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Open A Prank, Perhaps?

Discussion in 'River Street' started by Faba, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Faba

    Faba Pokémon

    True Neutral
    April 20th

    Working as an intern was a nightmare, but Faba knew that if he did his job well and impressed Branch Chief Wicke and his other higher ups, that he would probably be promoted. That was what he hoped at any rate. He longed for the respect that he once had and would do anything to get it back. If doing menial labor was what he had to do, than he would do it.

    Once Faba finished cleaning up the Conservation Area in Aether Paradise, he went outside and looked into the water. He thought about all of the things that he had done and about how he lost the respect of almost everyone. At least Wicke was still nice to him. She was nice to everybody. This was the best case scenario for his situation and he would not let the gift of staying in the Aether Foundation. Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, he turned around to head to report to Wicke.

    Miss Wicke I-”“ he stopped when he opened his eyes again. This was not Aether Paradise. Nor was it Alola. To be quite honest, he had no idea what this place was. There was a river and a town, but certainly not one that he was familiar wit even in the slightest. “This isn’t.. But it has to be. Someone sent me through an Ultra Wormhole, but why? Miss Wicke wouldn’t send me into a dangerous situation, let alone without giving me some orders. … Would she?” Starting to sweat, he looked down at the river and then back over to the town. “Miss Wicke! Where are you? Wicke! Miss Lusamine! Anyone!”

    A few minutes passed and his face filled with fear. Who knew what dimension this was? Anything could happen here! “Whatever I did, I’m sorry!” he shouted in desperation.
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    Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
  2. Amber

    Amber The Tribe

    Lawful Good
    The blonde girl found herself wondering how her own friends were faring and if they were missing her. Or if they had assumed she had gone with Sasha after all - if they were thinking that, who would take charge of the group? She was still trying to wrap her head around the presence of adults after months of getting used to a world without them. If Jack was here, he would be over the moon.

    Pulled out of her thoughts by someone starting to yell, she glanced around to notice a man with pale green hair as the source of the commotion - clearly a new arrival and she made her way over carefully, commenting quietly.

    "It wasn't anything you did, it's just how this place works"