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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Apollo, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Apollo

    Apollo Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    God | Teacher | Nurse | Musician
    Olympian God
    4610 (17-18)
    True Neutral
    "You are gorgeous and people love you!"

    Played by Librus

    Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Age: 4610 (17-18)
    Species: Olympian God
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: The beginning of 'The Heroes of Olympus'
    NPC Companions: Four Sun Steeds


    Godly AbilitiesImmortal - Apollo is immortal which means he can’t be killed by conventional means. He can be injured, cursed and all of those things but disease will not kill him. Nor will wounds that would normally be considered deadly for mortals. You can even cut off his head and it will just grow back after an hour or so. There are only two sure fire ways to kill him. The first is to cut him up into tiny pieces and scatter the bits so far apart that they can’t reform. The other is to remove all knowledge of his existence from the mind of mortals. The last will not technically kill him but it will make him disappear forever which is essentially the same thing.

    Battle Prowess - You probably already know of Apollo’s excellent archery skills, however, he has battle skills outside of his archery too. Apollo is also an excellent boxer (proven when he kicked Ares’ butt in the first Olympics) and a skilled wrestler (proven when he took on Heracles and their father had to step between then because Apollo almost killed him). He is also capable of using swords but this is a skill that he’d much rather avoid and he isn’t exactly good with them. He finds close quarters fighting very impractical when you can take out your enemies from a distance.

    Athletic - Apollo is very athletic. He's a skilled acrobatic, he's good at sports and can climb stuff without the need of any equipment. He also has some pretty bomb reflexes. Naturally, this is all utterly pointless if you cut off his legs and arms until he has the chance to heal himself.

    Superhuman Strength - While once he had impressive godly strength, Pandora has reduced his superhuman strength to a mere 100 tons. With this strength he can lift anything within this weight rang with ease and throw it impressive distances.

    Enhanced Senses - All of Apollo's senses are enhanced. He can see, smell and hear things at a long distances, he can feel the slightest changes in the earth and the air and he has the taste bugs of a master chef. This naturally comes with it's flaws though. Intense smells, loud sounds and certain textures just drive him up the walls. A nasty smell can make him feel sick to his stomach, an explosion can daze him and he hates the feeling of raw cotton or anything close to it. Also, being injured really sucks.

    Omnipresent - Apollo is an omnipresent being which means he is quite literally everywhere at once but only because he splits his essence up and scatters it to watch over his domains. Because of his omnipresence he can be in many places at once in a physical form and out of a physical form. He can also go completely unseen by mortal eyes when it's outside of a physical form as well.

    He can also appear as anything. He is an omnipresent being who decides what he wants to look like when he wants to be seen. He can maintain his usual sexy 17-18 year old frat boy look or he can change his appearance to whatever he wants. Male, female, horse or a beam of glowing light? Age, gender and species are fluid when it comes to the Olympian gods. He has simply decided to present himself to the world as what we know him to be as his main gender, appearance and species.

    Omnipresence also gives him the ability to teleport from location to location with relative ease as long as something summons his presence to them. This can either be someone taking part in one of his domains or someone calling for his assistance and or making an offering or wish to him. He also hears all wishes made of him whether they be said allowed or in the minds of others which leads me to his last omnipresent ability.

    Apollo is a telepath on a level that his presence can enter another persons mind and bother them endlessly. This is often how he spreads knowledge and teaches morals new medical techniques. Pretty much everything he has dominion over that can be transferred through though can be done with this telepathy.

    His telepathic ability can't be used on those with mental shields though. Which sucks because he has a lot of knowledge to spread and those people are seriously missing out. Magical barriers meant to stop people teleporting into an area will also stop him and the clairvoyant have a high possibility to see right through his invisibility if they are close enough to his presence to see him.

    Divine Form - Apollo's divine form presents itself in all of it's glory when all of his essence is gathered into one physical form and all of his power is at it's peak. This is, however, something that happens very rarely, particularly in the presence of mortals, as looking upon him in his divine form will vaporize a human from the inside out. This usually only happens when his essence is forced together or when he is fighting an immortal being that takes all of his power and strength to fight. He's a busy man. Having all of his essence together is just a huge inconvenience.

    Transfiguration - Being a god, Apollo has the power of transfiguration. He has the power to turn one thing into something else. Such as a person into a tree or a ukulele into a guitar and so on and so forth. He simply needs to wave a hand and imagine what he wants.

    Curses - Apollo also has the ability to curse people who anger him. These curses can be anything from turning someone into a beast to taking away peoples abilities to see, sing or their ability to lie. These curses usually stay under his realm of control but he can stretch himself beyond that and to turn people into monster and or haunt them with terrors that they can't escape. All of his curses can be reverted by him and those who can break curses.

    Blessings - On the flips side, he can also bless people. If he is pleased with something or a location he can give them talents or improve their situation with a blessing that's within his domains of control. He can give people the gift of prophecy, impressive skills in healing, extra talent in the fields of the arts and so much more.

    Hypnokinesis - With a snap of his finger, Apollo can make injured people fall asleep so he can better attend to their injuries.

    Flight - With his birth home being on a floating island, Apollo also has the ability of flight without the use of his chariot or any other means. He simply lifts into the air and flies off into the distance like some godly superman.

    Sacred Animals - Apollo has the ability to communicate with all of his sacred animals and ONLY his sacred animals (besides mortals of course). His sacred animals include wolves, dolphins, roe deer, swans, cicadas, hawks, ravens, crows, snakes, mice, and rats.

    Domain AbilitiestArchery - Apollo is the god of archery and he's damn good at it too. In fact, he never misses his target and he always hits bull-eyes no matter how small the target might be. He could be shooting mid-back-flip, upside down, horse back, being flung around like it ain't nobodies business (as long as he can pull back the bow string) and his arrow will always fly true. His excellent marksmanship also seems to stretch into other territories that require aim such as basketball as well. He can also do this while shooting at impossible distances. That being said, if something were to get in the way of his arrow it would naturally embed itself there instead and he must be able to see his target or at least gauge where his target will be for an accurate shot.

    Music, Poetry and the Arts - Being the god of music, Apollo is a true master in every sense of the word. Singing, dancing, lyric writing, composing, creating new instruments and knowing how to play every instrument known to man is just some stuff he has learned to do after many millennia of self-training and unyielding persistence on an obsessive scale. And it shows…

    In fact, his music is so beautiful that it makes even the strongest of mortals burst into tears from the overwhelming beauty of the sound and the emotions that he projects through it. His playing is perfection and his singing voice is smooth and as rich as silk. He has studied all forms of music and has mastered them all. He also can’t resist anything new music wise whether it be a new instrument or a new sound.

    Apollo can also uses his abilities with music as a weapon, overwhelming his enemies with emotion, and he has minor abilities in audiokinesis (sound manipulation). If he wills it his whistles can stun his enemies for a short period of time with ultrasonic waves. He can also use music as a form of spell casting. Example: If he sings "love is an open door" from Frozen to a door that isn't locked by magical means he can use his music to open it. This, however, can always be stopped by magical means and only works small scale spells. The only time this increases is when he is using his magical lyre. Basically he is a bard with a little extra oomph.

    Along with music he is also exceptionally good at dancing and knows every form of dance there is to know and he is also an exceptional poet. He is, unfortunately, terrible at haiku no matter how hard he tries to get it right. It still doesn't stop him from driving people up the walls with his attempts though. Apollo is also the god of the arts but he focus on those other arts on a much smaller scale even though he still greatly enjoys them.

    The Sun - As the sun god, Apollo has a couple of abilities specifically revolved around the sun. The first that should be known is his ability to see anything that happens under the light of the sun. That's right, as long as the sun is touching someone, he can watch them from any point in the world and know what someone is doing. He can also find anyone as long as he knows who he's looking for with this ability and they are being touched by the sunlight. Sun sight does not work during the night and it can be avoided by sticking to the shadows or staying in places where sunlight can't touch you such as under grown or in a darkroom.

    Apollo also has complete control over the fires of the sun chariot giving him pyrokinesis (though not as strong as Hephaestus' pyrokinetic abilities as he is the god of fire). This gives him the ability to be completely unfazed by fire and heat, as well as their effects, and allows him to manipulate and create fire while in the sun chariot. He has also shown himself to have limited powers of pyrokinesis outside of the sun chariot (such as appearing before mortals in a fireball) but it is very limited without the sun chariot to fuel the power.

    Light - Being the god of sun, Apollo is also naturally the god of Light. This gives him complete dominion over light. He can bend it to his will, create it out of nothing, wear it like a shiny aura and even take it away if he so desires. He is also completely unaffected by blinding lights, he can make laser beams that can cut through materials like a knife cuts through cheese, he can blind his enemies and he can make the most excellent light shows. Last but not least he can control the temperature of light as well. This means he can make it blistering hot or chillingly cold depending on his mood.

    Darkness, being the natural enemy of Light, is his biggest weakness when it comes to his light powers. Black holes, things that eat light or prevent it from growing and or clever tricks to keep light from being created will prevent the use of this ability.

    Medicine and Healing - While not as good as his son, Asclepius (god of medicine), Apollo is still the Olympian god of medicine and healing giving him some pretty mad skills and knowledge on the subject. Apollo is capable of healing people through both mortal "science"/means and magic because of this. That's right, this chill dude is a doctor in his own rights and knows everything one might need to know when it comes to keeping mortals and the divine alive. He, however, does not know the cure for death like his son and he is utterly helpless when it comes to birthing children.

    Because of his domain over healing, Apollo also has the ability of Vitakinesis which gives him the ability to heal himself and others without doing it the boring and slow mortal way. This Vitakinesis gives him the ability to heal serious injuries in minutes. He can even reattached limbs and make them completely functional again as long as said wound doesn't instantly kill the being. He can't bring back what is already dead sadly (That and Hades really hates when people do that...) This god of medicine and healing also heals from injuries unnaturally fast because of his connection to the domain.

    Plague and Disease - Apollo is the god of plague and disease which he often uses when he is enraged by the actions, words or deeds of his victims and or their leaders (he isn't picky as long as he's getting vengeance). Being the god of disease and plague, Apollo has the ability to infect others with both using specific arrows filled with the ailment itself. It disperses from the arrow and infects those who stand near it within a ten foot range. He often learns to regret these vengeful acts though and thus he has also given humanity the secrets of medicine to help them combat this when he loses his temper (isn't he such a nice guy!?).

    Lord of Delphi, Master of Oracles and God of Prophecy - After slaying Python, the earth-dragon of Delphi, Apollo gained control of the Oracle of Delphi and with it he became the god of prophecy. As the god of prophecy, Apollo has the ability to see into the future and see the fates of the people around him and the future of the world. He can also teach and do other lesser forms of reading the future such as throwing dice and through cards. The problem with being the god of prophecy? It's an imperfect art as much as he will never admit it. He himself does not always understand the prophecies he gains from his glimpses into the future and he cannot always control when a reading happens.

    To make matters worse, Apollo himself cannot speak his own prophecies without making them utterly meaningless and thus he must select Oracles to speak for him in his stead. These Oracles are always women and he speak prophecy to them through the spirit of delphi (or Pythia if you prefer) which possesses them when a mortal asks for their guidance.

    Because of his position as the god of prophecy, Apollo is a great defender of fate and will not allow any changes to the future to be made without equal exchange to appease the fates themselves and only in situations where he feels it must be done. He will, however, try to help fate move faster along it's path and push others to follow their destinies without outright saying what it is. He has also proven to be cruel to those who defy the laws of prophecy (only Oracles can speak the future openly). This is proven when he cursed his son, Halcyon Green, for warning a girl about how she will die and thus disrupting the weave of fate.

    Last but not least, Apollo only retains his godly right to prophecy only as long as he holds the cave of Delphi. If this cave is claimed by another, the power of prophecy and the right to create oracles is passed on to it's new master or mistress and taken away from Apollo. This also strips the power of prophecy and foresight from him, his oracles and all of the people he has taught.

    - Apollo never lies to mortals. Oh, he will lie it up until the end of days to other immortal beings, but never to mortals. This has given him a good reputation and has cemented him as the god of truth in the eyes of humanity and thus has given him dominion over it.

    Knowledge and Reason - One thing everyone should know is Apollo is secretly a huge nerd. That’s right. This fun, energetic, flirtatious dude is actually really super smart. Like, knows almost everything kind of smart. You could easily say that his brain is a super computer with endless memory. He is the god of knowledge and all of that knowledge is tucked up in his brain after many many many many years of studying and learning. How does he manage to keep all the information in his head? He never forgets anything. That’s how. He makes Einstein look like a preschooler. In fact, humanity has him to thank for law, school, diplomacy and all sorts of knowledge based shenanigans (#yourwelcomemortals!).

    Naturally, with a brain like that, there are some flaws in the workings. He has all of the knowledge but it often needs to be triggered to bring it back up again. Yeah, like everything else he has to stop and think before rushing forward. He also has to learn something before it can be locked away in his knowledge vault. But still, he loves being smart and he loves spreading his knowledge and reasoning to other people. He'd give guidance then be an almighty slaughterer of people. Isn’t he such a nice guy?
    The Cave of DelphiThe Cave of Delphi is a cave in which part of the spirit of Delphi presides. This cave is where all prophecy sprouts from and without it no prophecy can exist. The being in possession of the cave is the Master/Mistress of Oracles and Lord/Lady of Delphi. It gives them the power of prophecy and allows them to select their own oracles. Once an oracle is selected they become connected to spirit of Delphi and are able to be possessed by the spirit to give prophecy to those who ask for their assistance.

    Apollo is the current Lord of Delphi and the god of prophecy because he holds the cave under his control. This, however, can change if the cave is stolen by someone else. If this happens all of his abilities of prophecy are passed on to the new owner and all of his oracles lose their power. The new owner of the cave of Delphi becomes the god of prophecy as they would hold complete domain over prophecy.

    As it is connected to him spiritually this cave was brought into Pandora along with Apollo. Things could get very interesting if he's not careful....
    EquipmentThe Sun Chariot - The sun chariot is the chariot Apollo uses to pull the hopes and dreams of the sun through the sky. You know how sometimes you become happier just by being out in the sun? It is the sun chariot that causes that happiness. It also emits the heat and light of the sun giving warmth to the land that it passes over. The sun chariot also has the ability to transform from a chariot pulled by horses into any vehicle Apollo desires. Like his horses, when the sun chariot is flying, it is wreathed in trailing flames that Apollo can control. In it's natural form the sun chariot is an elaborate well made golden chariot made for the harnessing of four horses.

    Apollo's Golden Bow - Apollo's golden bow is a divine weapon made specifically for him as a gift from his father, Zeus. As such, this bow and it's quiver can never be destroyed no matter what is done to them. Apollo's quiver will also never run out of arrows. Once emptied it replenishes itself with gold arrows that match his golden bow. This bow has also been specifically made to compliment his strength. Instead of breaking when he pulls back with his full strength the bow builds up pressure and when the arrow is released that pressure pushes it further and faster then it would normally go. To be more specific, it would have 100 tons of pressure behind it in Pandora based off of the nerf I have already given Apollo. Apollo can also uses his arrows to send plague, health and famine to land in which his arrows fall if he blesses or curses the arrows before they fly. Mostly the arrows he shoots are perfectly normal though.

    Apollo's Lyre - Apollo's lyre is a magical lyre made by his dear brother Hermes out of random junk he found in a cave. Be that as it may Apollo had instantly fallen in love with it the moment he heard the beautiful sound it made and he traded his herd of cows for the instrument. With it Apollo can command objects to move with music and build anything by simply playing this Lyre. This is proven as this was how he built the wall of troy. I will, however, nerf this and say that it takes a good long while to build objects with the lyre and it only increases with the size of the object he wishes to build. He must also write a song of building before he can build whatever he seeks to build with the lyre. Almost like a magic spell. Like his bow and quiver, his lyre is virtually indestructible as it is divinely made.
    The Sun SteedsThe sun steeds (Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon) are the immortal horses that pull the Sun Chariot through the sky. They are capable of flight and transform with the chariot to become the fuel that runs it when he turns the chariot into other vehicles. The sun steeds have manes and tails of fire when not actively running the sun chariot. However, when they run they gain a flame like aura that covers their body and trails behind them like a streak of flame. This flame is usually controlled by Apollo. However, when not controlled and the horses aren’t stabled somewhere safe they can accidentally set fire to stuff.


    Apollo lost many abilities upon arriving in Pandora. He can no longer smite people in seconds, he can no longer open a hole into tartarus and many other godly have been stripped from him that would otherwise be considered OP. His strength has also been heavily reduced to a simple 100 tons. While that is still pretty strong it is a huge reduction form what it once was. A lot of other weaknesses to his abilities have been added but they are with the skills themselves above.

    Because of how Pandora's box works, once the sun disappears from the sky, Apollo will lose all of his sun based abilities until it returns. His sun sight will disappear as well as his pyrokinesis. The sun chariot and the sun steeds will also be affected. The sun chariot will become a simple chariot with no particular abilities beyond being unbreakable. The sun steeds will also lose their ability to fly and the fire will disappear from them leaving only golden manes in their place.

    Apollo can also be badly injured by celestial bronze, imperial gold, stygian steel and other metals and weapons made to injure immortal beings. While he can't be killed, he can be cut into bits and scattered and exhaustion, starvation and illness (that can effect gods) can effect him. He is also weak against magic specifically targeted to harming divine beings. Magical traps and unbreakable nets can also hold him if he is captured in one of them.

    Apollo will not die from starvation or hunger it will have all of the same effects as any creator without death. If he can't find a way to find the food of the gods (Nectar and Ambrosia) he will have to rely on offerings given to him by followers or kind people who wish to throw food into the fire for him.

    Apollo also must keep any oath that he makes upon the River Styx. If he doesn't a horrible fate will befall him. He, however, can take his time with it unless a timeline is set with the oath.

    He is also exceptionally over-protective of those he cares about. His mother, his sister, his lovers and his children all fall under this. He watches over them as much as he can and he is well known for seeking vengeance upon those who dare to wrong or hurt them.

    Last but not least, Apollo can only exist if people remember him and who he is. As long as he lives in the memories of mortals, as long as his stories are continued to be told, he will continue to exist. That being said, if people start to forget him he will weaken and slowly disappear until there is nothing left of him.


    You think you’ve seen complicated? Well, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve met this guy. When you first meet him he comes off as an easy-going, carefree, fun-loving, spoiled frat boy and most of this just isn't true. It's all pretense and he is damned good at keeping up the act and making you believe it. Apollo likes to make people believe he is a perfect being in every way and in doing so shows a great level of vanity, cockiness and insufferable arrogance.

    He likes to pretend that nothing fazes him. That he has no fear, no pain and no hardship of witch to speak of and he also shows himself to be self-centered with a superiority complex a mile wide. He acts over confident, like everything he does takes no effort at all and has a nasty habit of spreading tall tales about himself to other immortal beings to make himself look more impressive and intimidating in the eyes of others (Don't get me wrong. They happened. He just changes things here and there to make himself look more impressive).

    Apollo is also exceptionally dramatic when it comes to this personality and how he treats the world. He likes to be notice and he makes an effort to stand out in a crowd. You can see this dramatic behavior in the way he holds himself, the way he speaks and the way he treats the people around him like his own personal audience. What else were you expecting from a god of the arts such as himself?

    Apollo isn't exactly the perfect pretty boy he pretends to be though. In fact, he is very imperfect. Like all gods, Apollo is very proud. He will never admit when he is wrong and he'll never accept responsibility for a wrong doing that he does openly (at least not as a wrong doing). He doesn’t take criticism well and can’t stand being told he is wrong or in the wrong. He feels a great need to be respected and feared by mortals and he will never ask for help no matter how desperate he is. He could be trapped in a magical cage and he would expect a hero rescue mission but he would never in a million years ask for it. He is also very proud of everything he has achieved within his domains and of his smashing good looks.

    He's all that and a bag of potato chips and he will do everything in his power to make other people believe that. He is a bit of a braggart and he expects people to thank him or be thankful for everything he has done for them even if indirectly (even going so far as saying “Your welcome,” and expecting a gracious attitude for anything a person achieves within his domains). He also gets offended when they don’t show this gratitude but tends to forgive it unless they do it in such an insulting way that it can’t be ignored. He has cursed and killed people for less and it's like to happen again if he's pushed over the edge.

    Being the god of knowledge and reason, Apollo is a very Intelligent person and has excellent diplomacy skills (as long as the matter doesn't involve something to do with him). He is a great mediator and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with people who ask for it. This, however, does not mean he is wise. Actually, he is quite the opposite really. He has the knowledge and the experience but he completely lacks the good judgement. This is one of the reasons why his oracles assist in matters of guidance. So that they can make up for his lack of good judgment without him straight up saying he lacks it. Because of his diplomatic skills he has also proven to be quite charming, logical and smarter. He is also persistent when his mind is set on something, very dutiful (even though some might think otherwise) and very perceptive.

    He is also exceptionally flirtatious and lustful. He will flirt with anything on two legs with a heart beat. Mortal, god, nymph and so on. You name it and he'll probably flirt with it if given an opportunity. And (being a Grecian man) gender is not an issue when it comes to his affections either. Like most gods from his pantheon, Apollo also has strong feelings of lust coursing through him. In fact, the only two god with a greater libido are his father, Zeus, and his uncle, Poseidon. Because of this a lot of people think he is incapable of love but this is not true at all. In fact, he loves all of the people he has been with in his own way and he loves his mother and sister with all that he is in a way that a son and brother should. He is just unable to commit himself to one person after the loss of his two great loves (Daphne and Hyacinthus) which still haunt him.

    He suffers from eternal heartbreak because of their loss and an inability to forget them or let them go. He has decided to take no spouse because he knows that they could never compare to those he has already lost and he suffers from a great loneliness because of it. In his own words he claims that "his heart is a lump of petrified wood" and that is truly his reality when it comes to matters of love outside of his family. You could say he has commitment issues and, yeah, kinda does. Have you ever wondered why Apollo has so many domains to watch over? This is the reason why. He is incapable to committing himself to just one thing. He kept on feeling dissatisfied with his life so he kept on adding them on until he had no more time to take on new domains. He is also the most emotional and guilt-ridden of the gods which only makes him feel all the more the failure when it comes to being a god. He does not show these things openly. Nor would he ever admit to them if you asked. But they are all one hundred percent truth and you can often hear it in his music.

    Like all gods, Apollo is capable of great cruelty and ruthlessness when slighted. This was shown more widely when he was younger and lacked experience and knowledge of much wiser people then himself. Age has stilled much of his wrathful actions. However, this has been known to return with a vengeance when his ire is summoned beyond ignoring. He is still know to give vicious curses, deliver plague to those who displease him and rain down divine judgement upon those who have earned it and more. He can be quite unforgiving even to his own children when they ignore his warnings and he watches as fate flows rather then trying to change it even though he knows what will happen. Heck, he will try to make it move faster if given the opportunity.

    Though this is true, as said above, much of his wrath has been stilled. Not just because he has grown more knowledgeable. But he truly cares about humanity in his own godly way. Yes, he still believe they are beneath him as he is a divine god and they are simply mortals, but he also sees their bravery, compassion and strength of character as something to be cherish (even if he hates being a meat sack himself). This is why he goes out of his way to help humanity and show mercy to them when mercy is allowed to be shown. He gave them healing, knowledge, reason, music and more simply out of the desire to see them grow, progress and live to their highest potential.

    After torture at the hands of the Governor, Apollo has become a little more vengeful then he was before to those he thinks deserve it. So expected some divine justice if he gets pushed over the edge to far.


    Delos, I am born
    Great Python is no more
    My heart breaks forever

    • After much trouble trying to find a place to have her children, due to Hera’s ire that their father was Zeus, Leto the titan gave birth to the twins Artemis and Apollo on the floating Isle of Delos. Apollo was the younger twin by nine days and upon his birth his mother promised his favor to the Delian people who had helped birth him.
    • After his birth, he and his sister were presented before Zeus. Overwhelmed with pride, Zeus named Apollo the god of the sun and Artemis the goddess of the moon.
    • Four days after his birth, Apollo asked his brother, Hephaestus, to make him a golden bow and golden arrows so he might hunt the dragon Python who had been sent after his mother. Hephaestus complied with his request and, after receiving his new divine weapons, he killed the great dragon Python (who was the guardian of Delphi) and established the Oracle of Delphi; naming the Oracle Pythia to honor the fallen dragon.
    • Hera also sent the giant Tityos after their mother Leto and the two twins fought against the giant until their father intervened and casted Tityos into Tartarus.
    • Not long after, Apollo was given sacred cattle to herd and look after. Sadly, soon after his birth, baby Hermes got bored and went in search of some fun. He stole Apollo’s cattle and returned to his mother where he faked innocence. It was only with the gift of prophecy that Apollo found the truth and he brought Hermes before Zeus for punishment. Apollo’s temper was only soothed when the baby god presented him with a lyre as an apology. Apollo accepted it eagerly and all insult was forgotten.
    • The two brothers became the best of friends from then on and his love for Hermes raised the young god high until he reached the status of Olympian at Apollo’s insistence.
    • Not long after Hermes created the reed pipes and after much begging, Hermes gave them to Apollo in exchanged for his caduceus. It was only at this point that Apollo truly became the god of music.
    • It was somewhere within this time period that Apollo fell in and lost his first true love. Apollo mocked Eros and in doing so angered the god of love. As an act of vengeance, Eros struck him with a golden arrow which awoke a passionate love in him for the nymph Daphne. Then Eros struck Daphne with a lead arrow which instilled a deep repulsion for Apollo.
    • Helplessly in love, Apollo chased after Daphne who was completely repulsed by the sight of him. He continued to chase Daphne until finally he was near to catching her (with Eros' help of course.). It was only then that she stopped and pleaded with her father for help. Peneus show his daughter mercy and transformed her into a laural tree leaving Apollo devastated and utterly heart broken. He bestowed eternal youth and immortality upon Daphne to preserve what life remained to her.
    • Apollo won the first Olympic games (which were originally made for the gods) after defeating his bother Ares in boxing and Hermes in the foot race. From that moment on the laurel branch (his sacred tree) was presented to the victors of each event to honor his victory.
    Protege Chiron
    Beloved Asclepius
    Love cures- and curses

    • Apollo found the centaur Chiron and adopted him as his own. Chiron became his protege and he taught the centaur everything he knew.
    • Not long after (for a god anyways), Apollo's eye was caught by the beautiful Coronis and impregnated her with a son that would be later known as Asclepius. He did not know that her heart was bond to another man and when a raven told him of her unfaithfulness, he cursed the raven (ravens were white at the time) to be forever black in exchange for it's lies. It wasn't until later that he learned that the raven was speaking the truth and gave it the great honor of being one of his sacred animals as thanks and apology.
    • When his demigod son, Asclepius was born he gave the child to Chiron to raise. Asclepius became one of the greatest healers in the world, even surpassing his own father under Chiron's tutelage. Apollo loved him dearly, but even his love could not save Asclepius after his creation and use of the Physician's cure (a cure that could cure all things, even death).
    • Asclepius brought Hippolytos back to life at Artemis' request and invoked Hades' ire in doing so. On Hades' demand, Asclepius was struck down by Zeus invoking Apollo's rage. He struck against his father and killed one of the cyclopes that forged his father's lightning bolts.
    • Asclepius was brought back to life after this and was given a position as a god to prevent the continuation of the feud. Be that as it may, Apollo was still severely punished for his actions against his father. His divinity and godly powers were stripped from him and he was forced into servitude with the mortal king, Admetus, who made him a shepherd for the year he was with him.
    • Admetus was a kind man who treated him well. As a reward, Apollo spoke to the Fates on his behalf in an effort to extend the good king's life. The fates agreed but only if Admetus could find someone to take his place when his time came.
    A god's passions burn
    Tears fall across so many faces
    Mercy is learned in time

    • Hyacinthus was a handsome Spartan man who was also a great love of Apollo's. Sadly, the jealousy of gods can be a deadly thing. Zephyros (the West Wind) also loved Hyacinthus but was spurned by the young mortal in favor of Apollo. It was when Hyacinthus played a game of quoits with Apollo that Zephyros jealous reached it's peak. Zephyros pushed the metal ring throw by Apollo with the West Wing and the metal ring struck the mortal man down. Hyacinthus died and Apollo turned his blood into hyacinth flower. Brokenhearted, Apollo would never love as strong again.
    • After the creation of beautiful young woman, Pandora, Apollo taught her how to sing and play the lyre.
    • Once a woman named Niobe insulted his mother. Infuriated by her insults, Apollo and Artemis struck down her many children as punishment, taking away her reason for boastful pride.
    Hera enraged
    The gods rebel against their king
    Punished again

    • The Olympian riot began when Hera had enough of her husband's cheating ways. Apollo was one of the four gods who stood up against Zeus in the hopes of changing his dear father's ways for the better. Together they chained him down with unbreakable chains and insisted that he be a better ruler. When he refused they left him chained where he was and went to their first Olympian council without him. It was the Nereid Thetis who heard Zeus in his royal chambers and went for help. Zeus was freed and Apollo was punished for his act against his father.
    • Yet again, Apollo was made mortal and put under the service of King Laomedon of Troy. Like the king before him, Apollo was made the shepherd of Laomedon's royal flock.
    Trojan protector
    Cassandra the cursed princess
    The arrow strikes Achilles

    • Yet again Apollo gave a king a great honor after being treated well during his punishment. He became the protector of Troy and erected a great wall around the city to help defend it from possible attackers.
    • During his time as protector of Troy, he had relations with the Queen Hecuba and together they had a son named Troilus. A prophecy was given that Troy would never fall as long as Troilus survived to the age of 20.
    • Apollo also wished to have an affair with Hecuba's daughter Cassandra, however, she rejected him after he gave her the gift of prophecy. Having enough of her rejection, Apollo curse Cassandra so that her prophecies would never be believed no matter how convincing they may be.
    • When the Trojan war began, Apollo fought on the side of his patron city Troy. He did many things to assist in the war and when Achilles killed his son Torilus (before the age of 20) he was infuriated further. It was for this reason that he helped guide the arrow that struck Achilles down.
    • Torilus' prophecy became a reality when the Trojan horse was pushed through the gates of Troy. Cassandra (who had seen the danger in a prophecy) was not believed and Troy fell to the greeks.
    God of Greece and Rome
    I move westwards throughout time
    The New World rises

    • Apollo was well loved by the greeks and when the roman empire rose he was once again called upon by the romans as a god becoming both a greek and roman god in the process.
    • He stuck with the romans until the catholic religion took the place of the pagan. He did not die after this though. The Olympians continued on, following western civilization and surviving on the continued memories of their existence and the devotion of their mortal children and those pagans that still believed.
    • Apollo had many children through out the ages both mortal and immortal. Some well known by mortals and others who dutifully fought the monsters that continued to be reborn on the earth instead of focusing on gaining renown. Some of his well known mortal children consisted of William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci and Louis XIV of France.
    • They continued to move until they reached America. Mount Olympus was moved to the empire state building and Apollo began his life in America. He watch over his children as well as he could while under his father's suffocating rules and did his job diligently through it all.
    • When World War II began only the gods and demigods knew that it was not just a fight between mortals but also a fight between demigods and gods. He did he best to stay out of the fight. Little did he know that his own prophet would suffer the wrath of his uncle Hades. Hades blamed his oracles prophecy for a death of a lover and he cursed her and in turn him. The spirit of Delphi would never be able to find a new host as long as his children lived in exile and he was forced to live under the great prophecy that forbade him to take loves and create demigod children.
    The great prophecy
    I try to save my sister
    Delphi is reborn

    • When the Percy Jackson (a son of Poseidon) arrived at Camp Half-Blood, the start of the great prophecy finally began. The Titan's began to rise and many of the gods demigod children turned on their fathers and mothers to fight along side the great enemy of the gods.
    • While Apollo wanted to help the demigods he was forbidden by his father to interfere with mortal affairs.
    • When Artemis decided to hunt the monster Ophiotaurus (A monster capable of killing both the lesser gods and Olympians), Artemis called upon Apollo to take her hunters and a couple of demigods back to Camp Half-Blood. Apollo did as she asked and allowed the 16 year old demigod, Thalia, to drive the sun chariot (not knowing she was completely terrified of heights or that she didn't know how to drive). They crashed into the lake after the terrifying ride (yes, he was scared too) and quickly left after he got everyone safely out of the chariot and lake.
    • Not long after Artemis was kidnapped. Concerned for his dear sister, Apollo used his supernatural sight to look for her and found his vision clouded. With no other choices, he broke the ancient laws and decided to help the demigods in their quest to find her. Disguised as an old homeless man named Fred, He told them to speak with Nereus before leaving them to continue their quest.
    • Artemis was saved and when Zeus held a council to determine whether Percy should be killed or not, he voted against his death and encouraged him through out the trial. As thanks for saving his sister he offered Percy two rewards but he rejected them both.
    • When the father of monsters, Typhon, started his attack on Olympus, Apollo joined the other gods in the attempt to stop the titan's advance on their home. They held him back as much as they could but the other titans entered Olympus while they were distracted. The demigod fought the other titans while the gods attended to Typhon.
    • When the titans were finally defeated and Olympus was finally safe again, Apollo brought a mostly dead Annabeth back from the brink of death before making his way to Camp Half-Blood. With the Hades' curse broken on his oracle, Apollo made a girl with clear sight (the ability to see through the mist), Rachel Dare, his new prophet and healed his adopted son Chiron who had been injured during the fighting.
    The earth awakes
    A war with the giants begins
    Am I greek or roman?

    • Six months after the titan war, Gaea and the giants began to rise from the depths throwing the greek and romans into chaos. Apollo's step mother was captured by the giants and held captive and the second great prophecy began. Apollo was incapacitated, jumping from his roman and greek aspects like the rest of the gods of Olympus. It was around this time that Apollo was pulled into Pandora's box and upon arriving he stabilized again (saved by from the chaos of his world).
    Events that happened in Pandora.
    • When Apollo arrived in Pandora, he was found by his brother Hermes. Not long after he found his son Will and began to spend a lot of time with him.
    • Through out his time here he has met a lot of people within his domain and helped those that he could or simply hung out with them. One such person Maglor who took a dislike to him almost instantly (and got cursed because of it) which he started a one sided love hate relationship with and another was Billyboy whom he liked despite his short coming.
    • Apollo also saved Jesus from a gun shot wound and restored Jack Jackson's tongue to him.
    • It was after Apollo saved Billyboy and his roommate Daniel's life from the Governor that his time in Pandora went down hill. The Governor had Apollo shot by Boba Fett who had laced his bullets with Prometheus dust.
    • Wounded, he was saved with the help of his son and the doctor's in cascade bay but there was little they could do beyond removing the bullets and putting him in a recovery wards. Sadly, the job was done to late and the dust entered his echor stream. He grew very sick until he dispersed his power to other people when he was near death saving what remains of him.
    • Now Apollo is Mortal and powerless and hating every moment of it.
    • After being turned Mortal, Apollo was forced to stay in bed by his son/doctor to heal from his gun shot fully. Apollo was miserable during this time and being miserable he tried to make everyone around him just as miserable as he was.
    • Thankfully this didn't last long and once he regained his freedom there was a few days of happiness before the depressing fact that he was still mortal sunk back in. While not miserable, he was depressed and the poor man acted every inch of it. The energy was sucked right out of him and he took to drinking to try and drown it out (like that ever works. lol).
    • It was during this time of depression that Will asked him to go on a surfing trip and he agreed. Alas, even this was ruined when the governor captured him and his son.
    • Together they were tortured until Will managed to escape and bring help. He was saved and brought back to Cascade Bay where Will began the work of healing him.
    • On September 1st his divinity returned to him.


    ‘Father, save me from this madness!’ Apollo cried out to his father in his mind. Still nothing happened. He was jumping from aspect to aspect like a schizophrenic madman. Had he really gone mad? No, gods couldn’t go made. This had to do something with… Well, he really didn’t know what it had to do with. All he knew was that his situation was getting worse and far more embarrassing than he would normally allow. It wasn’t ever day a good curled up into the fetal position trying to maintain some control over his own mind and body. It was unbearable! Or so he thought as he remained curled up where he was in the front seat of a cherry red Maserati (which also happened to be his sun chariot).

    It was so depressing he wanted to cry.

    That was just perfect and the last thing he needed. If someone saw him crying over something like this he would never live down the shame and all it would take was someone to look through the car window. His situation was embarrassing enough. He didn't want to add tears to the mix. Instead he got angry at the situation. Apollo began to glow with the strength of his decisions. He didn't know what was going on but when he figured out who or what it was they would pay for treating him in this way.

    He pouted like a disgruntled child before his hand flew out and slammed against the horn of the car. The horn blared his scream of frustration to the world around him without him uttering it. It was only than that he realized he was no longer packed on a New York side street where he had been before and his mouth fell open completely dumbfounded by what he saw.

    He has gone from big city living to the middle of a forest he didn't recognize without even noticing...
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