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Apollon's Mischievous Chaos

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Apollo, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Apollo

    Apollo Guest

    Apollon is bored. Very very bored. With Apollo doing all of the hard work his Doppelganger has nothing but free time and he's looking to start all sorts of mischievous chaos all throughout Pandora. That's where you guys come in. Basically my ideas is for him to start bits of chaos all throughout Pandora and I need you guys to clean it up and investigate the mess he's making of the place. He's certainly not going to do it and he's certainly not going to turn himself in.

    This will also be connected to a personal plot with Apollo. Basically eventually I want people to become suspicious of Apollo and have it lead to less people coming to his temple and less praise for him. This will greatly reduce his power and his doppelgangers and make it that much easier to take the Apollon (that's his doppelganger) out. I'll probably make a separate plot for this one though. I just wanted to tell you what's going to see if we can get something going on here.

    Anyways! If you have any ideas for nasty shenanigans for him to do or just want to be involved in investigating them or anything like that, this is the place to get involved. Anything is open for possibility as long as it doesn't include destroying the world or something like that. xD
  2. Nessa

    Nessa Player

    Oh gosh, i hope I'm not annoying with all of this already >.< but yeah this all has the makings of a *really awesome* plot and I just...I am getting too many ideas? xD sorry

    anyway, we've already been talking about the stuff that going to be going on With Maglor and Apollo this season, but I was actually wondering how any of this would effect the local birb population? The Crows and Ravens specifically, because a live reenactment of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is exactly what Pandora needs right now, don't you think? xD No, but seriously this would get John's attention so fast and I'd be totally up for him investigating "what the hell is this even?!"
    Apollo likes this.
  3. Apollo

    Apollo Guest

    Oh my gosh, yes! This needs to happen! I need this in my life so bad. Now we just have to decide where and when. I messed up the fields first so... Anywhere else works. lol
  4. Arcade Gannon

    Arcade Gannon Fallout

    Neutral Good
    So, Arcade's duplicate is going to be doing some good old fashioned human experimentation this season, but he's just one guy and can only get so much drugs and methods of keeping the more magically inclined test subjects from fighting back. Would Apollon like to help out for Science! and America! Maybe help him kidnap some people or steal some supplies?
    Apollo likes this.
  5. Apollo

    Apollo Guest

    Apollon would totally help! Watching people suffer for science is the best! Though he would question why he would want to dull their sense before remember "Duh! He's a mortal." So yes! He would love to supply Arca with what he needs. For science. And watching them suffer for it.
    Arcade Gannon likes this.
  6. Doreen Green

    Doreen Green Guest

    Bird chaos would likely get Squirrel Girl and the local squirrels involved ... :D
  7. Yeees Squirrel Girl, come join me and let us take care of these birds together! xD Okay so, Librus I and I already talked about this happening in Misty Hollow, but, what do you think, would @Apollo's Twin here decide to spread the fun across multiple towns? Also when *did* we want to do this? Mid-March-ish maybe?
  8. Dharke

    Dharke Join me in Coosa!

    Tiger Man
    Lawful Evil

    The real Apollo could get the blame for disrupting the performance of A Midummer Night's Dream, since he's obviously still bitter and salty about that offensive play Zeke and some other guy made about him? :p
  9. Doreen Green

    Doreen Green Guest

    Though Doreen lives in Pandora Town, I could have her in Misty Hollow running an errand or something if that's easier. :)
  10. Apollo

    Apollo Guest

    @John Uskglass He certainly could have the murder go to multiple places! That's not a problem at all if you'd like to do that. Mid March also sounds like a good idea. Maybe... March 14th-16th? Somewhere in there?

    @Doreen Green Aww, yes! This sounds like a perfect job for the squirrely one. If we go with the murder going to multiple places this may be perfect for her. Or she could make her way to Misty Hollow. I'm down for both ideas xD

    @Dharke Alright, alright. I'll make sure it gets up soon. I was going to do it this weekend but... Welp, life doesn't always side with me when I want to get things done. Such is life and all of it's annoyances. This is going to be a really fun thread though. lol
  11. @Doreen Green Whicheveridea works best for you, honestly!^^ I'd really love the chance for the Raven King over here to meet Squirl Girl!^^

    @Apollo That works fine for me!
  12. Doreen Green

    Doreen Green Guest

    Doreen's currently occupied the evening of March 16. Otherwise, March is good!