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Answered Anomaly likes weird fandoms don't judge me

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Anomaly, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Anomaly

    Anomaly Player

    Family disapointment
    Heeeeyyyy guys. I'm playing around with the idea for a new character (which I won't be acting upon for a while because I'm in no shape for a new character yet), but before I got too invested, I wanted to see if the fandom would even be allowed in Pandora first. It's kind of embarrassing out of context and I think I know what the answer is, but here it goes; would characters from "Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator" be allowed in Pandora?

    Wait, hear me out.

    I was thinking "no" because of the premise (you play the new, single dad in town and the point of the video game is to woo the other single dads) and because it's primarily a comedy produced by the Game Grumps. HOWEVER, the admins here have done a wonderful job in the past being able to differentiate between "comedy" and "silly", and let's be real, a lot of the harem anime series that have been allowed here have had tropes and tones in common with the dating sim genre. Also, you guys have let me get away with some weird stuff in the past (Thanks for letting me have my lovely "Book of Mormon" character and try out Bojack Horseman, btw), so I figured you never know until you try, right? Despite its funny aspects, "Dream Daddy" actually has a lot of heart and sincerity to it. You actually feel like you bond with your in-game daughter, and the relationships you form with the eligible dads are driven by genuine character arcs. We may have stereotypical characters like "Bad Dad" or "Goth Dad", but once you get past their shtick, they are in fact fully fleshed out, sympathetic characters except u Joseph. The relationships and scenarios have some grounding in reality too. For example, one of the dads is unhappily married, but you can't just randomly make him leave his wife, no matter what you do. There's another character who shares a lot of personal turmoil with you, and rather than dating you he decides he's not emotionally ready yet to have a serious relationship and wants to be friends for now (and it's considered a "good" ending). Despite its barrage of dad-puns and terribly awkward name that makes me feel weird for even bringing it up, "Dream Daddy" actually has heart and depth to it, and is more than just "lol, let's be a dad and date other dads". However, it is ultimately up to you guys to decide.

    In a nutshell, "Dream Daddy"; yay or nay? Thanks in advance for your time! <3
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  2. Octi

    Octi The Helpful Octopus
    Community Relations Division

    Music Teacher
    Disney World
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    Lawful Good
    Hey Anomaly! We checked out the game and are definitely okay with you taking a character from it. Have fun!
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