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Private Absit Omen

Discussion in 'Otherworld' started by Sabrina Spellman, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Sabrina Spellman

    Sabrina Spellman The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Chaotic Good

    July 31st, Year 108

    She was standing in the forest again, in the middle of a clearing in the Greendale woods. It was a place she had returned to countless times in the past few weeks, forcing herself to sleep extra hours in order to explore this space in the realm of dreams. She’d been visited by this scene so often before that, in visions and in unwanted, persistent dreams, that an investigation had eventually proved unavoidable; she had to know what it all meant.

    The scene played out the same as it always did. Near the center of the clearing lay her mother, resting and exhausted after a difficult birth. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair was wet with sweat, but to Sabrina she looked radiant, so much more vibrant in life than she could have ever appeared in the posed photographs left to Sabrina’s possession. She was being tended to by Hilda and Zelda Spellman who were attentively remaining at her side. The baby, however, was absent.

    Sabrina looked across the clearing to the edge of the tree line, where her father stood. Edward Spellman had his back to her, and in his arms he held the newborn Sabrina. Beyond him, partially obscured by shadows, was the Dark Lord himself. It was not necessary for Sabrina to approach; by now, she knew exactly what was happening. But she approached the pair regardless, pausing when she was parallel with them to observe the exchange.

    Standing before the Devil himself, Edward Spellman outstretched his arms, offering up his newborn baby to the Dark Lord’s grasp. It was a bizarre and baffling scene on many different levels, one that Sabrina still failed to comprehend. That Lucifer Morningstar was even there was strange in and of itself, to see him waiting in the wings like an interested relative who was ready to meet the new family member. It wasn’t normal for him to be present at a newborn witch or warlock’s birth. Sabrina knew that for a certainty, because with Zelda occasionally working as a midwife, she had seen enough of their births to see for herself. So why was he there?

    Furthermore, why was Edward so ready and willing to hand the baby to him? Reverence toward the Dark Lord was normal among the Church of Night, that much she could understand. He was their deity, and if he were to appear to any member of the church and ask for such a tribute, most would probably comply. But why had Edward been waiting for this? Had he made a prior deal with the Devil, perhaps? That seemed the most likely answer to Sabrina, but what the deal might be…she could scarcely hazard a guess. And because Edward had long since died, she could never ask him directly.

    But the scene kept coming back to her. In dreams and in visions, she was plagued by it again and again, and she knew that there had to be a reason why. She was supposed to learn something from this, understand something that still eluded her. There was only one way left to her to find out the truth. If it was even possible.

    Sabrina turned her back on the scene and walked away. The dream faded around her, opening up into white, open space. She paid her surroundings no mind, however, her mind still abuzz with the memory of what she’d witnessed and with thoughts of what she should do. She supposed that there wasn’t much of a question; she knew what she should do. The trouble was taking that first step.

    As she traversed the empty space, something strange caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. Sabrina blinked and ignored it at first, focusing her energy on forming a new dreamscape. A quiet, peaceful park began to appear around her, with gentle sunshine streaming down upon her. Sabrina approached a white gazebo and walked inside, leaning against the frame to look out over a quiet river. Her thoughts began to wander again, but within seconds she was distracted by that same strange something again. Sabrina looked up in confusion, turning her head to focus on…what was that?

    “What the hell?”

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  2. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Bill snapped his fingers as one dream became an utter nightmare. The dreamer started screaming and crying as they were dragged towards the dark, a monster there to devour them; fear filling their soul when just as the killing blow would be delivered, the bubble popped.

    The dreamer woke up and was fine...physically at least.

    He sighed as he drifted in the Otherworld. Man, it was good to be back in this realm; he could teleport here and there as he pleased, without finding the loopholes and the like. It was fast and easy, and when he went to reality, he could pull all the pranks he wanted!

    Unfortunately...being himself also had its downsides. Mainly, he couldn’t interact with the physical world. Again.

    Despite being in a deal with Quirrel...he actually liked having a body. Interacting with people, none the wiser of his true nature, as he deceived and observed. was partly the reason why he was searching for another ritual.

    One that wouldn’t tie him to anyone, but would let him be who he was. Physical body different, but Bill would change to his will for reality to the Otherworld.

    It was taking a long while of course, but that was the thing with research: it could take ages. And yet, Bill didn’t mind. He had all the time in the world; there was also the fact he got a few ingredients here and there. The blood of a vampire for one, as well as the energy of living beings (unknowingly donated by Quirrel when they fled the ice cult).

    Now...all he needed was someone to cast it. Quirrel was out of the question, since...well, he didn’t want the beetle to know he’d be around. Even with the deal in-store, Bill was naturally paranoid. There was no way Quirrel wouldn’t screw him over at one point or another.

    And yet tonight? He was gonna mess up some more dreams.

    As he passed through the dreamworld, he entered another dream; it was a park. Quiet and peaceful and basically, everything Bill hates. But before he could do anything to change it...he felt something.


    His single eye slowly turned to a young lady with blonde hair under a gazebo. He blinked once, twice. Yup, this was definitely the dreamer...that was aware.

    Another dreamwalker? Interesting.

    “Hey there! Nice dream you got here; though a bit too quiet for my tastes.”