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As Time Ticks On And Flowers Bloom // Jun's Directory

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Jun Kurosu, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Jun Kurosu

    Jun Kurosu Persona

    Seven Stars Flowershop Owner
    Radical Pointe, Ark City, Centria
    Neutral Good
    Autumn, Year 108Wilting Petals - Shoto Todoroki - November 8th
    Coltsfoot and Chestnut - Makoto Nijima - November 10th
    Comprenes Vouz? - Text, Ralsei - November 11th
    First Contact - YoRHa No.9 Type S - November 13th
    Reunion in Rosemary - Tatsuya Suou - November 18th
    Fate and Some Luck - Text, Tatsuya Suou - November 19th

    Sky Blue Petals Born Alight - Connor Kenway - November 23rd
    Natural Beauty - Allura - November 24th

    Winter, Year 108Bad Blood - Tatsuya Suou - December 1st
    Took a Chill Pill - Flowey - December 2nd
    The Everything Party - Persona Crew - December 21st
    Hang On, Little Tomato! - Aerith Gainsborough - January 12th
    Planting Friendships - Tatsuya Suou + Aerith Gainsborough - January 15th

    Misty Memories - Tatsuya Suou - January 21st
    Not Exactly A Sick Day - Text, Shiho Suzui - January 21st
    Ivy Leaf Bound - YoRHa No. 9 Type S - February 2nd
    Forget Not The Blue Violets - Tatsuya Suou - February 13th
    Roses as Red as the Mask You Wore - One-off - February 14th
    Snowdropped Snapdragon - Corrin - February 17th
    A Pinch of Hemlock - Tatsuya Suou - February 27th
    All I Ever Wished for - Shiho Suzui - February 28th

    Spring, Year 108Get By With A Little Help From My Friends - Shoto Todoroki - March 6th
    Bad Idea - Pyrrha Nikos - March 8th

    Three's a Crowd - Ayano Tateyama - March 11th
    They'll Call Our Crimes A Work Of Art - Masked Circle Executives - March 13th
    Caged Bird Song - Shiho Suzui - March 15th
    Alaya Reflection - Rei Hino - March 21st
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