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Amber, Rachel

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Rachel Amber, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Rachel Amber

    Rachel Amber Life is Strange

    Chaotic Neutral
    “I’ve always loved stars. They remind us there’s so much beauty out there, which we almost never see.
    But then I learned the truth. The stars we’re seeing have already been dead for millions of years. They’re all … lies.”

    Played by Hannah

    Fandom: Life is Strange
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Between BtS and the original LiS


    Special AbilitiesAt Blackwell, Rachel was known as very intelligent and an overachiever, being involved in many extra-curricular activities. In her first year at the Academy, she already acquired the lead role in The Tempest and was a straight A student.

    Rachel is heavily into the arts, particularly theatre, with a wide range of knowledge on the subject, for example, books on practitioners and playwrights littered her room, and she has an inspiration board full of quotes. She is also mentioned by others in the first game to have done modelling on the side. It is easy for her to improvise and she is a good actress, both in her personal and professional life.

    Another interest of hers is astrology and the symbolism behind it; she knows her own birth chart, being a Cancer-Leo (The Cusp of Oscillation). What it represents to her as person is something she sees as important.

    She is a fast learner and has a strong drive, willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants…even if sometimes she’s not entirely sure what that is. This isn’t always a strength either, as she’s willing to put herself in harm’s way just to gain a cheap thrill, rather than something worthwhile.

    It seems she also has picked a few of her father’s skills as a DA, particularly his advocacy and analytical skills; she can read people well, is prone to know when they’re lying and can get them to reveal information about themselves whilst saying little about herself. She also considered briefly a career in law, according to her student records.

    EquipmentDo cigarettes and her assortment of awesome tattoos count?


    Aside from being human, the truth is…no one really knows Rachel. No one ever has. And whilst that sounds like some sort of cliched bullshit, it’s true. From a childhood of parents who pushed her and teachers who all expected her to be something great, it really took its toll. She ventures into a lot of escapism, hiding behind various personas because…she’s actually pretty empty inside, never really having had the chance to be who she wants and now she thinks it’s too late. Whilst she still retains some of the fire and vigorous idealism she had a few years ago, Rachel, at the grand old age of 18, is a pretty burnt out and cynical individual, having given up on Chole and still grasping onto anything that might resemble freedom or a more promising life.

    She’s also very much in the closet, having had a very intense, tumultuous relationship with Chloe, but chooses to ignore what feelings she might’ve had once and instead throws herself into relationships with usually older men or shady people her age who can get her what she thinks she wants. (i.e. drugs, a chance at stardom). Tragically, one of these relationships eventually ended in her being murdered.

    Aside from this, at her canon point, she had spiralled into drug addiction and heaving drinking.


    You’re Rachel Amber. The golden child. The person everyone looks up to, and who everyone wants to be. Or so they think. You thought you’d had it figured out when you met Chloe; pack up and ride to LA, get an apartment and an acting job (I mean, who wouldn’t want to hire you?) and the life would be hella amazing.

    Funny how a few years and many fuck ups along the way can change a person. It’s almost as if trauma has consequences.

    You never got to meet Sera, the mom you never knew…your selfish, lying piece of shit dad made sure of it. Maybe it was to fill the void left, or some textbook bullshit, but as the months and years dragged on, Chloe was still no closer to leaving Arcadia Bay with you, you started to get impatient.

    So you started hanging around with Frank, the dealer. He was a lot older, but fun, reckless, and even through the abuse, he had all the solutions to just make you forget your worries. You didn’t love him, or anything even close to that, even if he thought otherwise – you didn’t care. He was just a distraction in the end.

    As were the Vortex club parties; sure, they were fun, but it was just another escape. Anything to keep yourself from admitting you had no fucking idea what you were doing with your life...that you were scared you might never escape this shitshow.

    Yeah, you still saw Chloe, but you could feel yourself drifting apart; you couldn't tell her about Frank, or the countless other hook ups - she got jealous if you even spent a weekend apart, for Christ's sake. Yet, you still felt guilty. How many times had she had your back; you stayed at her place, so much so you practically lived there when you weren't at your dorm. Without her, you'd probably have been homeless - any ties with your parents were long dead.

    And then, he came into your life. Jefferson. He was different, had experience, you could tell he'd seen some shit. And he was talented, someone who could make your dreams come true. You still kept this from Chloe, and it was in the middle of a hundredth attempt at writing a letter - a fucking letter, of all things, because you were too much of a coward to tell her to her face - that the black vines dragged you away to Pandora.
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  2. Siri

    Siri je suis loser
    Application Division

    your application is

    EEE i'm happe to see u bringin her backkkkkk


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