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A Sanctuary in Haven

Discussion in 'Blackhaven' started by Helen Magnus, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    January 3rd, Year 7

    Helen had been looking around Blackhaven for an empty lot, which honestly there weren't many. Her other choice was searching for an unused building and so far her choices were still fairly limited. Finding the space or a building large enough clearly wasn't going to be easy. Blackhaven wasn't the only place in Pandora Town where Helen could put together her new Sanctuary but Helen did feel a sense of nostalgia here. Of course Blackhaven in general was considered to be a rather dangerous place as well. Did she want potential patients and staff put in constant danger? The Sanctuary in Old City had been in the waterfront district which was a little nicer. Helen also knew her New Sanctuary would eventually need a fenced in area much like the one back in her own world. It was best for keeping in anything horribly dangerous under her watch.

    Walking along the streets Helen felt like she was in London again back in the 1800's trying to struggle against Leaphill Jack and even worse, John. She imagined James was somewhere back at the sanctuary waiting for her to show up so they could continue their late night investigations of the local crime on the streets and decipher if it was abnormal activity or just a general human. Either way they were keen about solving the mysteries and either reporting the humans to Scotland Yard or safely capturing the abnormals safely. She had met Faith here in Blackhaven and Jared. It almost felt like this had to be the place simply because of that. Something kept bringing her back to this place, kept directing her into Blackhaven. More than just the nostalgia. This was the only place the Sanctuary could have the deepest effect because it was the only area it could make a difference. With the black market so near by they could rescue countless abnormals from horrible ends such as Trill.

    Stopping under a lamp light Helen looked up at it a moment, memories of 1888 flooding back into her mind. Closing her eyes for a minute Helen recalled looking into John's eyes as he held the blade against the unfortunates neck. Taunting Helen with every word, every glance. When he felt he had made her suffer enough in one quick motion he had slit the woman's throat and vanished just as Helen fired her gun, leaving Helen to run to the woman's side, already too late as she bleed out on the ground. There were footsteps on the ground behind her, snapping Helen back from her own mind as she turned around to look over the stranger approaching her. Helen tensed up as she normally did in the boundary of Blackhaven. She had already been attacked once here and she had found a vampire slayer near death after a fight. If Blackhaven was good for anything it was good at keeping you on your toes and making your prove your skills to stay out of trouble or better get out of it.

  2. Mina Harker

    Mina Harker Guest


    When Mina arrived in this strange new world she faced a selection of hardships; her money was no good, homeless, friendless, hungry for blood. But she had an arsenal of weapons at her disposal to ease her discomforts. She'd exchanged her money, at a heavy loss, and pawned all her jewelry except for her locket, and rid the world of one or two undesirables with a bounty on them. The last bit she kept to herself, as the bounty wasn't paid by the law, but by persons of nearly equally dubious moral codes as the target.

    It had taken nearly all of her gains to rent a house in Blackhaven, though the nicer part, and purchase the instruments of her professions; namely education and chemistry. In both she accepted piece work, since it gave her the freedom to come and go as she willed for the most part. She had an adult reading class at a penny a head, and took in work doing chemical analysis as well as reproducing a few formulae that were not commonplace for a few select clients.

    Feeding was not probletic with the mists of Blackhaven just a few streets over full of those eager to earn a bit of flash. Some of them were simple creatures just trying to make do, some were ruffians who may or may not disappear depending on how aggravating they were. Really, people should learn not to attack everything they saw, not everything that was small and pretty was weak, especially not in Pandora.

    Tonight she was headed out of the mists to her own residence on Fleetwood having attended her business of delivering a package of blood clotting agent to a midwife.

    Noticing the figure before her she slowed down and made her footsteps more human. Try as she might Mina never felt comfortable showing her legs, or in full on pants. Mina made concessions however, and that meant a long split riding skirt, fitted long jacket, a veiled hat and of course, her red scarf.

    The slight spike of adrenaline in the air was lovely, and she couldn't help but smile, though from the set of the woman's spine as she neared that she was no easy prey.

    "Hello, are you bit lost?" She asked politely, pausing a few yards away; she gestured back the way she'd come. "If you keep going this way you'll be heading deeper into Blackhaven, and that might not be the wisest course at this time of day."

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  3. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    "No." Helen responded when the woman asked her if she was lost. "I'm looking over local property here, seeing if Blackhaven has the space I need to establish something I have been putting together in Pandora." Helen needed the room too, a small Sanctuary would never work. Out of the 21 she had back home none of them were small. Not when you had to house massive creatures as well as small. The harder part of getting the Sanctuary together was actually finding and buying transport vehicles since they were few and far in between. They typical fuel's from her world wouldn't work but Helen felt Nikola might be able to put something together with an electric engine. Perhaps not as fast as her silver Tesla back home but they mostly needed such vehicles to transport larger abnormals who had been caught, not to race them. "Perhaps walking down memory lane in a way as well, Blackhaven reminds me of home, the location and the time."

    She could tell from Mina's accent that she wasn't only from England but she was from around the same era. In a sense it took one to know one. The old English accent before all the lazy drawl was tossed in. The woman then pointed out from the direction she had come that she would be walking deeper into Blackhaven from this point and deeper into certain danger. Helen smiled politely, a little flicker of confidence behind her eyes. "Oh, don't worry. I can handle myself." It helped she had bullets for her gun finally and Helen never went anywhere unarmed. It was a bit impressive how many weapons she could put on her. Even without them she was still a dangerous force, having 250 years to train in multiple forms of martial arts and military training could do that for you. "The typical trouble makers around Blackhaven can't do much to me, maybe embarrass themselves when a charming English woman hands their jolly arse to them."

    She was laughing internally at the use of arse, when she had gone back in time James had asked her if it was considered acceptable to swear in the future. "You appear to be from the turn of the century, 1900's, very early. I remember it well." Helen didn't have such fond memories of it while running around London hunting down Adam Worth to keep him from killing everyone. Hired by the English government to gather together The Five and threaten them all into their control, acting as assassins to stop the madman. Yes, the early 1900's hadn't been kind to Helen but when was time kind to her? Mina was well dressed as well, perhaps not the upper class socialite Helen had been but she was far from an unfortunate as well though Helen imagined coming to Pandora had been a bit rough, much like it was for her. "Speaking of danger you seem to be walking around Blackhaven late at night yourself with an air of confidence. Seems I'm not the only capable woman wandering the streets." Good, there needed to be more of them.

  4. Mina Harker

    Mina Harker Guest

    @Helen Magnus


    "A new venture, how exciting!" Mina gave a close mouthed smile, not because she was a vampire, but because growing up girls of her class were discouraged from showing their teeth and being loud. "Perhaps I could assist? There was a fire, a careless potter left a bubble in a pot and it exploded in the kiln... Though I don't know what plans there are for the property, it's been sitting collecting trash since before I arrived. "

    Mina looked around as well when the woman mentioned the neighborhood reminded her of 'home'. "I confess I feel the same, it was one of the factors of my choosing Blackhaven, though there were more wholesome options."

    At the other woman's bold statement of arse she couldn't help but laugh, her voice bright in the increasing gloom around them. "It is funny I was thinking just along those very lines; if anyone should know better than to take a being at face value it should be the residences of Pandora. Nothing and no one are as they seem, indeed, at the risk of sounding clever, each one of us was chosen, I think, for the secret inside. We are each a Pandora's Box, are we not?"

    "You appear to be from the turn of the century, 1900's, very early. I remember it well." The other woman said, and there was a turn of phrase there that piqued Mina's interest, as if it weren't just that she'd been in the era, but that the era had been in her past.

    "Yes, just at the turn of the century. British, of course, Exeter for most of my life. But I have traveled, both with my husband and then more widely after he died." She answered the unspoken question before it was asked, and it was the truth, but greatly reduced. She disliked to lie.

    She took a few steps and held out her hand. "Mina Harker, at your service. Dangerous woman at large." She said with amusement in her voice. "Would you like a cup of tea and we can continue our chat in more benign surroundings?"

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  5. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    A little like the old days Helen thought, looking for that perfect space to build a new Sanctuary. Old City had been her favorite, she had purchased the old abbey in Old City, long abandoned for a new and better location, a safer location. It had been Catholic, a place where priests were schooled, like a miniature Vatican. It had been quite the undertaking with expansions and wings added on as she went along but it had become her largest Sanctuary, even larger than the London Sanctuary. The woman had brought up information on a place that had been burned down due to a kiln fire. As bad as Helen felt for the man who had lost their establishment. "If it's a large enough lot I would be very interested. A fixer-upper isn't something I'd shy away from. I'll end up with quite the large facility, something I could gate off for safety sake of course."

    In fact the new Sanctuary back home had been the greatest undertaking yet. Helen was damn proud of that place and once her staff could see it they would be impressed. Most of all Nikola. Was his lab finally going to be advanced and modern enough now? Praxian technology was integrated into every major system, Henry was going to have a field day. Helen took a look over the street again, that little smile moving over her lips and flickering into her eyes. "I don't know if it's sad or funny that London was seen as this dreary during my time. The endless fog and rain clouds though it had it's moments. Some days on nights like this the glow of the lamplight over the snowy streets. Old City could never compare to it." There was a simple beauty about Blackhaven as there had been to London once so long ago. The beauty was still there but buried much deeper than before.

    Seemed Helen was right about this other woman, she was able to look after herself, perhaps just as well as Helen could. Being she was likely from her own time as well Helen wondered if she could be from her own world, if they had at least heard of each other. She could also relate to being a bit of a Pandora's box. You didn't live as long as she had and didn't have a box full of secrets, full of demons haunting you. "There is something unusual about everyone here, it's seldom mundane people. I've met more important people from their own world, people who have made impacts rather than just random civilian's off the street." There might be a few of those as well but they still knew someone who was impressive or had ties.

    "A woman after my own heart is appears." Helen commented. "London born, well traveled, notorious for adventure more like it." Was it unusual that she kept finding so many people here in Blackhaven? Maybe this place was just a hot spot of like minded people. Reaching out she shook Mina's hand and cocked her head to the side a little. Curious. "Dr. Helen Magnus." She looked the woman over, almost feeling a sense of nostalgia and sadness that she had never grown up with someone in her life, at least another female companion she could relate with. "You wouldn't happen to be thee Mina Harker would you? Dracula? Van Helsing? Vampires?" Helen had to ask, after all she had met Sherlock Holmes. Not James either, the story book version of James. "Like any good Englishwoman I couldn't refuse and invite over for tea. Conversation someplace safe would be best." Besides, now Helen was very interested in this redhead, she was so much more than she seemed. Even in Helen's more 'traditional' sense.

  6. Mina Harker

    Mina Harker Guest


    Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice might say, as odd bits of phrase slipped from the woman's mouth. "What could possibly need a gate, one wonders." She stated more than asked. "A zoo, possibly? I should think that Blackhaven would be too damp, a prison, mayhaps, or a mental asylum." She adjusted the long bright red scarf around her neck as she mentioned asylum, the color in contrast with her functional dark grey winter's coat and hat. "I had a friend who worked at an asylum, you see, before all this; which is why it springs to mind."

    She nodded in the direction of Fleetwood and began to walk at a sedate pace. "Oh don't know," She answered in response to the dreariness of the setting. "Someone told me that they were in London of 1952 and a great fog had descended for days, laced with poison, and had killed many people. I remember visiting there during my own time, and there was a fine grit on everything from all the coal and peat being burned, so I can imagine it. Blackhaven is thankfully not as rank as that. Just.... eternally gloomy." A fact that she, and a great deal of it's more shady characters, appreciated greatly.

    When Helen questioned her however, there was a slight stiffening of Mina's spine and her friendly demeanor turned sharp and brittle. "Well, aren't you a curious person, to know so many names from my past." She said in the same tone of voice as they rounded the corner and came to a street of brownstones wedged tightly together. Inside, however, she was wondering if some enemy had found her here, of all places, and the woman was a spy. After all, the dead weren't all dead here. She had sternly rebuffed someone the other day who thought they were friends, and she'd never met them before. Now she wondered if the two events were connected.

    "This is mine, but watch your step, I haven't any servants yet to keep the stoop clear." She said as they came to number 44. "We'll be quite alone," She said, searching her bag for her key, and it almost sounded like a warning until she looked up and said with a smile: "So I hope you don't mind if we go through to the kitchen, so I can start the tea."


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  7. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    "A zoo?" Helen laughed a little, a short small laugh of amusement. "Young William would say sometimes I run a zoo but hardly that, and not because of the abnormals I look after, more so the chaos that comes with my Sanctuary." Helen was very organized and tight on her schedule but at times abnormals could throw you for a loop and nothing was exact. It didn't help Will had bad luck with them. She could never figure out why they enjoyed tormenting him so. "A prison or an asylum would be well fenced off but somehow I could never take up those sort of buildings for my work. It puts a bit of a poor taste in my mouth. I'm neither a zoo, a prison, and certainly not an asylum." Helen had poor experiences as a doctors daughter and her visits to asylums in her youth. She had gone to Bedlam once to help and had been mortified at the condition's in that place and even more upset with the treatment of the women. Helen knew if she hadn't been of a very high standing family and with her fathers stern backing of her life she might have been with those women, locked away, for speaking up, for standing out, for never listening to the simple minds around her.

    "I am a medical doctor like my father before me though I had gone to Bedlam once to see if I could help the situation. I was mortified with the work they did there, barbaric was the best way to describe it." Helen had been the person to speak her mind to high standing men as well. The men who backed the treatments with 'medical expertise' to which Helen had shut them all down. Just as she had done at Oxford. Nikola would have been damn proud of her to see Helen standing tall in the hallway of Bedlam telling off a 'doctor' for his practices and making him feel small and stupid. As sweet as Helen was she could get aggressive when fighting for what was morally right. "It wasn't always so bad but burning coal did make it a bit, gritty. London was more often beautiful than it was ugly or horrid but then again I was born there. Maybe I just remember it all through a nostalgic lens." Considering Helen had lived it twice however it was unlikely.

    Mina mentioned Helen seemed to know a few named from her past to which Helen shrugged and shook her head. "You know, I tend to know a great deal about the strange and unusual. That and I read the book, I was a particular fan of it because it upset Nikola so much. I do recall sitting in the library with him late at night reading it out loud to him and watching him cringe to my amusement." Helen spoke with a certain sort of fondness in her voice. They annoyed each other so much, they got on each other's nerves, they could even be a danger to the others safety. Helen knew she could Kill Nikola, if she really had to, if she really wanted to and she knew he could do the same but neither had. Just as no matter how hurtful they could be when they were cross they never walked away, they always forgave, and they always moved forward with their friendship. "Considering Tesla is a vampire I'm also well versed in them. I created his serum he uses to keep his control over his more, dangerous habits shall we say?"

    She felt a little safer speaking of vampires with Mina because after all, she had faced Dracula. Vampires wouldn't be an oddity to her though going against her worlds vampires would be a bit more difficult. As she always said a cross would confuse a vampire, garlic would give them bad breath, sunlight would give them a tan, and wood through the heart would be an annoyance. As they neared Mina's home Helen looked around, Blackhaven seemed lovely in certain parts, a little like where she had grown up minus the massive Sanctuary. "Oh, don't worry, I don't have any staff since I've come to Pandora, I don't even have my own home really. I have to live with Nikola but I'm really doing it for his benefit. Someone has to keep him out of trouble. He's known for finding it wherever he goes." It was partially true, she enjoyed his company as well.

  8. Mina Harker

    Mina Harker Guest


    As they walked Mina listened with interest and an analytical mind, picking out clues to who the woman was, and only time (and questions) would reveal if she assumed correctly, but as with nearly everyone in Pandora she was something different and new to Mina's experiences. One thing did give her pause, however.

    "The book?" She arched a brow and tilted her head. The only manuscript she knew of was when she had complied all of the notes everyone had taken, and a few newspaper clippings and telegrams as well, which Van Helsing had highly praised as providing them with vital clues. In her own time the only copy was safely locked away. "As in a scholarly work, or...?"

    Clearly the woman knew more about Mina's life than anyone else she'd met in the city, but that didn't mean other's hadn't also read the book. This was disconcerting, to say the least. "Could you tell me, please, at which point this book ends? I am very curious how much of my life is for public consumption, to better brace myself."

    When being told that "Tesla is a vampire" so offhandedly the puzzle only deepened for Mina, as the woman didn't seem the sort to be a fontana di sangue, though saying things like 'for his benefit' would seem to indicate that.

    "Meeting you has become very educational," Mina smiled as she unpinned her hat and laid it on a table in the hallway. The house was cold, and much of the furnishings were still draped in dust clothes. Mina hung her coat and removed her scarf, but under it was a very high and stiff collar. "This way, the kitchen is much more inviting, I promise."

    She led the way to a pleasantly cozy room, updated for the most part, but with a old fashioned wood burning cast iron stove cozily kicking out heat in a banked state. Mina expertly attended the fire, and then set a kettle on to boil.

    "In my lab things are much more modern, I assure you." She laughed lightly, as she assembled the tea things. "But I learned to cook on a stove like this, and it feels more comfortable to be the few times I use it. Please, sit." She nodded to a table set near the window.

  9. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    Naturally Mina didn't know about the book just as Sherlock didn't know in her world he was a character based off a real man, a man she had known, a man she had once loved named James Watson. When she asked if it was a scholarly piece Helen tried not to be so open about people being fictional characters in her world. "In a sense it could be, it introduced the world to the idea of vampires rather than just small villages living in superstition. Of course most people don't actually think vampires are real. It's hard for something to be a scholarly piece when everyone assumes the subject is fictional." Granted vampires were real, they were mostly gone in her world but Nikola was proof they were still around and he was doing his best at times to bring them back.

    "I haven't read it for a while, around 111 years now, I did have a first edition copy of it signed by the author." Helen had a lot of first editions to older books just as she had the original collections of Da Vinci. The reason being his work was full of secret information around abnormals. Most people wouldn't know that however. "The book mostly went through your battles with Dracula under the aid of Van Helsing. I was always a big fan of him myself." Helen was a little like Van Helsing minus the killing part but she was well versed in what others called the supernatural or the parts of the world with creatures not truly understood. "Of course, I was also a huge fan of yours as well." Was this strange? Helen was actually meeting a literary hero of hers. "Being a strong female character during the time when it wasn't common place to be a strong woman. After all a large reason Dracula was defeated was because of you."

    Fan girling, this is what Henry had called it. Even on Helen it was not a good color so she stopped it instantly. "The book ended some time after you defeated Dracula, a little about your life afterwards with Johnathan and of course your son." It seemed odd certainly, Pandora brought together the strangest things. Characters from books, from other worlds, from the past and the future. Nothing was the same here, nothing came from the same material. You could literally meet anyone, for god sake Merlin was here. Helen also had to think of it in another form however, it must be unsettling to have people know about your life. Helen had far too many secrets to feel comfortable with that. It was bad enough back home several governments had a long standing file on her.

    Stepping into Mina's home she looked around seeing she must be fairly new to Pandora from how it still looked, well it appeared fairly new. The furniture hadn't even been uncovered quite yet. Helen followed her into the kitchen and looked over at the stove as Mina explained her lab was far more modern. "Ah, you work at a lab then? A scientist perhaps then? It's good to know there are other female scientists from my time." Helen had always missed out on that, surrounded in a world of men. She hadn't regretted The Five. They were the greatest of friends Helen could ever ask for though it would have been nice to have just one more woman on the team. "Shame I didn't know you back when I was in Oxford, it would have been a world of difference though I can't imagine Oxford could have handled two women fighting against the times. They had it hard enough with just myself."

  10. Mina Harker

    Mina Harker Guest


    "I see," Mina murmured as she set the delicate plates and cups at the table and returned for the cream and biscuits. "A part of me wonders if I can find a copy, and the rest of me tells me very firmly that I should not read it. It would open a wound of how young and naive I was, that we all were, except of course van Helsing. I confess I didn't feel strong at the time."

    Pot seeping she came and sat across from the dark haired woman and studied her. She seemed all too human, but there was an air around her, similar to the red haired scientist who had tried so valiantly to save Lucy, in fact, save them all. "Of course, you admitting how long it's been since you read it begs me to ask, what are you? I've met some very unusual people in my time, so I shan't be prejudiced against you if you tell me." A smile curved her lips. "You don't, by chance, have a portrait locked up somewhere?"

    She expertly poured the tea for them both, and leaving her own cup plain sipped it as Helen spoke. "Ah, yes. When all was said and done Jonathan and I had a bit more money than we'd ever dreamed of having. Mr. Hawkins left Jonathan his business, house... everything. So all the training I'd taken to be a helpmate to him rather was moot. For the longest while I was content running our home, raising Quincy, but when he started school I was so very bored." She confessed with a rueful laugh.

    "I began simply, botany, an approved science for women. That led to herbalism, which lead to chemistry and so forth and so on. A restless mind, my teachers told me many a time, is wasted on a woman. How fortunate I was then to have a husband and gentlemen friends who did not see it as a mental failing to be curious."

    It was nice to speak to someone who understood, even if it was a bit off putting the amount of intimate knowledge that Helen had about Mina's past experiences. A woman who lived long past her companions had different challenges than a man who did the same.

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  11. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    "I couldn't imagine reading a book about my own life. It's hard enough reading government files on me, following their clippings and articles on my life. You'd bee amazed how much the UN would have gathered on me." They even knew about her childhood. How that was possible Helen didn't know. It wasn't as if her childhood tutors and maids were alive anymore to speak with her. In fact as far as she knew she was the only person alive who actually knew about her childhood and she's prefer to keep it that way. Not even her daughter had heard stories about her childhood, Nikola, James, even John. It wasn't that Helen had a bad childhood but rather that she was private about her life as 'Helen Magnus'. When she was a little girl she had been precious and innocent but they were far from the same people. Let little Helen remain safe and innocent in her own mind. The last refuge for an older woman formed by the tragedy of her adult and immortal life.

    Naturally Mina had asked what Helen was, being she was well over 200 years old most people were curious as to what species Helen was and often left a great deal disappointed to hear she was just human. "Oh, I'm human, as ordinary as any other human save for one little detail. I'm 272 years old but I haven't aged beyond 36, physically at least. Aside from that and being smarter than average I'm not horribly unusual. I still bleed, I can't heal faster than usual, I get colds, and more or less I can die but I'm far from easy to kill. I'll just never age, never grow old. Someone I know calls me immortal but that would suggest I'm impossible to kill, I refer to myself as long lived." She didn't want to mention she was only long lived because of her research and experiments with source blood derived from vampire blood. Some could argue Helen was a vampire of sorts but they were far from the truth. She wasn't a vampire, she had vampire DNA in her system but more so it had awoken dormant genes. Genes that had given her longevity.

    She laughed a bit when Mina asked her if she had a hidden portrait somewhere, knowing where that came from. "No, I'm not Dorian Gray, I don't have a curse portrait though I do have a few old portraits of myself from the 1800's hidden up in my attic collecting dust. I gained my longevity through experimentation. I was apart of a group in Oxford called The Five. We were researching human evolution. We had discovered a blood we labeled source blood that had amazing properties. Able to awaken abnormal dormant genes within regular humans and activate them. To my friend James Watson when injected with it his mind expanded to new levels beyond human capability, James is better known in fiction as Sherlock Holmes, Nigel Griffin's cells became photosensitive making him capable of vanishing from sight, also considered the invisible man, Nikola Tesla's ancient vampire DNA was awoken creating him into a newborn vampire, my fiance John Druitt developed the ability to teleport and with it a murderous rage, creating him into the most notorious killer in history, Jack the Ripper. As for me I received longevity. Simple yet it's seemed to suit me well."

    The story of the five was a hard one to simplify but Helen was making a go at it. They didn't need too many details. Helen smiled hearing Mina's adventure from being a botanist to being a chemist. "Wasted on a woman, hardly, it seems so much like me that you paved the path for future women to move into the fields of science. If it hadn't been for my fathers reputation as the most famous doctor in London I might have been locked away. I was blessed my father pushed my love for science and medicine. Not many other men agreed with my war against Oxford and my quest to become a doctor. Even after I had become a doctor most of the men refused to use the title. James and I reminded them so often." Helen let out a sigh, it had been frustrating. She was happy those days were over, again. "With your experience with vampires and your skills in the science I could almost say you and i are too much alike. Even down to the boredom after our children went off into school." Though for Helen Ashley never went far because her daughter had fallen in love with her work and wanted to run around shooting things to keep herself occupied.