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Ah! A Cold Paradise

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Belldandy, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Belldandy

    Belldandy Guest

    What had started as a work trip quickly became a pleasure trip

    Belldandy had come for work, seeing the appearance of a new place as an opportunity to test technology for the Department of Magical Advancement's current project. To have an ability to quickly update gps systems when entire streets moved around in Pandorra. It was simple matter to plant the magica-powered gps devices and a second device of her own devising. Of some interest was the idea of testing for distance, since this place was far away and more importantly rumored to disappear soon. Would either device indicate where streets went when they disappeared.

    The was not actually an interesting project for Belldandy, who was very accustomed to having communication all the way to Heaven through the marks on her face (though they did not work now). What was becoming of much more interest was the place itself. Except for the cold, it was very much like the Heaven she came from.

    The train conductor was nice, famously so from the way people reacted to him. The place was beautiful, and the people interesting. Though they were only mortals, the entire place was filled with magic they did. It was both comforting and provocative for the goddess, who never would have conceived of a place where so many mortals did so much magic.

    It was the shops though that were the best, maybe better than Heaven. The butterbeer and so many other unique treats, a repair shop, a music shop all done so nicely it might have been better than the Goddess mall in Heaven. The wand shop was amazing...they were only simple magic items that released basic code to limited effect, but they were done with grace and style. To think of the happiness and wonder they must have brought the mortals was wonderful. To see the demonstration where the wand chose a person was just beyond anything. This was a moment of joy and excitement not even goddesses got to experience.

    This whole place felt like it could be a theme park made just with her in mind.

    Then, she had found the tea shop. Filled with teas both traditional and unknown to her. She had sat for some time, sampling the tea and watching the people. Relaxing like she hadn't ever in the two months she had been here.

    Only, it was clearly built to be a place for couples. Sometimes, she would look over to the vacant seat across from her and just imagine what it would be like to share this place with the mortal man she loved. It was the closest thing to Heaven she had ever heard of, but the people were mortal just like him.

    "Oh, Keiichi" she sighed, wondering if at least someone else would come to share the experience with her.
  2. Pechika

    Pechika Guest

    Pechika ran down the snowy streets, the cold barely affecting her- and definitely not affecting her as much as the certainty that she'd gotten lost.

    "Miss Belldandy?" she called as loud as she dared around every corner. Oh... Miss Belldandy, always kind to her, had taken her to Hogsmeade with her, and she'd let her take a look around while she did things for work.

    The things that were sold here seemed similar to the stuff Mages used in her world, at least from what she'd heard. As a Magical Girl, most of it was no use to Pechika, but that didn't stop her from marvelling at everything.

    She did stop by Honeydukes to pick up a small tin of Sugared Butterfly Wings- exotic ingredients that she'd have no idea of how to put together herself... could she manage to recreate it with magic?

    But by the time she'd finished her little excursion, she'd realized- she had no idea of where in the world miss Belldandy was. Oh no.

    After running around frantically for a few minutes, Pechika found her- through a window in the cutest tea shop she'd seen, looking pretty miserable. That... that was odd. And worrying.

    She lightly tapped the glass to get miss Belldandy's attention, mouthing "may I come in?"
  3. Belldandy

    Belldandy Guest

    Left on her own for long, Belldandy was always dreaming.

    She thought about how it would be to have Keiichi there with her. Pandora is a beautiful and wonderful place Keiichi, this particular place especially. Only, I am here against my will and cannot return. Where you are now, is it Christmas there too? Are my sisters doing well, or fighting? Or are you just there waiting in exactly the same moment in time for me to return.

    She saw Urd in the same chair next Urd, I know it will be difficult for you but someone has to take care of them now. I hope you are getting along with Skuld and the two of you are not getting Keiichi into trouble. I wonder, what has the Almighty said of my dissapperance?

    She turned toward a sound, for a second imagining the face of an anxious Sculd trying to build a machine that could find her in Pandora. If she had been so worried when Belldandy came to Earth, how would it be now?

    No, that wasn't her youngest sister. It was a slightly older girl. Pechika, always so timid. Even so much as to not go in the public place without asking permission? Well, after all Belldandy had seen, perhaps it was just her way.

    Belldandy smiled and waved at her, saying "Pechika! Don't worry, I am all done with my work now. Please come inside and try some tea with me!"

    Belldandy lifted a teacup and gestured toward a wall of teas behind her, showing her enthusiasm for the place.
  4. Pechika

    Pechika Guest

    Pechika directed her eyes towards where miss Belldandy was drawing her attention, and was almost startled by the amount of different types of teas. Hogsmeade truly did have an impressive stock in ALL of its shops, it seemed!

    Miss Belldandy didn't seem as sad as Pechika first thought; had she been mistaken, maybe? She still felt a bit uneasy, though. She didn't want miss Belldandy to be sad... she wished she could do something about it.

    In any case, she hurried inside, her boots tap-tap-tapping against the floor rapidly. She found the goddess' table and squeezed her ridiculous outfit into the seat across from her, smoothing her dress-tail-thing under her legs. "I'm so sorry, miss Belldandy! I should have asked where you were going, and then I wouldn't have gotten lost..." Pechika apologized. She was getting better at talking to miss Belldandy, which she was a little proud of even though it shouldn't be a problem to begin with.
  5. Belldandy

    Belldandy Guest

    The emotions of the goddess were changing again.

    As Pechika spoke, Belldandy expression changed to a less friendly and more serious one. "Pechika! This just won't do!"

    Raising her hand she said "I am the goddess Belldandy! Spirits of the wind, I command you to gently restore to this lost soul the energy which you have taken!"

    The effect was like being near a cozy warming fire on all sides of Pechika.

    "I'm sorry Miss Pechika, but your blood pressure was changing from the weather. You could easily catch a cold like that!

    Belldandy was smiling again, now showing both welcome and satisfaction " Anyway, I did not tell you where I was going because I was not sure and was not concerned. I was sure you could find me on your own just fine, and even if not could easily get back on the train. Besides, I have detected that there is something good for you here in Hogsmeade and I wanted you to have time to find it.

    Belldandy looked for a moment at Pechika's tin "What is it that you have there?"
  6. Pechika

    Pechika Guest

    As miss Belldandy frowned and started to speak, Pechika's initial reaction was that of panic. What had she done wrong? Would miss Belldandy realize she was useless and toss her out of her table, leaving her back in the streets of Hogsmeade with no way back home?-

    -or just warm her up, apparently...? "Oh..." she murmured very low. It was a very nice sensation, though. Magical girls couldn't get colds, but she wasn't about to say that when miss Belldandy had been so kind to protect her from the weather!

    Pechika was about to ask what the goddess meant by 'something good for you', but she spoke first and asked about the candy she'd gotten from the store. "Oh, I, uh, I saw these on a shelf at the candy store, Honey... something? and I thought, well, if they're made with real butterflies I couldn't make them myself by regular means, and then I started wondering if it was possible to reproduce them with my Magical Skill, so..." she explained with a small smile.
  7. Belldandy

    Belldandy Guest

    Within a few words, the goddess saw and thought very many things:

    Finally Pechika is speaking easily with me
    butterflies are not human food
    If butterflies were human food, the candy would be made by ordinary means
    Pechika knows how to make food, but said cookies were made out of rocks.
    Pechika things making food with magical skill is easier
    Pechika has magical skill.

    Belldandy blinked a minute, trying to form a picture in which all of those things made sense together.

    "Ummm, thank you very much Pechika!" Belldandy smiled, being grateful to be so easily trusted now.

    Belldandy then made a new face: still more calm, but very curious about what it all meant. The most timid she had seemed to Pechika. "Only, I don't understand. Do you mean to say you have skills with magic?"
  8. Pechika

    Pechika Guest

    Pechika blinked. Had she... had she not told miss Belldandy about that? Oh. Oh, no! That was the most important and unique thing she could do, and she'd forgotten!

    The tin dropped from her hands and clunked on the floor. "I'm so sorry!" she bowed, extremely embarrased. How had she forgotten!

    Ugh... It was probably because Belldandy looked like a Magical Girl, and was herself magical, apparently, that Pechika had sort of assumed she knew she was a Magical Girl, and that she'd known how she'd made the cookies from when they first met. Miss Belldandy always seemed to know so much, after all!...
  9. Belldandy

    Belldandy Guest

    Belldandy was surprised by Pechika's strong reaction. She had not seen any humans behave like this, even Hasegawa would not. "Wha?" she said involuntarily

    Emotional aura showed the nature of it was embarrassment, which did not quite make sense in light of the situation. It had to be coming from Pechika's own expectations.

    "Miss Pechika! Is my approval truly so important to you? Thank you very much! Only, you see, I was not disappointed because I do not expect people to tell others about their magic skills any more than I expect them to tell about their racing skills. Are you, like me, trained to give a certain disclosure? "

    Belldandy waved her hand "No, that's not really what is important here. What I am truly trying to tell you Miss Pechika is that I want to know you. I promise not to let go of you just because you allow me to do so. I would like you to try to accept everything about me as well. At least, until one of us is finally sent back home."

    Belldandy almost wanted to put her hand over her mouth after saying that last part, it was not normal for her to think or speak of her own interests in such a way. She supposed it came from being in a wonderful place like Hogsmeade and feeling alone in it.