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al'Meara, Nynaeve

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Nynaeve al'Meara, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Nynaeve al'Meara

    Nynaeve al'Meara The Wheel of Time

    Infirmary Head
    Cascade Bay
    Human - Aes Sedai
    Lawful Good
    "I will NOT apologise."

    Played by Keira

    Fandom: The Wheel of Time
    Age: 26 years old (27 in Pandora)
    Species: Human (Aes Sedai)
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Right after Moghedien sank her boat, when she's drowning


    As a former village Wisdom, Nynaeve has plenty of knowledge regarding herbs and how they can be used to heal. Though she no longer needs them, she still likes to keep a supply and regularly uses them to augment her Healing, just as she used to unknowingly augment the herbs with saidar before she learned she could channel. Another of her Talents as Wisdom is the fact that she can 'Listen to the Wind'. Nynaeve is able to predict the weather, rather accurately, and thus also predict how well crops will flourish or otherwise. Although practically all village Wisdoms in Nynaeve's home province of the Two Rivers claim to be able to Listen to the Wind, only those who can channel are truly able.

    As an only child, Nynaeve's father saw her as the son he never had, and taught her to track, hunt and fish. Her skills in the latter two are rather good for a woman, but her abilities in tracking are better than most men's.

    Special AbilitiesNynaeve is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, which straight out proclaims her greatest skill - Healing. With saidar - the female half of the One Power that keeps the world turning and everything alive - she can Heal any injury. In fact, she can Heal anything short of death itself, and her stubborn nature means that she is determined to even find out how to Heal someone from death. She's not yet found a way, but she has discovered the means to do things that no one, not even the best Healer from the Age of Legends, Semirhage, has ever managed.

    Her main use of Healing is, of course, Healing injuries and illnesses. By harnessing the Five Powers of the One Power (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit), she can both painlessly and harmlessly Delve into people's bodies (simply by using weaves of Spirit, no surgery required), to discover their ailments, and try to Heal what she finds.

    Nynaeve has recently invented new Healing weaves that remove many of the drawbacks and risks to the Healing used by other Aes Sedai. While typical Healing uses the patient's energy and can therefore run the risk of causing death by shock if the wound or illness is too severe, Nynaeve's new brand of Healing does not take energy from the patient at all, taking it entirely from Nynaeve and the power she wields. This does come with the downside of making Healing a bit more energy intensive for Nynaeve, but this drawback is ultimately more desirable than the alternative she had working with, since it means her patients are no longer required to eat vast amounts of food to regain their strength, nor do they face the risk of dying while being Healed. Nynaeve can Heal all wounds and illnesses at varying degrees of risk to her own energy.

    In terms of the One Power, Nynaeve is one of the strongest female channellers to have been born in the past three thousand years, and the strongest of the Aes Sedai. Nynaeve is a formidable opponent in combat, preferring to strike with lightning (as expected, these weaves cannot be used except underneath an open sky) and fireballs (which will cause the ground they hit to explode within a 2 foot radius) with a speed many would envy. She can also weave flows of Earth that can cause a small explosion in the ground that will severely damage anything in a ten foot radius and do reasonable damage for up to thirty feet. She is not one to use these weaves easily, but she will bite back if pushed. Despite this, she is still very rough around the edges in the use of her power, as she has had very little actual training. Nynaeve is a very quick learner though, with a memory that allows her to perform complicated weaves after seeing them only once.

    She is also capable of weaving gateways, which are essentially rips in the air that lead to another location. These gateways cannot lead anywhere outside of Pandora and if an attempt is made to open them outside the wall, they simply will not open. The edges of gateways are razor sharp, slicing through whatever may be on the spot that they open, or within them when they close, so caution is advised when around them.

    Other things Nynaeve can do with the One Power are: using weaves of Air to bind, lift, and move objects up to the weight of 200lbs (she cannot do this to herself); use saidar to disguise and change any element of her appearance, and make herself invisible. She can also Ward areas, making anyone outside the weave's area unable to see or hear whatever's going on inside.

    She also has the knowledge of how to bond someone as her Warder - this weave will connect a person (or more than one) to her mentally, allowing her to sense their emotions and, roughly, their location. The bonded person will gain enhanced stamina alongside also being able to sense her emotions and location. Bonding a Warder comes with downsides - if her Warder dies, Nynaeve will fall into a terrible depression, but if she dies, her Warder will fall into a crazed bloodlust for vengeance, and do whatever he or she can do to avenge her death, generally resulting in the death of the Warder as well.


    Despite Nynaeve's exceptional skill with Healing, the major flaw to it is the basic law that not even Nynaeve can ever hope to change - channellers can not Heal themselves. Whereas Nynaeve can save others from the brink of death, it is simply impossible for her to do the same to herself. If she were to be injured with no one around to care for her, she would die exactly as a standard human would.

    As much as saidar is a wonderful thing for channellers, it also holds peril for those who wield it. There is an addicting joy to drawing on saidar, that makes the woman want to keep drawing as much of it as she can into her. This is highly dangerous - the more saidar a woman holds, the more pain flows through the bliss, and the higher the risk becomes that she will either become burnt out (lose the ability to channel forever), or even die. Nynaeve must carefully monitor how much of saidar she holds at any one time. It is also not only Healing weaves that cost energy. Every weave that Nynaeve casts has an energy cost, and the more she channels, the more tired she will get. For example, if she opens a large gateway, or holds one open for a while, her energy will be leeched until eventually she risks losing consciousness.

    As well as her temperament, Nynaeve is very impatient, and often finds it difficult to concentrate or keep herself calm, which is a key element to successfully channelling saidar. Losing her cool (which happens a lot over the smallest things) or being distracted can cause her to lose grasp of the flow that she is weaving, so that she has to do it again. Another weakness, this one personal to Nynaeve, is her fiesty, reckless attitude. She can fail to consider consequences and end up putting either herself, or others, in danger.

    If someone holds an object made with the One Power called a ter'angreal that has been specifically created to melt flows, they will be completely immunised against saidar for as long as they hold the ter'angreal.

    Despite her skills with the One Power, Nynaeve is still just human, and can take a mortal wound as easily as any other. Although she can defend herself with the Power, she has no skills with any weaponry, and if her ability to use saidar is crippled, she will have little left to protect herself. Nor can she heal herself if she is injured. She is also still mortal, though her usage of the One Power drastically elongates her lifespan, and 'slows' her physical aging, leading to her looking rather younger than her 26 years.


    How could one describe Nynaeve? Headstrong, determined, stubborn, highly opinionated... She's a woman who might seem nothing but an irritation, but she has a heart of gold and cares for everyone unless she truly feels they don't deserve it.

    She has a certain grace and elegance about her, but in the way that all Aes Sedai - women who can channel who are bound to and trained in the White Tower - do; the ability to remain straight-backed and confident through everything. Unlike Aes Sedai though, Nynaeve regularly has trouble with the 'consistently calm exterior' that is expected of women who wear the shawl of the White Tower. She has a fiery temper that can flare up unexpectedly, though you can easily see when it's beginning to smoulder when she pulls on her waist-length braid, a habit she can't seem to break.

    Though she will always deny it, Nynaeve is highly emotional, and oftentimes suffers from different opinions that contrast with each other. She often changes her view of herself and the world - at one point she may be highly confident, the next she is a quivering mess of self-doubt. She can be quite verbally aggressive, and often threatens people with things such as being whacked over the head with a stick or having their ears boxed if she feels they need some discipline.

    Nynaeve al'Meara is, if nothing else, an extremely strong woman. Not only is she extraordinarily strong in the One Power despite her lack of formal training, but she is incredibly courageous, with enough bravery to make even a hardened warrior jealous. It was this that drew the stone-faced, cold, and duty-driven Lan to his initial attraction to her. Although she is braver than most, she often has a hard time seeing it, and will regularly complain about what she sees as cowardice - sometimes even shedding tears over it, a fact that her friends never quite understand. She will stand up for anyone, or encourage them to stand up for themselves, whichever she deems best, and she will always look after someone in need, though she may grumble about it or seem reluctant.

    A proud woman, Nynaeve hates asking for or admitting she needs help, and also hates deferring to seniors, though she has, since becoming an Aes Sedai and being accepted into the Yellow Ajah, become better at this. Although she can now force herself to act and speak meekly in front of others, she will still grit her teeth and usually fume in private afterwards, and she is still fully capable of running someone down with the energy of a full-grown bull.

    One thing that infuriates and thoroughly amuses her friends and those who know her is her tendency to complain about - and otherwise act contemptuous about - people who are too stubborn, or jump into situations without thinking of the outcome. She is completely oblivious to the fact that she is essentially complaining about herself, to the amusement of her friends.

    Nynaeve is something of a control-freak, always needing to be at the reins, and she can get extremely defensive, grumpy and snappy if someone tries to take control away from her, or she has to relinquish control of things to someone above her.


    ▷ Nynaeve was born in the village of Emond's Field to a farmer and his wife, who both died from illness when she was fourteen. Left to raise herself, Nynaeve apprenticed herself to the village Wisdom.

    ▷ By the time Moiraine Sedai and her Warder, Lan, arrive in the village, Nynaeve has taken the position of Wisdom herself, becoming the youngest ever to hold the station.

    ▷ After Emond's Field is attacked by Trollocs and Moiraine spirits Rand al'Thor, Perrin Aybara, Mat Cauthon and Egwene al'Vere away, Nynaeve determines to track them and return the boys and Egwene home. However, this doesn't exactly pan out and Nynaeve ends up on the journey with them. She held what would be a long-standing animosity towards Moiraine, not helped by the fact that she was quickly falling for the man bonded to the Aes Sedai as her Warder.

    ▷ Although Lan returned her feelings, he refused to act on them because he believed he had a duty to die fighting the Shadow.

    ▷ Finding out she could channel saidar, Nynaeve agreed to join Egwene - who could do the same - and be trained at the White Tower. When she arrived, she was immediately raised to Accepted due to how long she had been channelling subconsciously.

    ▷ Nynaeve and Egwene, along with their new friend Elayne, were tricked by an Aes Sedai called Liandrin into going to Falme, unaware that Liandrin was Black Ajah and had promised them to Seanchan troops. Egwene was captured by the Seanchan. Nynaeve and Elayne rescued her, before they were sent off to hunt for Liandrin and other Black sisters.

    ▷ The search took them to Tear, where they were caught and imprisoned in the Stone. They were later rescued by Mat who blew a hole into the hitherto unbreached fortress with fireworks to get them out.

    ▷ In following travels, Nynaeve ran into Moghedien, one of the legendary Forsaken who served the Dark One. When the two duelled, Nynaeve actually bested her. Though she left the Forsaken bound, Moghedien escaped and began a vendetta against Nynaeve.

    ▷ After finding out that the Amyrlin Seat had been deposed and another raised, Nynaeve and Elayne travelled to Salidar to meet up with the rest of the rebel Aes Sedai. They were stunned when the rebels raised Egwene as their new Amyrlin. Egwene raised Nynaeve to Aes Sedai and she was accepted into the Yellow Ajah.

    ▷ Nynaeve captured Moghedien again, this time using a Seanchan collar, and kept her prisoner for some time before the woman was freed by another Forsaken and disappeared.

    ▷ In Salidar, she discovered the means to Heal having the ability to channel severed, which no one had ever dared to hope would be possible.

    ▷ When Mat Cauthon and his army showed up, Egwene sent him to Ebou Dar with Nynaeve and Elayne to protect them. Nynaeve avoided him as much as possible, hating needing bodyguards.

    ▷ While in Ebou Dar, Nynaeve was on a boat when Moghedien caught up with her, blasting the vessel and causing it to sink. Nynaeve was dragged down with the ship, surrendering to saidar for the first time but struggling to reach the surface. Before she managed, black vines took her to Pandora, and dropped her in the park lake.


    Using an old Nynaeve post >>
    Nynaeve shaded her eyes with one hand, peering out around her, trying to discern any landmarks. There was nothing, just a stretch of sand as far as the eye could see. Oh, wait, there was a distant mountain - that was it. Nynaeve presumed they were in Pandora's desert, assuming that whoever ruled this land would not release them even in a dream world. They must be deep in the sands then, to see nothing but a mountain. Even if Horizon were close by, the only thing of any use there would be shelters.

    She threw her hands up as Perrin spoke back to her. Back to her! He always used to speak to her respectfully, and while he was not exactly rude, he wasn't being entirely civil either. She bristled, telling herself that it was the situation that was leading him to speak to her so and not that he had changed that much. "You stubborn goat, Perrin Aybara," she growled at him finally. "I always knew you took after Haral Luhhan far too much." She shook her head with a noise of disgust, amazed as always by the foolishness of men. "If you get yourself killed out of some ill-conceived "duty" to protect me, then you can rest assured I will find some way to bring you back so I can kill you all over again myself. Do you hear me? I won't have you--"

    She wasn't given any opportunity to finish her sentence as the wind abruptly picked up, becoming a strong breeze, and then a wind that plucked at her skirts, threatening to pull her along. She looked about, her dark hair being whipped across her face. Sand was beginning to be blown loose from the desert ground, and as the wind picked up, millions of grains of sand were whipped around them in a whirl, thickening the air and making it impossible to see or breathe. Before either of them could have suspected anything, the day had gone from being still and hot, to a raging sandstorm in a matter of seconds. Nynaeve coughed, unable to breathe, forcing her concentration so that a thick veil materialised in front of her face. A second later, one had appeared on Perrin as well.

    "Perrin!" she shouted, her voice barely audible over the roaring of the wind and sand. She flung her arms in front of her face to lessen the amount of sand being whirled into her eyes, which stung and watered terribly. She felt as though her skin were being pierced with millions of tiny needles. She tried to imagine the area still, with no sandstorm, but the Otherworld resisted, pushing back her attempts to control it. Almost as in retaliation, the sandstorm raged even more. Blindly, she reached out a hand, trying to reach for Perrin.

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  2. Nynaeve al'Meara

    Nynaeve al'Meara The Wheel of Time

    Infirmary Head
    Cascade Bay
    Human - Aes Sedai
    Lawful Good
    Ready for review! I changed Nynaeve's Healing to reflect how it is in the books more accurately.
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    updates look good, keira!! i might not be too familiar with this series beyond cool pandora shenanigans, but i found this for u and nynaeve


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