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Arainai, Zevran

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Zevran Arainai, Jul 12, 2018 at 8:15 PM.

  1. Zevran Arainai

    Zevran Arainai Dragon Age

    Tattoo Artist
    103 Haymet Place Apartments
    Chaotic Neutral
    “Planning has never been my strong suit. Now, killing...killing and love-making. Killing and love-making and witty retorts. Those I am better at.”

    Played by Birb

    Fandom: Dragon Age
    Age: Thirty y.o.
    Species: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: During the events going on in the background of DA2, after the quest A Murder of Crows in which Hawke lets Zevran go.
    NPC Companions: n/a


    AssassinZevran has been trained by the assassin's guild of Antiva, the Crows, which is renowned across Thedas as the go to group for political and personal gains against your enemies. He is fast and agile on his feet, skilled in parkour, hiding in plain sight and other manners of subterfuge, as well as duel wielding of blades, and poisons. He is also naturally good at deception, using his wit and charm to unlock areas he could not normally sneak into. He knows how to recognize and exploit the weaknesses of others to land critical hits. He isn't afraid to fight dirty or below the belt to gain the upper hand in a direct confrontation, since he lacks the stamina and endurance of an armored fighter.

    • His armor: his crow armor is dark in color, with plates of metal down the arms and legs like the scales of a crow. He wears a heavily worn dark cloak with a hood and a mask in the shape of a crow skull to hide his features.
    • Daggers: he has two long bladed daggers that he uses to attack with. He can use them deftly enough to throw them, or to fight blade to blade with them.
    • Poisons: Zevran is trained in the art of creating poisons and in applying them.
    • Tattooing needles: Zevran is an amateur tattoo artist, in the sense that he is not a professional. He has tattooing needles, and since he is adept at poisons, he also uses that skill to create the inks he uses.

    Zevran is not the best assassin, although he is pretty good one - enough to take down his own fellow assassins. He says he's not good at planning, so this leads me to believe that his take down of the Crows is not entirely a solo mission - especially since he does not wish to be so suicidal as he once was - and that his success is due to the resources and help of anonymous others, gaining political momentum.

    He is mortal and can be killed, fall ill, and will take just as long to heal without magic as the rest of them. He can be defeated by those with master skills better than his.

    His armor is light, in favor of dexterity, and as such, he has no strong protections against heavy or ballistic weaponry. He has to rely on his agility and perception to protect himself against most attacks besides the glance of a blade.


    Zevran personality is a product of his upbringing - both in a brothel, and then as a Crow. He is blasé in how he views the world, having grown up overloaded with its disreputable aspects, while still enjoying what little moments of happiness that he is granted. Living around death and surrounded by a culture that participates in murder, he lives in the moment, preferring to never plan much farther ahead than the next morning - and sometimes he doesn't even worry about that. The way he sees it, he could die at any moment, so he chooses to either ignore what could happen purposefully, or else he embraces life in all of its aspects.

    He's entirely self-confident, truly so, his confidence stemming from the fact that he does not worry about all the little details of life. Zevran's confidence is cocky and witty, but not arrogant. He knows when he is pushing it (although he doesn't like to take no for an answer, so he'll just try again), when to be serious, what his limitations are, and he accepts all of it with ease and no ill-will. Some could say he is irresponsible, but that is because he has had no choices in what he does with his life up until the later part of his life. He does have a choice in how he lives with it though, and so he chooses to let it go, giving him the confidence to just be himself.

    He does not view every subject of the world with such a relaxed manner. There are certain hot topics that he can't take a back seat on, simply because they are personal to him: slavery (being an elf), mistreatment of prostitutes (having had a mother who was one), and personal acts of betrayal/disloyalty. His ire is quick to burn but slow to forget and forgive, and his actions are always direct and to the point (sometimes with the point of a blade).

    Zevran's view on sex is both practical and uninhibited - he speaks off it in a completely open and unashamed manner, like a doctor prescribing you vitamins or fresh air. He does not view sex under any societal constraints, and does not seem to pay attention to the fact that other cultures may view the topic differently. This is largely due to his upbringing in a brothel and also because the Crows encouraged it as a means of deception, but also because Antivan culture is more open to things that may be viewed of as disapproving (with the exception of magic). He definitely enjoys it, preferring women to men, but not turning down any receptions from the same gender, so long as they are all handsome/beautiful, clearly putting physical attraction above a romantic one. He is completely hedonistic, and beyond sex, he also enjoys all the other finer things in life, taking them where he can get them - but not shunning the parts of life that are less than refined.

    Zevran is a man that enjoys many secrets - having be brought up around secrets - and he likes to tease others about them. If he doesn't want to tell you something, he'll dance around the subject until you give up. He enjoys knowing the secrets of others, although he keeps them. If there is one good thing about Zevran, is that you despite being professionally an assassin who is adept at stabbing you in the back, he will keep his promises. He is very loyal to those he keeps as friends, although at one point he believed that duty came before loyalty - it is the one thing he is ashamed of.


    Not pictured above, Zevran has many tattoos all over his body. Some of them are pictorial, but most of them are organic and symbolic, in "areas you can't see". Just ask if you want to see them.


    • Zevran was born to a Dalish mother and an elven woodcutter in Antiva.
    • His father was murdered by an assassin, who happened to be a Crow.
    • His mother moved to the city, and resorted to prostitution to get by and pay off her husband's debts, so little Zevran was raised by all the women in the brothel up until he was seven years old.
    • He picked up the art of stealth and thievery while there, gaining the attention of the Guildmaster Talav of House Arainai, who paid off his mother's debt, thereby 'owning' Zevran as repayment.
    • He was trained and raised by the Crows as an assassin. He not very good at it, until he met fellow peers Taliesen and Rinna.
    • Each played off of the strengths and weaknesses of each other. They were trained together as a unit, and they also became romantically involved together.
    • Life as a Crow was brutal and ruthless, being cloistered within the Guild unless a contract was given, and his view of the Guild became disillusioned when both he and Taliesen were given the contract to kill Rinna.
    • They did, and ever since then, Zevran hated the Crows, hated his life and hated himself, buying for the time when he could get out of it. He became disinterested in killing and Taliesen was left to pick up the slack.
    • That time came in the form of a contract against two Grey Warden recruits - the Warden and Alistair. Nobody would take it because it was a suicide mission - but Zevran wanted it - to end his life.
    • He fully expected to die at the hands of the Warden, but instead she spared his life. Seeing another way out of the Crows and a new chance at life, doing something other than just cold-blooded killing, he allowed the Warden to conscript him, to join them and pay off his debt to them.
    • During his times with the Warden, there were beset by Taliesen and group of assassins, who were there to take back Zevran. He watched Taliesen die, but refused to help the Warden fight him, unable to bring himself to murder another one of his lovers/friends.
    • He helped the Warden defeat the Blight, and then moved back to Antiva, where he started taking down the Crows from within. As of 9:35, he had two Guildmasters in his pocket, and remained anonymous for a long time, despite having killed many of his fellow Crows, including Eoman Arainai.
    • When his cause became more known, his identity was soon flushed out and he has been on the run from Crows, having had to 'take a break from Antiva' and lay low for a while, up until Hawke relieved him of his pursuers.


    The terraced landscape of Rialto by night was beholden in all it's splendor, laid bare to Zevran's eyes at he looked out over the tops of villas as he crouched on the top of one of the upper tier buildings. It was the personal villa of one 'Guildmaster of Rialto', who now was the former Guildmaster of Rialto, his body lying in the rose bushes in the inner gardens of his compound. Zevran pulled out one of the long, skinny blades he kept at his sides, tossing it expertly in his hand, toying with the weapon as he marveled in the glory that was his latest achievement.

    The Crows had sent assassins after him, assured in their task to kill off their own Black Shadow, but their shadow had returned - and he was leaving them with another message, pinned to the left cheek of the man he had left behind to be found. He was not so easily dissuaded.

    "Night falls, like a heavy curtain pulled suddenly over the eyes. Buenas noches, my friend." Zevran said quietly to the air, chuckling through a broad smirk with showed little teeth. He stood up to give his dagger one last twirl before he sheathed it and hopped from his perch, down to the lower roof of the villa. Maybe he should have kept it it out, or maybe he shouldn't have spoken so openly, because he had barely took over over the rooftop when he felt a tug from multiple sources, like he was being grabbed from behind, and then darkness enveloped his vision.

    He struggled in vain, held fast by his bonds, and he probably would have made a flippant, perverted comment aimed towards his captor, if in fact he could breathe or talk at all. It was like he was in a void, without air, if that made any sense to him. And just before he thought he was going to suffocate, he found he could breathe again, the darkness fading and the sensations in his limbs returning again. He coughed, landing on all fours as he was jostled from the lost momentum he had had before, cat-like but without the grace.

    "Maldición. If you are going to bind me so tightly, at least allow me the pleasure of seeing your- oh..." he gritting out, still recovering from the loss of air. As he stood up, his rant stopped slowly as he looked around. There was no one around him for he was on the top of a building, except he was not on the top of any building he had seen in his lifetime. It was flat and smooth, without the red, ceramic tiles that made up the roofs of Antivan buildings. But it wasn't the roof of the building that actually caught Zevran's eye. It was the night skyline, laid out for him in glittering stars-like lights and dark rising shapes that went way above the edge of his hood, which he slid over pointed ears and platinum blonde hair to stare up in open wonder.

    "Maker's breath... Well this is unexpected, is it not?"
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