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Private A Renewed Pride (Allura and the Paladins)

Discussion in 'Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea' started by Allura, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Allura

    Allura Guest

    Date: February 20th

    Out a mile from the delta at the end of the river, The Castle of Lions sat floating in the water, The regular waves just hitting under the threshold of the castle steps. A small dock was made by the drones so boats could pull up to enter. In the past few days, Allura has worked on setting things up, It took a full day to get the castle into a stable position and all the systems to start self-repair. The drones were hard at work, scurrying around the structure cleaning things up and getting things ready. Five drones had already went into Lance's room and none have came back out yet. Slightly worrying.

    From the shoreline, Allura looked over the work from her mobile station. Because she occasionally had to go into the city for information and feel out if the citizens of this planet were upset with her arrival, she was in her human disguise. Her ears shortened to match the populace. She felt bad for humans, the ears were so small. They were absolutely horrendous. Not that she would ever tell any of them that. Her hair color was changed to black, though she kept it the same style and length. It wasn't too far from what other styles she has seen.

    Since she had just been in town recently, she was in a basic outfit to blend into the population. A white t-shirt and blue jeans. There was so much she wanted to learn about humans, but she also didn't want to out herself as the alien who just crashed on the shore. That was a nightmare she would rather not deal with. "Lets see, the Earth's nightfall tends to bring temperatures down just a couple units. So I can probably get a couple more hours of work in before going back." With the sun setting behind her, she adjusted the brightness of her holoscreens so she wouldn't have to pause later.
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  2. Keith Kogane

    Keith Kogane Voltron: Legendary Defender

    Paladin of Voltron/ Monster hunter
    Chaotic Good
    Unlike the other Paladin's Keith was reluctant to go near his lion, so after making the others aware Allura was there and needed their help knowing they would either fly their or drive their Hovercraft Keith set about finding alternate transportation. He managed to get his hands upon a cross country motorcycle which he had taken directly from the seller towards the map co-ordinates Allura had given them. He did not expect to be the first to arrive at his destination, but maybe he should have given that almost immediately after giving the other Paladin's the information he had set upon his new mission, allowing it to distract him from the pain of being inside the house with all the people he had hurt.

    Riding the bike was also providing a suitable distraction and he realised in that moment how much he missed the simpler side of life, how much he missed the feel of a bike between his legs as he took it for a crazy, wild ride across the wilderness. He even allowed himself to be a little reckless, just for the sense of thrill the jumps he took gave him and a smile had found its way onto the face hidden beneath a black motorcycle helmet. Keith was not in his Paladin armour either, he was wearing motorcycle pants and his torso was dark clothing with the protective yet lightweight leather mis-matched pieces of armour he had worn when not in combat when on his travels.

    He did not doubt that his appearance would not please Allura, but in that moment he didn't care, in his eyes he was not a Paladin anymore, he didn't deserve to be one not with all he'd done and in his eyes Allura should only be pleased for his help. Riding the bike to the top of a ridge, he saw a sandy beach below and out on the water was a familiar sight, the Castle of Lions. A sense of familiarity ran through him at the sight of it, but his sharp blue, grey gaze was drawn away from the familiar sight by someone at a workstation upon the beach.

    For a moment he did not recognise the being but after a moment he realised that they were Allura in disguise and behind the motorcycle helmet's visor an eyebrow rose. Not sure he wanted to be first to approach her he remained where he was, deciding to approach when the others had arrived lest he be forced to talk about all that had occurred when he wanted to do little talking of the past.
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  3. Pidge

    Pidge Voltron: Legendary Defender

    Paladin of Voltron
    Neutral Good
    "Come on Green, let's go!"

    Pidge grinned, relaxed and leaned back in their pilot chair. It was an easy flight but still enjoyable. Plus, Green had missed them. They ran their fingers over the controls almost like they were petting a cat, and Green purred in their mind. Although she didn't quite approve of the domesticated cat metaphor. "I know, I know, you're a mighty lion, not a housecat," Pidge murmured, amused. Green purred again in agreement which made Pidge laugh. They had missed flying with Green, which was why they had opted with flying her to meet up with Allura, instead of hitching a ride with one of the other paladins. "It's been a while huh?" There were a lot of things that had 'been a while' for Pidge to do. Losing their leg had really screwed up Pidge's hobbies and the things they enjoyed.

    'Yes it has. my paladin, but I understand. I'm glad you are better now.'

    'Thanks.' Pidge responded with a smile, then focused back onto their piloting. Together Green and Pidge pulled off a couple of tricks in the air, just for fun, as the Castle of Lions came into view. Pidge whistled under their breath. "Look at that! I've missed the castle." Green felt the same way, although to her it was more like coming home.

    They landed, and Pidge disembarked, patting Green one last time before exiting. They weren't sure if they were the first or not - although it seemed likely since they didn't seen anyone else around. Though they had thought that Keith had left before them... Either way, they spotted Allura further along the beach and was she... wearing a disguise? "Princess! Hey!" Pidge called with a wave, jogging over to join her.
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  4. Hunk

    Hunk Voltron: Legendary Defender

    Paladin of Voltron

    It felt great flying Yellow again, even if it was only for a short ride. The directions Keith gave them to the Castle put it several miles outside of town, near the center of the island, not too far from the river delta. Out here, even though it was still technically winter, the land was fertile. Hunk figured that the whole place would fill with brilliant shades of green by the time spring came around, and he couldn’t help but smile at the thought.

    Speaking of green... Pidge and Green flew overhead now, spinning around in the air and pulling off maneuvers the likes of which Lance was probably cheering at.

    “Heeeeey, quit showing off,” Hunk laughed, but he didn’t bother sending it as an actual message. Compared to him, he doubted any of the others had flown their Lions all that often. Hunk’s experiences from back home were still fresh in his mind, only a month having passed since he was dragged here. He’d even made sure to spend time in Yellow’s company, even if it hadn’t been all that necessary.

    As sobering as it was to think about how long the others had been trapped here, he was glad that Allura was here too. It meant he wasn’t the newest guy around anymore, for one. But more than that, he was curious to find out what point in time Allura was from. Was she from the past? Or maybe even the future? So far, from the little the others had told him about their own experiences, only Lance seemed to be from as late a point as him. Not as late as him, but close enough, so Hunk was half-eager, half-dreading to find out more.

    He had Yellow land near Green, and climbed out in his Paladin armor. But spotting Allura dressed in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt, and looking suspiciously human, made Hunk feel more than a little overdressed for the occasion. Oh, well.

    “Wow, you look so normal,” he blurted upon approaching her, before realizing that saying such a thing wasn’t exactly the best greeting to give Allura. “I -- I mean, you look so human,” he amended, tapping his fingers together in embarrassment. “Like, that’s a really great disguise you’re wearing! I wouldn’t have realized it was you if I didn’t already know how you look like!”

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