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A dance with the devil

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Darth Caedus, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Darth Caedus

    Darth Caedus Guest

    February 14th, YR 7

    The world around him had changed and Caedus found himself changing with it. While he had been a pathetic mess only a month and a half earlier, he had greatly improved. Even though parts of him still wanted to die, he no longer seeked it out. Even though he had fancied his alcohol to much of recent, he had started to slow down. And even though he was still miserable on the inside, he had begun to open his mind up to the prospects of living in this new world.

    Perhaps that was why he had decided to take on this charity work with the force user Ahsoka? To be honest, he still didn’t understand why he had done it other then it sounding like the right thing to do. It was at least something to distract him from how empty his life was and it had done its job well. He could not bring himself to smile though. Not even while he did a great good for people who needed it. Smiles seemed so completely beyond him now he could not even remember when his last genuine smile had been.

    Regardless of his lack of smiles he had done his work well and when the time to close up shop came, Caedus did so with no real change in his demeanor which was perhaps far to dreary for the work he had been doing. No one seemed to have noticed though. It seemed the way of the world. If it wasn’t your problem it didn’t matter and he saw it as a small blessing where others might not. To put it simply, Caedus wasn’t ready to talk about it and pushing would only make him angry.

    Perhaps that was why he hadn’t been expecting the tug on his dark robes.

    Caedus, not sensing danger in the action, turned around slowly and looked down at the little girl that stood behind him. For a moment, he saw Allana and his heart skipped a beat. But that moment was short lived and the visions were cleared from his eyes as swiftly as they had come. In fact, this little girl did not look like Allana at all. She had dark skin and dark hair and eyes so brown they almost looked black. And in her hands she seemed to hold a drink. A drink that she was offering to him.

    At first, Caedus didn’t know how to react. This little girl was showing him an innocent kindness that he did not deserve and for the life of him he could not understand why. He looked around for her mother who was watching from a short distance and she seemed insistent that he take it too with encouraging gestures and a warm smile.

    ”Thank you, little one,” he finally said as he turned back to the little girl and reached out his hand to take the small drink from her hand. The girl’s lips parted and she broke into a radiant smile before giggling and running back to her mother shouting gleefully, ”He took it! He took it! Did you see, mama?” before they started walking again and disappeared into the crowd before he could hear the rest of what they were going to say.

    Caedus stared at the viel in his hand suspiciously for a moment. While he did not feel any danger from the child or the mother, he had learned not to trust everything he was given. If he had, he would no doubt be long dead by now. It was harder to read the danger in objects then it was in people. Impossible in fact. There was only one way to figure out if it was safe and what it’s purpose might be.

    Caedus closed his eyes and went into a meditative state and focused on what he wished to know. With in moments, his mind’s eye opened to the force and three pathways were presented to him. He walked down the first and in that one he saw himself casting the vial aside. Nothing of note happened. He continued with his day. The second road presented him with a future where he did not take it but kept it on him. Still nothing of interest happened. The third on the other hand was much more interesting. He took the drink and only moments later found himself standing in front of a familiar face. Tamina’s.

    Opening his eyes he looked down at the drink and considered the three options. None of them had been unpleasant and none of them had been a trap or a trick. If Tamina wanted to kill him she would have had ample opportunity to do so while they journeyed together towards Pandora Town. But here he stood. Very much alive. And there was a matter of the child's generosity. It had been so long that anyone had shown him a true kindness like that. It could be argued that John Uskglass had but that was still up for debate in his opinion. But still…

    After a moment of silent debate with himself, Caedus finally popped the lid off of the vial and drank the liquid down.

    He regretted it almost instantly.

    The drink within was repulsive and he found himself regretting it instantly. He began to cough and tried to spit the taste out of his mouth even though he knew it would be completely pointless. Perhaps it was poison after all and Tamina appeared only to try and help him? That would be just the way for him to go. It would certainly teach him not to trust an innocent face anymore if he were to survive.
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  2. Tamina

    Tamina Guest

    The sun shown bright in the sky, it's rays warming Tamina's skin as she walked the along the sandy ground of Horizon. Gone were the thick warm fabrics that had protected her against the bitter cold, for they had been replaced by the thin linen tunics and pants she was far more accustomed to wearing. This place, it was an oasis in the middle of a barren wasteland, just as her home had been and in some ways it felt familiar to her. Sometimes, if she closed her eyes it almost felt like she was back in Alamut and in that familiarity she found a small sense of comfort. However, while this place did remind her a little of her city, it was far from it.

    As far as Tamina could see this land was far more underdeveloped than Alamut had been. Instead of the tall, white, towers that looked over the entire city there was a cliff face. Instead of the wells that Alamut was fame for, there were clear pools of water. Instead of the twisting, winding, roads that she knew so well, they were dirt paths in the sand. And Yet despite all of that in some respects it was far more advanced than her city had ever been as well. Machines that could fly moved across the sky, and other machines that were powered by the sun were used upon the farms. Other differences in this place, it's very culture were less obvious and only made themselves apparent as the days passed. Differences such as this day: Valentine's day.

    Truly, she didn't understand it. Why have one day, specifically, to celebrate the one you love? Still, others got in on the act, and at least some good seemed to come of it. Earlier in the day she had even seen Caedus, the man she'd met in Silverwood, with one of the more interesting looking inhabitants of this world working at a charity event centered around the holiday. She hadn't stayed long, certainly not long enough to have been noticed, before moving on. As the day wore on, however, she began to play with the idea of returning to the event, perhaps to make her own contribution.

    The last thing she'd expected to find was Caedus apparently near-choking on some kind of potion or another. "Caedus!" Her heart sank and she wasted no time in rushing to his side.
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