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A Spicy Italian

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. June 25th

    Pandora's bazaar was different from Constantinople's, more bizarre with a strange assortment of outdoor shops from multiple different realms. Some fit more with Ezio's own world while some seemed to predate his or far surpass it. With products that ranged from high tech, to mundane, to mystical. And seeing someone dressed in what looked to be fine robes lead to him getting some call outs from the surrounding salesmen. Some tried selling him a new, sword, which was temping as his blade was rather simple and didn't have as many fancy ridges or sharp blades that some of the swords they handled had in spades. Ezio was tempted to grab up a Kiji seemingly made of the bone of some great land Drake. But knew that would all but bankrupt him for he foreseeable future. He continued one, ignoring the capes and robes being shoved toward him. Some leather armor to wear under his robes. And the most intrusive was by a very loud, thick accent from the northern isles rang out from a small red headed woman with large muscles for someone who was only three and a half feet tall. “Dwarven Stallion Blood Elixir! Makes men out of mice! Returns strength to old bones, and even returns vigor and virility to even the oldest stallion!”

    Ezio could tell the words were directed at him and what the double meaning of old stallion meant. There was a twitch in his jaw about being called old and impotent but he kept a smiles as he just shook his head. “I believe I only need the right partner to return my “vigor”.” With that Ezio turned and went about his way, stopping at a stand filled with small cages with sleeping creatures of fantasy within. Making eye contact with a small creature with the body of a lion cub but a head with small chick like feathers and a beak and two small fluttery wings.
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  2. Menolly

    Menolly Guest

    Menolly and the Pandora Town Bazaar were something of old friends. She'd run into all kinds of people here, found things she never could have imagined on Pern, and even her fire lizards seemed content to avoid making trouble. It reminded her of Gather Days back home, when people put off their work for the festival of it all, buying Crafthall work that would only come around once or twice a Turn, so likely her faire was staying on the outskirts like they'd been trained to do, avoiding the chaos for the chance to sun themselves on the rooftops. In the back of her mind she could feel them, calm and content, and that was fine. If there was cause for alarm, they'd tell her, or she'd tell them.

    That left her free to wander the area. A few new stalls had shown up and she checked them both, just to see. The first had random things, this and that, but they'd found a violin somewhere and she looked it over. Not the best, but that was okay. Maybe she could fix it up, and having one around for regular practice would certainly make her improve faster and stop Apollo from grousing during their musical sessions. It wasn't a small instrument but she had a backpack, so she managed to fit it inside and paid her fee before moving on to the next one.

    This one had caged creatures and she looked at them with curiosity, the various furred and scaled and feathered things. She wasn't an expert in any animals except her fire lizards, and through them the dragons she'd learned about with her associations to their owners, but seeing anything winged and in a cage was a sad sight. An older man seemed to be looking at a feline of some kind she'd never seen before and for a moment she almost went to look herself- but then a snakelike creature, legless and covered in fine down with a pair of rainbow colored wings, drew her eye and she crouched down to look in the lower cage.

    Snakes- well, they were tricky. She might need some help with that, and with a little mental nudge she bid her golden fire lizard Beauty to come to her. The queen did so with a soft popping sound in the air overhead before she drifted down to Menolly's shoulder, peering with swirling-colored eyes at the creature with her. "Try and see if this one can hear you, dear," she murmured to the dragonet, and Beauty huffed as the creature merely stared at them. This would take a minute.
  3. Ezio was enamored by the small beast, it was majestic in it's own bizzare way, and he was familiar with small animal sellers like this. Back in Rome Leonardo would at times meet him at one these, then ask to be lent coin to purchase a bird or a cat of some sort. He would never keep them, he'd always go out to the fields and open the cages to let them roam free. Eventually Ezio stopped paying him, because as entertaining the first few times were, by the eighth pigeon he'd released Ezio had realized how much of a fund drainer it truly was. Ezio reached a finger to touch the cage only to pull it back quickly when the creature nipped at it, he chuckled softly to himself and reached out another finger to tap it on the head, it made a noise somewhere between a warble and a purr and nuzzled into his rough calloused finger. He smiled softly and produced more of it's strange soft warbling purrs and he kept playing around, he turned to look at the woman who'd walked up to the stand, her strange pet perched across her shoulder.

    "I do believe the snake may not have interest in what she had to say." He smirked underneath his hood and gently pulled his finger from the underside of the small creature's beak. He turned towards the woman and gently lowered his hood. "They are stubborn creatures."
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  4. Menolly

    Menolly Guest

    Beauty didn't make a sound beyond a small huff of breath as she focused her multi-faceted eyes on the feathered serpent, cocking her small golden head and using her innate telepathy to try and communicate with the other reptile. It may well not work; a lot of creatures that reminded Menolly of the dragon-kin from back home weren't able to use the telepathy that was intrinsic to her world's creatures of that sort. Still, if she had the chance, why not try- especially for something so lovely? She could feel Beauty waiting for an answer, nothing coming through, but the queen fire lizard seemed to think the snake was surprised, so maybe it just needed a moment to collect its thoughts-

    A voice at her side drew her attention away from her faire's patient curiosity over the snake and Menolly glanced over at the older man, a small but friendly smile creasing her tanned face with a faint crinkle in the corner of her eyes that spoke of the weathering of being at sea. He seemed pleasant enough, if slightly gruff, but that seemed to come with age in her experience, and be far from a permanent condition. At least he was personable enough to greet her. "Beauty's a stubborn one too," she admitted with a tone of amusement, raising a hand to pat the dragonet. "I'm not even sure they can communicate, but it seemed interesting to try. Sometimes creatures from other worlds can surprise you."
  5. Ezio's own face had plenty of marks from history, his goatee had a thing strip of hairless skin across the left side, stretching down his front lip. A faint scar from a scuffle in his youth, a stone tossed by enemies of his family. Faint creases across his forehead helped show his age along with laugh lines across his cheeks. His skin had darkened with age, his Florentine complexion gaining a bit more brown to it thanks to the long journey across the seas to Constantinople but the salt air had helped it's skin keep some of it's youth, no doubt his lifestyle keeping him active had helped through the years. His hair was fighting the tide of grey, while the silver strands stood out his hair was still close to it's original dark back color. His hands were calloused from years from years of climbing, his finger still nimble and quick but the inner joints were rough from climbing along with his finger tips. He ran a hand through his beard as he chuckled. "Most of these animals surprise me, I've none as exotic as, well even you little Beauty there." He motioned to her little pet and winked at it.

    "A marvelous creature." Ezio reached out to the caged creature and began to pet it once more. "I am Ezio, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze."
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