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A Dance In the Snow - Misty Hollow's Official Snow Ball Dance

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Chief Jim Hopper, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    I used to be,” he confessed, lowering his eyes for just a moment. “When the situation called for it, somebody like me had to learn how to look a bit less like a common beggar, and a bit more...well, honorable.

    Until someone's arrow flew from out of nowhere, and destroyed everything, Jefferson reminded himself. He would just have to go on recalling this one painful truth for as long as it took to keep himself out of trouble. After all, it wasn't as though he would have Grace around to remind him.

    I also figured out how to sew new dresses for my daughter as well, so maybe it's time I—

    Out of the blue, he found himself struck silent by the appearance of a particularly eccentric man onto the scene. Well, eccentric, flamboyant, and oh fairies, was he changing his entire self at will?

    --...All right...I suppose I should ask someone...just who in the world is that man supposed to be?

    [ @Eel O'Brian // @Wanda Maximoff ]


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  2. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington Stranger Things

    Misty Hollow

    If only it had been the creation of clothing had been the struggle in this case. It was less the clothing and more the year. More the era, little did Steve know. He sure as hell could have thought there was something wrong with the tight-fitted suit, though.

    Hearing the same voice from moments before, Steve found himself double checking himself before turning toward both Wanda and Jefferson, dark eyes flicking between them and then dropping to the cup she'd slip toward him. Pressing his lips to a fine line and huffing out a quiet sigh, he reached out to pick it up and nodded in thanks.

    "The asshole I bought this piece of crap from said it fit perfectly," Steve said, giving the bottom of his jacket a little tug with his free hand before taking a sip from his punch. Too bad it wasn't spiked. He could've used something a little stronger with the night he was having.

    Of course, little did he know that by modern standards, that suit did fit him perfectly. Hell, he'd be wearing that suit to perfection if he could stop fidgeting in it for five seconds.

    As a man slipped up to Wanda's side, Steve found himself staring at the poor drenched guy a moment with pure judgement before turning his attention back to his drink.

  3. "That is a sentiment I can agree with." Byakuren replied to Hopper as she glanced at the crowd of people around the hall.

    A new arrival and one of the other volunteers that were going to dress up for the event appeared, using his strange powers (it was like he was made of rubber or something like that, most unusal) to change into an outfit that had the wrong colors but it certainly looked like one of those elfs that were Santa's helpers.

    "Aw, that is a cute outfit, even if the colors are wrong." Byakuren giggled and then briefly glanced at Hopper as he addressed her as "Mrs. Claus", unable to hold back an amused smile. "Yes, yes, everything has been perfectly pleasant in here. Plenty of fun to be found, but nothing outrageous has happened yet."
  4. Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda Maximoff Marvel Universe

    She followed Jefferson's gaze over to Mr. and Mrs. Santa, to the animated elf who looked fresh out of a toybox. "That... is someone who is very talented with costumes," was all Wanda could say by way of explanation, shrugging her shoulders as she did. She didn't know- not even the slightest clue. But she was too far accustomed to the wild talents the residents of this place did tend to have to let it boggle her mind, and tried to settle for open-minded appreciation instead.

    It was pretty cute.

    Her gaze turned again to Steve, blinking over his suit as he griped over it. Honestly, the most uncomfortable thing about him was the attitude, but she could see where the fabric clung to the underarms a bit too tightly... or was that all suits? No, she really couldn't tell what was wrong with it. "Maybe you can try your next suit from this guy instead," she commented, nudging her head amiably in Jefferson's direction. "He looks to be an expert..."

    The words trailed off as she saw Kal stepping back in, soaked to the bone but dripping more with contrition than anything else. Oh...

    Aside from a very short-lived sigh, she didn't even seem bemused with him anymore. She quickly grabbed a few paper towels from the table and started dabbing at his hair and face. If only he would get it in his head that he had nothing to look so sorry for. "What was it? Fallen bird nest? Cats caught in the rain?" Personally, she'd already guessed the latter.

    And she was glad that he did it.
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  5. Briar Rose

    Briar Rose Guest

    Dustin, as he was called, didn’t reply immediately to her compliment. In fact, he just stood looking at her for a moment. It wasn’t a problem for Briar Rose, but she started to wonder if she’d done something wrong; was that not how you complimented people at dances? Although the boy might’ve been nervous also, to her, she thought he was very brave coming over and introducing himself to a complete stranger. That was something she was still working on herself.

    Fortunately, it didn’t take him much longer to reply, and her smile only widened in relief. She wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘rental,’ was that the style of the suit? She bowed her head as he commented on her dress, suddenly bashful. “Thank you. I wasn’t sure what one considers as ‘formal,’ but I’m glad you like it.”

    As she wondered what they were to do next, Dustin all at once offered her a dance, and held his hand out. As enthusiastically as he’d asked she replied, “I’d be honoured.” A real dance! She hadn’t had one of those in so long, and this time it was with a real person. She already began to find herself growing fond of the boy; when he grew up she was sure he would be such a charmer to those his own age. As she took his hand, she wondered what sort of dances people in Pandora did; she knew of Tiana's from her homeworld and it was much different to the one she knew.
  6. Eel O'Brian

    Eel O'Brian Guest

    "Ah, yeah, well... at least the red's right, huh, Mrs. S? 'Course, it's not a patch on your costume - I don't think even those fairy lights there could outshine you, as a matter 'a fact."
    Giving a bashful sort of shrug as he finished his one vaguely smooth comment of the night, Plas offered a hand to the pair to shake - one for each of them, despite the fact that his actual hands were still on his hips. Normal was relative, and for Plas normal was relatively boring. He was about to continue when someone a little way away had the temerity to question his costume choice and, well, Plas just couldn't let that stand.

    Within seconds, he was face to face with the guy, without his actual body having moved an inch. Long necks were handy things to have, especially when you could stretch at will.
    "Listen, I will happily concede that red, black and yellow are not the exact colours of Christmas and that the goggles are out of place, but I absolutely refuse to accept you can't recognise an elf when you see one, pal."
    Plas would have said more, too, really defended his dress sense, but then he realised that if he did he'd be interrupting an ongoing conversation, and the nuns of his childhood had always been very specific on what counted as good manners and what didn't.
    "Uh... and with that, I leave you to your conversation. Merry Christmas, folks!"

    Withdrawing his neck before (amongst other things) the beefy damp guy who looked oddly familiar could do anything, Plas returned to his usual neck length and the conversation he'd been part of previously.
    "Sorry about that, Saint Nick. Matter of personal honour, you know how it is. Anyway, glad to hear things have been good! Say... is that buffet, uh, for guests only, or are volunteers allowed?"
    Yeah, Eel had just spotted the food, and his eyes - or the goggles that served as eyes - had just grown to the size of small plates as he took in the majesty of the food selection.

    Wow. Someone had not been messing around.

    @Chief Jim Hopper @Byakuren Hijiri @Jefferson @Wanda Maximoff @Superman
  7. Hopper was getting the sneaking suspicion that this evening was about to be turned upside down in a very unexpected way, starting with this Plas fellow. As he was flirting with Byakuren, Hopper's eyes narrowed, trying to get a sense for this weirdo. When the guy extended his hands somehow, Hopper startled back, completely surprised. What was this guy made of, Silly Putty?

    "Uh, yeah," was all Hopper could say as he watched the guy. "Have at it."

    He scratched the back of his head, looking at Byakuren with the 'is this as weird for you as it is for me?' look before readjusting himself. As long as he wasn't scaring any kids or doing anything actually weird then Hopper could deal for the evening. For a moment, he was starting to regret not hiding a flask somewhere.
  8. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Originally, he had meant to aim the question at @Wanda Maximoff , even if he couldn't be too sure whether or not she might have met the odd man before (if indeed, she had been introduced to him at all). This world was still just a little bit new to him, even if he had gotten out of the house (as well as his old neighborhood) from time to time. Truly, all he desired were a few answers, and no violence attached to them like some other men of his financial/social status had been known to do.

    Unfortunately, he must not have been clear enough with his words, because said odd man took it personally. Maybe even a little too personally, for the next thing Jefferson knew, the man's face was in his own from halfway across the room.

    And that, to his greater horror, was more than enough to leave him dead silent for over a minute.

    By no means was he going to start some kind of shouting match in the middle of all the children; something he might thank himself for later when he felt a bit more settled down.


    On the other hand, the presence of this stranger had very nearly rattled him to the core. Perhaps even startled him enough that he could only glance helplessly between @Superman and Wanda now, not sure at all on how to respond to this.


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  9. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

    Punching Bag
    Pandora Town
    Advanced Human
    His face flushed red under @Steve Harrington's look, worried that he embarrassed Wanda in front of her friends and neighbours. But thankfully, her eyes told a different story which was enough to reassure him that everything was alright. And when she came to him with the napkins and asked him about his quick trip in the rain, he remembered just how well she knew him by now. ‘The second.’ he said with an awkward smile. He was becoming predictable, but the good thing was that she knew that too and she did not mind.

    Not that that was an excuse to be complacent in terms of showing his affection towards her, but the sudden appearance of a very unique fellow reminded him that they were not the only ones in the ball. Superman’s eyes widened at the exhibit of a power he had never seen before and looked at @Eel O'Brian flabbergasted for a few moments and then with amazement at what was an extraordinary physiology. He looked at Wanda then, curious if there was any recognition in her face(the world Wanda came from was one of the most fascinating in terms of people with special abilities, from what she had told him) and resisting the urge to peek under the surface with his vision.

    As soon as he realised that the conversation between the stretching man and @Jefferson other could take a turn for the worst and before he could intervene, the former decided to tone it down and wished them Merry Christmas. But the man sure looked confused and even upset at the whole ordeal. ‘Everyone is taking their roles very seriously at this party. I have not seen such excellent organization since I was in Moscow.’ he commented what was supposed to be a compliment to the volunteer. But with people coming from all kinds of words, it was reasonable to assume ‘Moscow’ did not mean anything to him. Still, he was trying.

    And the buffet looks so delicious and plentiful. Congratulations on your good work!’ he added, in his continuous attempt to restore the mood. It helped that he wasn’t lying. He knew all too well what starving was like(even if he could survive with just sun rays) and the people of Misty Hollow were lucky and commendable to have such things accessible to all. ‘Wanda, would you like wine?’ he asked then, hoping the crisis had been averted.
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  10. Eleven

    Eleven Guest

    The Snow Ball dance. El felt as though she'd been dreaming of it forever, ever since Mike first invited her back when they were both still in Hawkins. She had vanished not long after that, gone from Hawkins and separated from all of her friends. Her quiet hopes and dreams had vanished too, for a while. She'd found a lot of happiness in living with Hopper, the place soon starting to feel like home, and when the boys started showing up in Pandora, she became truly content with her life there. She'd given up on the idea of going to a dance, but that was okay...or at least, she told herself it was.

    But then Misty Hollow's Snow Ball dance was announced and Eleven was ecstatic. She was going to be able to attend - with Mike! Excitement had, of course, quickly turned to nervousness. El knew she was different from other kids. She was trying her best to fit in, and part of that involved doing things that other kids did...but none of it came easy. What would she do when she got there? What if she did something wrong? What if...what if Mike was disappointed?

    Despite her nerves, there was nothing that could keep El from showing up to the dance. She had agonized over what to wear, how her hair should look, and what kind of makeup might look nice, but in the end, she was happy with the result. Butterflies in her stomach, she had made her way to the church at the center of town and held her breath as she walked in through the front door.

    The dance had already begun by the time she arrived. El saw all sorts of people around, but it relaxed her a little to spot Hopper nearby in his Santa outfit. Her eyes scanned the room, searching...until she saw Mike, standing by the punch bowl. She could feel her hands shaking a little as she walked over to him, smiling almost shyly. "Mike," she said. "Am I too late?"
  11. [​IMG]

    The thing about asking a girl to dance was that you should probably be able to back up the request by being able to dance. The moment that Briar Rose accepted Dustin went through a sudden high followed by an immediate low. The high came because a pretty girl had just agreed to dance with him and she’d not given him a dirty look, laughed and then shot him down, and what’s more she actually seemed quite excited about it too!

    The low came when he suddenly realised he’d asked a girl to dance, she’d agreed and he suddenly realised that there was a flaw in this plan. He had no idea how to dance. He should probably have asked Steve about that before he ditched him at the door but it was too late now, he was here now, Steve was having his own problems and he was going to have to work it out quickly.

    Briar Rose took his hand a low key level of panic and anxiety settled into the pit of his stomach and then as it rose it became nervously excited butterflies because he’d never done this before and it was scary, exciting and he couldn’t wait to tell Mike about it later. He tried to focus on the here and now and the fact that he needed to work out how to dance.

    Thankfully there were already some people on the dance floor and they were swaying back and forth to the music. It wasn’t too quick, nor was it awkwardly slow either and Dustin decided to just take the cue from the other dancers. He led the way over to the dance floor with a big happy grin on his face and then turned to face @Briar Rose. Which was when his confidence left him a little and the big excited grin turned a little bit nervous and he glanced to the side desperately looking for a cue from one of the other dancers.

    Okay so from his brief terrified glance to the other dancers there were a few options. One couple were chatting animatedly with one pair of hands held out to the side and his hand was on the back of her waist and her was on his shoulder. Another couple looked like they were mostly standing still, swaying a little but his hands were both at her waist and hers were over his shoulder. Dustin snapped his attention back to Briar Rose like a deer in the headlights.

    ”Um…” He started to say and then awkwardly stepped forward to try and put his hands at her waist like he’d seen the other people do. It was very clear he had no idea what he was doing even if he didn’t say it.

  12. Mike Wheeler

    Mike Wheeler Guest

    Mike communicated back to Dustin via hand gestures, a small blush forming upon his cheeks at the compliment and then gave him a thumbs up and a look that said go for it. Then Hopper gave him a thumbs up and Mike felt as though he'd swallowed a potion of courage. For a few seconds he felt like it until his nerves caused him to crash land back to earth.

    Because his eyes, that had looked away from Hopper, had found Eleven and she was coming over to him. She was always beautiful in his eyes and she always made his heart skip a beat. But this was different, this was a dance, with people around them, not the two at the cabin, scarfing as much food as they could without getting caught. Still he knew how much girls like to be told they were pretty, though he always felt odd saying it. As if he was saying they were only pretty now rather than always.

    Considering this was El and she knew what he would mean, Mike spoke. "You look beautiful." It was easy to see to anyone that knew him that Mike was absolutely unarmored with her.

    The only way Mike could ever be disappointed was if El hadn't turned up. His smile widened as she came to rest before him and he slowly, gently, reached for her hand with his own. "You're not late at all." Mike assured her next - he could wait for her no matter how long it took. He'd waited over a year before he had seen her again, a few minutes was nothing compared to that agony.

    He carefully set his drink aside. "Would you like to dance?"
  13. This elf seemed to be a bit of a charmer, as he was clearly trying to flirt with her. He didn't seem to confident in it, judging by the sheepish shrug he gave, which was honestly endearing in its own right and Byakuren couldn't help but giggle.

    "Thank you, I made sure this outfit would be as good as it could." She accepted the handshake, taking notice of the fact that the man's actual hands were still on his hips, such a curious ability, that one.

    The conversation was soon interrupted by the same man stretching his head all the way over to some other guests just to say one thing and then return the head back to his body. That was something a lot of people might have considered frightening or at the very least strange, but for Byakuren it was nothing too out of the ordinary. She had to wonder if this particular person was really human though, he had an ability more akin to that of a rokurokubi, except through his entire body.

    Once the buffet was mentioned, Byakuren glanced to all the food available and indeed, it was quite a mouth-watering selection that they had there. The rubber man's reaction to seeing all of it earned another giggle from her, he sure looked like he was about to dive into the tables.

    "Make yourself at home, there's plenty of food for everyone here." She told him, then meeting Hopper's gaze and taking notice of his silent question, which she answered with a little shrug that indicated that she was used to this kind of thing.
  14. Well that was weird. Briefly Hopper wondered if Eel's stomach was as elastic as his arms and hoped that he wouldn't somehow eat the entire table or something. (Because this was Pandora and there was no doubt in his mind that this guy would just to prove he could do it). At least Hopper felt a bit better that others were looking at him like he had two heads....well, many arms and an elastic head. God this place was weird.....

    He looked back over to Mike and saw that Eleven had finally arrived. Hopper couldn't help but smile like the proud father he was. She looked stunning, though the part that was stunning about her wasn't just her dress. It was the smile on her face that mirrored in Mike's. Young love at its finest right there. Since coming to Pandora and finding her again, Hopper had done his damn best to make her have a home and try to grow up like a normal kid. Yes, they had their fights and all, but at the end of the day, they were a family now. In a place like Pandora, it didn't matter where you came from because here, he realized, was what counted. Here in Pandora, she was basically his daughter and for the first time since all this mess started, he was damn proud of himself. He'd kept her safe despite everything and now he was getting to see this special moment finally, after all these months of conflict. As much as he missed Sarah every day, at least now his heart felt a bit more full.

    Leaning over to Byakuren, Hopper nodded in Eleven's direction. "That's my girl," he said with a grin. Hopper waved over at her, but no doubt she was too busy seeing stars to notice. After all, he was just the adult in the mix. "Well, not biologically, but it's complicated....but she's been wanting to ask that kid out for a while."

    He paused. "I thought he'd disappeared from Pandora for good and it was all my fault. Things just have a way of working out, you know?"
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  15. Briar Rose

    Briar Rose Guest

    Briar Rose also felt relieved that they weren’t the only people dancing, as even with Dustin here, she wasn’t certain she would’ve had the confidence to stay out on the floor for long. She had danced with her animal friends and in front of her aunts, usually a waltz, but this was different...she was afraid of looking silly.

    She followed Dustin over to the floor, examining everyone else’s movements. It seemed he had the same idea as her as they faced each other, with his gaze constantly drifting elsewhere. As he began to say something and stepped forward to grasp her waist, she gave a reassuring smile. Even though she didn’t have any confidence whatsoever right now, the least she could do was to teach Dustin what she knew. She had never danced this close with anyone before, but she knew the basics.

    “It’s okay. I know…a little about dancing,” Briar Rose admitted, lowering her head in shyness. “You put your hands here, see?” Gently, whilst trying not to shake, she grasped both of his hands in each of hers and guided them to the correct position. “Then I put mine on your shoulders,” she continued slowly, reaching out to do just that. She continued to smile; if what she did here tonight helped the boy at all, then she would be glad. He was sweet enough, he just needed that confidence. And in some ways, so did she.

    She was hardly going to subject Dustin to any complicated footwork, so she simply started to move to the side on her own, and then back again, making sure they kept both their grip on one another. She stopped and focused again on Dustin, “And we can move as so, but at the same time,” Briar Rose had never taught anyone anything before, so she hoped what she was saying was understandable.
  16. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    His momentary lack of speech was a bit painful when he compared it with the easygoing nature of others, but thankfully was also fixable through the efforts of Miss Wanda and her friend. A friend that just happened to disappear for a short while, only to reappear in a rather soaked state.

    ...Yes, ah...there's an idea if I ever heard it. Perhaps we should all have a drink…?

    Jefferson thought he might have seen some 'adult drinks' a few tables over, but that was before he found himself faced with his second grand entrance of the evening. This time, though, he felt relieved that it was a much younger person, and one who didn't wish to attract a lot of attention to herself.

    However...there was just a little bit of something that seemed familiar to him, even at a distance.

    Nobody look now,” he went on in an undertone, “But I think one of those youngsters just found his Cinderella. Or, dare I say it, a girl just found her Prince Charming?

    [ @Wanda Maximoff // @Superman ]


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  17. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington Stranger Things

    Misty Hollow


    He didn't really know what happened. One second, Wanda was suggesting he get his suit from the guy beside her, and the next, some guy had come over and gotten all up in one of their faces. Brows shooting up and dark eyes widening, Steve stepped the hell back from the group, taking the drink that the dark-haired woman had handed to him and downing the rest of it before tossing the plastic cup into a trash can he saw off to the side.

    Whatever was going on there, he definitely did not want to get involved.

    Gaze wandering across the room, he spotted Dustin out of the corner of his eye with some pretty blonde, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips as he immediately honed in on the hopeless kid's awkwardness. Well, shit, he needed a lot more work than he'd thought, and he'd already been under the impression that he needed a lot of work. Shifting slightly so that he the blonde's back was turned to him and if Dustin looked just past him, he might be able to spot him, Steve lifted his hands into the air in front of him, placing them on the waist of the imaginary girl he would be imaginary dancing with and giving the kid a firm nod of the head along with an encouraging smile.

    You got this, kid.

  18. 1.8: Character dances with a stranger.
    5.9: Character encounters/experiences something entirely new for the first time


    Dustin had never been so deep or far out of his depth in his entire life. He’d never done anything even remotely like this before. He’d never really talked to a girl aside from Eleven but he kind of didn’t count her because she was…well she was Eleven. He’d talked to Max a little bit but she and Lucas talked more. This was probably the most words he’d ever actually exchanged with a girl before and he’d certainly never danced before now, let alone with a girl. It would definitely, in retrospect, have been a good idea to actually figure out how to dance before asking her but he was here now and Dustin as nothing if not resilient in he face of doubt.

    She admitted she knew a little about dancing, which was a relief for about five seconds and then horrified him a little more because maybe she was really good and he’d be terrible and she’d judge him and he’d never dance with a girl again because she’d tell them all not to. It probably didn’t actually work like that but still. For a moment there the horror was real.

    Then he saw @Steve Harrington just off to the side of @Briar Rose, in the distance. He was doing something with his hands and nodding encouragingly. Dustin stared at him for a moment, brow furrowed and then he realised Steve was showing him what to do with his hands. OH. He mimicked Steve’s movements and snapped his gaze back to Briar Rose as she helped guide him into place, face bursting into a toothy smile in case she’d thought him staring off behind her for a moment had been weird.

    Okay he’d got this. Hands in the right place. Check. Pretty girl not horrified that he had no idea what he was doing. Check. Oh, he needed to pay attention, she was already moving and he was just busy gawking cheerfully up at her like an idiot. He blinked, looked down at his feet like he’d suddenly just grown them and didn’t know what to do. Then followed her lead and started to move a little bit from side to side. He got the idea pretty quickly once he got going and after a moment he was able to lift his eyes up from the ground. Maybe a moment too soon because he accidentally caught the end of her toe with his foot and looked mortified.

    ”Son of a bitch-” He blurted, then realised he’d just cussed in front of her and there was no way that was okay, looked even more horrified and apologised with wide eyes, ”Oops, sorry that just came out. I didn't mean to step on your foot. Or cuss.”

  19. Briar Rose

    Briar Rose Guest

    Fortunately, Dustin seemed to take most of her advice well, although she had no idea why he momentarily stared off into the distance, but seeing as they were both nervous, she was too polite to comment and merely returned his smile. The tricky part was now to sway at the same rhythm and it took a little time after Briar Rose started her example for Dustin to follow. She didn’t mind if he had to observe his footwork rather than look at her; she wasn’t one to judge and knew that there were still a lot of things she didn’t know in life. The boy probably had his own interests that he was an expert at.

    She nodded encouragingly as Dustin managed to lift his eyes from the ground, but her lips soon parted in an ‘O’ of shock as she felt his foot connect with her toe. Whilst the sensation did hurt slightly, she could tell it would soon subside. Her shock was mingled with confusion at the boy’s expression, not because of the toe stomping incident, but more what he’d said after. Her eyebrows lifted in realisation as he mentioned he didn’t mean to ‘cuss.’ Briar Rose wasn’t familiar with any really insulting words, but she’d heard a few of them around Pandora, (much to her distaste), so she slowly began to understand what he meant. But it hadn’t been at her, more in reaction to what had happened.

    “It-it’s alright,” she softly laughed, realising how the situation had turned; now she was the one out of her depth. “I, ah, I didn’t really understand what you said…,” she decided to bashfully admit, hopefully to lessen the awkwardness Dustin felt. She started to sway side to side again, averting her gaze with a shy smile, but not before adding, “You’re doing really well, though.”
  20. Eel O'Brian

    Eel O'Brian Guest

    What a Christmas. Honestly, this was the best.

    As he slipped over to the buffet, Plas' left hand expanded and shifted shape until it was roughly the size of a dustbin lid; his right, meanwhile, now looked rather like the scoop of a mechanical digger. Perfect. All right, it was time to get stuck in.

    Everything looked great, as far as Eel was concerned, and to make sure he got a good balance of all the food groups he took double helpings of everything. Pretty soon the food-pile on his makeshift plate was teetering fairly unsteadily, but that was fine - it was gonna be gone pretty soon, anyway.

    However, even Eel knew his party manners. Staring wistfully at the last slice of pizza and knowing what duty required of him, he piped up, hoping perhaps that nobody else was listening and that he would totally get away with it.
    "Uh, hhhhheyyyy, anyone want... this last slice of pizza?"
    Please oh please oh please, let nobody say anything.
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