the hair style. However, this sank into a line as he saw what was with him. Was that....what the hell was that thing? This was Pandora after all and there were all kinds of creatures that were friendly enough. Despite this, Hopper was still forever suspicious of everything and that thing just didn't look right. Under the suit, Hopper had a pistol with him just in case and he found himself touching the holster. It was fine Hopper. Just play it cool. If anything was wrong, it would present itself.

    A voice pulled him out of his thoughts. The woman was dressed in a female version of his own garb and had a matching warm smile. Hopper nodded to her, smiling back. "Hey there. I really appreciate you volunteering! It means a lot to the kids."

    "Well, I'm getting the gut for it anyway," Hopper joked. "I'm doing alright anyway. I'm just happy to see so many smiling faces."
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  18. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    In the meantime—well, until his few hours at this table were up, or else until they all ran out of snacks and therefore needed someone to make more—Jefferson would keep himself busy.

    There was still a good bit of cake that needed to be sliced up and served, especially considering the fact that sooner or later, these boys of varying ages would need to eat something at some point. Believe it, he knew what that felt like because he, too, had been that age. Long...long...ago.

    Oh, and the same went for filling more punch cups. Dancing had a tendency to work up a thirst in people, after all. Maybe, at some point, these devoted male followers of the girls would be sure to act like gentlemen and fetch their respective dates a serving or two.

    Provided that nobody decided to act foolish and try to 'spike' the punch bowl first.

    Just to be safe, he took a quick look around the crowd, and...luckily didn't see anyone that looked to be out of place. Maybe just a little on the hungry side in this one girl's case—her plate had been stacked rather high—but again, nothing remotely suspicious.

    Taking a deep breath in and out, Jefferson went back to setting out more food for the guests, as it was clear to him that this hall wasn't completely full yet.


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  19. Wanda Maximoff

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    "I'm about done setting up—" By the time Wanda turned away from the stack of gifts, the very inconspicuously dressed and pretty much incognito Superman had already gone off to fetch those drinks. Oh, okay. That was well and good, but she wasn't about to stand awkwardly by an aesthetically pleasing pile of boxes doing nothing at all. Maybe stand guard? Would anyone even want to steal socks? Probably not. She lifted a hand toward Kal to catch his attention, and pointed vaguely to where she intended to go with a mild lift of her brows.

    Her shift at the table wouldn't be for a while, especially considering her role was essentially clean-up once all was said and done. She passed by a young woman tending to a strange creature with blue fur, who looked sweet enough for Wanda to impart an absent minded smile. Her gaze lingered curiously, but only just out of passing curiosity, on the kid with the styled hair arguing with his burgundy suit jacket. Nynaeve still looked the opposite of thrilled by the wall, and Wanda made the mental note of bringing her a few of the chocolate covered fruits set on display.

    But there was someone working away at that table in particular that had given her reason to do a double take. She didn't know anyone who dressed in that (extremely colorful) style, but his face- Where had she seen him before?

    So she found herself staring at @Jefferson, not intending to surprise him as she appeared from the crowd about his side. Her brows were knit in a faintly puzzled expression, as if trying to recall from memory. "Sorry, but I feel like I know you from somewhere...?"
  20. Lift Reyes

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    She got a lil bit carried away with watching all the prettier ladies with their prettier clothes, absently shoving food into her food faster than she could actually swallow it - Storms, maybe she shoulda held back with Stormlight earlier; she was starving! - without realising that Johnny had even entered the room.

    "Hmm," came a quiet musing from her arm. She glanced down at where Wyndle had wound his vines around her arm, a couple of his tendrils going in her sleeve and tickling her skin. He'd formed a pair of quartz eyes that had been following her gaze at the other girls in the room. "Why did you sound so scandalised when Johnny suggested you wear a dress, mistress? I am quite sure you would look rather lovely."

    She couldn't really help the soft little snort that escaped her at the idea of her storming spren tryna boost her confidence or whatever - not that it needed boosting, storm it! She didn't answer though. It was probably bad enough looking so much like a street urchin in a room full of such nicely dressed people, without adding on talking to her storming arm on top of it. She'd look insane.

    When @Johnny Blaze picked his way across the room and stopped in front of where she sat, she let out a long-suffering sigh and then held the plate out so he could take what he wanted from it, before she shrugged her shoulders.

    "Texting was too much effort," she said. She couldn't text herself. She needed Wyndle to push the buttons and spell the words for her, and she hadn't had the storming time or inclination to squabble with the spren over what she wanted to be typed out. He seemed to think if he was the one typing, then she should be less rude with her messages. Boring. "And ya said I probably wouldn't be allowed in if I wasn't wearing no formal stuff. So I went another way without no oppressive people telling me no." She grinned, popping another bitesize sandwich into her mouth.

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