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Arms Fair

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Cobra Commander, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Date: November 25th, Year Seven
    Location: Cobra Island, the Shimmering Sea
    Tag: @Grant Ward


    So far, so peaceful. The pact between COBRA and HYDRA had experienced more than one shaky moment, but so far it had held. As far as Cobra Commander was concerned, this was all to the good; he had immediate plans that would not go so well if he were forced to fight on two fronts. More to the point, there were certain advantages to this alliance that no amount of unstable dominance of the criminal scene was worth.

    Specifically, the mutual use of agents.

    A little while ago, one Grant Ward had approached him, representing HYDRA. A deal had been struck, and terms agreed to. Today, the Commander awaited eagerly the fruits of that agreement. Cobra Island's docks were buzzing, troops moving things around and generally bringing the old place back to working order. It had been a while, he suspected, since the place had seen such activity.

    "Boat spotted, Commander. It's coming this way. Shall we wait for the signal?"
    "What else would you be waiting for? Get to it. If nothing is seen by the time it reaches the island, blow it out of the water."
    The Commander had given Ward the necessary information he needed to get back into the facility; a short burst of code over a tight-beam radio would do the trick, and prevent a very unfortunate incident involving some carefully targeted missiles. If it wasn't Ward, well... whoever was piloting the boat was about to have a really bad day.

    "Code given, Commander - it's a friendly!"
    The enormous steel doors protecting the docks began to slide open, and allowed access to the cave in which they'd been built. Smiling to himself under his reflective visor, the Commander strode down to the nearest berth and awaited their guest.

    If Ward had succeeded in his part of the bargain, all would be well. Or, rather, all would be well for COBRA, and by extension HYDRA. For the people who stood in their way? Not so much.
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  2. Grant Ward

    Grant Ward Marvel Universe

    Criminal, Terrorist, Spy
    Misty Hollow
    Neutral Evil
    After providing the proper entry code, Ward ordered the two men he'd brought with him to guard the boat. The steel doors before the boat opened, and Ward got his first look inside the COBRA Commander's island. Impressive. This was clearly a man of a certain militaristic mindset, judging by his pragmatic and functional taste in decor. Ward had never met the man in person, but they had been mutual friends for a while now.

    And to top it all off, Commander was liked by Ophelia. That instantly put him in Ward's good books. Ward had already procured the power armor base that the Commander had sought. It had taken some...convincing certain black market racketeers to divulge the locations of mechanical components, but it was far from the most daunting task Ward had undertaken. The power armor base was now in a large crate that sat on the boat itself. COBRA Commander would be able to repurpose it, reverse engineer it, and study it as he pleased.

    Ward stepped out of the boat, setting foot in the cave for the first time. Now, he'd wait for his ally to join him.
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  3. The boat came in and docked, and HYDRA's representative soon made himself known.
    "Grant Ward, I believe? Welcome to Cobra Island, Mr. Ward. I hope your journey wasn't too difficult?"
    Stepping down to the pontoon on which his guest stood, the Commander offered a hand. Normally this would have been a severe breach of protocol - even his most trusted agents saluted - but Ward was an ally, not a subordinate. More to the point, he had something the Commander wanted.

    COBRA troops came down the gangway after their leader, waiting for the command to begin helping the product off the boat and into the organisation's care. He let them wait, however.

    Normally, COBRA protocol when dealing with a known org was a touch more aggressive. They had by now consolidated their grip on Pandora's mercenary rackets and weapons market, after all, and those few independent groups outside that particular umbrella were generally not large enough to be able to push back against COBRA's aggressive bargaining stance.

    Not HYDRA, though. Oh no. They were allies - and they had muscle of their own.
    "Tell me... is it complete? Whole?"
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