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a whisper on the wind

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Gabrial, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Gabrial

    Gabrial Guest

    August 2nd, Y7​

    Gabrial glided high above the forest for a long while. At times like these, he was thankful that his scales hadn't yet developed the bright green of a roamer; his blue coloration allowed him to effortlessly blend in with the calm midday sky for any creatures looking up from the ground.

    The dragon had been flying for quite a little while now, trying to scope out as much of the local area as he could, but he knew he would have to settle down to rest soon.

    There was a Hom settlement towards the south. It had been one of the first things he'd seen. However...he couldn't be sure what kind of welcome he'd receive if he tried to make contact there. The only Hom he'd encountered were Ren's people, the Kaal. And the last time any dragon had visited that village was when De:allus Garodor and Commander Gallen had taken Ren and Ty prisoner; the former for the second time.

    Until he could be sure he wouldn't be attacked on sight, Gabrial didn't think it wise to venture into this new Hom settlement.

    For a while now, he'd been keeping an eye on the light of the sun glittering on the surface of a lake deep in the forest. He'd flown over it three times since he'd first spotted it and nothing but wildlife had stood out to his well-trained eye. And that's the direction in which he banked now.

    It was only a few wingbeats away, and Gabrial circled high over the lake to make sure he couldn't pick out any potential threats before he tilted into a swift dive. The Ki:meran dragon landed with practiced ease on the lake's shore. Not for the first time, he noticed the lake's deeply submerged contents. Gabrial sharpened his optical triggers to inspect the ruins. Because ruins they were, architecture clear in their design. But nothing he could recognize; nothing from Ki:mera.

    This definitely wasn't Erth, he knew that. The first thing he'd done when he'd woken up here is commingled with some of the surrounding wildlife. Animalistic impressions only went so far - without a creature with a sentient capacity of auma, he couldn't determine much - but he'd been able to discern enough. The problem was how he was going to find out more.

    And, Gabrial thought, casting a glance skyward, without the nighttime sky, it'll be hard to tell if I can get a fire star off of this planet.

    With a sigh, the dragon lowered his head down to take deep gulps of the lake water.

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  2. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen Guest

    The day had started out well enough.

    He'd suited up, gone for a little rooftop stroll, even stopped to get a croissant from this wonderful bakery down the street from the station. Sure, he was here with just about Bruce Wayne as his only company -- and he took him up on that rarely for reasons that were obvious, he was sure -- but he was alive. His family was alright, wherever they were. And he had a home, a job, no bounty on his head, and he had yet to see an island anywhere around here. Things could honestly be a lot worse for him as history had proven.

    The day had really only started taking a turn for the not-so-great when he tried rounding up a criminal that turned out to be some sort of mage. And he used that term begrudgingly, since even he had to admit this couldn't have been the work of some cheap kids' magician. He'd had better ideas in the past than tussling with magic, but what was he supposed to have done? Apologize for the intrusion and let her carry on?

    No, but that was still how he ended up teleported in a flash of green sparks fifteen yards above a lake miles away from where he started. And naturally, he was currently getting closer.

    Ollie wasn't proud of the scream that left his throat, nor of the clumsy way he tried to tuck himself into an awkward dive as he hit the water. It stung, oh hell it stung, but a belly-flop would've been much, much worse. Even while trying to swim in the middle of a freezing lake with the weight of his gear on his back, he was still trying to find the bright side of the situation. It wasn't nearly as entertaining playing the 'give me a bad situation, I'll give you a positive' game without his surly teenager of a baby sister, but it was still just about the only thing that got him back to shore.

    (Just about the only thing that got him through the week, honestly.)

    Finally, the water was shallow enough for his feet to find purchase on the rocks below, and he dragged himself onto solid ground with a noise that was half breath of relief and half breath of trying to expel whatever it was that was in his lungs out. Ollie dropped first to his knees and then on his face as he groaned. Shivering and soaked to the bone -- he was sure he must've made a sight for the dragon that was less than ten feet away from him.

    He held out a hand. "Please," he grumbled. "If you can understand me, then please...give me a minute before you try to eat me. I gotta... I gotta catch my breath, big guy."

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  3. Gabrial

    Gabrial Guest

    Gabrial felt the disturbance a moment before the Hom appeared. It was almost the same sensation as when a dragon phased; a slight distortion of time and perception.

    Then, the human man was plummeting out of the sky. Faster than Gabrial could actually process in that moment, and thus the dragon could do nothing but sit and stare as the hapless creature crashed into the water and came back up sputtering. He used the optical trigger deep in his skull to replay the fall as the human swam for the shore. Gabrial watched the memory play out in slow motion to see the Hom precipitate his fall.

    Well. At least he seemed to have good instincts. It was a sad form of evolution to have not evolved wings...

    The blue foled his wings carefully against his sides as he observed the Hom. Definitely an adult, that was for sure; likely had some experience in his past if he were to judge by that...landing. The thing Gabrial couldn't help but notice straight away was the fur atop his head and around his face. Very light. Ren's had been a total shade of white, but this Hom wasn't entirely dissimilar...

    Included in that was what happened the very next moment.

    Gabrial was completely taken aback. "I -- You just -- you can speak dragontongue?"

    The blue had only known of three Hom able to speak his language. Two of which had been possessed by goyles; the other being aforementioned boy who had miraculously survived a dragon bite.

    He shook his head, his scales clattering in wariness (and, admittedly, fascination). "I don't know any dragon who would eat you, your kind are too sentient to be prey." Though, that same sentience made the Hom a threat in many a dragon's eye. Which is the only thing that made his small lie out for what it was. After all, Gabrial held no illusion that a dragon like Commander Gallen wouldn't eat a Hom; the only difference being in the form of aggression rather than survival.

    The dragon looked the human man over again. The Homcertainly looked...well, like ny Hom would after climbing out of a freezing cold lake, likely without having made any prior plans to be in said lake to begin with.

    Blowing a smoke ring out of one nostril, Gabrial debated with himself for a oment before offering, "You look like you could use some warming up." A second later, he realized how his statement could be construed after the previous topic. "I mean, not like that."

    Gabrial released a bit of air through his spiracles, suddenly feeling the heat from his embarrassment.

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  4. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen Guest

    Either Ollie had more lake water swimming around in his ears than he already suspected, or not only could the giant lizard understand him, he could answer back. His life had never felt more like a Pixar movie than before now. Green eyes snapped open behind his mask to stare at the dragon in blatant confusion and curiosity, and he paid no mind to the mud smeared against his cheek or the blonde hair flopping over his forehead.

    "I can speak what?" he questioned skeptically, pushing himself up off the ground to his knees with a low grunt. It was then that Ollie realized that not only was his cheek covered in mud, but now so was the whole front of his body. Damn. But he still had to admit, that brief respite of laying face down on the ground was kind of worth it in the grand scheme of his mental health. "Listen, sorry to disappoint, but I barely passed French in high school. I'm not too certain your Dragon's tongue or whatever it is that you said is exactly on my resume."

    He raked his fingers through his hair to get it out of his face, and then he reached behind to check his quiver. Against all odds, it looked like everything was still secured, though his arrows were probably a little bit drenched. He'd also need to restring the compound bow strapped his lower back. Still, he didn't think any fishies were making meals of any explosive charges, so all was well that ended well, he supposed.

    Now if only he could find a conveniently placed beach towel.

    "Glad to hear it," Ollie said, arching an eyebrow as he tapped on the side of his skull to try and get the water out of his ears. "Seattle doesn't get a lot of sun. I don't think I'd be too appetizing covered in bread crumbs and baked until golden brown. The most I can do is 'crab leg pink.'" He paused and gave the dragon a sideways look at his offer. Now that was appealing in theory, but... "Sorry, big guy, but I prefer feathers over scales." But damn was his Pretty Bird not gonna get a good laugh over this when she heard about it.

  5. Gabrial

    Gabrial Guest

    "Dragontongue," Gabrial said carefully, "not 'dragon's tongue'. That's..." Odd? Disturbing? He couldn't decide. The blue couldn't stop himself from asking "And what in Godith's name is French?"

    Is this how a De:allus felt when coming to a brand new planet? Confused, disturbed, floundering, and just slightly alarmed at every little thing this other creature said? If so, Gabrial was thankfully it hadn't been the class he was born into. The blue had experienced quite a bit ever since he'd arrived on Erth but this. Gabrial stared as the Hom just continued to rambling on about the most innocuous things.

    The dragon had often commingled with Ren, teaching the Hom boy how to flex the abilities his altered auma had gifted him. But just the though of trying to commingle with this Hom (while it had crossed his mind) almost terrified him.

    --Although...the blue had to admit, he wasn't entirely opposed to how this human repeatedly referred to him by his size. At 9 Ki:meran turns, Gabrial wasn't exactly the largest dragon in his Wearle, let alone on Ki:mera. In fact, not counting the wearlings, he was one of the smallest alongside Grendel and Goodle.

    Maybe a more active approach would work better with this Hom.

    Gabrial snapped his jaws together, his teeth clicking pointedly t cut the human off. "I was referring to making a fire so that you could dry yourself." Of course, he could always just douse the human in cold flame to dry him instantly; it'd also have the benefit of breaking off the mud that remained clinging to his form. But, somehow, Gabrial thought this Hom would be aderse to such an idea, even if it didn't bring him any harm.

    And, because he felt bad about the menacing way in which he'd interrupted the Hom's ramblings, Gabrial didn't bother waiting for him to respond before walking to the forest's edge. It took only a few moments for the dragon to sheer off a talonful of branches, walk back to the lakeshore, and make a ring of stones before placing the kindling in its center and setting it ablaze. "There," he said shortly.

    For good measure, he added, "I have no idea what seattle is, I'm not very fond of crab, and I'm not sure I even want to know what all that other gibberiish of feathers is about."

    His piece made, Gabrial sat and laid his tail over his talons.

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  6. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen Guest

    Ollie just shrugged in a 'beats me' fashion. What was French? It was a solid question for some kind of extraterrestrial lizard lord straight out of a fantasy movie, but let's say he took a step back and examined his life for a second. Did he really want to see himself covered in mud and lakewater, explaining the language French to the best of his ability to an actual dragon in a pocket dimension?

    No. He didn't. He really didn't. If there was one thing he was working on these days, it was how to pick his battles.

    When the dragon clicked its jaws viciously, he instinctively jerked back, and for a split-second, Ollie was more than prepared to go down fighting. There was little he could say about how he tasted one way or another, but he knew he'd make a rather prickly lunch with arrowheads jammed all up the inside of the creature's maw like a gourmet porcupine.

    Thankfully for both of them, he didn't seem to be on the menu today. The dragon came marching back with wood, and before long, there was a little fire roaring in front of him. Ollie gave him a cautious glance as he got a little closer, but the shivering that seemed to rattle his bones at this point forbid him from looking a gift dragon in the sharp teeth.

    "Thanks," he said carefully, warming his hands over the fire. The mud seemed to harden and dry with the heat, and so Ollie rubbed his hands together to scrape it off in flakes. The rest of him would just honestly need a good, long bath, but the idea of soaking in another body of water wasn't exactly so appealing at the moment. Besides, there was still the issue of figuring out where exactly he was and how he was getting back home.

    No bathtubs could be found in the wilderness. Trust him, he would know.

    "Name's Green Arrow," Ollie introduced himself, holding out a relatively clean hand. He had no idea if the guy knew what a handshake was -- or if he even wanted to try judging from a look at those talons -- but hopefully it looked like a gesture that was friendly enough. "Say, you've really never heard of Seattle? What are you, some kind of hermit lizard?"

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  7. Gabrial

    Gabrial Guest

    As he watched the Hom dry himelf off, Gabrial couldn't help reflect on the differences in their well as the suspicions Prime Grynt had given him. Hom were just... helpless creatures, when compared to dragonkind. They had no scales to protect themselves, no wings with which to fly. They weren't even able to use their auma to warm themselves. Was there really such a great danger if they adopted more draconic traits?

    Of course, there was when it came to some of the Hom. But Gabrial knew (hoped?) that Ren wasn't a threat, nor the newly-altered Hom that had been brought to the Wearle before Gabrial had wound up on this strange new planet.

    The dragon ruffled his wings to dispell his thoughts, returning his full attention to the creature in front of him. "Green Arrow?" he chewed onthe word slowly. The more he talked with this Hom, the more confounded he grew. Of course, it wasn't uncommon among dragons to refer to others by their color; a bit rude perhaps, in some situations. And this Hom did seem to favor the color green. But to be named after it? In addition to an arrow?

    This Hom was definitely one of the strangest he'd met.

    Still. "My name is Gabrial," the dragon said, dipping his head in a bow. The origin of the Hom's name wasn't lost on Gabrial.

    The blue recalled the conversation he'd had with De:allus Garodor, about a history of dragons visiting Erth, and a lineage of nearly-forgotten memory passed down in the Hom's biology. And suddenly wondered if this Hom's name was truly a coincidence or not. He was the first Gabrial had met with a name that began with G. If this Hom even was from Erth. Maybe he was a natice of this planet?

    Ignoring his idle curiosity, Gabrial continued, "Never heard of it. I'm guessing it's some sort of Hom settlement?" He couldn't remember hearing of a Seattle anywhere in the mountain range his Wearle had settled in, nor anything Ren could've mentioned about his people. But then, Erth was a big planet. Seattle could be anywhere the dragons hadnt even discovered yet.

    Or his first guess could be right and this Hom might not even be from Erth at all.

    --Would that still make him Hom, though? This creature certainly smelled like Hom.

    Gabrial really wasn't cut out for the role of a De:allus...

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  8. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen Guest

    'What are you, some kind of hermit lizard?'

    Honestly, Ollie wouldn't have been overly happy if the dragon had chosen to eat him right about then, but at the very least he would've understood why. If he had been the one with massive jaws and probably a gullet made of steel, there'd be plenty of rather obnoxious fellows he'd have no qualms about taking a bite out of too.

    Hopefully Gabrial would just blame it on the lakewater in his ears. After that little swim, he no doubt was in for a nice deworming anyways.

    "Uh, yeah, something like that," Ollie agreed with just a short side glance, figuring that this Hom thing he was going on about was probably short for something like 'Homicidal Hipsters.' If that was the case, then yeah, Seattle was absolutely a Hom settlement.

    As much as he appreciated the fire currently roasting the mud stuck to his ass, Ollie did still have one pressing issue. "By the way," he began slowly, taking a look around them. There was a lake and trees and...yeah, that was generally usually all the wilderness had to offer. "I don't suppose you happen to know where in the world we are now? Any...Hum settlements nearby?"

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