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a new old friend

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Conner Kent, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Conner Kent

    Conner Kent DC Universe

    Goat Farmer
    Kryptonian-Human Clone
    16 (+1)
    Chaotic Good

    February 15th, Year 7.
    @Tim Drake

    As Supers were prone to do on the regular, Conner had already made a splash. Within days of arriving to Pandora and trying to get his bearings, he'd wrestled a giant mountain lion right through the streets of Pandora Town and into the Bazaar before Kara had finally broken up the fight. Videos of that particular event were all over StarkNet, but with all of the strange happenings going on daily, it'd only been viral for a little bit. Thankfully.

    The lion had been safely deposited in the zoo since then, and Conner had done what he could to keep his head down. He'd never been much for subtlety -- at all -- but he'd begrudgingly agreed not to send any wild animals flying through buildings. If he could help it, at least. That meant that so far, the sightings of the new and mysterious 'Superboy' had been one and done.

    (Until the next idiot picked a fight with him in public.)

    As it was, Conner was just on his way home from class, his black shirt turned inside out to hide the S (but not the seams, earning him strange looks) and a brown jacket slung around one shoulder. He had no qualms about taking a shortcut down an alley considering the fact he was more or less entirely invulnerable, especially with Wolf padding along at his side. However, the farther he went, the dimmer the alley began to be, until he deduced with a frustrated grimace that this was likely not the shortcut he'd meant to take.

    Just as he turned around to retrace his steps -- leaping over the buildings was not laying low, unfortunately -- his sensitive hearing picked up the faint swish of a cape on one of the rooftops. He froze warily, his lips tight in a frown, as he listened for another noise.