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Private A Guest Returns

Discussion in 'Otherworld' started by Aigis, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Aigis

    Aigis Guest

    15th October, Year 108
    Time Unknown
    Location Unknown


    It had been a day like any other as Aigis was given patrol duty in and around the Overcity Mall in Elysium. Fairly little action had been seen that day, most people seeming fairly intimidated at the sight of the stone grey armour that enclosed her body as one of the city's peacekeepers, though she wasn't sure whether people would be more afraid of the souless, faceless officers or discovering that beneath that suit was a machine built to destroy. Though she had not much reason to complain. Her directives had been to maintain order and peace in the surrounding area and thus far she was complying fully with her orders, being a good little robot.

    Yet something seemed missing since she had arrived here. Everything on this strange moon just felt...wrong, artificial, which was a weird thing for an Android to think. Though that's what she thought. It felt less like she was in an open city and more as though she was back in a Kirijo Group laboratory and maybe once that had been all that she needed, but her eyes had been opened to the world outside of laboratories and factories.

    More than that, she yearned for her friends.

    And as though it were answering her call, Aigis saw a light shimmering from around a corner in a secluded spot in the corner of the mall, but nobody else seemed to even register it. As she turned the corner, she saw that a blue light was eminating from a doorway that wasn't connected to anything, just sitting there in the open. Was that what she thought it was? Approaching carefully, she placed a hand on the door knob and turned, taking a step inside.

    Once inside, the door closed behind her and she found herself in an entirely different location. This was no mall, no discernable place on Elysium, though admittedly it did look as though it could have been one of the fancy starships that sometimes flew to and from the station, the interior seemed to be the bridge of one such ship with all manner of complicated machinery and a captain's chair, turned away from her. What was stranger about the place was the decor, everything seemingly a blue or purple colour and drapped in velvet. In velvet.

    "...excuse me..."
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  2. Margaret

    Margaret Guest

    Margaret waited, always. So much of her job was a waiting game. Waiting for the newest Wild Card, waiting for the stalemate to be broken, waiting for her services to be needed. It was just a matter of waiting. But now, something was changing. The Velvet Room was changing, readying itself for a visitor. And when it was finished, it took a form that she'd never seen before. It was smooth and sleek, with a design as if it belonged to the future. She pulled out the cards, and the first card she pulled...

    Aeon. This pack didn't even have an Aeon card. And Margaret only knew of two people who held that Arcana. For Marie... the Velvet Room would not change for Marie. Marie was closer to a denizen of the Velvet Room than a human. As Izanagi, she was incredibly powerful in the Otherworld, as well. Marie popping in for a visit was not unlikely, but the Velvet Room would not change for her. And the other....

    Margaret flipped the next card. As she had thought, it revealed itself to be the Fool. Someone who had wished to be human, who then became a Wild Card. She knew one person that that could be. Margaret felt her enter, but didn't say anything, just sitting in her chair. Then, when Aigis spoke, she turned, gently. "Welcome, Aigis. To the Velvet Room."
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  3. Aigis

    Aigis Guest

    At first, Aigis thought that nobody was here. Maybe she would come back later on to see if anybody was home and not intrude on their property, though that didn't quite make sense. After all, if this was the place that she thought it was, she had never seen it empty before. But what was the Velvet Room doing here in Pandora? Was this perhaps related to what brought them here, or were the denizens of this otherworld trapped here the same as she was? If so, it seemed like Pandora had the power to grasp just about anything from anywhere.

    Suddenly, a voice spoke up and confirmed what she already had deduced. However, she did not recognise the person who had addressed her, though the clothing she wore told her that this was one of the attendants of the Velvet Room. Although it seemed like she was the only one around. Turning her head around the room to look for anyone else, she still saw that only the two of them were apparently occupying the room.

    "It is just us here?" She asked with confusion. "What about the others? Is Igor not with you?" It was quite strange. Though Igor had claimed he was just a resident of this place, it usually seemed like he was the one who ran the show and the other attendents were just there to facilitate other purposes such as Persona fusion and access to the Compendium. Maybe Margaret was the only one who had found their way here?
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