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Private A True Robro

Discussion in 'Elysium' started by Poe Dameron, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron Guest

    September 18

    Poe clocked out of his job; the final grouping of people trying to get from point A to point B, taken care of. Meaning...taken there. Not killed. He wasn't into that sorta thing. Tired half-lidded eyes taking in the world that he now lived in. It felt ridiculous to be tired after working a half-mundane job like he did. But there was something about the monotony that just took a lot out of him. He needed a drink. Maybe an energy drink, because the former would just put him right to sleep.

    Falling in with the crowd that had just gotten off his ship, he wandered back to his apartment with no real plans in mind. Maybe he'd figure something out by the time he actually got there.

    As he walked, however, he noticed someone within the crowd. She almost looked...robotic? Was that racist? That seemed racist. Pandora was filled with all sorts of people and it seemed rude or taboo to just guess something like that. Maybe it was just armor. Or...maybe there was a half-realistic humanoid droid walking not far from him at that exact moment.

    He couldn't help himself, and sped up slightly - mumbling excuse me to a few random people he half-knocked into, "Hey - quick question for you," had his life really boiled down to asking strangers if they were robots, " that armor? Or are you like," he made a hand motion, "A...droid?"
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  2. Iris

    Iris Guest

    Following the instructions that were given to her, Iris took a shuttle to Elysium which was something along the lines of the capital city of the space community in Pandora, something like that. She still didn't understand things, at all, but she was at least given some directions and, with any luck, she would be able to get herself settled soon.

    When she stepped out of the shuttle, she was obviously lost. The city was big and she had no idea where to even start there. All she did for a while was watch the movement around her and take a look at her surroundings in general as she hoped that she could figure out what to do from there. Otherwise, she would have to ask someone for help.

    That is, if someone hadn't decided to approach her out of nowhere. A human man, specifically. He came out asking her whether she was just using armor or if she was a... droid?

    "U-Um, I'm a reploid." She stated, keeping the purple orb containing her brother's DNA soul close to her chest. "W-Why? Is there a problem?"

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