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About: Galdin Quay

Discussion in 'Galdin Quay' started by milk, Nov 28, 2019.

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    Galdin Quay

    from final fantasy xv

    Deep within the Cosmic Wilderness, a new planet has popped up without warning. Considering the fluid nature of Pandora, people aren't exactly calling the space police about it - just curious. This planet is hauntingly small, and impossibly thick trees line one very specific place on planet; a beach resort that's ready to let you escape this frigid winter with luxury and some fancy food.

    AttractionsTHE MOTHER OF PEARL
    A fancy restaurant located directly on the water of Galdin Quay. They specialize in freshly caught seafood, though also carry an assortment of desserts, as well as a few non-fishy options. Seating can be outside, directly over-looking the water, or within the main body of the restaurant, inside.

    A small shop located down the pier from the Mother of Pearl. It mostly functions as a gift shop, however it does carry general essentials for your relaxing and camping needs.

    Attached to the restaurant, this luxury hotel offers an assortment of suites for your needs. A few have a deck that opens directly onto the water for fishing or simply taking in the view. All are incredibly spacious multi-roomed places with up to four beds, and a kitchenette.

    Available during the day in the main area of the hotel's lobby, are trained professions that will get out even the toughest of knots in your back. They are complimentary to all who find themselves within Galdin Quay.

    Fishing is available and encouraged within Galdin Quay. Just down the beach from the restaurant and hotel, sits a dock that tends to always have something that bites. However, please do not fish off of the pier of the hotel and restaurant - our guests don't want to accidentally be snagged in your line.

    For those who prefer to roughing it - at the far end of the beach campsites are available. You are provided with a fire-pit, access to public rest-rooms, as well as a spigot with running water at each camp-site. All campsites are directly on the beach - though a few have light tree cover.

    Trailers are also available for rent, if you'd prefer a bed while sort of roughing it. Many configurations are available, but have a maximum of three beds - which can house up to five people, if everyone doubles up. A stove-top and oven are also usable within most of the trailers. All trailers are located within the camping area of the beach.

    Outside of the provided attractions, the beach itself is a lovely base to just have fun. Throw a bonfire, play volleyball, build a sandcastle, or just take in a few rays - the beach is a great place to kick back and escape this cold winter.

    • The forest that surrounds Galdin Quay (on literally the rest of the planet), is SO THICK you literally can't fit through the trees OR land a space-ship between them. I'm talking invisible-wall status.
    • It feels like the summer season at this beach. It might occasionally rain, but overall - super duper nice warm weather.
    • The planet will disappear after the location is gone.
    • Yes beach fires are legal
    • NPCs work at the place
    • It's a luxury hotel so things would be theoretically not cheap, but like...tbh just go have fun.

    BasicsLocation: Cosmic Wilderness on a planet that didn't exist beforehand
    How to Get There: Portal in any hub-city or a space-ship
    Timeframe (in character): ALL SEASON
    Questions?: Questions channel, my DMs, my PMs, smoke signals,
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