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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Alphys, May 18, 2018.

  1. Alphys

    Alphys Undertale


    Alphys image by OVOPACK
    Played by Behold! Instant Noodles!

    Fandom: Undertale.
    Age: Old Enough To Know Better. Adult.
    Species: Monster.
    Gender: Female.
    Canon Point: Prior to the player character fighting Asgore, during a "netural" run.
    NPC Companions: None.


    SkillsAlmost A Genius
    While nowhere near as talented as the previous Royal Scientist, Alphys still wears a lab-coat and does, broadly speaking, science stuff. Her true talent lies in the design, manufacturing and upgrading of electronic devices and robots. If it beeps, blinks or can be used to watch anime on, she can take it apart, put it back together, and throw in some extra features. Experiments involving other things has a tendency to go a little bit awry.

    A Near Encylcopedic Knowledge Of Anime
    It's a skill. Not an entirely useful skill, but a skill nevertheless. If you need somebody who can talk about the meaning behind different ribbon colours in hair without, apparently, pausing to do things like "let somebody else talk about it" or even "breathe", Alphys has you covered.

    Special AbilitiesElectrical Barriers. Sort Of.
    One time, Alphys demonstrated that she had some ability to manipulate electricity, using it to generate a barrier to protect the human's SOUL. While she'd never think of using such a thing to protect herself - due in part to her rather low self-esteem, but also because running away and hiding from threats is a difficult habit to shake - she can, in extreme situations, create a shockingly potent field of electrical power around someone, or something, that protects it from most attacks.


    EquipmentA Cell Phone
    Contains a variety of useful numbers. Provides access to networks. Most of the available storage space on it is filled with pictures of robots.

    A Lab Coat
    One of many. Has deep pockets, a few stains, and basically solves the question "What Should I Wear Today?". The answer is "lab coat". It's always lab coats.

    Volume 2 Of The "Mew Mew: Kissy Cutie" Manga
    Not the best volume, but not the worst either. So there's this bit which sort of explains the backstory of how she got her powers, but it's actually a reference to another manga, and it turns out that it's not really canon anyway and Mew's just playing a prank on one of her friends but then it backfires and anyway who'd believe you'd get powers from being bitten by a irradiated feline anyw-


    Alphys is shy, nervous, awkward and, generally, quite socially inept. Deep down, she is filled with insecurity and guilt over the mistakes she has made in the past, and she struggles heavily with trying to communicate her emotions. As such, she is happiest - or, at least, most comfortable - focusing on tasks at hand and expressing herself through her interests.

    When it comes to things that interest her, she tends to show her love for them in a very enthusiastic way. To the point of obsession; again, this is mostly because it stops her from thinking too much about the guilt and depression that's eating her from the inside out. Alphys also has an alarming tendency to have crushes on people, although this mostly manifests as furiously imagining what it'd be like to be in love with them and some very poorly thought out writing that makes teenage fan-fiction look good. At the point at which she was taken from her own world, she's still in a state of vehemently denying that she'd have a crush on anyone (in a "HAHAHAH- why would you think that?!" way).


    A short, yellow lizard-ish monster that peers out at the world from behind a pair of spectacles. Usually sports a lab-coat, a large tail and a look of nervous apprehension.


    • Okay, Look, I'm Not Really Qualified For This
      Lied about her ability to make a body for a SOUL when she had, in fact, simply made a robot body for her ghostly friend to inhabit. The good news is that this lie earned her the position of "Royal Scientist", while the bad news was that the experiments she tried as the Royal Scientist caused a great deal of misery and suffering. After accidentally creating the abominations named "Amalgamates", she hid their existence away, and mostly hid herself away as well.
    • A Life Spent In Reclusion
      Not a particularly interesting part of her life, but an important one nonetheless. Alphys, feeling increasingly stressed out from having to hide what she'd done, mostly removes herself from society. Aside from the occasional foray out into the underground proper in order to find more things discarded from above ground, Alphys remains in her laboratory, watching the world through cameras and rarely interacting with anyone outside of UnderNet.
    • Meets The Fallen Human
      So another human falls into the underground, they go on a magical adventure, besting obstacles, overcoming challenges and avoiding traps involving spaghetti. Alphys spends most of her free time at this point watching them via cameras and, when the two eventually cross paths, Alphys decides to pursue a friendship with the human - mostly by making their lives difficult, and swooping in to save the day in a fairly transparent manner.


    For some people, being whisked away without warning from your own world was a terrifying premise. They'd fret over the state of friends and family they left behind. They would dwell on when the mysterious force that summoned them to this new life would see fit to release them. For some, it was a chance to escape their past and start a new life for themselves. Alphys fell squarely, and face first, into this latter category. She had been hiding away from her problems and, as the first of the inky tendrils coiled their way about her leg to carry her away, it seemed fate, a god, or whatever higher power controlled these things saw fit to grant her another chance to run away. She'd just confessed, to the young human, that they would need to kill Asg-

    Best not to dwell on that.

    After the unusual sensation of being dragged down through something passed, the same force that saw fit to pull her out of the metaphorical hole she'd dug for herself rudely deposited her far from the outskirts of a town. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. There was fresh air, and blue sky, and clouds that actually moved across it at a steady, serene pace. It was outdoors, and above ground, and it was simply amazing. Getting forcibly plucked from one's own home by some unknowable thing simply couldn't compare to staring at the clouds.

    Time, and clouds, passed, until Alphys realised that there was something not quite right about this. It stood to reason that, if she was taken outside, so would the others. If anything, reasoned that unhelpful voice in her head, they'd be more deserving of this freedom. Glancing about frantically, there was no sign of them. Not even Und-

    Really, best not to dwell on that.

    The town beckoned. For the first time she could remember, Alphys ran towards something, rather than away from it.

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  2. Alphys

    Alphys Undertale

    After a morning spent doing very little but chain-drinking mugs of tea and rewriting things, I think this is ready to be looked at.
  3. Nic

    Nic Coordinator
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    your application is

    Alphys looks great and is all set for Pandora. Go do the thing!

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