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A Lon Way From Home

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Link, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Link

    Link Guest

    July 11
    Summer Year 7
    - - - - -

    When there had been rumors of a newly discovered ranch with chickens that flew in raging flocks, Link set off to the place at once. He knew those raging chickens had to be cuccos, and while he had encountered a few in his travels in Pandora, scattered reminders of a home worlds away, there had never been so much of his home in one place. Lon Lon Ranch even smelled like Hyrule fields, but he had not known it. Not this Lon Lon Ranch anyways. The layout was different, though it still stood perched on the hills with a home for the ranchers and a large open pasture for the cattle. Malon and Talon were no where to be found either, and he knew none of the livestock by name here. The minish-sized boy carefully weaved through the grass, greeting each animal as he passed to see if they knew what had happened to their caretakers.

    "Ain't seen em in a minute..." one cow had answered him in a drowsy tone, perplexed to see a boy quite so small she had at first mistaken Link to be a bug. She had allowed him to climb up to the top of her bell collar for a ride back to the main house and the stump where he could transform back to full size again.

    Link chattered on, "Maybe I should stay here... so if it disappears I can go back home too." he looked over to her long lashes for an answer.

    "I don't think it works like that, kid. Things come and things go, but life doesn't happen if you're standing still."
  2. Millicent

    Millicent Guest

    Millicent had been near a lot of farms in her time, however she never worked on any and most of them were destroyed by wondering dead and other evil creatures. It really wasn't her thing to be near such a place but she'd promised herself that she would explore Pandora when and where she could. And it wasn't like a farm was going to harm her in anyway, though rumours of angry chicken hordes were slightly off putting.

    Though not in a fearful way, just sounding strange that poultry would do things in such a way. But Sid was almost delighted when they arrived and ran off, looking at all the funny creatures as he'd never really seen them back home for the most part. They were either dead or just put away somewhere out of view plus Millicent wasn't generally able to look at the simpler things. Millicent slowly walked into the farm area, while Sid wondered around just looking at things.

    As she looked around, Millicent spotted a young boy in green sitting on a stump. She was fairly sure these random areas rarely had people in them, maybe he was simply enjoying the rustic scenery. She inwardly shrugged and walked over to the boy "Greetings child, is this farm yours or from your world" expressed Millicent in her usual blunt tone.
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  3. Chibiterasu

    Chibiterasu Guest

    Meanwhile, Chibi was near the Cucco's pen in curiosity as he sat down and wag his tail, unaware of the lady and the boy in general. The albino pupper decided to approach the chickens as he spotted some activity from the strange ranch but then again, this could be a means to get into real trouble if he annoys the chickens.

    He was careful to approach the feathered ones as Issun said,"I don't know if we should bug'em. I have a bad feelin' about this Chibi."

    The young deity was still curious.
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  4. Link

    Link Guest

    Link blinked up at his visitor. She wasn't a cow, but a human-looking person with ghost-like skin. Maybe she was a ghost? Or a vampire? It was probably rude to ask, but Link answered her question thoughtfully. "Yeah..." he sounded despondent. "There's a place like this back home. It's the same... but different? If that makes any sense?" he sighed.

    "But I don't know for sure. The cows and I don't know any of the same people." It was then that Link noticed a rustling in the grass, and he instantly wondered if it was a rambunctious cuccoo.

    "Oi!" Link called out, hoping to startle the cuccoo away, not knowing it was actually a fluffy god pupper!
  5. Millicent

    Millicent Guest

    Millicent had also spotted the little puppy, which looked as if it some kind of strange markings on it. They resembled things she'd seen while in Heaven, fighting off the invading forces of hell while also trying to save what remaining angels that had not escaped the attacked or joined up with the defending forces. Though she knew nothing of divine dogs or wolves, whichever family this creature belonged too.

    Then she also spotted some kind of bug on the canine's back, though that would not be odd for the most dog-like beings. This one seemed to be wearing a hat of some sort which meant that it was no ordinary insect. As such Millicent approached and did so quietly until she needed to speak "I would not attack the fowl, they've been rumoured to retaliate on mass" informed Millicent.