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A strange woman

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Zephaniah, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Zephaniah

    Zephaniah Guest

    March 10th, Year 7
    Tag: open!

    Near the border of Silverwood, there was a woman.

    She looked nothing more than a normal elderly woman who was perhaps lost. She was round and short, wearing a neat gray dress. Her hair was gray with a tint of blue and was tied into a bun. In her hand was a cane and on her face were a pair of large, dark glasses. She kept touching her cane on the ground in front of her like blind people but she walked too quickly.

    While she was walking, she kept murmuring something, most of which were unintelligible and sounded like hisses. However, some words could still be heard, resembling something like "pernicious... make them pay... wretched....".

    She looked angry but if one knew her better, they would realize that she was agitated and uncomfortable.

    Zephaniah certainly hadn't been put in this position since she started acquiring her ability to see the future. She did not see her being dragged into a strange shadowrealm in her mirror and now, the future visions were hazy and unclear.
  2. Bull was enjoying his new mount, he'd picked it up from a breeder just west of Pandora Town, he'd bought a Destrier, a war mount, shorter than other horses but larger, mostly muscle with thick black hair around the hooves and a thick black mane. He'd decided to name him Graves and had outfitted him with a set of armor, some packs on his saddle, steel plates over chainmail laid under the saddle and protecting his back, neck, and flanks. And a metal blinder mask. Slung across his chest in a little carrying papoose was Peaches his fire lizard, curled up and blinking up at Bull with it's cute little eyes. As he and his horse made their way through the Silverwood Bull spotted something with his good eye. Some old woman lost in the woods. Usually he wouldn't feel the need to stop when they weren't they deep into the forest but then he noticed her cane and the fact she was seemingly unable to see. He slowed down Graves and stop right next to the lady. He looked down at her and shifted his axe to the other side of the saddle.

    "Hey lady, you alright? These woods ain't that safe past this point." Bull dropped down from his saddle and knelled down. If Granny was gonna go into the woods she should at least know she had a good chance of getting eaten.
  3. Zephaniah

    Zephaniah Guest

    While Zephaniah was confusedly looking for a way out of this wretched forest, she heard the sounds of the hooves.

    Looking at all the strands of time, she knew that the one coming near her was definitely not a man.

    But what race did he come from? Not Elder, that was sure. She quickly counted off all the creatures and races she had ever known, which were many but she could not place him squarely in any race. But that was not unusual, there were so many races that it was impossible for an Elder to know all about them, however old they were.

    But she knew the horse it was a Destrier with thick black mane. That horse wore so many amours that it ought to be uncomfortable.

    When he came up to her and said, she let loose her Aura so that the air was suffused with the smell of burnt wood in autumn.

    She searched her future sights to know whether to attack him; she could not see very far and that frustrated her greatly.

    "What shadowrealm is this?", she asked after deciding to consider the circumstances.
  4. Bull’s nostrils filled with an odd smell and for a moment he worried if the lady was trying to drug him. But quickly he cast that thought aside and figured she was some weird old mags with some special form of magic. And that she was a new arrival since she was aware his wasn’t her homeworld. He reached up to Destrie’s reins and kept his close as he kept a hand closed to one of the pistols on his belt. Mages could be dangerous and a granny mage could easily be a witch. He’d heard the stories in Ferelden, witches could do some freaky shit, and he wasn’t looking to test if any of those stories were fact or fiction. He stared at her for a good minute before he finally decided to respond. “Don’t have a clue what a shadow realm is, but folks call this place Pandora.”

    He gave a grunt. “Apparently there’s a box called that, or someone owned the vox, or this place is a box floating through space which I don’t really wanna think about the details.”
  5. Zephaniah

    Zephaniah Guest

    He looked alert and on guard as he should be.

    "Pandora's box? What silly name! Those boxes looked nothing like this."

    But that might give her an idea. The people who made this shadowrealm might be the ones who made Pandora's boxes. She went over all the Elder who made the boxes; none of them would dare to take her on alone, many were sleeping in the Shadowrealms for thousands of years now. There must have been a collaboration. Elders had preference for certain races so if she knew about the races here, she might know who they were.

    "What race did you belong to? And in Pandora, what were the dominant races, intelligent and otherwise?"
  6. Bull had no idea what the lady was talking about, the name really didn't mean much to him and he had no idea what the hell would be considered the dominant race, maybe in amount there would be normal humans but there were plenty of people with powers in high up positions. But this lady seemingly needed some sort of explanation so she wasn't completely lost so he just kinda thought for a bit on what to tell her. He guessed her could at least answer to her what he was. Plus he wanted to find a way to move just so he didn't have to keep breathing in the weird woody smell that was giving him that stuffy feeling those collections of smelly herbs nobles used to scent up rooms with a pleasant aroma, although they always gave him a headache. "I'm a Qunari, we're big a bit of dragon in here which is where the horns come from. Dominant species...not really sure there's a lot here, lotta humans but it's not really like a one rules all sorta deal."

    Bull reached down and pulled the mask off his mount, placing it on the saddle bags and gently scratched it's nose with his hand. "Don't worry girl, I'll untack you back at camp."
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  7. Zephaniah

    Zephaniah Guest

    The fact that he was a humanoid pointed Zephaniah to Elders who filled their Shadowrealms with humanoids. There were Osiris, Isis, of course. And there were many other Elders....Wait, he said that this place was filled with humans. Why humans? Osiris and Isis never filled their Shadowrealms with humans so she could cross them off the list. However, when Zephaniah thought really clearly, she could not think of an Elder that would be interested in filling their Shadowrealms with humans. It was unheard of even though it was still possible.

    "Do humans and other creatures have a settlement?" She asked.
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  8. Bull was wondering where the hell this was going, she was asking some weird questions and he was starting to get some alarm bells that this wasn't some normal lady. He tilted his head and finally dismounted, walking around the horse to stand over the lady. He didn't expect her to be a threat but he also didn't want to be taken by surprise by her. The old lady wasn't just a mage, some mage wouldn't be asking all these questions, even Solas wasn't that weird. Knelling down on one knee and he tilted his head and scanned the lady's face, his one good eye squinting to look at her to see if it's some sort of fake magic stuff. "Alright granny what's your game, no one asks all this stuff and is this okay with getting pulled into some random sort of pocket dimension."

    He tried to keep his voice level without any sort of malice but he wasn't in the mood to be played or anything.
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  9. Zephaniah

    Zephaniah Guest

    Being this close to a humanoid creature with horns might intidimate some people but Zephaniah felt nothing but annoyance. She didn't even feel the need to get her aura ready.

    "If you live as old as I am, you will find this not as strange." She dismissed what he said with a wave.

    "And my question is absolutely normal as far as questions go. If you don't want to answer it, then go. I will find somebody with more knowledge than you to answer me. It is not like you have answered any of my questions satisfactorily."