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Amamiya, Ren

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Ren Amamiya, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Ren Amamiya

    Ren Amamiya Persona

    Cafe LeBlanc Deux Owner
    Chaotic Neutral
    Ren Amamiya
    I...should write something.

    Played by milk

    Fandom: Persona 5
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Also Known As:
    • Joker (metaverse code name)
    • The Phantom
    • Inmate
    • Prisoner
    • Juvenile Delinquent
    • Leader
    • Trickster
    • Frizzy Hair
    • My little guinea pig
    • He Who Will Save The Souls of Humanity
    • Renren
    • Renra
    • Akira Kurusu (in another life)
    Canon Point: Near the end of the game; about a month and a half into his sentence in juvenile hall (solitary confinement). The day before Sae comes for his release.
    NPC Companions: Ren's original Persona - Arsene.


    Metaverse SkillsThe following skills only exist in the Metaverse.
    The Metaverse can only be accessed through an otherworldly phone-app.

    In reality, he is just a nerd who falls down easily.

    When Ren concentrates, he can pinpoint random details in the world around him; be it a high value in an item, the toughness of an enemy, or a good hiding spot. He normally squints while doing this. Out of all his Metaverse skills, this one is actually the closest to existing in real life. Ren is a highly observant person naturally, who tends to notice minor details that most miss.

    While in the Metaverse, Ren's clothing changes if he's presently seen as a threat. Duster, red gloves, boots, and a white mask - all suddenly appear on his body.
    As his friends say while he's kickin' ass - lookin' cool, Joker.

    Unlike in reality, Ren has rather good reflexes and general movement while in the Metaverse. A backwards handspring before diving into murder the enemy, just feels normal.
    Meanwhile in reality, he regularly trips over dead leaves.

    He's rather good at keeping to the shadows; sliding from behind one wall to another with ease. This ability doesn't really translate to reality at all. While he's a good eavesdropper, he tends to be too recognizable for his own taste.

    The source of a majority of this power, comes from him being a Persona User. When pushed to his limits - while in the Metaverse - he was forced to accept himself on a level that allowed him to basically form of a pact with his Shadow Self (aka the version of you that exists in the Metaverse). Unlike many who possess this power, he is able to use multiple personas. Most people are simply linked to one, which is their most inner self, personified into a literal thing. Ren, on the other hand, has the Wildcard ability, which allows him to capture new personas, and use them with ease. At his very core, however, the Persona which was born from him, is Arsene. All other Persona he has ever used, have come from either capturing them while running around the Metaverse, or fusing the one's he's already captured.

    Learned SkillsSO CRAFTY
    Ren is naturally someone who's constantly fiddling with...everything. Normally it can be seen with him spinning his pen or twirling his hair; but other times he actually does something constructive with it. In the past, he's built computers. Only one was from scratch - the rest was replacing parts in fully working ones. He also has learned how to make lockpicks; most of which are pretty weak and break after only once use. If given the right materials, however, he knows how to make a pretty strong one.

    Before his probation, Ren never had much interest in cooking. He made himself eggs and toast a few times, helped his mom stir some batter; the basics. However, once Sojiro started showing him how to make curry, he began to take more interest in it. He's actually gotten rather good at cooking it. But...just it. His cooking expertise begins and ends with curry.

    Spending nearly a year in the attic of a cafe, led to him working there quite often on evenings, and sometimes Sundays or holidays. While it slowly made him comfortable with the equipment and techniques used for brewing coffee from scratch - he also learned quite a bit about creating unique blends, from his temporary guardian, Sojiro. He knows he's not nearly as good as Sojiro is, but honestly does make a rather good cup of coffee.

    NPC's AbilitiesRen has the ability to summon up to twelve different Personas. Before the Metaverse in his world was taken down by winning a fight with a literal God, he had roughly eight in his stock. However, thanks to both the Metaverse disappearing, he's back down to the Persona that was born from him.

    It should also be noted that Arsene can only be utilized within the Metaverse.
    In reality, he simply exists within Ren.

    Despite capturing far more powerful Persona over the course of a year, Ren kept his original. Partially out of fondness, partially because it felt like he was erasing a part of himself. Arsene was - by far - not his most powerful Persona, yet he uses him regularly. He would use unwanted other Persona to strengthen him over time, as well as gave him useful moves via cards. Cards basically allow you to apply any move you want to any Persona you want.

    Weak To - Ice & Bless Skills
    Resists - Curse Skills

    Eiha - Light Curse Damage to 1 foe (original skill)
    Sukunda - Decrease agility for 1 foe, for 3 turns (original skill)
    Mediarahan - Heal all allies for full health (given via strengthening fusion)
    Ziodyne - Heavy electric damage to 1 foe (give via strengthening fusion)
    Megidolaon - Severe Almighty Damage to All Foes (given via card)
    Makarakarn - Erect shield on 1 alley to repel 1 magical attack (given via card)
    High Counter - 20% chance of reflecting Physical attacks (given via card)
    Spirit Drain - Drains SP from one foe (given via card)


    The phrase 'go with the flow'...he kinda takes too far. If anyone asks pretty much anything of him, he'll say yes. At this point in his life, he's just sort of curious what happens next.

    Typically, Ren can be seen wearing glasses. However - unlike many who wear glasses all the time - he's not near-sighted, but rather far-sighted. The lenses are progressive, going from a near-non existent prescription, down to one he needs for reading. While his vision isn't terrible at close range, he still easily gets headaches if he doesn't wear them for long periods of time while trying to read. Originally, he only wore them to class. Thanks to his rather dramatic backstory, however, he started wearing them more often to both soften his appearance, and make his expressions harder to read.

    Without his glasses, Ren has a rather intense gaze. Which...just sounds like a fancy way of saying he's handsome. In reality, he just has really cold grey eyes that play a bit too much into his criminal record. People just think he looks guilty, despite him actually being a very kind and gentle person. This is yet another reason why he started wearing his glasses more.

    Ren, has never once in his entire life, called or texted someone first. He strongly follows the logic of "if they want to talk to me, they would be." This often leads people to thinking he's a cold or closed off person, when that very much is just not the case. He's just a quiet and honestly somewhat shy person.

    With Ren, his luck only rests in extremes. He'll either randomly bump into the exact person he needs in his life at that exact moment, or get arrested for doing nothing wrong. While this trend can get rather tiring rather fast - at least his life isn't boring. But...sometimes he wished it was.

    Once, he didn't drink coffee. Maybe he had a sip he stole from a friend or his parents once in awhile. Soda and energy drinks were both few and far between, simply because water was easier to get his hands on, and always present. But then he moved into the attic of a cafe, and things went downhill from there. Ren needs at least one cup of coffee a day, or he'll end up with a powerful caffeine headache, that normally just levels him. It kind of sucks.


    A fingernail slid across the hard surface of of the floor; catching faintly on fine imperfections in the concrete. Half-lidded grey eyes idly watching the action - only jumping away at the sound of a food-tray being slid into his room.

    He had been in this place for nearly a month and a half.

    Ren stared at the food, considering skipping another meal. If he moved it around on the tray enough, nobody asked questions or got mad. He...knew he needed to eat. He could feel the fatigue from hunger, burning both in his stomach and behind his eyes. Grabbing the tray, he set it on his lap - extending his long legs across the cold floor.

    His luck had always been strange.

    A day he missed the second page of homework, was the only day that year that the teacher forgot to collect it. A rainstorm ending just in time for him to walk somewhere. Running a bit late, but the train was just delayed enough that he still ended up on time.

    The reverse...was just as true.

    It was always extremes.

    Try to help a woman who was clearly being pushed into something she was uncomfortable with.
    Arrested, expelled, and put on probation far away from home.
    Randomly bumped into someone who would turn out to be his best friend.
    Also bumped into another Universe where everything was trying to kill him.

    For every one positive thing that happened, there was a negative of equal value.

    He...sorta felt like a pinball.

    So Ren finding himself in a solitary-confinement cell within juvenile hall, seemed about the right response for saving the world from a God that wished for ruin.

    How was it put?

    The game was rigged from the start.

    Setting his nearly empty tray back where it was supposed to go, he climbed back onto his cot; tucking his arms behind his head. Eyes locked on a crack in the ceiling. There was...something brown-red that ran along it. Logic told him it was some sort of rust or mold. On darker days, he accepted that it was blood.

    It was...easy to let his mind get away from him.

    Let the fact that no matter how hard he had fought for everyone and everything, it still wasn't enough to save himself. But...he wasn't in this place for himself. He was here, to save everyone else. To put the final piece into Shido's case to take him out. To protect his friends from being exposed as the Phantom Thieves and being arrested for faulty charges, by angry powerful people.

    It was never really a choice.
    Which was why he didn't tell any of them, before turning himself in.

    They would have tried to stop him.
    Find another way.
    Gone down with him, because he shouldn't have had to deal with this all on his own.

    And he loved them all for it.
    But this was his choice.
    He was their leader after all.

    The light at the top of his cell cut out, meaning yet another day had passed; eyes falling shut because it was too dark to bother to leave them open.

    Ren knew the others still had a future.
    His died as soon as he shoved Shido away from that woman.
    And that was okay.

    As long as the others were safe, and Shido went didn't matter what happened to him.

    Ren sighed, feeling a familiar pull within his stomach.
    The Velvet Room.
    It was a different feeling from falling asleep.
    Like falling, but knowing where you'd land.

    A small smile pulled at his lips, as he thought of the familiar blue walls and soft ground. No longer was it a prison for him, since the Holy Grail had fallen to dust. They were help.

    Ren's eyes opened, finding the night sky staring down at him.

    This wasn't right.

    He quickly sat up - seeing confused eyes staring down at him as people walked passed; quiet comments muttered about him as they went.

    This really, really wasn't right.

    Pushing himself to his feet, he dusted off his prison jumpsuit and pulled his glasses out of his pocket - not wanting his confusion and fear to be nearly as apparent to these strangers as it felt.

    With a tired sigh, he shoved his hands into his pockets and started walking down the street.

    Time to figure out if this was good luck.
    Or bad.
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  2. Ren Amamiya

    Ren Amamiya Persona

    Cafe LeBlanc Deux Owner
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    shitlord is done
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    your application is

    aaaaay, Ren is looking fab!! Beautiful app, Milk. Go do the thing!! :D

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