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A Guide to Subaccounts

Discussion in 'Guidebook' started by The Pantheon, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    A Guide to Subaccounts

    What Are Subaccounts?

    Subaccounts are a way to link all of your different character accounts together. You would have one main account and then a number of subaccounts. Once your subaccounts are added, you could switch between your subaccounts on the fly via the "switch account" option in the top navigation bar.

    The OOC Account

    On Pandora, an OOC account as your main account is required. This would be considered your "parent" account with all of the subaccounts listed below it. For example, my OOC account is Octi and all of my characters are subaccounts. I would always log on using "Octi" and from there I could then switch between my characters.

    Use whatever name you wish to be known by in the cbox/community for your OOC account. When you have your OOC account created, please post HERE to get it sorted in to the official OOC Group.

    How To Set Up Subaccounts

    If you are a brand new member, start by registering an OOC account through the normal methods. Remember, this account should use your name/alias that you, the player, wish to be known as. A valid email address is required.

    1. Once you have your OOC account sorted and are logged in look at the tabs at the top and go to Profile -> Characters.

    2. You may link an existing account or you may create a new subaccount.

    Link to one or more existing accounts: Just enter the names of the accounts where it says "Link to Characters". That account will be sent a confirmation PM with a link for you to click. Once you have clicked that link, your account will now be a subaccount!

    Create a brand new subaccount: Fill out the "Create New Character Account" form. The email address and password is optional. If you leave the email blank, your new subaccount will be associated with the email of your parent account. If you do not leave this blank, you must enter a unique email address.​

    Congratulations! You should now have a subaccount!

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