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About Jurassic World

Discussion in 'Centria' started by milk, Feb 21, 2019.

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    Welcome to Jurassic World

    A new island has appeared off of Windjammer Cove within Centria, by the name of Isla Nublar. On that island is a park. This park is unlike any that the public is used to seeing. It is not a zoo. It is not an amusement park with cheap thrills. But an experience. On this island is Jurassic World.


    The park can be reached either via ferry off the coast of Windjammer Cove in Centria, or through a portal which can be found in any major hub city within Pandora.

    The Dinosaurs
    Within Jurassic World we host countless species of dinosaur. From the most ferocious carnivore, to the most docile herbivore. From those who fly high within the sky, to those who swim deep within the oceans. Jurassic World has every dinosaur your heart can imagine. Enclosures vary from large fences to keep them safely inside, to multiple-story tanks, to large domed aviaries.

    A few species to highlight (but the park is no means limited to):
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Velociraptors
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Chilesaurus
    • Allosaurus
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Gallimimus
    • Triceratops
    • Composognathus
    • Titanasaur
    • Stygimoloch
    • Plesiosaurs
    • Pterodactyls

    The Attractions
    One can simply walk around and gaze at the splendor of our magnificent dinosaurs. However, we provide many different ways to enjoy your time within Jurassic World.

    Don't want to miss anything? Get into one of our many Jurassic World Jeeps that are safely guided on tracks! They will guide you around the park, as the fantastic voice of Richard Kiley guides you with the interactive display on the dashboard!

    A fan of heights? Take our lovely hot air balloon rides which give you a birds-eye-view of the park; featuring several exhibits to pause and take pictures at along the way.

    Viewing platforms can be found on the edge of every exhibit within Jurassic World - giving you a view over the fence, as well as access to telescopes to get a better look at your favorite dinosaurs!

    Want to get closer to the dinosaurs? We don't blame you! Walk into any of our Viewing Dome stations, and get a view from cameras located deep within the enclosures of the fantastic beasts.

    Come watch the world's only flying dinosaurs from the safety of our enclosed viewing area!

    The ocean remains the least changed part of the ecosystem; some animals still lurking about that are millions of years old. However, not all of them have survived to the present day. Our water park gives visitors the once-in-a-lifetime look at those creatures that used to rule the depths.

    Jurassic World puts on several presentations to highlight our techniques with Mr. DNA, theories, fun information about dinosaurs, feedings, and much more! A listing of showings and times can be found in the entrance of Jurassic World as well as any map kiosk.

    Kayak down Isla Nublar's pristine river! The river will go through The Aviary and into many different dinosaur habitats for guests to view the over 100 types of dinosaurs and prehistoric flora and fauna.

    In select enclosures, options for going in side are available! Allow a park ranger to take you deep within the enclose and give you a hands-on look at the dinosaurs within Jurassic World! A bit more adventurous? Use one of our Gyrospheres to guide yourself around select enclosures and take a closer look at the beautiful animals of Jurassic World.

    Don't feel like walking from one end of the park to the other? That's just fine! Both our monorail system as well as gondola can easily transport you around the park.

    Come to Jurassic World and experience everything we have to offer!

    The Amenities
    Like every park, we need amenities. Things to keep us refreshed, fed, and give us a little reminder of our time within the park.

    This restaurant can be found within multiple locations within the park. It features classy yet Jurassic themed decor in a lovely sit-down setting. A nice little escape from the park. Serves an assortment of alcohol.

    • Chiliean Sea-bass
    • Salmon with broccoli and rice
    • Caesar salad
    • "We Spare No Expense": Filet Mignon with a side of asparagus and grilled potatoes

    An exclusive food chain to serve you food at a bit faster rate. Decorated in bright festive colors with tables both inside and out. Found in several locations around the park - easily spotted by the large automatronic Rex that sits on the roof of each restaurant!

    • Rex Burger
    • Paleo Salad
    • Thrill'n Chilli Fun Fries
    • Foot Long-Neck Sandwich
    • Dino Dog
    • Dino Nuggets
    • Stegosaurus Shake (comes in a variety of flavors!)

    Need a little pick-me-up after running around the park all day? The Adventure Cafe has just what you need! With a variety coffees and pastries, it'll make you feel good as new!

    • Dino-Mite coffee, lattes, and other caffeinated drinks
    • Tricer-muffin-tops, danishes and other pastries

    A pub only located within two locations within the park - this humble pub sports dim lighting with dinosaurs projected on the floors and walls. TVs switch between our exhibits, while a stage in the back has live musical performances on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    • Themed alcoholic shots served in vials
    • T-Rex fingers (legally we must state these are chicken fingers)
    • They Do Move in Herds (meat platter)
    • Clever Girl (party platter of buffalo wings with assorted flavor options)
    • Stegosaurus' Back (nacho plate)

    Want a momento to remember your lovely vacation by? Stop by one of our many gift shop locations! Items vary between stores, so be sure to check them all out!

    • Jurassic World Balloons
    • Our exclusive "funbag"
    • An assortment of stuffed dinosaur toys
    • Models of all the dinosaurs seen within Jurassic World
    • T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more!

    These stands can be easily spotted by their pink and blue umbrellas, as well as the rather loud uniforms the employees wear that serve the assorted sweets. Can be found all around Jurassic World.

    • Cotton candy
    • Lemonade
    • Snow Cones
    • Ice cream (both cones and bowls available!)

    These stands can be found all around the park; most noticeable by their yellow umbrellas as well as the signature comet on top! Served with a smile and a generous helping of napkins!

    • Fried twinkies
    • Fried Oreos
    • Funnel Cake
    • Corn Dogs
    • Fried Butter

    Need a moment to unwind and rest your feet? Our rest areas can be found frequently around the park. Complete with a shaded area, vending machines filled with cold drinks, and a misting fountain to freshen you up.

    Want to stay in Jurassic World for an extended time? Excellent news! Our premium hotels will provide you with a luxurious place to rest your head.

    We understand that the beautiful animals within Jurassic World can be a bit intimidating to guests. These emergency locations are located frequently within the park; providing both medical aid to any who feel ill during their stay, as well as a safe haven if anything were to go awry during your stay within Jurassic World.

    The Jobs
    A park cannot function without its family. Jobs for the Spring Season are available at Jurassic World. These jobs can either be full-time or part-time depending on your character's schedule. Due to the easy nature of transport to Jurassic World, they do not have to live in Centria to sign up for a job. However, dormitory housing is available for those who wish to stay on the park and work all Spring. Find the listing of jobs and sign up HERE

    Important Dates
    Because of the nature of Jurassic World, it cannot function without incident. Below are important/noteable dates so you can plot accordingly. Of course, these are just a starting point. Feel free to add to these, and hmu to add more dates <3

    MARCH 13: Ten Gallimimus break out of their enclosure and the park is temporarily put on high alert until the dinosaurs have been tranquilized and brought back into their homes. Nobody was injured, and all guests were safely locked away in the assorted Emergency Domes until the alert level was dropped back to zero.

    APRIL 1: Park incorrectly put in high alert after a false report of Velociraptor escape. Incident lasted only 2 hours, though was costly to the park.

    APRIL 30: T-Rex escapes due to weakness in the fencing. Dinosaur makes no effort to be aggressive and is peacefully brought back within its enclosure within an hour. A high alert was issued for a total of two hours. No injuries.

    MAY 29-31: A power fluctuation causes several enclosures to unlock momentarily. Several dinosaurs get loose, and many guests are killed. The park is put on lockdown until the end of the season - in which emergency evacuation takes them out of the park on the final day via helicopter.

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