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Complete Ah, Helen

Discussion in 'Pandora's Pub' started by Nikola Tesla, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Nikola rolled his eyes. What was it with Helen being snarky with him when it came to technology? Just because she was afraid of the future didn’t mean he had to be. So some of his creations had been...strange but still, it had been in the name of science and that was pure. That was honest.

    He tried not to stare at her. ‘Enjoy his new lab when he had it’. Back home? She just said no, but followed it up with the supposition that he’d have a lab in the future. So she was planning something. Something yet to be revealed (so like Helen), but directly involved him (so unlike Helen). She had already considered his part and deemed it not just valid but needed. She wanted him around. Oh weird. Usually she only wanted him around because she needed something, or he had done something she needed him to fix, or help fix because Lord knows she was already backtracking on that. But a place back home. And here. Interesting. What had changed in their relationship? A softening of her wariness? Forgiveness for Rome? Understanding? A calculated risk perhaps - keep your enemies close and all that. He burst into a grin. ”Oh I knew you wanted me around,” he said. ”You don’t need to tempt me with shiny toys Helen. A come hither look will work just as well,”

    Nikola grinned at her impishly, his vagueness deliberate and adoring her reaction of shock, panic, and sadly (and slightly hurtfully) flooding relief. ”My my Helen. What did you think I was talking about?” he asked innocently. If ever there was a halo dinging shiningly above his head it was now. Because he was putting on the picture of innocence which was rather tarnished by the fact he looked so playful. And rather too gleeful about it.

    ”Let us go,” he agreed. ”I do think you’ll like the place. Recently traded up. It’s a little steep at the moment but it’s worth it,” he said.
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  2. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    Tempt him with a com hither look? Helen couldn't deny she had given him a few of those but not quite for the reason he wanted and always hidden behind a little mask of disapproval because Helen couldn't be fully honest with him. oh dear, the moment she was completely honest with him about how he made her feel tense, uptight, skittish, but all in a horribly strange way, not entirely bad. Sort of like trying to shut down her emotions every time his smirk made her heart flutter and she mentally told herself not to fall for charms. She'd fallen in love with charming once before, the prince of charm really and look how messy that had ended for her. Short of John nearly ripping her actual heart out it couldn't have been worse. John would never understand how much he had hurt her, the pain it had caused, how it had changed her as a person to the core. Long ago were the days that innocent wide eyes girl had died at the end of his knife.

    Long ago had she stood terrified for the last time and decided it was time to stand up and fight back. To close people out, because that sort of pain had hit her so deep she never wanted to feel it again, even if she could never let herself love like that again as well. "I've always liked having you around, we just both have such different goals in life that I accept the time we have to work together and then we both move on. You are a brilliant scientist." There was that too, that made Helen skittish. He was like the wind, he came and he went. Helen worried if she ever asked him to stay he would get bored and walk out, not just on her Sanctuary, on her. What if after a while the Sanctuary started to bore him, what if she did? Their goals didn't line up, not really. It would be so easy for Nikola to get tired of it all, so easy for him to want to be elsewhere. What was the point in some ways of even trying when the risk of him leaving was too high? Still, she'd leave him a place in her world for when he did want to visit.

    None of that mattered much now with Helen trying to avoid any sort of eye contact for fear she would give something away. "Just...." She raised her hand a little, almost physically trying to push the topic down and away, out of sight. "A misunderstanding." She wasn't about to tell him she was talking about his well...lets not even go there because Helen would never in a million years hear the end of it and with their long lives they may very well be here in a million years to still be tormented by it. Tucking her hair behind her ear and pushing her hands into her pockets it was a typical Helen defense mechanism, even Will could spot that one. Her fairly basic go to though with that sweet little innocent look Nikola was giving her it was hard to hold it together. Her blue eyes fading to a sort of fond softness. Damn him. "Nikola, we could be tent and it would be comfortable to me. You know that, I've never been too picky." That was a massive lie really but Helen could survive with less.

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  3. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    It was frightfully easy for Helen to get him to do anything. All she had to do was snap her fingers. Sometimes that was enough. Other times he was rather reluctant about it and she had to use disapproving looks and annoyed tones. Other tiems he was downright beligerant and she had to use actions and words. It was usually then he did his backtracking the hardest. She never seemed to notice that he worked hard to get back into her good graces. Her opinion mattered the most to him in the world. He didn’t care if the children didn’t like him or not, but they would put up with him if Helen told them to. Helen though, her say went, and if she ordered him away forever: to be utterly alone, forever. To know the only other immortal (known) wanted nothing to do with him...was more than he could take. But more than this. To know Helen, kind sweet passionate Helen who held forgiveness and compassion in such high regard had reached the end, then that would be the end of him.

    In the end, he always did what Helen wanted. Sometimes he just went the long way around.

    ”My desire not to be the last of my species, you mean,” and the tendency to think vampires ruled the world. It was inevitable really: being so much smarter, faster, stronger, and generally just cooler than humans. ”A few vampires raised with the ideal that humans are not food doesn’t sound so terrible to me,”he said because he would teach them not to. Animal blood was fine and forging a few human friendships would help solidify that belief. Then they could return to what they did best: inventing. Creating. Discovering. Sounded like heaven really.

    ”I don’t recall you ever asking me to stay,” he replied. He wasn’t sure he would have. He wasn’t sure he would have considered it a geniune request because she had never seemed to want him around longer than short stints anyway. And maybe he would get bored. Maybe he’d still leave but if he left he’d always come back. He’d leave just so he could miss her.

    Nikola smirked. ”Uhuh,” he said disbelievingly. Sure there was a misunderstanding. What a misunderstanding might that be? He wondered. He was a man who flirted but did not make crass innuendos. It just wasn’t his style. ”I think those young minds you like so much are rubbing off on you,”

    ”Oh, I didn’t realise you lived in a mansion/castle because it was so ‘tent-like’” he replied sarcastically. ”Really Helen, you are a bit of a snob, you’re just classier about it,” he informed her. It was true. Helen did like the finer things in life and she was a bit of a brat - it came with being a daddy’s girl and inherently rich. She might have known hardships, and entirely unafraid to getting stuck in but she had never known true poverty and the despair that comes with it. She was far too resourceful to ever be so desolote. Even here, now, she seems to have landed on her feet.

    Nikola knew what it was like. He had vowed never to be as such again. Ever.
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  4. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    Helen looked at him and by that she REALLY looked at him when he mentioned that he just wanted his species back and a few vampires who didn't view humans as food would be find. "Except for they do view humans as food, even you did, you can't take that out of them, they won't all fall into line behind you Nikola. It doesn't always work out that way." Helen was still shaken over the whole Afina thing. It was all fun and games until you were the one selected to act as a narcissistic vampire queens personal food source. There hadn't been many times Helen had actual concern until then. "I've played this out with you countless times Nikola and I am sorry but I can tell you with utmost confidence it wouldn't go well. It can only end with humans being enslaved and treated like cattle and I personally won't bend to a master, ever."

    Oh no, one did not tame or control Helen Magnus. You could hurt her, make her bleed, make her suffer but one could never control or master over Helen Magnus. Many had tried and they had all been put in their place. There was no lordship over a woman as stubborn, as bold, and as impossibly free as she was. To bend her to your will, you would be better off just killing her and she knew in the end, in such a situation as vampires taking over that was where Helen would end up. She would die fighting for what was right. "I had never expected you to stay honestly, I know you well enough by now. You'd stay if I asked but you wouldn't be happy so why ask?" That almost meant multiple things, not just staying to help with the Sanctuary. She feared that would be their relationship in general. They had been playing this song and dance since they first day they had met but who was to say it would last if given the chance. perhaps the appeal was the song and dance, not the outcome.

    Helen bit her lip trying to focus past her embarrassment. Perhaps the younger generations were starting to rub off on her and part of Helen cringed at the idea. She had standards, high standards at that. she had a certain way she felt she had to behave not only because of her upbringing but because of her position in the Sanctuary. She had to be a respectable person to be respected. "I haven't been spending much time with them lately, been so busty with other things actually. You can't blame them for this one." 111 years away from her team. Well, granted they were other Helen's team right now and for most of her rehash of the past they hadn't even been born yet. Shaking her head when Nikola brought up her home. Alright she wasn't one who could say she would be happy living long term in a tent, he was right, she did technically own a castle but then again. "It was a church actually, when i first purchased it. I added most of the other wings on and expanded but thank you for reminding me, yes I do live in a castle but I can be very well off with less."

    She turned her attention back to him, a little smirk on her face. "Honestly Nikola, I'm not a snob." Oh, even Helen didn't believe that one. Had she ever lived in her entire life in a normal home? In a flat? Anywhere that wasn't large and impressive? Hell, her very own new Sanctuary she had been working on was easily five times the size of the one she had now and Helen had been living out of that for quite some time now. Even more lavished than the one in Old City. Going back to Old City would be almost slumming it in comparison. "Not intentionally." She had to admit in the end before Nikola called out on it more. Helen had grown up privileged and that had always been a bit of a dark mark on her name. Now here in Pandora with no money, no power to her name Helen could actually prove she didn't need the money and recognition to become Helen Magnus. It's who she was, it had always been who she was.

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  5. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Standing Resolute With You

    Equal Measure Loved and Hated

    Hmm. That was true. Those little brats had hijacked the entire thing and threw him off of a building. It had been most perturbing. In fact he had been pulled into Pandora just before he managed to stick Chad with the devamper meaning he still had it in his possession. He wasn’t exactly deterred from creating vampires, just being more choosy about it. Perhaps those willing would be better, though how to broach the subject when everyone considered vampires blood sucking leeches he wasn’t sure. He’d have to figure out a new way to solution his problem. ”Those little brats,” he muttered, still sore and put out about the whole Trust Fund Idiot things. Though in his defence they should have developed some sense in the 30+ years the therapy took to mature. And he still stook by that. He saw no way around allowing the genes to settle.

    Turns out even a couple of weeks was better than instantaneous transformation.

    Nikola was beginning to think himself something of an aberration. An anomaly amongst anomalies. And why not? Everyone else turned into Tree Stumps when they were instantly changed whereas he retained his sense of self. Of course they were having the genes added and he already had them. In the end it did something screwy to them - he was pretty sure their system was being flooded with an adrenal like chemical which was mutating resulting in brain damage but whatever. Humans.

    He wondered if something might have happened. She was much surer now than she was before. Well she was always sure, but something in the way she said it suggested there was more. He couldn’t be sure what this may be. She clearly knew about Chad and his little gang of miscreants but something else, underneath. Lingering. He couldn’t quite place if it was real or if he was just wanting her to have some sort of justification for her cruel and unneccessary words. ”You? Bending to anyone’s will? Never,” he replied playfully. He sensed there was to be an argument, one they had had before, and she was quite right they’d go around in circles and if he continued she might decide to stay in that dreadful shelter after all and that just wouldn’t do. She needed to stay here, as close to him as possible. For now at least and talking about the ressurection of vampires tended to make her spiky. And not in a good way.

    Nikola paused for a moment then continued. He wouldn’t be happy? He wasn’t entirely sure what they were talking about but he was angry, hurt, confused, that she thought she could just decide. He knew he didn’t know Helen as intimiately as she did herself but he didn’t want to. He liked the msytery. He liked discovering something new as much as he liked knowing her so well. But she too, it was becoming clear, didn’t understand him quite as well as she thought she did. Oh she did a marvellous job, outwitting him in his thought processes before he had even had them but his heart. His heart she had never comprehended fully and always misjudged it. To believe him back in Vienna when they parted ways, stating it had been fun, that it meant a great deal to both of them but yes it was best they were just friends, it would never work out. He never understood why she couldn’t see the wounds it was inflicting, the hurt that was pouring into his heart. That he was screaming for her to stay. To ask him to come with.

    ”Oh, right, that,” he said. ”The Sanctuary does get a little monotonous and I do like my own space,” he said, not quite an agreement, but one could take it at that if they so wished. His throat hurt, like the words were glass. Yes. He would have left. For a little while. Short stints. Send me on this mission please. I’m going to work on his project for a bit, you know where I am. But he’d always have come back. He would have returned. Without her heart maybe it would take him months, if not a year to come back but with it? He might intend to leave for two months but he knew himself well enough to know he’d never stay away quite that long. He’d pop in, just to say hi, then leave for the rest before coming back, weary for missing her. And wasn’t missing someone good for the soul? Just a little bit. Just sometimes.

    ”So I should blame you?” he grinned. ”What interesting influences they are,” he teased. He wasn’t going to hold it against her. In fact he was getting kind of bored with the innuendo already but it seemed like the thing to say in response so he said it.

    As Helen attempted to defend herself and her choices, which were valid and perfectly reasonable under her circumstances, he gave her a pointed look. The eyebrow lift that said ‘uh huh,’ in such a disbelieving tone he may have well ahve said it. Helen was a snob. She was a delightful snob too: not one of those who looked down upon others but she was one nonetheless. She had everything she ever wanted and while she worked hard, she didn’t exactly have to work hard for the things she needed. She’s never truly been concerned about bills. Or food. Or heating. ”My mistake. The wings were added later,” he said.

    ”Oh don’t worry no one holds it against you,” he said. ”You are so well rounded in almost everything else it’s not an issue really,” he said. ”We’re taking a left here,” he motioned, guiding her to his home.

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  6. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    There was a little sigh of relief to hear him say that even it hurt a little to know Nikola could never be happy at the Sanctuary. She didn't want him to think she had excluded him just to exclude him, she never asked him to stay because it didn't seem like he would and now that he had at least confirmed it in her mind Helen never had to worry maybe she should have asked him. If anything it instilled in her further grounds for why she hadn't. When it came to the Sanctuary she had always needed someone like James, someone who would be there and help her run things, someone like Will. Nikola was a free spirit and she admired that in him.

    Blame her? Maybe her lack of any proper civilized human contact perhaps. Helen couldn't even fully let herself be discovered in Praxis because it would give away who she was in the future. In a sense perhaps Helen could be blamed to some degree. The way he had said that made Helen realize that probably did sound a bit snobbish. How many people bought a massive old church and were able to add onto it using the original brick which was already old in it's own right. Helen had to have it all custom made just so it would match. Alright, so she had money, and a sense of fine taste. "All the same I could be happy in a nice little home. Maybe I'll pick up painting and get a cat while I'm at it." She smirked considering her strange delusional world she and Will had been trapped inside. The idea of having a pet had always bothered her really and Helen could admit she wasn't the artist sort. She enjoyed paintings but lacked that skill, the same with music.

    Following his direction she looked back at him, at least a tolerable snob was better than a straight up egotistical snob. Now that was something Helen would never claim. She knew what she knew and she knew it very well. Was she always right? Well, for the most part yes but she could admit when someone had a better idea. It wasn't often but it did happen. "Well this at least looks like a much nicer part of town than where I was staying. Blackhaven mostly, I know what you'll say and no, it isn't very safe but it just..." She stopped there, Blackhave reminded her of home a little. London hadn't been safe either, the nicer parts of the city where she had lived, yes but the rest of London? For that time it had crime rate through the roof. "It's a bit like London, the time even don't you think?" It was a time and place Helen had lived through twice and because of that maybe it rubbed of as a tab more nostalgic.

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  7. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Standing Resolute With You

    Equal Measure Loved and Hated

    So she never asked because she assumed the answer would be no. He knew he asked to be asked later but the request never came. It had been a blow to him that he had tried not to dwell upon. Neither of them had been in the right place at the time and so it was probably for the best that they parted ways. Nikola truly, did not know what he would have said. He certainly would have agreed to be a consultant, he practically was one anyway with the way Helen summoned him with the issue with Ashley and the Cabal. He had come hadn’t he? No questions asked because Helen wanted to see him.Having a little bit of fun first was just his way of convincing himself he still had some semblence of control in the situation but he knew that was a lie. He didn’t have any: not from the second he decided to help her. It was like signing your soul away in blood. Committing to something with Helen magnus was iron clad. You didn’t just undo it or squirrel out of it.

    He had to admit he was a bit disappointed that the reason he was never asked was so...pathetic. If she had said she wanted to make a proper go of things, he may have asked if she was sure. They drove each other mad as friends but once sure she wasn’t just toying with him and actually knew what she wanted (always a flaw with Helen she didn’t recognise - not knowing what she wanted in a man) then he’d have said yes in a heartbeat. And he would have stayed. Barring the odd away mission and project of course. Coming back would have been so easy. And let’s face it, she’d probably send him away of her own will from time to time, on account of driving her mad. But to not be asked because she assumed she knew his answer just told him that she didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. And that little sigh, relief perhaps? He felt something twist inside. And it wasn’t a nice twisting. It was more like a chinese burn.

    ”Painting?” he queried. ”I’m not sure anyone wants to see that,” he responded cheekily. ”Like my singing,” he added. ”Best left to the imagination,” it wasn’t that he was tone deaf, or was flat or sharp but he didn’t have a strong voice and while melodic was hardly stuff of legends. There was a strain that could be heard, if you were keen eared and listening. If he tried too long it would start to strangle and became unpleasant. And by too long he meant after two songs perhaps. He’d have made a horrible entertainer. Then again, lots of so called singers were auto-tuned to death, used synths and dancing as an excuse for perfectly polished backing tracks. Still, dancing...wasn’t really his thing. Not the dhancing these days: now ballroom (sort of), the classics, he liked the classics. None of these twisting and twirling business but it was nice to watch.

    ”Are we thinking white picket fence? With secret high tech lasers and a lab so you can conduct undercover work beneath the noses of your too interested neighbours. For those weird and wonderful Abnormals you like so much. Because you say I wouldn’t happy but you’d be restless with just that in a couple of days,” he said, if not sooner. Painting could prove relaxing, two days tops, before she figured that this was a waste of time and started to get fidgety. ”Discovery is as much in your blood as it is mine Helen,”

    ”On the contrary. Must have been a bit safer with your lurking,” he said. ”Knock a few heads together?” he asked. She was forgetting, whilst he was concerned about a near death (or rather an actual death) experience, Helen being in a little bit of danger was inevitable. He was a genius, remember? He knew her work was often fraught with difficulties and violence. Abnormals didn’t just come quietly because the Children were well intentioned. They fought. They scrapped and scratched and screamed. She didn’t carry a big gun for aesthetic purposes - but he wasn’t going to complain if she did. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. In fact, on more than one occasion, he had stood back allowing her to do her thing. The others hadn’t been impressed, too macho masculine to realise she was doing just fine on her own. Watson had been so disapproving until he, too, got the message. If anyone’s butt is getting handed to them it isn’t going to be Helen Magnus’s.

    ”Never thought of it that way,” he admitted. ”But you are quite right. Foggy, dreary, full of cretins,” he grinned. ”I know of a full people who’d be right at home,” he said. Druitt. Griffin. They both loved those sort of undercurrents. Griffin might look like a cute innocent man who wouldn’t say boo to a ghost but Tesla had seem him crack people over the head because he thought they were looking at him suspiciously. Of course he had to be corrected that they were looking at him, not Griffin, and it was because he was both attractive as well as brilliant. Certainly did the trick of getting his anxieties down a notch or two. If anyone was going to be worried it was going to be Nigel. Unless he was having too much of a good time. Could go either way. ”Took a walk by the foggy gas lamps did you?”

  8. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    He had commented on her painting skills, saying it was something best left to the imagination and he was right. She hadn't know what she was doing the whole time as a 'painter'. She would mix her colors, look at the canvas, and then she felt everything she did just make the picture less. Giver her a scalpel and she could perform the most delicate surgeries like she was performing a symphony. Give her a paint brush and Helen became all thumbs. "I won't show you my paintings then if you don't show me your singing." Helen laughed a little. What a horrible pair they would have made at an arts school, at least they had attended Oxford and skipped those romantic notions like every other poet, painter, and song writer of their time however poetry was another story for Helen. She was actually very good at that one, her guilty pleasure.

    "White picket fence likely not, I'm not a traditionalist, I would really prefer the stone for privacy." Helen Magnus, locked up behind stone walls because it was so much easier to shut people out behind them It sounded exactly like her usual self. When she wasn't shutting people out with physical stone walls it was emotional and mental stone walls. "The secret high tech lab does sound nice however, how much do you think that would set me back?" She looked back to him with a smile. It they were going to joke about her money and everyone did eventually. Helen had brought up limping along when her funds were getting 'short' to which Kate had informed her she had seen her bank accounts and she would be limping along for another 300 years without trouble. But Nikola was right, she couldn't sit on her hands, she would go mad doing nothing. "I'd give being normal a valiant effort and within two days when sitting around got impossible I'd well, sitting around even now is putting me in a constant corner and I don't like it."

    No Sanctuary, no staff, nothing from her life aside from the clothes she was wearing and her gun. She had to do something but only something worth doing. Helen wouldn't play doctor or scientist for the hell of it, there had to be a purpose behind it. "Well I am known for knocking heads. Of course it's difficult not to when everyone assumes you are a high priority target, mostly why I sold off my jewelry." Helen could take them down, put them in their place but even she had a line and it could be crossed. "It's would have been disappointing for them to learn I'm actually very broke." Helen sort of shrugged it off, it bothered her yes but being frightened or bitter would do nothing for her. She was just going to do what she always had, work hard. Helen had struggles, more so the second time around after going back into the past. She very well couldn't dip into the proper Helen's funds. James had given her something to get started on, to get by on but otherwise Helen had been the one to scrape things together.

    The Nikola spoke he made London sounds like a dreadful place and to some degree it was but it was Helen's home. Where she had been born, where she had grown up. Nikola always commented after so much time you lost your accent, your original one anyways. Nikola has let that Serbian tone die off and surrender to a more American one but with all her time outside of England why did hers hold up so perfect? Not even a note out of tune from what it had been all those years ago. It was because Helen loved her heritage, where she had come from so much she had fought to keep it. She wanted people to know where she was from, she was proud of it. "It just took me back to another time, when things were, before everything happened, before John." Helen didn't even want to continue. "There's really never going to be anything quite like the feeling of being home. It's difficult to find home when it isn't just a place but a time." Granted Helen would never trade it back for living virtually in the dark ages in comparison to the technology they had now.

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  9. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Standing Resolute With You

    Equal Measure Loved and Hated

    ”You mean you aren’t going to demand I serenade you on one of these cold winter nights in order to keep you warm?” he asked teasingly, the suggestion that he was perhaps a potential suitor. Isn’t that waht they did in these ridiculous TV shows, or plays? Shakespeare seemed to like serenades, only in poetry form, and the man was a master though possibly fraud which didn’t sit well with Nikola at all. He had his own issues with frauds, namely Edison but there were others. You know, he liked Einstein. He was once asked what it was like to be the smartest man alive and said ‘You’d have to ask Nikola Tesla’ which warmed his heart. He sent him his best wine for that.

    ”Have you considered abstract work?” he asked. ”You know art these days. They saw a hole in a door and call it the breakdown of polite society facilitated by said polite society that’s why it’s a perfect square,” he made a face, his tone becoming incredulous. ”It’s defacement, that’s what it is,” and Nikola liked art. He liked museums and theoretical studies. He liked poetry and debates - he watched politicians in fascination at times for their wily ability to not answer inane questions and rapt attention when the ones that mattered. Politicians were all snakes and humans were idiots but sometimes it was fun. At least politicians still knew how to debate a subject. But no one debated like John Druitt, the git, who had such finesse about it even after they had fallen out they still debated things.

    ”Shall I built you a moat? I could toss in some electric eels, couple of piranhas perhaps,” he said. ”And a dragon. I could source a big dragon, breathes fire. I’m sure I could find some masons who are a dab hand at building a tower for you to escape from - after you’ve befriended the dragon of course,” he mocked her. Oh no she wasn’t traditional but she was a bit extreme in the other way sometimes. ”Failing that, I’d be more than happy to rescue you,” he said. ”Or maybe you can rescue me rescuing you. That sounds more like you,” he grinned. If there was anything that Helen was, it was resourceful.

    ”Maybe cancel the moat,” he said. Helen was loaded. He’d have adored her with absolutely nothing to her name: her mind was what fascinated him, but the money didn’t hurt as they both did like the finer things in life. Comfort in old age was getting to him. He liked a certain way of living and he worked at maintaining that though he’d be happy with much less.

    ”We were meant for discovering, you and I. It’s why we were put on this Earth,” he said. ”You for the protection of creatures unable to help themselves and me, to create a renewable energy source for everyone, forever,” he said. Most had forgotten his very altruistic beginnings. He did sincerely believe that technology should be shared amongst everyone. The world was a giant ball of power and the governments were happy to suck out nutrients it needed and belch out acrid smoke into the atmosphere to choke it.

    ”Low cover, I like it. Very...spy like,” he said. A Helen Magnus broke was an interesting prospect. She had never had nothing in her entire life and something told him that it wasn’t going to stay ‘broke Helen’ very long. She was very resourceful and had an eye for a good catch. She’d go fishing and get what she wanted. Hew as often accused of being too persistent for his own good, but she was just as determined when she wanted to be. She’d get her man, as it were, in the end.

    He could understand what she meant. Nostalgia was a powerful thing. He had a few pictures he told no one about relating to The Five and to Helen. There were only a few but they were precious to him. A young innocent Helen whose heart had yet to be so betrayed. There was a radiance about her that Nikola admired. ”London had never been particularly kind to me,” he admitted. Snobs. Xenophobes. It was so hard to fit in when your accent was glaringly different. It was different for Helen. She was English . She spoke English. She was one of their own, here, or Canada, or the UK. But He was Serbian and it marked him instantly as different and somehow less. Dropping the accent was more about making his life easier than a natural progression of loss. The fact he could still do the accent on tap clearly stated his like for it. ”There were things I liked. Courtesy. The lack of profanity. That no one knew anything really and it was all there waiting to be uncovered,” he said wistfully. ”And the dresses,”/b] he grinned fondly. He did love that Crimson Dress.

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  10. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    "Oh, I don't think serenading me would keep me warm." She rolled her eyes to that one, least of all did she need Nikola Tesla singing to her or even reading her poetry dramatically less she was forever trapped by his charm. "I'll just use a blanket or perhaps I'll even invest in a shawl, you know I am getting up there in age." Further up in age than even Nikola knew. Helen had always been a little older than him but now she was easily twice his age. Nikola had always been what they would refer to as the baby of the group. The young bright eyed genius who had walked into her life. She shook her head lightly when he mentioned she could always get into abstract work of art then went off on his little rant. She rested a hand on his shoulder as if to tell him to settle down. "It's going to be fine Nikola, the good art won't stop being made just because someone considered a coffee stain on a post card a work of pure genius. Just like good music won't stop after someone decided dropping lightbultbs whilst standing on a chair was modern music expression."

    She furrowed her brow a little when he went off on what could only be considered a playful rant and a rather detailed one at that about moats and dragons. It was amusing, a sort of silly side to Tesla she hadn't seen in so long it was hard to even remember the last time he had been like this. "Well you are in a mood." Helen pointed out with a laugh. Too true on the her rescuing him when he tried to rescue her however, though Nikola had rescued her a few times and Helen had just rescued him from his own mistakes. They had a constant back and forth going and so long as nothing ever happened to the other they should be covered from all natural and unnatural disasters for the next 400 years perhaps? "Well the moat won't be necessary but I am holding you to the dragon." She acted like she was serious for a moment. "I've always wanted my very own dragon, never had room for one in the Sanctuary." Of course she did, she just didn't have an honest fire breathing dragon because unless you counted the various forms of legless ancient serpents there were no flying fire breathing dragons.

    "Well Nikola, if we keep up here in Pandora we may not be able to achieve those dreams and life goals of ours. At least not back home." Helen wrapped her arms around herself as it started to snow, flakes falling down again over the streets to blanket it in a new layer of powder. It felt a little like Old City then, it snowed a lot in the winters there. Helen actually enjoyed the snow, just not the bitter winter cold that came with it. Snow was beautiful, pure, magical when it was new and sparkled even in moonlight. The cold on the other hand cut right to the bone and having been raised in England where winters weren't quite so brutal Helen was a bit of a 'wuss' as it were. She'd rather curl up by the fire with a hot cup of tea snuggled under a blanket with a nice book in her lap. "Well you know me, I'm James Bond." Helen shrugged. "At least that is what everyone keeps telling me. Magnus, Helen Magnus."

    Helen grabbed his arm wrapping hers around his and stepping a little closer to his body. Mostly because she was getting cold, it was a long walk to his apartment and she had a rather thin jacket on. Even if small little body heat was helpful to her. She wondered a little if Nikola actually got cold. Not that he was undead as vampire lore made one think but vampires were fairly resistant to most things. "The exploration, the adventure, the thrill of discovery. I do miss them so, the dresses too. Pants are more comfortable and I do prefer my skirts but I had a few dresses I had loved. I didn't like the parties, particularly the upper class social gatherings. They were always so dull and stuffy and I hated pretending. Prancing around with other women who shared no interests to my own. That's why I withdrew so often from them." Even at her own birthday parties. Helen never really had any friends, not until Nikola anyways. He had been the first friend she ever had in her life, not for lack of being charming, for lack of being stuck up.

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  11. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Helen may have declined his offer of singing, not that it had been serious. Nikola had no intentions of singing to her, ever. Even if she had asked for it, he’d have looked at her like she had lost part of her mind to a flood. Nikola Tesla may have persuaded to read poetry, but even then he was more inclined to read it to himself rather than read aloud to others. Poetry was a personal thing and he didn ‘t see the point of dissecting it in a debate (though this is precisely what he had done with John on many occasions). Poetry was special to him, his first love before electricity had taken over. The world should be really thankful he liked cats otherwise they wouldn’t have the wonders they have today, at least not so soon.

    Helen was saying she’d use a shawl. Why use a shawl when she could use him? Nikola was never one to pass up an opportunity to try and make her blush or express his interest. He did this in varying degrees from subtle hints to more obvious overtures. He never made the more obvious ones in company - it’d attract too much attention and was impolite with young easily offended ears listening in. You never knew who may take offence and decide you meant something else. Young Wilhelm, for instance, thought he knew what Helen wanted better than he did. Because a couple of years totally matched up to over a century of shared experiences.

    ”Oh Helen. If you’re feeling cold, I’ll gladly help keep you warm,” he smiled warmly and raised an eyebrow. One day, he told himself. One day she’d see what had been right in front of her all along and accept that he wasn’t Druitt. He didn’t want to change her. He didn’t want to keep her home popping out babies and cleaning house. And he always learned from his mistakes. Sort of.

    ”You say that, but someone decided rap was cool and now that’s all I hear,” Nikola exaggerated as he was wont to do. But it was true that once a style caught on it was either a flash in the pan fad or it lingered like a bad smell. If it was good, that was great but too often humans had made a bewildering choice and requires serious reeducation. So no, he wasn’t entirely convinced that lightbulb smashing wouldn’t become a craze and envelope the world and it would rain shards of glass.

    Nikola shrugged and looked around. Sure, he might be in a mood but she had started it! Like he was going to lock her up under house arrest. That was impossible. Even if he had wanted to try she’d have snuck out within five minutes so that was that. Nikola wanted her to stay somewhere warm and comfortable and welcome, not a random shelter on Pandora. ”I always liked Chinese Dragons,” he said. ”The rest are all doom and gloom but Chinese Dragons are good fortune, health and luck,” he said with a grin. ”Large, flying, fire breathing and bringing good light,” Nikola listed. For a man who was often bitter, he held a strange kind of childlike light within him the vampire had never crushed and only Helen could bring out.

    As she wrapped her arms around herself he realised that humans, frail humans, got cold when it started to snow. Nikola shrugged off his jacket and draped it over Helen’s shoulders. He’d be a little cool now with just his shirt but it was worth it if she was more comfortable. ”We can only hope we take the knowledge with us, when we’ve done whatever Pandora needs us to do,” he said. ”Otherwise that will be the true tragedy,” for they could make a life here, forge alliances and build friendships, perhaps love, and for it all to be erased like it meant nothing. It was a chilling thought NIkola did not want to think about.

    Nikola was glad when she came closer. He always liked it when she stepped into his circumference. She did it so rarely, so wary that he might suddenly turn. Rome was an aberation in their relationship but it had twisted the threats of her relationship greatly. But the fraying edges were not beyond repair. Even now they were smoothing back and become whole again. And yet, no matter what he said or what he did to prove otherwise, and no matter what she claimed, the vampire was always there in her mind, a lingering shadow looming over them both. He had learned in time to love his dna but it had taken a long time for it.

    He had been instantly glad to be relieved of the hallucinations that often came upon him and the deepening udnerstanding of the world had certainly been nice. But it seemed even vampire genes had difficulty curing mental health when it came to abject loneliness and heartsickness. He had been fine at first, but over time, Nikola had become worn down by the weight of his heart until he was in a state of almost unrecognisability.

    ”I loved being a Pioneer,” he responded wistfully. ”Radar and radio, transistors and x-rays,” he said choosing to remember the good of it and not the murky crap that had come along with it. Nikola had believed all of the discovering, all of the new should be uncovered because it was there. Because it was waiting to be tapped. And this knowledge should be disseminated out to the masses so all may benefit. But the governments and corporations hadn’t been interested. Instead they did everything they could to crush his reputation and twist his inventions for their ill conceived wars. He had only stepped in in World War Two because Budapesht had been a right drag, and, well, Helen had given him that look that said her estimation of him would decrease greatly if he didn’t agree and reminded him that he didn’t approve of war. Then they had given him a nazi of a sidekick, the fascist little prick. And he had liked him. Genuinely. That further damaged Nikola’s ability to make new relationships. You never knew when there was a knife behind a smile.

    ”Yes you did get rather stiff and awkward around them whenever we met,” which had only been a couple of times and they had been most rude to him with their upper class disdain and pedigree righteousness. ”How scandalous you enjoyed kicking it back with the company of men instead, holding them captivated with your insightful discoveries,” English society had been so weird back then. Now no one would care if Helen ran with four boys and showed them all who was boss. ”Good thing I came along then isn’t it?” Nikola teased. More like stared at her in enchanted awe, but whatever. ”Whatever would you have done without me?”
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  12. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    She should have expected that answer from him, it wasn't a surprise. "I'm sure you would." Was all she said in response. Nikola compared the likeness of popular modern art to rap and sometimes that was what Helen felt like. People playing artists when they didn't truly grasp the concept of what art was. Art could come in many forms, even Helen could be called an artists in her craft. She was very elegant with the scalpel. "I'm still on the fence if I feel whoever started it and felt it was a good idea should be shot or not. We did have some horrible trends back in our own time. Though the youth were less likely to rebel because of social stigma. Still a woman standing on the steps of Oxford saying she was of equal standing to a male student might have been seen as just as intrusive."

    Every generations had their new thing, their new show of rebellion. Testing the older generations with things deemed unsuitable. Helen knew all too well because she had lived through all the trends and sometimes partook in most of them. "You know I had a tapestry with a Chinese dragon painted on it that was supposed to bring me good luck and fortune. I got it while in China overlooking the construction of the Sanctuary there. I don't think it's brought me the best of luck but then again I'm still alive aren't I?" They did have a creature in the Chinese Sanctuary that was a bit like their traditional dragon though she didn't fly. She had been found clutching her egg in her paw like the myth. A sad thought on the myth and taking the dragons 'pearl' or 'sphere' once you realized people were taking the eggs of mothers only to have them die and become decoration.

    Nikola put his jacket on her to keep her warm a gesture that actually made Helen step lightly from her comfort zone and kiss him on the check. Unlike John she didn't have to stand on her toes either since they were almost the same height. Helen was grateful at times for being a taller woman. When she had been younger it had been the bane of her youth. Tormented by other girls for being freakishly tall. "Thank you Nikola." Her eyes darting away quickly to observe the falling snow and catching a few flakes in her palm for a moment before they melted away under the heat of her touch.

    "You assume I don't have some sort of plan in place in the events we return home? I find it unlikely we would forget everything, it's possible but even so I have a plan around that." She had a plan for everything. She even had backup plans for her backup plans. It was hard to go to war with Helen. Somehow she always was ready for everything you threw at her and if she wasn't she adapted quickly. Wait until they all saw what she had planed now. The streets were getting much nicer now, breaking into large apartment buildings with baloney and a few smaller places already starting to get decorated for the holiday season.

    Reminiscing on being a pioneer, Helen had loved it too but she knew she still remained one. Nikola was no different. "Nikola, you still are a pioneer. You always will be." Her attention turned to some of the other buildings in the area, studying it and trying to get a basic layout despite the fact the layout would change. "I'd imagine that without you my life would have been rather mundane. What would I do with all my free time? Take up fencing? Oh, though I've already taken that up before, long ago. So long ago now I don't even know I remember it." It wasn't too relevant anymore anyways though it could come in handy here in Pandora.

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  13. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Helen, again, had not told him to stop flirting. You could say this was her way of flirting back. It really only encouraged him when she did this. And when she refused. And when she told him to stop. Whenever she spoke, in fact. If Nikola happened to back down because she wanted it, they both knew this was only a temporary retreat because he respected her too much not to comply with her wishes when she had made them so clear. Helen was a sexy, attractive woman though, and he just couldn’t help but make his feelings known. Tesla could be playful with others too, but only if they were interesting enough, and that like, never happened. The last person was during his exile but she had died rather suddenly which had rather put an end to his humorous mood for a time.

    Ahhhh and we’re back to the crimson dress. He had had dreams about the crimson dress on the rare occasions he actually got sleep. Chronic lack of sleep was an issue back when he was plighted with humanity, but now, now he didn’t need to worry about that at all. His vampire genes swept up the crap and deposited it elsewhere. There had been a few moments back during his isolation period where even his genes had found it difficult to fight off his mild mental instability but it hadn’t hampered him in any way. And it was all gone now. She was walking dangerous ground by bringing up that dress. Hadn’t he already mentioned he thought it was one of the best images ever? ”I thought it was beautiful,” he said trying hard not to sound dreamy and perhaps failing a little. ”But you are right. The youth of today could use a good smack,” he said. Preferably with a cane.

    There’s a sanctuary in China? Hm. Oh yeah. Something jangled at the back of his brain about another asian settled Sanctuary. ”Doesn’t the chinese sanctuary more or less take care of itself?” Nikola asked. He would consider that good fortune. One less establishment to worry about and all that. The Chinese were very good with routines. Orders. That sort of thing.

    Nikola would be absolutely lying if he said his cheek was not tingling from the touch of Helen’s lips on his cheek. He gave her a curious look and a soft grin as she avoided his gaze. He too, said nothing. It was too sweet, too affectionate to be tainted with layers of flirting or quips, or witty comments. Their entire relationship was dotted with these moments that confused Nikola to no end. He hoped one day to clear them up but was too frightened to talk about it lest he should scare these rare instances completely down the rabbit hole. He wanted more of them, not less. ”You’re welcome,” he said.

    ”But it’s not the same,” Nikola said. ”No one gets the same recognition any more and they recognise people for stupid things. Like Apple. It’s a glorified technical service. They make the same thing in different sizes and call it innovation and get hailed for their genius,” Nikola shuddered. ”I know,” he agreed. ”How would you cope? You’d have to play chess with Protege,” who didn’t seem like he’d be very fun to play with. He’d seen Watson lose because he overanalysed. Nikola made a face as though the thought were the most unappealing thing. ”Don’t take up chess Helen,” he requested.
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  14. Helen Magnus

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    She furrowed her brow as she looked at him reminisce about her time back in Oxford, that first day he had met her. What was it about that red dress he loved so much? When he had almost died in Afina's tomb Nikola had brought it back up in great detail. The lack of blood and pain putting him in a delirious state and why that moment of all moments to remember or bring up when he might have very well made those the last words he ever said. Helen had lost the Japanese Sanctuary during the attack on the Cabal but the Chinese Sanctuary had been just as badly damaged. "Well, it went through repair after the Cabal started attacking Sanctuaries. I don't get too many troubles with it minus government problems but it's considered an embassy."

    It was the only way they could do their work without the Chinese government attempting to take it over. "No, it isn't like the good old days where your name shows up in text books. You just have your papers published and put into online sources where only the scientific community pays them any attention but we shouldn't do it for the recognition alone Nikola." Helen had never been in it to be known. She was well known certainly but as said, her papers more or less only became the subject of the scientific community anymore rather than people whispering her name on the streets. She preferred it that way too. Of course she still got the youths trying to break into the Sanctuary every year around Halloween saying it was haunted or some other nonesence.

    She laughed when he told her not to take up chess. "I don't think I've ever had time to play the actual game, it's just my life in general and everyone is trying to take out the queen." Of course she was referring to herself in that instance. Helen had a target on her back, she wasn't naive about it. If someone wanted to bring down the Sanctuary they knew they had to take out Helen. That was the nice thing about Pandora, she didn't have a target on her back here. "You know, this might be the first time in decades that I can get any decent sleep at night now. I don't have a Sanctuary Network to run, I don't have droves of people wanting me to fix their problems, and for the first time in a long time nobody wants me dead."

    Her attention flickered back over to Nikola. "Unless you want me dead, then I'll have to sleep extra light." She joked knowing it wasn't much of a joke. Helen was a light sleeper out of necessity. She had horrible insomnia and once she did get to sleep she had trouble staying asleep. Even the slightest sound outside her door would wake her or the lightest touch on her bed would startle her awake. It had made Ashley sneaking into her bedroom when she was very young easy. Helen almost was always awake the moment she got to her door. Of course there was also a good reason Helen slept with a gun under her pillow. That would be interesting for Nikola, again.

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  15. Nikola Tesla

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    Standing Resolute With You

    Equal Measure Loved and Hated

    Nikola could not explain what it was about the dress. Perhaps it was sentiment. Certainly, at the time, it had been lust at first sight. Sure, the saying was ‘love’ but how could you love someone based on looks? Even Nikola wasn’t that superficial. No. He could admit it was lust at first sight and the rest followed from there. She had stood out, vibrant, in a world that was strict and rules rules rules, breaking and bending them to her will. She had defied expectations and held herself with confidence. She...had been the only person to continue smiling at him when she realised he wasn’t a proper little English boy and certainly didn’t switch to patronisation. He may have built that moment up in his head, shrouding it in an angelic light as though she had come to his rescue. Maybe she had. The world was a dark place and so was his heart at time but Helen had left little seeds that grew into glowing swirls. It was her influence that meant even when he was losing himself there was always a hope of pulling him back.

    ”Politicians are what is wrong with the world,” he commented. NOt just those working on politics of course, there were many other things wrong with the world: greed, profit from poverty, poverty, discrimination, racism, fascism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, already he had worked up quite a list that should never have existed in the first place. But those in charge were perpetuating the stigmas so many had to face because changing the status quo was scary. The future could be frightening place but all the more reason to embrace it. Be proactive! Too many people waited for the bad stuff to happen before thinking about what should be done to fix a problem they already knew was coming.

    And here was another indicator that Helen assumed she knew him better than she actually did. They were talking about recognition and pioneering and the glory days of discovery and here she was chastising him for doing the glory, the fame, the praise. Which by the way, he rarely got, and it was almost always decades after he actually made the thing known in the first place. And yet he had never stopped working. Nikola gave her a funny look. ”I never did,” he replied slowly. He didn’t recall people chanting his name out of kindness. It had been damn hard. He guessed she didn’t actually know the extent of it. He made a good show of having money at times but he struggled to get funds more than he let on. There were whole periods where he couldn’t make any of his thoughts because he didn’t have the resources to do it and he’d forget and have to discover it all over again. ”I don’t recall much glory,” he said. ”Notoriety, yes, but that hadn’t been my doing,” he added. That had been Edison. Thanks a bunch.

    ”Well that’s silly,” he commented. ”The queen is the most agile piece on the board,” and she was very agile indeed. He bet she was flexible too. Really. Supple. Gutter. Mind. Not the time Tesla. Maybe later.

    Nikola frowned, the mood downed in ice. ”Rome again,” he muttered. He wasn’t sure either of them were ready for him to explain what happened. Not that he was sure she’d believe it anyhow. John had always made excuses and Nikola desperately didn’t want to be comapred to him so he kept his mouth shut. It was done. Words couldn’t make it better.

    Actions speak louder than words.

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  16. Helen Magnus

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    "It's more than politics Nikola." Helen pointed out. "Though I am no fan of the political field myself. I've played it enough for five lifetimes. "I'm not talking about you in general, I'm referring to all scientists and since glory and fame has never been in your cards it shouldn't be too difficult to continue advancing your work into the modern age. Certainly you have the petty investors like Edison who still take the idea's of others and profit off them and become some sort of modern hero but they aren't really the people changing the world." More so just providing entertainment like Facebook. It was superficial because they were incapable of changing the world, they didn't have the creativity to do it. They also didn't have the dedication either. She had met plenty of people wanting her job and none of them were able to actually do it because what Helen did was nearly impossible if you were not willing to lose everything you had for it.

    "Why would you think I would compare myself the queen piece? Not only that but if you take her the game is done, it's over, it's lost." Helen was much the same way, you took her out the the Sanctuary was gone, over, done. That was why she had brought Will into the fold and started grooming him to take her place. He exceeded her expectations but Helen knew he still wasn't ready to run the Sanctuary if something happened to her. He couldn't make the hard choices and at times Helen wondered if he had what it took to go the distance with her work. It was in him but not in the degree it had been in Helen at his age. She had a protege but in truth she didn't really have an heir. There would never be another Helen Magnus, she had to accept that and therefore she had to put the faith in someone else capable hands. That they wouldn't be like her but that they could still continue her work and accomplish something of their own.

    "No, this isn't about Rome though Rome but even you said we all hurt the ones we love. If what you said in Rome was true I suppose I can expect you to hurt me." Helen didn't take his word for it however. When she had brought it back up to him again in Rome that he had confessed his love for her he asked again if he had said that before telling her it wasn't going to work out and perhaps he was right. It wouldn't work out. Helen felt it had been manipulation on his part. Using their back and forth relationship, those years of flirting, Vienna, there was so much to go off of and make it seem possible. Of course Helen wouldn't bring it up because neither of them wanted to get into that conversation. They couldn't without someone getting hurt and at times Helen feared she would be the one getting hurt.

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  17. Nikola Tesla

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    Standing Resolute With You

    Equal Measure Loved and Hated

    ”Being officially dead isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” he said. ”I know I make it look like it’s a cakewalk but really, I don’t recommend you declaring to the world that you’re dead,” Nikola said, thought he supposed it was easier when you had tons of cash and weren’t a world famous scientist. Not that Helen was renowned, but you couldn’t walk into a household and hear people speak about her. Certain circles knew of her and others could find out if you knew where to look but the average joe wasn’t going to know her from Adam. ”It certainly puts a crimp in my style,” he complained. ”Still it had to happen sometime I guess. No one lives forever,” he gave her a sardonic smile. If things went according to plan they’d both live for eons. It was in their best interests that when they fought they left each other an opening for forgiveness.

    Could you imagine it? A world where you knew there was one other immortal, and they hated your guts? Facing eternity without a partner was hard enough without being utterly alone.

    ”Humanity doesn’t understand invention anymore,” he said. ”Unless it’s the Higgs-Boson particle. Now that caught a lot of attention,” he mused. Nikola tilted his head. ”Of course they thought the world was going to implode and when it didn’t everyone basically moved on,” The science of it had been incidental to the whole impending doom thing. Shame. Everyone’s focus should have been on the particles not the big boom. If the world went boom it went boom. No use dwelling on it.

    Really? She didn’t know why? Or she just wanted his take on it? Nikola couldn’t decide which it was and didn’t care either way. She was the most important player in the Sanctuary, and whether she realised it or not, in his own strange little world. Then there was the world in general, who owed Helen Magnus more than it would ever realise. Revolutionary medicines? Where did you think that came from? The ether? ”The rest of the pieces exist because of the Queen,” he retorted. ”And she’s the most agile, sophisticated piece on the board,” Nikola continued. ”She can do anything but is bound by the rules of others but that doesn’t mean she’s not clever enough to get around them. She’s graceful enough never to be placed in a trap in the first place,” the King however. The King was as dumb as a plank.

    Helen wasn’t paying enough attention. There was surely a reason Nikola continued to bring up Rome. It was because he was ashamed. It bothered him. What he had done, it hadn’t sat well with him. It never will. That he told her the truth, he didn’t regret that, only the look on her face. And really, what was he going to say to ‘You said you loved me’ after setting those stupid tree stumps on her? ‘I do?’ Surely that was worse than leading her to believe it was all a manpulation? I love you, but I’ll still kill you if you don’t bend to my wishes? I’m no better than John? What does it matter if I love you if you don’t do as you’re told? No no. No.

    ”Helen-” but he didn’t know how to continue. He froze. If he said it, it would be out there and. And. She might break his heart. More than she had done so already. He had learned to live with that ache, but a new one? Like the one Rome had blossomed into? There’d be no turning back and. And then it’d truly be over. ”We’re here,” he motioned after a moment’s hesitation.

    I love you.

    I’m sorry.

    But it all sounded so weak in the face of it, and so he let the moment slip away.

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  18. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    "Actually dying isn't fun either." Helen pointed out. "But I don't think I'll have to pretend to be dead anytime soon." The irony of that comment was lost on Helen so far. If only she knew what she would have to pull off down the line to make the Sanctuary safe again from government interference. "I don't know Nikola I think you still have fantastic style." She pointed out to him, maybe he couldn't run around saying he was a vampire and Nikola Tesla but there were still circles in which people would hire him. Not only that but here in Pandora it was easier for Nikola to be honest about who and what he was at least. "If only people knew the truth, some of us come with a longer life expectancy than even we expected." Helen hadn't been born thinking she would live to be 272 years old and Nikola certainly hadn't been born thinking he would become a vampire.

    "They cared about it for the same reason they make a dramatic event every year claiming the end of the world. Everyone likes to imagine it's the end to keep life interesting and everyone still fears the unknown." Helen was starting to lose track of how often people screamed about the end of the world at this point. Nobody had actually faced the dangers that could actually end it. Luckily for them there were people like Helen out there working to save the world rather than fret over the end of it. From the way Nikola spoke he almost made her sound important. Helen was she supposed, without her there wasn't a Sanctuary. "Well, well, well, you make her sound so important, even if she is still just another piece in a larger game." Helen paused, looking off in the distance for a while. "I never asked to be viewed the way I am, as the one who has to fix all the problems of the world. People clawing at me and begging for my attention, to have the answer for every question. It gets so tiring but at the end of the day someone has to do it, don't they. Anyone else would run from it, go mad, I guess it's up to me."

    Helen didn't have regret for what she was doing, she wouldn't give it up but nobody could ever understand what she went through even on a daily basis. They took it all for granted, Will most of all who commented on how stressful his life could be without even thinking of what Helen went through. Even behind the scenes it was constant. She let out a little sigh, there would never be a day when the world didn't need her, she had to keep it up, she wasn't allowed breakdowns or a moment of weakness when she was the pillar holding them all up. Helen had told him that after Ashley had died. That moment she should have been allowed to break down but she couldn't.

    Nikola wanted to say something, when he called her name she looked at him, willing to listen to him for once and truly listen. It was the sound in his voice, that feeling he had something important to say but then there was silence. Nikola told her that they had arrived to their destination. "Well, right. Lovely place." She commented looking at the outside of the building. "You were so worried I would think it wasn't good enough? It's hardly a bad apartment complex Nikola."

  19. Nikola Tesla

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    Standing Resolute With You

    Equal Measure Loved and Hated

    Nikola really wished she would stop talking about dying and things. This was not making his heart feel any better. In fact she was making him a little bit anxious with all this talk of death. Helen wasn’t allowed to die and she damn well knew it so should stop bringing it up every five seconds! Still, he preened easily at her complement of having style. That he did. He was an awesome guy really, with flair and flamboyance and dramaticisms. It wasn’t for everyone but he didn’t care what they thought. Only her. ”I knew you’d noticed,” he replied happily.

    ”Ugh,” he complained. ”It’s so very pedestrian,” he continued. ”At least the scientists involved understood the significance of what they were doing. The scientific community too, should have paid more attention,” he felt. It wasn’t that they hadn’t paid attention but there was also sorts of religions and moral rubbish thrown in. Was it morally wrong to investigate it? No. It was science. It was physics. For all they knew the Lord was a being from another dimension. What was so wrong with that? Still made him God. Still made him all powerful. But he had to be some kind of alive entity. ”If they start talking about ressurections and the like…” Nikola shook his head. He wasn’t religious but he believed in God, but still. He drew the line across certain aspects.

    Nikola thought Helen was being a little naive, and this was coming from someone who often was without realising it himself. ”You’re the one who put yourself in that position when you took on the Sanctuary Network,” he pointed out. ”You have a head for business and a sense for intuition which is oddly omnipotent,” he continued. ”And with your experience you happen to be the one with all the answers. Is it really a surprise you’re he one everyone turns to?” Nikola asked. She oozed confidence and she was older than everyone else: of course she was the one with all the know-how especially now. He shrugged. ”You’re the one who wanted to save all the Abnormals. Tag, you’re it,”

    Nikola nodded not stating he owned the entire property and it was a house. It just had a certain look to it. ”I’ll get you keys cut tomorrow,” he stated. She may not be staying forever, but she’d still need keys even for a short while and he found he didn’t mind if she still had the ability to come and go as she pleased after she moved out. If she moved out. If.

    Maybe he’d be able to convince her to stay.

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    "Nikola, I've always noticed, what woman hasn't?" It was the truth, at least for women with good tastes. Nikola was horribly dashing, it should have been illegal for someone to be so damn charming and with such a nice sense of fashion. If it wasn't for his ego and arrogance he could sometimes have he wouldn't have been single all his life. Then again you could say that regardless. He'd had so many women after him in their time at Oxford, women so willing to throw it all away for him and he had just brushed them off. In all those years he honestly hadn't found a single one he was willing to settle down with? James had joked once that perhaps Tesla wasn't interested in women which was why he remained single but Helen knew full well he was interested in women. She'd just never told James about that time together. It was bad enough James got tense enough with John in France, if he knew about Tesla too he might have keeled over.

    A little smirk came to her when he had pointed out she had been the one who had taken up the position as Head of the Sanctuary Network. She should have known this would come and to a degree Helen had. "No, I suppose you are right, maybe in all this time I should have kept to every seven taking a week long vacation. I just ran out of time to take time off for myself and it build up so quickly." The stress of running the Sanctuary, she would never give it up but it had taken it's toll on her after Ashley's death and it had been ten times that after her travel back in time. There hadn't been a day Helen had given herself rest despite James telling her she would have a chance for a 113 year long vacation. Then again he had known well Helen couldn't just sit by for that long. Helen Magnus do utterly nothing for 113 years? "Someone had to continue my fathers work, I'm the only one who could have done that. He raised me to be too much like him and I'm glad of that."

    As they walked up to his home Nikola informed her he would get her copy of the keys cut tomorrow. "Thank you Nikola, again, for everything. Being here in Pandora, it isn't easy for me. Without my Sanctuary, without my connections, without my friends, I'm lucky at least to have found someone in this mess. After all maybe the Sanctuary is weakened without me but at the same time I'm just as weak without it. What's my purpose in the world without the Sanctuary anymore? It's been such a large part of my life for so long, for lifetimes, what do I do without it?" That had been her question since coming to Pandora. Who was she without her Sanctuary? Was she still Helen Magnus, did she still have meaning and purpose? A reason to be? Helen followed him up the stairs knowing her world would always need the Sanctuary. As much as she had fought to change that. Did this place need the Sanctuary and if not then what? She fades away?