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Akechi, Goro

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Goro Akechi, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Goro Akechi

    Goro Akechi Persona

    Goro Akechi
    I was born a cursed child...

    Played by Gabe

    Fandom: Persona 5
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Right before death
    NPC Companions: Persona: Robin hood, which transforms into Persona: Loki


    Special Abilities+Enchanced Physiology: like many persona-users Akechi possesses an overall greatly enchanced physiology over normal untrained human beings. Akechi is capable of a tremendous number of feats such as leaping large distances, surviving very large falls that would kill an ordinary person, moving at blurringly fast speeds over short distances and having greatly enchanced senses are some of the specific traits granted by his power.

    Combat Compitence: As part of his alterations by his persona that allow him to fight, Goro is fairly skilled at hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms and extremely skilled in the use of a sword. While he won't beat out someone with much higher training, experience or strength in terms of raw numbers he is still a competent opponent and a dangerous threat.

    +Ace detective/Teenage genius: Akechi is an incredibly intelligent individual whose talents focus on being a detective. As a result, he possesses incredible observational skill and insight that make him a formidable investigator. This compounds his naturally sharp and tactical mind that gives him good situational awareness and the ability to adjust to situations on the fly. A well studied student and quick learner Goro is also attempting to broaden his knowledge into a variety of subjects that would help strengthen his skill as a detective, though his general knowledge is only very learned at best and he lacks knowledge in more exotic subjects that he could not have known from his time on earth.

    +"Wild card" persona user/power of cognition*: Goro Akechi has the power of a Persona: the ability to manifest ones mental power as a physical manifestation of might controlled by Akechi's mind. Combined with the fact that he has the unique power of the "wild card" that gives him enchanced persona powers Akechi is a unique and powerful individual. Goro is capable of summoning one of two persona at a time: Robin Hood (his basic persona) and Loki (A far more powerful dark persona that corrupts Goro and overwrites Robin Hood when summoned).

    Goro is also capable of using his powers of "cognition" in a very useful twofold manner. First, Akechi is capable of transforming normally harmless items into deadlier real versions of themselves based on how real they look. An example being the ability to turn a realistic-looking toy of a gun into a real version of that gun. Secondly he is capable of summoning/unsummoning a small number of base weapons and specialized clothing to suit his needs. Akechi is also capable of creating ammo, but in a much more limited capacity.

    *Note: Goro's basic loadout is in his equipment section

    +Psychosis Breakdown Induction/Control**: Part of Akechi's persona abilities involve a terrible power he was given as part of his persona. This power effectively allows Akechi to sever an individual's connections to their own "heart" (IE their mind and morality) causing the individuals to temporarily lose their mind. The result is that the afflicted are either driven either into a psychotic rage or dominated by Akeichi's power, allowing him to indirectly control them through loose commands. As a side effect, beings turned psychotic by this ability gain a massive boost in their physical abilities due to effectively being "de-limited" by the normal mental inhibitors that keep a being in check.

    Perhaps the most horrific use of Akechi utilizing such an ability is when he uses it not on others, but himself. By using it on himself Akechi enters a rage induced berserk state, forcibly awakening his Loki persona and changing his appearance into that of his "black mask" armor. In this state his physical abilities are multiplied by about 2.5x, but Akechi's body cannot handle such a state and will take damage the longer he is in it.

    Passively, this ability seems to negate attempts to alter Goro's mind and perception, making psychic attacks or mind-altering agents of any form very ineffective against Akechi.

    **Note: to be used on player character or essential NPC, requires permission of that character's player.

    +Ray Sword: A very elaborate model energy sword aquired in pandora transformed into a deadly laser sword by the power of cognition. Cuts with both a blade of energy and extreme temperatures. Can be summoned and unsummoned with the power of cognition.

    +Raygun: An elaborate model raygun aquired in Pandora. fires heated lasers contained in magnetic force, resulting in a high degree of piercing/impact damage and extreme temperature damage. Can be summoned and unsummoned at will through the power of cognition.

    P230 w/ silencer attachment: A small and versatile 9mm handgun brought with him into pandora. Used with an optional silencer, it is ideal for discrete encounters and brings back terrible dark secrets for Akechi. Can be summoned and unsummoned through the power of cognition

    +Crow Uniform: A sturdy and rather bright uniform with a unique, beak-like mask. Allows Akechi to disguise himself under his alias as "Crow". Can be summoed and unsummoned at will through the power of cognition

    +Armored Uniform: An armored uniform based on a secret agency conspiracy theory back home. Brought into existence by Akechi's congition it is very protective, durable and flexible. Can be summoned and unsummoned at will through the power of cognition.

    +Black Mask Armor: A uniform filled with evil distored desires. Its strange design is heavy, but is flexible and provides a tremendous level of protection. Can be summoned and unsummoned ONLY when the persona Loki is active.

    NPC's Abilities
    Persona: Robin Hood / Loki: Akechi is capable of utilizing the power of persona to manifest a powerful psychic manifestation to aid him. Akechi's most frequently used persona is that of Robin hood: a strong persona capable of long-ranged attacks with giant arrows as a medium for its skills/abilities. Robin Hood can use the following magic "spells" as abilities (and is capable of learning more through Akechi learning them):

    Megaton Raid: Robin Hood is capable of striking or firing an arrow with a technique called Megaton Raid, which causes the impact of an attack to multiply to strike with severely powerful (mostly blunt) physical force.

    Light Spells: Robin Hood is capable of using raw light energy to attack with simple (but effective) light-based spells. Can target a single target or multiple targets with light to heavy damage.

    Dark Spells: Robin Hood is capable of using raw dark energy to attack with simple (but effective) dark-based spells. Can target a single target or multiple targets with light to heavy damage.

    Megido spells: Robin Hood is capable of utilizing a powerful "almighty" energy to attack with powerful non elemental energy. This is capable of not only striking one or multiple targets, but affecting a large area (about 20 meters) with devastating magical force. Akechi can control if this force affects structures or not.

    Heat Riser: Temporarily increases a single target's overall abilities by 25%

    Debilitate: A spell that, when cast, attempts to reduce a single target's overall abilities by roughly 25%. Slow, but can be a powerful tool when used correctly.

    In truth however, Robin Hood is simply a vessel. A disguise for a far stronger and darker persona known as Loki. Loki swaps out the use of a bow for a sinister red energy blade. Aside from being overall stronger than Robin Hood, Loki can also utlize its skills as well as several more:

    Brave Blade: Swing a weapon to generate a lightning-fast slice of physical force with extreme reach and cutting/impacting force.

    Deathbound: Emit a wave of physical force from ones body, striking around oneself in a orb-like blast with heavy physical force.

    Tetrakarn: Erects a short-duration barrier that completely surrounds a target, repelling/parrying physical force. good for a parry, but won't last long and can't repel extended attacks. Some physical attacks of extreme force may simply bypass the barrier altogether. Magic cuts through it, and can't be up at the same time as Makarakarn.

    Makarakarn: Erects a short-duration barrier that completely surrounds a target, repelling/parrying magical force. good for a parry, but won't last long and can't repel extended attacks. Some physical attacks of extreme force may simply bypass the barrier altogether. Repels many magics, but more exotic magics will pass through it unfettered. physical force cuts through it, and can't be up at the same time as Tetarakarn.

    Dekaja: Negates enhancing magic effects on a number of targets.

    Dekunda: Negates debilitating magic effects on single or multiple targets

    Laevatainn: Named after Loki's sinister sword. Attacks a single target with a devastating sword attack of non-elemental "almighty" energy (akin to the megido series). Meant for a single target, but the attack gives Loki's blade a massive 15ft reach, enabling it to strike others closeby.


    -Psychosis Breakdown Induction/Control limitations: Despite being able to control a huge variety of beings, there are some limitations to this ability. Firstly, the effect was designed to be used on sentient beings (IE humans) and has reduced results against non-sentient beings such as animals. Secondly, Due to the complex nature of inducing such a state, Akechi can only use this ability on a few individuals at once (roughtly 4 or 5) before his ability to keep the state going falters. Thirdly, any individuals with powerful mental abilities (IE psychics) or magical defenses can defend themselves very effectively against this power and if they are skilled enough even cure other individuals of it.

    -Cognition Weakening: Using magic, its possible to weaken Goro's abilty to manipulate his cognition, weakening the effectiveness of his weapons and making it more difficult for him to summon them at will.

    -Persona limitations: Akechi's persona are not indestructible. In fact they are far from it. While tough they are able to be hit by any kind of damage, and Robin Hood in particular is extremely vulnerable to dark-based energy. As a result of this, strong enough dark based damage may simply one shot Robin Hood and temporarily destroy it. Destroyed persona are not gone permanently, but would very much adversely affect Akechi's physical performance. Also Akechi's persona are relatively short range, meaning they cannot go more than 5 to 10 meters from him.

    -Persona Magic/Skill Limitations: Not only is Akechi's magic very strict in that each spell has specific effects, but all of his magic originates and is casted using a persona as their medium. As a result, should any ability debilitate or affect his persona then Akechi's magical ability will suffer as well. Destroying a persona would also temporarily negate Akechi's ability to cast magic.


    On the outside, Goro Akechi is a boy who strives to be an intellectual as well as being a detective. To that end he is someone who conciously and unconciously strives to show the world just how smart he is: from his language to his observations everything that this boy does is done for a specific reason. While attempting to dull this somewhat with his (often corny) sense of humor it is easy for a very observant person to note that Akechi has a strong desire to control everything about himself. This can be seen as somewhat normal thing for some teenagers as they try to make themselves known in the world.

    What is not normal is the truth behind Akechi's behavior. A truth he keeps a very closely guarded secret.

    In reality Akechi is driven by a deep distorted obsession that even he is aware of. The young has a deep-set feeling of being worthless and as a result believes that he must drive himself to the point of perfection all for the goal of being wanted by others. To the unconscious desires of Akechi, him being loved by others is a zero sum in which he is loved and desired or hated and shunned.

    This perception of the world shaped Akechi to secretly be a very cynical individual. It filled him with an incredible animosity for society and how it is shaped, even driving him so far as to wanting it to be destroyed. It was this mixed with his unnatural hunger to be wanted and inability to accept himself for what he was that drove him to commit truly terrible deeds back home. Coming to Pandora and seeing new possiblities in a new world culled that, but also instilled upon him yet another fear that consumed him.

    What if someone found out the truth? What if someone from back home recognized him, and outed him for his crimes? even with no evidence that would have eliminated any home Akechi had of being accepted and wanted. He would be labeled a criminal and have his dreams of being wanted crushed aside once again. As a result a certain paranoia has fallen upon the young man as he works in the shadows, looking to destroy or silence anything that would connect him to his true past...

    A past he desperately struggles to forget.



    In a way, Goro Akechi's history is so tragic that it boarders on farce, even to him. As the young man himself put it his very existence was "a scandal". Born as the result of an affair between the corrupt politician Shido Matsuyoshi and an unknown woman whose looks caught the politician's eye, it was clear even before Akechi was born that he would be growing up without a father. Shido had no intention of ever even acknowledging the child's existence, as doing so jeopardized the one thing that the politician cared about above all else: power.

    So as a result, Akechi was raised by his mother for several years until she passed away from disease (a fact that Akechi blamed himself for). As a result Akechi was sent into foster care. He continued to grow up, knowing the truth of who his father was yet having no means extracting his vengeance upon the man who sired him. So instead the young boy drowned himself in his studies, and became fascinated with the idea of becoming an ace detective. Time passed in an uneventful manner...

    Until one day, Goro awakened to his "powers". The powers of the cognitive world. Distored by his youth and his desire to exact vengeance upon his father, the young man managed to meet Shido by chance and convince him of his powers and abilities. Goro then became an instrumental part of Shido's plan to ascend the political ladder and become an absolute ruler.

    But Akechi's plan was far different from his fathers. He was only helping his father as a means to an end. He wanted to let his father ascend to his desired position as prime minister...So that he could then cast him into the abyss with his own powers. Akechi committed crime after crime in secret to help further his father's goal, drawing closer and closer to his desired day of vengence.

    Until the phantom theives showed up.

    A group of ragtag rebels with a similar power to Akechi's, they quickly became a nuisance and eventually a threat when they began to draw closer to the truth. To bring an end to them, Akechi then set up a devious trap by forcing himself among their ranks with blackmail before setting up their leader to be assassinated as a means of taking the fall for Akechi's very own crimes.

    Goro underestimated them, and unfortunately the phantom theives got the upper hand as they turned their sights on Shido as a means to bring him to justice. Unable to accept anything less than Shido falling before his hands, Akechi confronted the phantom thieves in battle...And lost. Ultimately realizing just how close he had grown in the short amount of time he had spent with them, Akechi then sacrificed himself to stop Shido's defense against his own son: a sinister copy of Goro Akechi himself.

    As Akechi thought he would finally feel peace in his sacrifice to save another, he felt himself pulled away into the darkness of the cognitive world. When he awoke he found himself in a world he could not imagine...

    And realized his journey was far from over.


    ...Was this real?

    The last thing Akechi remembered was being back on the ship that was Shido's palace. He remembered the steel walls that closed in around him, the shadows that had surrounded him and the smell of gunpowder that hung in the air. All of those things were only fleeting as he remembered the one thing that stuck in his mind above all else: the feeling of a bullet cutting through his damaged armor and into his chest. A bullet that the young man was sure had to be fatal.

    Yet here he was. Sitting in a medical bunk of some kind of refugee camp (at least he thought it was) very much alive with a bullet-shaped injury square in the center of his chest. He should have been dead. It should have been over.

    But yet again he reminded himself he wasn't dead, and it wasn't over.

    When a nurse came by to change his bandages Akechi was once again reminded how different this place was. While nurses seemed to be just as attractive as they were back home, there seemed to be so much different even about the little things. Clothing, tools, food. Even the bunks were different and strange as Akechi swore he saw the medical bunk next to his literally adjust itself with no input from anyone whatsoever. Was it some kind of new mechanism? Was it haunted? Akechi really hoped not. Despite not being afraid of them (at least thats what he told himself) Akechi really hated ghosts.

    "T-thank you very much." Akechi said, awkwardly averting his gaze from the woman. He felt a bit out of place being treated by such a woman. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but he was just not quite used to that kind of treatment of any sort from an attractive woman (or nurse for that matter), well, ever.

    For being an ace detective he did realize that he had his shy moments.

    Still, that wasn't important right now. What was important was to figure out where this "pandora" place was and try to figure out how he got here. If he could figure that out, maybe there was time. Time to set things right. As he tried to stand up from the medical bunk and leave the room, Akechi was then suddenly mobbed by a nurse and what looked to be a very tough-looking guard of some kind who promptly put him right back into the bunk and told him he still needed to recover. When he responded that he was fine and wasn't hurting the nurse then informed him that it was because he was on enough opiods to make a dragon high. Not wanting to question how she knew anything about dragons taking opiods in front of the angry looking guard, Akechi meekly nodded before getting back under the covers.

    He hadn't given up yet though. He still had too much he needed to learn.

    And too much he needed to do.

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  2. Goro Akechi

    Goro Akechi Persona

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