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Private are you an angel?

Discussion in 'Horizon' started by Darth Vader, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader Star Wars

    December 12, Year 7
    @Padmé Amidala

    There were scrap piles as far as the eye could see. Mountains of broken and discarded things, the intestines of decrepit machinery long past their glory days stretched endlessly into the horizon. The engorged twin moons and stars hovering overhead only seemed to enhance the sinister quality of the jagged shapes and silhouettes below, their shadows dancing and twisting with each flickering movement from the firmament.

    It felt as if all the sound had been sucked into an abyss leaving nothing but an oppressive stillness to the senses. As far as his meditations went, when they seemed to guide him by the hand as if the Force itself had something to teach, this was nothing extraordinary. The landscape was a distinct lack of any living thing - until a small voice cried out from within the trash heaps.

    "Anyone out there?" echoed the voice of a young boy, who couldn't have sounded older than nine or ten.

    Scrap metal rustled against scrap metal as Anakin struggled to climb his way up the ditch, before something gave way under his footing. The clanging and thumping of his tumble down to the bottom was ear-shattering against the silence. The mounds shuddered from the movement, as if to threaten an impending avalanche, before finally settling back into stillness.

    "Ow..." he whimpered to himself. Cradling a reddening bruise on his knee, the sandy-haired boy peered up at the precarious ledge and pursed his lips together. No good... But he dragged himself back to his feet, an undeterred spark in his blue eyes. One way or another, he'd pull himself back up. This was nothing. Easier than putting a podracer together (which was another option with all these parts, ripe for the picking). Still, this'd be a lot easier if there were somebody nearby.

    "Hello …?" he called out one more time at the heavens, boxing his mouth with his hands.
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  2. Padmé Amidala

    Padmé Amidala Star Wars

    Horizon still reminded Padmé a little of Tatooine, although she’d learnt by now that this wasn’t that planet. It didn’t seem to be anything close to that either, from what she’d been told. The report of just what Pandora was varied from person to person. Everyone agreed upon one thing: that there was no way out of this world, which she found to be impossible to believe right now. There was still so much to be done in the Senate, she couldn’t stay here. And Anakin...there was so much she needed to tell him. Their lives were about to be changed, forever.

    Ironically, the only thing that had grounded her here so far was that thing. Her son, who she'd met a few days before. Not just hers, but Anakin’s. It was hard to comprehend, as she’d barely been pregnant when she was pulled here. But the coincidence was too much for it not to be true…and she’d only seen Luke’s blue eyes once before; there were no others like them.

    Amid dealing with all this news, Padmé had reached Horizon the day before and had already begun negotiating with the locals for more information and resources. In exchange for helping some of them out, she’d managed to gain a room and a bed for a few days. By the end of her second day, her body cried out for rest but she found unable to sleep for long before the dreams started…


    Various shapes began to fade into view, all of them at varying heights, piled high, like a wasteland. But this felt different; there was an eerie blankness to the place, as though it were suspended in time, void of anything but the cold and dark. Although she struggled to see, with the light of the moon…no, moons blinding her temporarily, she found that she couldn’t stop herself moving, as though something were drawing her in. Whatever was going on, she'd faced worse, she kept telling herself.

    As she took in her surroundings, Padmé vaguely recognised some of contents of the piles. It was the twin moons however that finally made her realise. Was...was this Tatooine?

    A sudden ringing sound made her turn on her heel, and in the distance she could see one of the many piles move. At first, she wondered if they would come crashing down, forcing her to run. But as before, she was drawn in, this time in the direction of the noise. She was only spurred on as a voice rang out; a young voice which was distorted in the vast emptiness.

    Padmé forgot everything else in that moment as she hurried towards the source of the disruption. It wasn't long before the ground veered sharply downward and she nearly fell into it, had she not stopped at the last moment. A few pieces of metal crumbled away under her feet and she now realised she was on top of the same mound that had shook so violently before. She leaned precariously over the edge.

    What, or rather who she saw made her breath hitch.

    "Ani?" She gasped. It was him, her Ani...but not the man she was married to. This was the boy she'd met years ago, as Queen Amidala. "Ani!" She now called, "Are you alright?" Something about this felt natural, despite her initial surprise. As though her being here was...right.
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  3. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader Star Wars

    Confusion flitted across his face when he first heard her voice, as clear as daybreak despite coming from high above. Blinking, his eyes turned skyward, and all his struggling seemed to still. It was as if a sudden lucidness had washed over him in a dawning awareness of the climb's futility. But the realization brought him closer to a sense of calm instead of despair. This was how it was meant to be, he realized.

    His recognition was without context, like the tight sensation in his chest mingling in with a trace of something else was without context. Where he stood, underneath this unnaturally bright moonlight amidst mountains of scrap, it hadn't occurred to him that he needed context at all.

    He only wished he could leap from the chasm and go to her. A persistent voice on the back of his mind insisted that a Jedi could do it, only to be quashed by a derision from... somewhere. From a dark place with cruel voices. What good were Jedi for if they couldn't save one person? The one person that ever mattered?

    Besides, Anakin was no Jedi. And to hear her voice again, after what felt like so unbearably long, was just as well.

    "It's you," he called up, lifting a hand to give her a wave. "I thought you'd gone away again." However brief, his voice was colored by a wistfulness belonging to someone far older than nine years old. After a pause, his features scrunched together into a youthful shadow of chastisement. "You'll get hurt if you hang over the edge like that."
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