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Open Anomaly has impulse issues

Discussion in 'Character Polls' started by Anomaly, Jun 13, 2018.


Pick a music genre!

  1. Classical

    0 vote(s)
  2. Musical theater

    5 vote(s)
  3. Latin

    3 vote(s)
  1. Anomaly

    Anomaly Player

    Family disapointment
    It's exactly what the title says. I've been playing around with the concept of taking up a second character for a while, but a few ideas have been bouncing around in my head. I could end up taking two of these characters in the end, or it could be a total impulse idea and I could take none of them. Who knows! Consider this more of an interest check, since I definitely need to get Robert more under control before I app whoever wins here. All that said, have a blind poll to see who my (maybe) second character might be! And yes, it's blind, because I know for a FACT who would win and in what order they'd rank if y'all knew who they were. Anywho, pick a music genre!

    Classical music is a professional athlete, but lately they've fallen into a bit of a slump. They often are undone by their own lack of confidence, but recent events have given them a boost. They're learning to lean on others to help build themselves up, and in doing so is learning to have more faith in themselves as an individual. They can come across as a bit shy, but deep down they can be a fierce competitor who also wants to bring out the best in others. Overall, a very good egg.
    Pros: I've played this character on Pandora before for a while so I know I can pull them off, I love Classical very, very much and I know I don't have to worry about losing interest in the fandom, plenty of room for character development, very easy for Anomaly to make a playlist for (which sounds stupid, but it actually helps with my muse a lot), did I mention they're a very good egg and I love them???
    Cons: There were canon mates for them my first time around, and losing those canon mates was the direct reason for losing muse for this character, squishy human who's story is going to revolve more around personal dilemmas, rather than being able to get involved with the world at large

    Musical theater
    Musical theater tends to run on the extremes of the emotional scale. When they're happy, they're on top of the world. When they're angry or upset, look out. They aren't necessarily violent and they consider themselves to be a good person, but Musical theater sometimes can fall into the moral grey, because they're a bit impulsive and only human. They would also be pulled from a point where they were recently diagnosed with a mental illness, and would be at a point in their life where they're trying to sort out how to live happily with their condition and factor it in to how they approach relationships. Despite the fact that they make mistakes and their personal relationships tend to get a little... complicated, Musical theater is an incredibly smart person (a lawyer, actually), and is very well loved by those who befriend them.
    Pros: I love this character so so much, being a lawyer gives an opportunity to get involved in bigger plots, great canon point option that causes the character to go on an introspective journey, morally grey characters are fun
    Cons: Squishy human from normal show where normal human drama is happening, so hard to get involved with the supernatural world of Pandora, already impulse apped once and did nothing with them (but I was in a weird place at the time), really need to do research to make sure mental illness is portrayed accurately and respectfully

    Latin is a con artist with a taste for adventure. They aren't afraid to lie and cheat their way to glory and riches, and has gotten into more than a couple of sticky situations in their time. While they might seem selfish at first, Latin is actually a con artist with a heart of gold. They're impulsive, emotional, and emphatic, which can sometimes lead to complications when it comes to pull off a big con. Despite their greedy nature, they love people, and have standards on how they should be treated (not to mention they have a bit of a big mouth). Usually they would have their partner here to remind them of what is and isn't a stupid idea. Leave them to their own devices in Pandora though, and trouble will be sure to find them quickly.
    Pros: Beloved character by many and would be very easy to plot, career con artist is very easy to create hooks for, sense of adventure would be a big benefit in Pandora, squishy human but slightly more adept for Pandora than Classical and Musical theater
    Cons: I don't actually have a concrete idea for them despite seeming super easy to plot???, does better with the partner character from canon who might never show up, never played this character before and could totally be an impulse app just to say I tried
  2. Anomaly

    Anomaly Player

    Family disapointment
    So, you wanna know the funny thing about character polls? When a certain character starts winning and you suddenly feel very happy about it, you kind of realize that's the character you want to play. That being said, I'm going to CLOSE this poll while the results are still showing me the answer I want!

    In last place with zero votes (which genuinely SHOCKED me) is Classical, aka YUURI KATSUKI from "Yuri on Ice!!". Sorry Yuuri! Maybe next time my sweet boy.

    In second place with two votes is Latin, aka MIGUEL from "The Road to El Dorado"! Maybe someday I'll have the balls to give him a try, but honestly I think I'm just a bit intimidated right now.

    And in first place with five votes is Musical theater, aka my personal queen REBECCA BUNCH from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"!
    I'm shocked and thrilled that she got first, considering she's the most obscure character in this poll. However, I've been itching to try her again since I did her wrong before by only giving her a try for a hot twenty seconds. Time to put in that good, solid attempt. This time I'll be taking her from Season 3 too, so I think that'll help me plot her better. It might be a bit before I get her into action (or I could cave and do it this weekend, who knows), but I hope Pandora's ready to see Becs again! Thanks everyone!
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