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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Aaron, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Aaron

    Aaron The Walking Dead

    Misty Hollow
    Lawful Good
    people are people, the more afraid they get, the more stupid they get. fear shrinks the brain.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Played by Ariah`

    Fandom: The Walking Dead
    Age: 34
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: End of 7x8
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Having started out in politics before the outbreak and then moved on to a more hands-on approach, helping those in need overseas by bringing them food and supplies, Aaron has a number of useful skills. He can be both diplomatic and charismatic, able to talk himself out of difficult situations. He unfortunately has plenty of experience having to negotiate with dangerous individuals such as drug lords and violent scavengers at gunpoint.

    He is also resourceful, knowing how quietly follow somebody’s tracks and listen in on them without any suspicion at all, a tactic he used when determining who might be a good recruit for the community he lives in. The outbreak also helped him with his survival skills and although he isn’t nearly as experienced as those who have had to weather the world outside of Alexandria’s walls, he does know how to gather, what to look for, and he has basic skills with a gun. That said, he can’t necessarily hold his own against somebody far more experienced than himself. He’s a talker, not a fighter.


    If you were to ask others about Aaron, they would describe him with a number of words. Good-natured. Adventurous. Affable. Of course, others might not have the kindest things to say about him despite the fact that he really doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Unfortunately, he has suffered his whole life from homophobia and as a result tends to regularly feel like an outsider. Despite that, though, Aaron still finds it in him to feel passionate about people and the good that they can do. This is proven by the way he talks to people, even trying to give the prejudice he suffers a slightly more positive spin and always trying to see the absolute best in people. This coupled with his experiences prior to the outbreak have left him a very good judge of character.

    Aaron is friendly, with both a sense of humor and optimism. Of course, his sense of humor does have a tendency to go over peoples' heads sometimes, but he makes use of it in hopes that he can keep people at ease with him, something he knows can be hard to do during difficult times no matter how reasonable and peaceful he tries to present himself as. On a similar level, though, Aaron also tries to show people the brighter side of things in the same way that he does himself.

    He's brave. Willing to go out of his way to protect the people that he loves and even to protect those he doesn't necessarily know. After all, he always has been immensely supportive of and even drawn to those who seem to be outsiders like he feels he is. As so many have said before him, Aaron's a lover, not a fighter. That said, he's still willing to step up and do what needs to be done when the situation is dire enough. He will place himself in harm's way without hesitation if it means protecting his friends and his family.


    Growing up, Aaron was openly gay and as a child, he suffered abuse from his mother, forced to go through conversion therapy through a variety of practices. One of those many practices involved making him eat foods he didn’t like in order to “make him more manly”. He took every opportunity he could to get away from his family and eventually moved to Washington, DC, starting work in the political world. In the end, however, he decided that he wanted to work abroad, using a far more hands-on approach to utilize his skillset.

    Aaron joined an organization called the NGO where he gave food and supplies to those in need in the Niger River Delta and Liberia, often finding himself faced with dangerous people and dangerous situations. It wasn’t rare for him to have to argue and make negotiations with African drug lords and violent scavengers in his field, but he endured and still enjoyed his work. Eventually, Aaron met Eric Raleigh, a young man he worked together with in Africa. Deep trust developed between the pair of them and eventually they fell in love. Becoming partners and living together in Washington DC, they were unfortunately made the targets of homophobia.

    Then the outbreak happened.

    Aaron and Eric were directed by the military shortly after to a safe-stone in Alexandria, Virginia where they have been living since. Eventually, walls were built around the area and a proper community was formed, with Deanna Monroe as its established leader. Aaron and Eric were both tasked with recruitment, finding survivors and monitoring them on a short-term basis to see whether or not they would be eligible for the community. Despite helping to bring people into the community, many members of Alexandria still saw Aaron and Eric as outsiders due to their intolerance towards Aaron being open about his homosexuality, so the pair chose to avoid gatherings and events out of fear. That didn’t keep them from enjoying their spare time, though, collecting license plates and decorating their home with vintage items.

    Eventually, Aaron found Rick’s group and after watching them for some time, he decided that they would be invaluable to Alexandria. Approaching them with no hostility whatsoever brought about understandable suspicion, but the group eventually agreed to return with him to see the community and “audition” in front of Deanna to stay.

    As the group eased into their roles, Aaron saw a potential recruiter in Daryl Dixon, keeping a closer eye on him to see whether or not that was true. The truth was, though, he saw an outsider in Daryl just like himself and couldn’t help but be drawn to that. Although he encouraged Daryl to go to Alexandria’s welcoming party, he and Eric invited him over for spaghetti dinner when he decided not to go. After surprising Daryl with a motorcycle, Aaron revealed that Eric would be retiring from recruitment and wanted for Daryl to take his place. From there, a friendship was formed between the trio.

    After the death of Deanna’s husband, the community was invaded by a group called the Wolves. After the attack, Aaron found a bag dropped by one of the Wolves where he found the photos of Alexandria he had taken to show to Rick’s group during their recruitment. Realizing that those photos led them straight to Alexandria, he blamed himself for the attack and for all of the deaths in the community it led to. After a separation in the group, Aaron grew closer in his friendship with Maggie who believed her husband, Glenn, to be dead. As she revealed her pregnancy to him, he comforted her and re-ignited her believe that Glenn was alive.

    Then The Saviors came into their lives. Discovering the Hilltop Colony led to Rick agreeing to help them take out The Saviors and their leader, Negan. The group formulated a plan, sneaking into the Saviors compound and killing them in their sleep. Once it was all over, they assumed the leader, Negan, to be dead. This proved not to be true and after something went wrong with Maggie’s pregnancy, she grew so ill that they needed to move her from Alexandria to Hilltop where they had a doctor. Andii accompanied them on the trip, but the Saviors set up roadblocks in every direction they tried to go in until they were forced to flee through the woods where they were eventually caught and forced into a line-up. That night, they met Negan face to face and lost two beloved members of their group -- Abraham and Glenn.

    Shaken and fearful, the group returned to Alexandria and were forced to gather supplies for when the Saviors would come. They would come and they would take half of whatever they found. Aaron supported Rick in his decision to follow Negan’s orders in order to protect his people. After returning from a supply run with Rick, though, they found the Saviors had arrived early to Alexandria. Meeting with a group of them right at the community’s gate, they started to pick through the supplies they had gotten only to find an insulting little message in the bin that Aaron and Rick found. Assuming they’d left it there for the Saviors to find, Aaron was beaten and Rick forced to watch at gunpoint.

    It was as Rick was helping him to his feet, Aaron was pulled into Pandora.


    The first blow had hurt the most. The others had, too, of course, but they felt different. It wasn't that Aaron had felt numb because he still felt them, they just felt more distant. Maybe it was the adrenaline. It had to have been because something told him the Saviors hadn't had any intention of holding back. They'd done their worst, they'd been looking for any excuse to do their worst. It wasn't about the note they'd found, wasn't that what one of them had said before all hell had broken loose? The truth was, Aaron couldn't really remember clearly the seconds before it happened.

    In the same way, he couldn't seem to remember the seconds after either. There had been Rick rushing over to him, trying to help him up, and then there had been ... something else. Something else he couldn't hope to explain and as far as Aaron was concerned as he trudged through the woods on what he had yet to realize was the edge of a little oceanside town, it had all been in his head. But what about the fact that he was in the woods at all? Was that in his head, too? Had he blacked out and ended up somewhere outside of Alexandria?

    Nothing made any sense.

    Walking was hard. The wounds were fresh and the longer he moved, as slow as it was, the more the pain really started to set in. For such a thin, wiry man, Aaron had never felt heavier and his knees wanted to give out underneath him. There weren't bruises yet. It was too soon for that, but his face was smeared with blood and his skin was cracked here and there from the blows. He didn't want to think about what he looked like under his dirt-covered clothes. He knew what it had felt like, those boots beating into his chest and his stomach and his ribs.

    Eventually, he was in town. Actually in town and Aaron was only half aware of the people he was sort of slowly half-limping past who were stopping in their tracks to watch, but nobody actually moved to help him. As if they were afraid of what that might entail. But the whispers did pass quickly through the little community as people tried to find help for their wandering newcomer.

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  2. Crystal Peak

    Crystal Peak Even in darkness, there is always light

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    your application is

    He's good to go, Ariah! You know what to do next. ;)