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An Ancient Effort to Relax

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by QII, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. QII

    QII Guest

    November 21st:

    Quentin was not in the best of moods today, if one were to be honest. For when he had woken out of bed at the shelter he had fell, and hit his head. He had also stubbed his toe, and generally had a rotten day so far. While he had mostly moved out of the shelter, he had planned on completing the move today. Yet right now he was in a mood that made him wanted to eliminate someone with extreme prejudice. With his abilities, Quentin knew it was not wise were he to be around many people, and that was why he was sitting on a beach, in a set of swimming trunks. A picnic basket, and a blanket was laid out which he was currently on, at the point where the water would meet the beach. A bottle of spiced rum was in Quentin's hand, made by him recently, because he had never tried it before and wanted to see what it was like.
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  2. [​IMG]
    She had spotted him sat there in the sand awhile ago from where she drifted in the water. She was low to the surface, only the top half of her face peeking out as she watched him, giving no indication at all that she was what she was. With him, though, there was every indication that he was human, a fact that wasn't always completely correct in a place like Pandora. Sometimes they just looked like that and they were something else entirely.

    Then again, maybe that was him, too. But as far as her uneducated eyes were concerned, he was as human as each and every one she had laid eyes on before.

    One glance her way, though, and Ariel was suddenly dipping back beneath the water and out of sight only to surface around the safe shelter of the rocks to the right where he couldn't possibly see her.

  3. QII

    QII Guest

    Due to the rocks she was hiding behind, Quentin was indeed unable to see the little mermaid. As a result of this he uncorked the bottle, unaware that he had an audience watching him. Quentin had never tried alcohol, and was unsure what effects it would have on a Q. This was one of the reasons he was allowing himself to indulge, and try it. He was curious about what it would do to someone like him. Would it simply make him tipsy? Would it give him a headache? What effects would the substance have on him? As those questions buzzed around in his head, Quentin decided to take his mind off of his rotten day, and simply find the answer to the questions through experimentation.

    With that, he uncorked the bottle and took one sip, before spitting it out. Okay, it was not his drink of choice. In fact he was unsure how the humans could tolerate drinking that stuff. It was an irritation that he planned on finding a solution to, right after he got the taste of it out of his mouth, the bitter, stinging taste of it out of his mouth.
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  4. She didn't have any idea what it was he was drinking. There were so many things about humankind that Ariel simply didn't know. Truth be told, though, something as simple as a drink didn't particularly excite her. She was more eager to learn who he was and where he came from. The things that he did.

    And yet, when he took a sip from the bottle and suddenly spit it out, Ariel couldn't hold back the quiet giggle that left her lips. Only, the very second it was out, the red-haired mermaid gasp and covered her mouth before ducking behind the rocks once more.

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  5. QII

    QII Guest

    When a giggle was heard, Quentin knew someone was there. As he scanned around the area, he noticed no other humans were there that he could see. "Where is that giggle coming from?" asked Quentin, beginning to search the area. Upon not immediately seeing the problem, Quentin warped reality around him to a small degree, allowing him to see in thermal imaging, and began to scan the area. Quentin did not like feeling confused when he was looking for the source of something. But this didn't work, and so he forced himself up and started to walk to where he thought the giggle coming from. The source of the sound was a curiosity and Quentin really didn't like mysteries. This is why he was going to find the source of the sound, and question as to why they were spying on him. Was it another member of the Q Continuum who was going to strip him of his abilities, like his dad had? Quentin hoped that such would not happen, but he couldn't know who it was without a thorough procedure to find out.

    Quentin knew this mystery was one he wanted solved, if nothing other than for the sake of his own desire to find out. Strange, normally Qs could do anything but his abilities had been limited more than what a Q normally had before. What was the source of that limitation, and how was he going to get them back to his actual full strength in this situation? Finally he snapped his fingers, and was able to discover her location. Going out into the water, he tried to approach where she was.
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  6. Her brow furrowed at the sound of his voice. Was he talking to himself? Or maybe he was talking to a bird or a fish like she sometimes did. But that was different. She'd never seen a human talk to a bird before, or a fish! Maybe she just didn't know enough about them yet.

    Or maybe there were two of them! She didn't know if that excited her or made her more nervous.

    For some time there was silence, but then there wasn't. There was the sound of movement in the water, a light splash, soft as though someone were just wandering in and then wading through it, deeper and deeper. How far would he go to get to her? After all, she was a fair distance away, deep enough for the length of her entire body plus plenty of feet more beneath her.

    Stop, she wanted to say. Maybe if she thought it hard enough, and eventually, Ariel slowly pulled her head of red hair around the side of the rock to look to see whether or not he was gone.

  7. QII

    QII Guest

    As he got too deep into the water, Quentin started to sink. A normal human would panic, but Quentin was not a human, and nor was he by any definition of theirs "normal" as it were. A snap of his fingers, and Quentin was now floating in the air by altering the reality around him so that gravity had a lesser effect on his body. It was time to find the one who had been looking at him, and see what was up. Quentin did not appreciate being spied upon when he was trying to have a day at the beach to unwind from all that he had been doing. Nor did he appreciate not being able to enjoy alcohol which his father could enjoy plenty of, and it didn't taste as bad for him likely.

    Quentin started to look around the area, and try to find the person. If he could find whoever it was, he could solve one of his problems, at least. Still, he had a long way to go before he could solve the problem of not being a True Q.
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  8. She couldn't find him. She couldn't find him, and the only thing Ariel did find was her heart beating a touch more quickly. Maybe that was fine, maybe that was just meant he was gone and the horror stories her father had told her about humans wasn't about to come true despite how determined she had been all her life not to believe it.

    And then, she found him. Only he wasn't in the water. He was in the air, he was floating, and he was coming toward her. Ariel's eyes widened and despite all her bravery, despite how she'd faced sharks and practically taunted them in the past (... though not without almost dying), she couldn't stop herself from letting out a quiet cry of fear.

    Just like that, she dove, her red hair and the green of her tail suddenly disappearing beneath the water.

  9. QII

    QII Guest

    "Not this time," said Quentin, as he raised one finger and a bubble of water with Ariel inside it would float up to where he could actually see her. She seemed to be some sort of aquatic creature, but also part human? Would the wonders of this place never cease? Now that he had been here a bit, Quentin was not as frightened of people as he had been.

    Sure, the talking fox creature early on had been something that panicked him at first. He would have to meet that creature later, and apologize. There were many things he needed to do, including meet up with Menolly and find a way to help others with his abilities. In addition he also needed to find a way to make himself stronger, more to the level of an actual Q. "So who are you?" asked Quentin, as he looked at her, and held her aloft in the bubble of water.

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  10. She didn't understand what was happening. The water was swirling around her, sucking her backwards and she couldn't control it, she couldn't control where she was going. It was like some sort of terrible twister in the water that was sending her spinning and spinning until she was above the water. In it, too. She could feel herself floating fluidly in the water the way she always did, but she was above it as well.

    Ariel felt horrified.

    Hearing his voice, Ariel's wide blue eyes snapped toward him and for a second, she just stared at him, and then she starting moving, her arms and her tail thrashing about in the water, trying to get out of the bubble she couldn't seem to escape from.

    Who had he been talking to before? Who had he been talking to?

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  11. QII

    QII Guest

    She seemed to be looking at him, curious about something. Since she hadn't talked, Quentin thought about it. Perhaps she was one of those species that was telepathic? If that were the case, then perhaps he could become telepathic in order to communicate with her. In any case, he needed to communicate with her and learn why she had been spying on him on his day off. Quentin then raised his other hand and snapped, altering reality around them and temporarily giving them the ability to communicate telepathically with each other. Hopefully this would break the communication gap between them.

    - Who are you? - asked Quentin, telepathically. -What are you?-

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  12. Whatever he was interpreting on her face, what he was seeing was fear. Pure fear, because she had never experienced anything like this in her entire life. The moment she heard his voice, this time in her head, Ariel froze and stared right at him again, her blue eyes wide as could be.

    She didn't want to be here. She wanted to be in the water. She wanted to be away from him.

    "How did you--?" She stopped herself, hesitating. Vocally, he wouldn't be able to hear her properly in the water, but mentally, he must have heard every word loud and clear. "Are you-- Why are you in my head?!"

  13. QII

    QII Guest

    Quentin looked at her, and spoke mentally. - There is no need to be afraid of me. I altered reality, so we could communicate, since you didn't seem like you could talk verbally, so I had to fix that, so we could communicate, and I could talk to you for a moment. I wanted to learn more about you, because you interest me. You are by far the most interesting individual I have encountered in Pandora thus far. -

    Quentin was not joking. She did make him curious, and confused. How could she swim like that? Did she have gills? A million questions were running through his head, at present. She reminded him of old legends he had heard about, about... mermaids? Was she one of those? If she was, she was not something he had expected to see in his life time. Her fear of him did worry him, as he wanted to be her friend, and he couldn't do that, if she was terrified.