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a fool (80) proof plan

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Seg-El, May 31, 2018.

  1. Seg-El

    Seg-El Guest

    May 13th, Y7.
    Open to all.

    Seg had to admit, he'd gotten a little bit used to the whole 'fate of the entire universe' thing that had been thrown at him in the weeks before ending up in Pandora, and having that kind of purpose torn away from him had been a little jarring. It was only a month or so since he'd been perfectly happy to be a hustler and spend his nights drunk off his ass, scamming any and every sorry rich bastard that wandered into the tavern with a bone to pick. And still, it felt like an entire lifetime ago. Falling back into it after coming to Pandora had made him feel like he was standing in some other man's body after everything he'd been through, so it really wasn't much of a sacrifice to try and get an actual job upon his heroic future granddaughter's pleading.

    He may have been tainting their good family name, but honestly, he was a little bit more thrilled that there was a good family name to taint again in the first place.

    And that was what brought him here -- behind the bar of one of the fanciest casinos he'd ever seen the inside of during his life. If anyone looked too close at their bartender, they may have been able to tell he was looking a little stiff and uncomfortable in his uniform, but he liked to think he hid it well behind his roguish smirk and very charming humor, if he did say so himself. The fact that he had no idea what any of these drinks were nor could he read any of the written languages around to help him out? A little bit less hidden.

    "One mosquito, coming up," Seg called as he grabbed an amber-looking bottle from the back at seemingly random. It looked vaguely familiar as he'd used it about four times already that night without complaint, and so he dubbed it his Lucky Mouthwash. Mostly because it really did look like Kryptonian mouthwash to him, and considering he evidently lacked the ability to get drunk any longer, it was basically the most he could use it as.

    He glanced over to one of his coworkers who looked equally as busy behind the bar. She was listening politely to a man in a suit and tie who didn't seem to want to stop talking any time soon, and while he pitied the girl, he still inched a little closer. "What's in a morito again?" he tried to whisper to her, but she seemed too preoccupied to be of any use. Lucky Mouthwash it was then. However, just as he went to undo the cork, the entire bottle spontaneously shattered in his grip, soaking him in its rather foul smelling liquid and covering him in glass. The small scene drew enough cries of surprise to in turn draw more attention than he would've liked, and he grinned sheepishly and tightly at the eyes on him as he reached for a rag.

    "Just a little accident!" he assured them. Seg went to mop up some of the alcohol that had spilled on the bar, only for the entire thing to then crack underneath his hand as soon as he put it down. Oh damn. That was a little worse.
  2. Ema Skye

    Ema Skye Guest

    Ema was far from being rich, but sometimes you just wanted to go to a fancy place and treat yourself, so she made her way to one of the fanciest places out in Pandora, known as 'The Bomb". She wasn't one for playing games of chance, if only because her luck was usually the worst. After all, she was pretty sure being brought to Pandora counted as a special kind of bad luck, especially since she had yet to meet anyone from her world in this mess of a box.

    So instead, Ema made herself home at the bar, where she was sitting at the counter and drinking some cheap wine while watching the movement around her. She went there all by herself, so it wasn't like she had anyone to talk to and she wasn't feeling like dealing with men trying to flirt with her while most likely being drunk, so she was keeping to herself. In hindsight, maybe she should've asked Lena if she wanted to come along that night.

    Everything seemed to be going smoothly and even though Ema was lonely in a crowd, it was still refreshing enough to be able to enjoy one night without having to think about anything else. That is until she suddenly heard the sound of glass breaking behind her.

    She whirled around immediately to look at a young man soaked and with pieces of glass on him. Somehow he had managed to completely shatter a bottle of some drink on himself, but at least it wasn't anything serious. Once he tried to clean up the mess he made, however, Ema witnessed him crack the counter just by putting his hand on it. She blinked a couple of times as she looked at what was done, then looked up at the man.

    "Super strength?"
    She guessed, then sipping her wine as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, although her eyes showed that she was still pretty surprised by what she heard and saw.
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  3. Seg-El

    Seg-El Guest

    The way the woman said it made Seg wonder how many people she'd seen around Pandora with his particular abilities, but at least he didn't have to explain the concept of it. Small mercies, right? He just raised his eyebrows with a half-apologetic half-shrug as he continued dabbing daintily at the counter with a rag.

    "Something of the sort," Seg answered airily. He didn't quite know much himself, but Supergirl had explained the gist of the changes happening to his body. Yeah, his own granddaughter had given him The Talk, so to speak -- talk about embarrassing. The scientist in him was able to more or less follow along with most of the specifics, but the cynic in him was still trying to wrap his head around the idea of a pocket dimension in the first place. That wasn't even touching on the concept of the sun itself supercharging him.

    Seg willingly backed away as one of his rather upset looking coworkers took over his task. He had no doubt they'd some way or another have in another counter before closing, but the look on her face hinted that he'd better take his break sooner than later. Well, that worked out well enough for him.

    Despite the fact it was likely frowned upon to do so, Seg didn't really see how he could be in more trouble than he was, and so he undid his uniform bowtie and grabbed two glasses from behind the counter. Then, he filled both of them up and slid into the seat next to the woman who'd spoken, passing her one. "On the house," he promised her with a somewhat mischievous, somewhat sheepish smile. "You know, for the trouble."

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  4. Ema Skye

    Ema Skye Guest

    Ema felt a level of pity for the poor guy who had to deal with the upset coworker and was forced to step out. She hoped that he wouldn't lose his job over this admittedly pretty bad mistake, but since Pandora in general had a lot of people with all kinds of weird powers, she figured this kind of thing would be treated with at least a little more leniency.

    What she hadn't been expecting, however, was for the bartender to actually get himself seated next to her and offer a drink. Ema wasn't about to refuse a free drink, but she did think it was a little strange for her, of all people, to get that little bonus, especially since she wasn't even finished with her own drink.

    "Well, that's nice of you." Ema smiled, then drinking more of her wine and leaving only about sip left in it. "It wasn't any trouble for me, really. You're the one who looks like you're gonna be getting in trouble after this." She added, her eyes briefly darting over to the more disgruntled employee.
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