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Private A whole new world

Discussion in 'Pandopolis' started by Leia Organa, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    @Clara Oswald
    October 12th

    Was she in a dream?

    One minute, Leia was with her friends, celebrating their victory against the evil Empire. And the next, she was here, standing in a forest with trees on every side of her, confused and alone. Her delicate fingers lifted to her face and traced down her forehead to her cheek, looking for a sensation that proved this was real. Her heart was beating too fast, and she suddenly felt lightheaded.

    The former Princess let out a gasp as a sudden wave of blackness came to the corner of her vision, and she fell to her knees, staring at the dirt beneath her. She grit her teeth, bearing through this attack, until finally her blood pressure became normal and she gained her vision back. Sadness swept over her mixed with the overwhelming confusion she had been feeling, and a tear fell from Leia's cheek as she looked back up at the forest. This was completely real, but she had no explanation as to how it was possible to be somewhere in one moment, and then somewhere so different the next.

    Leia bit her lip and slowly came to her feet, moving her fingers to get feeling back into them. She took a deep breath. She had to think, damnit. This was just like the survival lessons she had learned, way back in her youth, when she had to climb Appenza Peak to gain her Princess title. Her hand flew to her hip, feeling for the gun that was usually strapped there - and she let out a sigh of relief. At least she had a form of defense.

    She started walking in no particular direction because she had no sense of direction. All she could do was hope she'd stumble upon something eventually. What that something was, was entirely beyond her guessing. A town? Some stormtroopers that would arrest her? All bets were off at this point.

    It could have been ten minutes or an hour, but some time passed before Leia found something. It was a city. A whole city. With buildings and everything. Only... it looked, different. This city seemed to not agree with itself in theme, as there were modern parts, and rustic parts, and fantasy looking parts - and just about everything in between. It really looked like someone had just sewn a bunch of different towns from a whole bunch of timelines together. It was bizarre, and unlike anything Leia had seen before.

    She approached the city and entered its streets, passing people who for the most part, seemed to not act aggressively or out of the ordinary. There were humans, like her, but also animals, and aliens, and other bizarre creatures she didn't know what to call. The Princess's heart was nearly beating out of her chest as she slowly made her way through some blocks. Her head felt a bit dizzy from all the stimuli.

    Eventually, Leia decided she couldn't handle it, and she had to sit down. Luckily, there was a bench along the sidewalk to sit on, and she did. The Princess lifted her trembling hands to rub her temples as she stared at the cobblestone road, trying to remember. She had to remember something about how she got here. No matter how hard she tried, though, she just couldn't. It was like everything between the forest and celebrating with her friends was wiped from her mind. Was this a simulation? Or some sort of evil trick by Vader? Was she actually in the hands of the Evil Empire, her mind being probed and tricked into believing she was somewhere else?
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  2. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    Clara was making the rounds about Pandopolis, visiting each of the best locations that the eclectic city had to offer. The temperature outside was nice and cool which made running those sorts of errands especially enjoyable. There was an exceptionally cheerful spirit present wherever Clara went, too, likely due to the fact that the spookiest time of the year was approaching. Nearly every store was decorated with an assortment of cute pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons and that gave the atmosphere just a bit more of a joyous air.

    Once Clara had gone through her checklist of the places she'd wished to see, she headed out of the shopping center and near the small park which happened to be her go-to spot for peace and quiet. Along the way, she had picked up a copy of The Great Gatsby at a bookstore with the intention of rereading and familiarizing herself with it again before handing out copies to her class. While she’d vaguely remembered the story from when she'd initially read it, it was always good to pick up some of the details she may have forgotten.

    She skipped towards the benches with the book in hand, seeking out an ideal place to have a rest and start up the first chapter. It then that she took notice of a young woman sitting alone and clearly looking very distressed. She had been the only unhappy person whom Clara had seen all day, and that made her feel a bit sad herself. Maybe, she thought, there was a way she'd be able to cheer her up.

    “Something wrong?” Clara asked, stuffing the book inside her purse and taking a seat on the bench across the stranger. Reading could wait until later, she decided. It was far more important to aid someone in need.

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  3. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    Leia wasn’t sure what to do. She was lost. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like this. When Alderaan was destroyed, maybe? Yes, that was it. It was like losing her home all over again. Wherever she was, Leia had no place here. She stared blankly at the other people in the park, watching them go on about their business. They were obviously not in the same situation as she was.

    The Princess was not expecting it when a woman sat next to her, and asked her what was wrong. Leia looked up at her, frozen for a moment. For some reason, she had felt like she was invisible to those around her, so this interaction was definitely unexpected. Eventually, Leia nodded, her eyes falling to her lap. She felt like this was a person she could confide in. And even if the woman just called her crazy, at least it was just some stranger.

    ”This is going to sound insane,” Leia began, taking a deep breath, ”but… I feel like I don’t belong here. A few hours ago, I was with my friends. And then, all of a sudden… I ended up here. I don’t know how.” The sides of her vision got a little blurry as Leia started to cry. ”I don’t even know where here is. It just doesn’t feel right.” She bit her lip, trying to hold herself back from getting too emotional.

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  4. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    “Ah.” Everything started to make a lot more sense as soon as the stranger began to reveal why she was in such a state of anguish. Feeling lost, frightened and uncertain after being dragged into a weird realm was perfectly normal, even if those three emotions hadn’t initially affected Clara. Of course, while she had become used to these sorts of random happenings since she’d met the Doctor, that didn’t mean she was entirely used to life without her family. Thinking about them still did sting at times, especially when she considered how worried Dad and Gran might be for her safety.

    Clara tilted her head and offered the other young woman a sympathetic smile once she was done explaining her situation. “Don’t worry! It’s not insane. You’re not going mad, promise.” She paused, realizing she’d never actually introduced anyone to this world before. This would be difficult, mostly because she didn’t completely understand how Pandora worked herself. Not even the Doctor had a full understanding, and that was saying something.

    Still, it would be rude to walk away at this point and Clara had no desire to do so, so she’d try her very hardest to describe what was going on. “If it helps, I can tell you where you’re at. This is Pandora. It’s, well, it’s a sort of a universe of its own. Separate from mine and yours. Everyone who lives here’s from a different world but for some reason they all got dropped here. Not actually sure why.” Hopefully all that she said wasn’t too much for the other to handle at once. “I’m Clara, by the way. Clara Oswald." She pulled a small white handkerchief from her purse. "D'you need a tissue? I've got loads of 'em in my handbag. I work at a school so sometimes they're absolutely necessary to have on hand.”