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Angel, Jenna

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Jenna Angel, Jun 19, 2017 at 5:16 PM.

  1. Jenna Angel

    Jenna Angel Digital Devil Saga

    Atma-infected Human.
    Lawful Evil
    rend, slaughter, devour your enemies. there is no other way to survive. you cannot escape your hunger, warriors of purgatory.

    Played by Enna

    Fandom: Digital Devil Saga.
    Age: Thirty-one.
    Species: Atma-infected Human.
    Gender: Hermaphroditic Female.
    Canon Point: Shortly after murdering Madame Curvier.
    NPC Companions: N/A.


    Genetic Studies and Biological Engineering:
    Although dedicated to a study involving geological disasters related to religious cause, Jenna possesses a doctorate in genetics and is, as one would expect, highly gifted in the trade of bioengineering on a great scale as she harnessed the genetic power of demonic presence and supplanted it into a digital harvesting ground to fester in order to create the superpower inducing Atma Virus.

    Tactically Weaponized Diplomacy:
    Chief Executive Engineer of the Karma Society, Jenna knows the gravity of her position and how to swing it to benefit her whenever need be. She is a tactical mind, not afraid to use everything she can as leverage to get where she needs and wants to be to make her plans work. She is a smooth talker, able to negotiate calmly and with a level head to advance position while saving her more brutal force for less inclined deals.

    True Aim:
    While not inclined for direct combat, Jenna possesses considerable skill and experience both inside the Junkyard System and out with handguns and is comparable to a markswoman hobbyist in her skill. While not Robin Hood accurate, she's practically ensured to land at least 60-65% of her shots with relative ease. She is especially effective at using them when betraying someone she was believed to have trusted a lot.

    Special AbilitiesATMA Avatar:
    As effectively the originator of the Atma Virus, Jenna can be considered its patient zero as she herself grew to succumb to its infection in her search for power; she found such power to be especially to her liking. Based upon the duality of life and death, Jenna can transform into the most powerful of Atma Avatars (an alien-esque transformation in which one's humanity is lost in favor of gluttony) known as Harihara, represented by a forcefully placed mark on her chest where her Atma virus hive is located.

    Unlike most Atma Avatars, however, Harihara reaches a height of at least nineteen feet and possesses considerably strong magical power, as well as the ability to shift between two avatar forms depending on the power she needs.

    Based upon the god Vishnu, Harihara's first form is heavily armoured and focuses heavily on protecting the demonic form of Jenna. When in her Vishnu state, the only sort of magical ability she can use are ones that focus on healing her own wounds or ensuring her armour state remains intact. While in the form of Vishnu, Jenna cannot engage in combat with anyone-- although, she may still shield herself from being damaged.

    Harihara's secondary form is themed after that of the god Shiva, allowing her to utilize offensive incantations available to anyone who had been infected with the Atma Virus. With this form, Jenna can summon forth powerful explosions of the classical elements of fire, wind, earth, and lightning with the comparable force of a natural disaster. For example, Mazandyne creating a massive, localized tornado while Maragidyne creates a massive flamethrower-esque spray of heat that melts down anything up to iron in its path. Each spell ability has a range of about six meters from herself, but considerable force and power behind them.

    While in this form, Harihara can create considerable damage to her surroundings as well as to those who stand in her way. ...Yet, she must shed the armour from the form of Vishnu to move, sacrificing her defenses and creating more risk of heavy injury upon herself.

    Like all bearers of the Atma virus, Jenna is immune from the effects of Cuvier syndrome as well as any petrification as a whole.


    Rend, Slaughter, Devour:
    The Atma virus is exactly as its name suggests-- it is still a sickness, no matter how much power one would derive from its presence. In a way, it is comparable to a zombie virus without the contagion. Upon infection, one loses themselves to the feeling of infinite gluttony and must devour to regain their sense of humanity and identity.

    This psychological and physical compulsion to eat cannibalistically never ceases. In order to maintain identity separate from the Atma, the infected must continue to periodically eat the flesh of their own to maintain strength and wellness of being. As an infected, Jenna is no exception to this.

    Almost like a vampire, if she does not eat at least one of her own demonic kind at least once every month, she will revert to Harihara and consume until she either dies in the attempt or consumes enough to put her sense of humanity back in control over her gluttonous desires. The more she activates as Harihara, the more sustenance she will need to keep her Atma Avatar self repressed.

    Power Is Sacrifice:
    Jenna is the first Atma infected and, by such progression, the most powerful among their ranks. However, because she possesses such an unrefined strain of the disease she'd created, Jenna's Harihara form is quite difficult to maintain due to the crushing weight of her power and will create a great shortage of energy in Jenna's own body. When this happens, Jenna will need to consume more than usual in her Atma Avatar form to maintain her psyche and health.

    If she does not eat, she cannot stay in her human form. However, if she cannot stay in her human form, she will need to eat more to maintain her Atma form. But without energy to maintain said form, she will end up more than likely dying due to the shortage of sustenance to her infected cells in her body.

    Because of this, it is unwise for Jenna to utilize her form as Harihara in Pandora for more than twenty to thirty minutes due to the exhaust of energy in her body (with the time limit shortening further depending on the level of strength used to subdue any prey or attackers.)


    As someone who had come up in rank heavily through her life, Jenna Angel is the definition of a cutting edge tactical mind. Highly intelligent as an INTJ personality type for the future, her method of operating is always clean cut and logically sound with every move she makes and every opportunity that she takes. A natural planner, she is a highly system-dependent person who prefers to operate soundly with little unnecessary risk if she can get away with it.

    While not inherently a whimsical liar who tells dishonesties without reason or a cold-hearted murderer looking to kill without cause, Jenna's defiant and self-fulfilling personality makes the things she says somewhat hard to trust and her actions somewhat hard to feel safe around. There are few things in life that she deems devoutly important, as she's willing to sacrifice whatever she can in order to ensure her will is a success. It makes no difference to her, as she whole-heartedly believes she's already lost far too much to care.

    She is devoutly atheist in her faith and without belief in divine fate or being, despite knowing God's existence as a wrathful being in her own realm.




    Little is known about Jenna's early life outside of her career.

    Ivy League educated, Jenna graduated with a degree in advanced biological engineering and joined shortly after with the Karma Society, a scientific institution dedicated to studying strange natural phenomenons in the world spearheaded by scientist Madame Margot Cuvier. During this time, the society was focused heavily on discovering what factors had lead to a grave disaster: the sun turning black and causing people to petrify in a disease known as the Cuvier syndrome.

    A short time after her employment, Jenna's hermaphroditic physiology impregnated herself with a child, named Seraphita, who was born a short period later and was left in the care of the Karma Society during an operation known solely as the God Project, where children with outstanding spiritual talents were selected by the society in an attempt to commune with God himself.

    During this time, Jenna watched over her own daughter alongside three other scientists belonging to the society: Dr. David Gale, who Jenna herself eventually found a romance with; Heat O'Brien, a genetic therapist in charge of studying Seraphita's physical condition in the project; and Serph Sheffield, a psychologist and head of the God Project who was left in Seraphita's mental condition study. From an unknown place, Jenna watched her daughter go through painstaking experiments and go every day suffering in a new way from it, but did nothing to stop it. Instead, she watched as Seraphita's spiritual talents creating a secondary world in the recesses of the Karma Society's computers where her mind would drift to see peace. In this world, there existed artificial intelligence versions of the doctors that both Jenna and Seraphita knew personally: Serph, Heat, Gale, Argilla, Cielo, and so on.

    However, during the study, Jenna's lover David contracted Cuvier syndrome and was placed in isolation despite not being contagious. Disaster struck shortly after, as the Karma Society's headquarters fell under religious terrorist attack due to their studies. Dr. David Gale died in the attack, leaving Jenna depressed and heartbroken.

    Without anything to lose, she spent her days modifying Seraphita's digital world into a hellish place known simply as the Junkyard before she let loose a deadly concoction of modified, cancerous genes organically transferred into data into the world; Jenna created and infected the world of the Junkyard with the Atma virus in an attempt to create a world where the strong rule the weak without God's intervention.

    Affirming herself the moniker "Angel", Jenna watched from the outside world into the Junkyard in her plans. She watched the AI inhabitants form warlike tribes with their resources, watched when they became infected and devoured each other, and even released her own daughter's consciousness into the world where she reigned supreme to ensure her plan be a success.

    There, she issued the tribes of the Junkyard one mission with their powers: take control of the black-haired girl, destroy each other, be the last one standing to gain access to Nirvana. Her influence was limited as she watched the tribes destroy each other, with only the group known as the Embryon lead by the AI Serph remaining victorious as they brought Seraphita to the top of the Karma Temple of the Junkyard.

    Upon their victory in the mission, Jenna's own physical body appeared within the program to take back Sera with her and delete the Embryon and the Junkyard in one swoop. However, she was prevented in a struggle by their ranks as Sera sided with them instead of her mother. Ripping open her coat, Jenna revealed herself to be the originator of the Atma virus as well as a bearer of its struggle as she transformed into Harihara, attacking the Embryon fiercely.

    Though fought off, Jenna was successful in her deletion of the Junkyard and her retrieval of her daughter as they returned to Earth, nicknamed "Nirvana" by the surviving Embryon as they followed in suit.

    Jenna spent her days with Sera in tow attempting to complete the loose ends of the plan she had began, all the while attempting to fend off the influence of Madame Cuvier who grew increasingly aware of Jenna's heartless plan to create a deadly, Godless world. Things ended gruesomely as Cuvier stopped Jenna's attempts to lobotomize her own daughter in order to use her spiritual powers without struggle, an argument brewing about Cuvier's hesitation to prevent the acts of God.

    Without any ability to leverage her situation, Jenna retrieved a handgun from her desk and shot Cuvier execution-style from point blank in the back of her head as God prepared his final judgement upon the earth and its people for their misdeeds.

    Shortly thereafter that night, Jenna's judgement came in the form of black wires that restricted her and, with a mighty pull, tore her deep into a world that she'd never seen; it was uninfected by her clutches or by God, both a blessing and a curse.


    Lightning ripped across the sky, bouts and bushels of raindrops cascading down over the rolling green hills across the sea in the night. A maelstrom of similar make to her heart, the recesses of muddy pits and pig swill became her familiarity in a land where there was none; all of the filth of the Junkyard without any of the danger. The bottoms of her sequined boots grew filthy as her figured silhouette traversed through the dark of the night, each trudging step more and more deliberately hateful and resenting as they pounded against the earth, sticky sand beneath her feet. Around her neck like a hood, the burlap shawl she wore shielded her from the rain.

    If this were God's idea again, the idea of punishment surely went through. Each day she spent in this place, she grew to find more fault in the ways that she arrived. There was no one who could present her with a straight answer.

    ... And, God help anyone who presented her with the "alternate dimension" hypothesis again as she grew hungrier, bearings and patience growing wearily thin by the hour by the day.

    Her eyes viewed forward like a spyglass to the end of the dock, brow furrowed impatiently as she watched the oceans before her turn more and more turned and without peace. ... Just like life should be, without order outside of those who set the law... rampaging, violent, unpredictable. Without gods or masters, only the strong and the cunning surviving.

    That's the reality of the ideal world, something she ruminated on as she stood at the end and awaited transport to a place she believed could assist her.

    "...Pandora Town.."
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  2. Jenna Angel

    Jenna Angel Digital Devil Saga

    Atma-infected Human.
    Lawful Evil
    I think Jenna might be ready for a review!
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    Jenna is all set, Enna! Go do the thing. :D

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