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About the Calamity

Discussion in 'The Calamity' started by Rani, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    About the Calamity

    On that single space of a moment between August 31 and September 1, right on the verge of Pandora’s Year 8, everything changed. Clocks all over Pandora stopping tracking the passage of time, and the entirety of the box felt a great shudder. Even those within the gravity-free cosmic wilderness felt the world tremble around them.

    After that, the sky began to lighten until a permanent twilight settled over the land. After that, the instability of Pandora only grew more profound. At first it was only small signs of something wrong, disruptions in their everyday life, from minor shakes of the ground to cracks spreading along Pandora’s impossible walls. And then it was Pandora’s landscape rupturing, lands shifting, Pandora’s walls cracking until Pandora itself seemed to be falling apart at the seams.

    For many, it seemed like the end of the Pandora. Whatever force having dragged them there, finally just abandoning them to a terrible fate.

    Or perhaps it is merely a metamorphosis. The start of something new.

    Event Details

    Welcome to the Pandoran apocalypse! This is an event that takes place outside of time, starting after August 31, but ending before September 1st arrives. While clocks no longer can tell the passage of time, it will last for approximately 72 hours.

    The theme of this event is that the very fabric of the reality they have been living in is crumbling away. There are three phases to this event, to give you some guidance on the types of phenomenon or dangers your characters will be facing.

    Dating Your ThreadsSince this event takes place outside of time and not on August 31 or September 1st, please use this or a similar format to date your threads:
    The Calamity, Phase #
    The Calamity, Hour #

    Phase 1 (hour 0 - 24)
    • Permanent Twilight. The sky takes on twilight tones for the entirety of the event. The sun and moon are no longer visible in the sky, and the stars seem to shift and change as if no longer certain of what pattern they should be in.

    • Wall Cracks. The walls around and over Pandora’s box are cracking, though this can only be seen if somebody is within a few hundred feet of the walls.

    • Earthquakes. What some might consider to be earthquakes are really the entire box shuddering. Sometimes they’re minor. Sometimes they’re strong enough to knock a person off their feet and will cause structural damage to buildings. They might cover a small or large area, and can even be felt within the open space of the cosmic wilderness.

    • Cell Phone Static and Garbled Messages. It is very difficult to get a message through over cellular or radio networks, as they return largely static or garbled messages.

    Phase 2 (hour 24 - 48)
    • Communications are down. Standard cell phone and radio communications are simply dead. Nothing will send or receive.

    • Visible Wall Cracks. Those within the box itself, or close enough in the cosmic wilderness to see the box can see the growing cracks splintering up Pandora’s walls and ceilings. They are visible from any point within the box and look as if the sky itself is cracking.

    • Shifting Lands. The lands themselves are unstable, with hills growing or shrinking, mountains growing more or less rugged, and the sea itself churning. It’s as if a great force is sculpting the land, flattening it, raising it, all in relatively minor ways. Though even those minor shifts can cause great destruction or instability to any buildings on that terrain.

    • Natural Disasters. Storms erupt all over Pandora. The ocean itself boils and churns. Mt. Pompeii erupts, spewing fire and lava and filling the air with ash. Nature itself has grown unstable, with the seasons seemingly changing on the fly. Blizzards appear out of nowhere in the midst of dangerous meteor showers.

    • Morhall destroyed. Morhall stands no chance with the eruption of Mt. Pompeii, with the tunnels collapsing or flooding with lava.

    • Misty Hollow destroyed. Shifting lands disrupt Misty Hollow's barrier, making it collapse once and for all. Purple, ever-burning fires explode all across town and cannot be put out.

    • Pandora Town broken. The river in Pandora Town first dries up, and then the land splits right down that empty riverbed.

    • Black Vines Growing Visibly Active. The black vines have grown alarmingly active in Pandora. Active to the point where others can actually see them rise up and take people away. However, the vines aren’t removing them from Pandora. They’re moving people to different parts of Pandora, without rhyme or reason. Some unlucky soul might be dropped into Mt. Pompeii as it erupts while others might end up somewhere safe.

    Phase 3 (hour 48 - 72)
    • Walls shattering. The walls abruptly shatter all over the box, and now there is nothing stopping people from wandering out into the empty void of the cosmic wilderness. Twilight still somehow fills the sky, but now asteroids and impossibly large planetoid bodies are visible in the sky -- at least until they start blinking out one by one.

    • Sculpting of a World. Landscapes become massively changed, with land breaking apart, mountains erupting, rivers cutting suddenly through the land only to change course at the last minute. But even as all these things appear, they can be removed or altered just as quickly, as if somebody is experimenting with the very shape of the land.

    • Cascade Bay sinks. Cascade Bay is lost beneath the churning waves.

    • Horizon lost. The sands of the desert flow into Horizon, filling the gorge and everything within it.

    • Sketchy Space. It’s a sight few have seen. But at the very edges of the cosmic wilderness is a place where reality seems to break down, into a grayscale world, filled with geometric shapes or half-realized objects. It’s like a sketchbook come to life. Now that space is encroaching upon the rest of Pandora, breaking it down into grayscale and simple objects, until the world is erased entirely, leaving only a flat white void that can still be walked upon. It appears in random places, and only spreads outwards from there. Within the last few hours of the event, there are few places left that haven’t devolved or been erased entirely. Even the sky is eaten.

    • Pandora Town. Pandora Town has been ravaged by earthquakes, storms, and disaster. But much of it survives until sketchy space opens up in the center of town, slowly consuming it over those final 24 hours.


    If a character dies during this event, you have the option of resurrecting them without any memory loss on September 1 with the new season. You may also choose to use this event to reset characters via death as normal.

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