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Ashido, Mina

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Mina Ashido, Jul 12, 2018 at 1:22 AM.

  1. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido My Hero Academia

    Lawful Good
    Mina Ashido
    The old you's not going anywhere with that emo look on your face! If you overcome that gloomy self of yours... let me know. Or else I'll start spreading rumors about high school debut man.

    Played by Rika

    Fandom: My Hero Academia
    Age: 15 at the start, 16 in the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: The ending of The Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
    NPC Companions: None


    Special Abilities
    Quirk Ability

    Mina has access to an ability called a Quirk, and it also explains why her skin is colored pink. A Quirk is an ability that one can use in the series that gives them superhuman abilities or anything around that area. A Quirk is usually unique to the one who obtains it, and at this time Mina's the only one who can use the Acid Quirk.

    Whenever she uses this Quirk it's able to create liquid around her skin and allows her to control the solubility and viscosity of the liquid. This ability alters her skin color to turn into a pink color. Mina's able to melt solid objects with her Acid ability and so she can get through things like a desk, door, and other things like that. Acid also can be used as an advantage to make the ground slippery so she can slide around and also be able to climb walls by melting spots that her legs and hands touch.

    She's also able to make a barrier with the Acid Quirk to defend herself. Another good part is she's able produce viscous acid and stick it on surfaces.

    However, there's a downside to this ability. If she makes any mistake her clothing will dissolve away on accident and to no fault of her own. She's limited to how long she's able produce the acid from her skin. She will end up losing her natural resistance to her own Quirk whenever she's unable to produce Acid.

    Her one super move with her Quirk is dubbed Acid Veil. This is her special move which makes her acid solubility and viscosity reach the maximum limit. She creates a huge giant acid wall that blocks anything that comes toward her and is strong enough to withstand balls which are hard being thrown at it. The balls seen thrown at her was as hard as concrete.

    Other Abilities

    Enhanced Reflexes: Out of most of the female cast, Mina has the fastest reflexes by far along with most people in Class 1-A. She's able to easily dodge most energy attacks.

    Dancing Talent: This may seem a bit weird, right? She's super good at dancing and is able to breakdance pretty hardcore. She also is able to teach a newbie to dancing how to become a decent dancer in no time. This is mostly just for comic relief and for fun, although it may explain her enhanced reflexes too..

    Acidproof Shoes: She wears acid proof shoes due to the fact her skin and body produces acid. The soles of these shoes holes in them which allow her to let acid escape from her feet. The shoes, however, aren't damaged by the acid. She uses these shoes to slide across the floor.


    As mentioned above, her Quirk has it's weaknesses so she is not unbeatable or anything of the sort.


    Mina's cheerful, and is most of the time always smiling. She's also easily excited by things which is a bit of a flaw by itself along with being very emotional. Mina gets very teary eyed over various situations which is just something the female does, she has an awkward personality in that regard. She'll get teary eyed over being frustrated, being sad, and out of relief. The good thing is she's a very easygoing girl which most people seem to get along with thankfully.

    Another weird thing is that Mina is fine being naked in front of people, and does care if people peep at her being naked. She's also easy to talk to and strike a convo with, and can become upset when she's not able to be a social butterfly, especially if she's invited to an event or gathering she's looking forward to and gets denied access to it for whatever insane reason.

    Another good thing is that Mina would condemn bullying when she was just in middle school, and is capable of standing up for herself and anybody else who is getting attacked/bullied. If she's scared, she still stands up straight and defends herself and whoever else would be getting bullied or attacked. Mina also is the type to do whatever it takes to make sure fights don't happen, and will protect her friends til the end.


    Casual Uniform


    Hero Uniform


    School Uniform



    Back when she had been in middle school she was considered to be liked by many people among her peer group. They encouraged her to become a future hero because she had the looks, personality, and had a good enough Quirk to fit the bill. Mina had been known to make the bullies and the people being bullied get along just fine for the most part in middle school. Whenever her friends were approachedMn by a big and tall figure, Mina had been there to protect her friends despite the fact she was a little scared. She did everything she could to protect her friends, and by that point she'd proven to have what it takes to likely become a future hero.

    Mina tricked that monster to go away and leave her and her friends alone so they could be in peace. After a while, Mina took the entrance exam with her being approved to become a hero. Whenever she had first gotten involved in an attack by villains as the group had been making way to get on a bus to head for their next training session. Sadly, Mina was unable to escape and stayed back but stood to watch a group member get wounded which scared her deeply, and she had become concerned for the person.

    During the Vs Hero Killer Arc was whenever she had decided on her Hero name. She wrote down Ridley Hero "alien Queen", but she was told to change her name to something else. The name she originally came up with could come off a bit too scary, and so she decided on the Hero name Pinky. Shortly after there, she started working at a workplace for experience. It's not stated exactly what workplace training she had attended in the series proper.

    As Mina had entered the Hero License Exam Arc was when she had showed off her special move called Acid Veil, and she had also passed the first round along with the rest of Class 1-A. The start of the arc shows that she is living in a huge dorm, and had become super excited by this. The dorm is super big, and the class had entered in to look around. Mina was the one to suggest they do a "showcase" of each others rooms and to compete against another.

    This is where she is standing right now in the canon point. Basically 89 of the 100 examinees had scored above 50 points in the second exam, therefore they ended up passing The Provisional Hero License Exam to get a Provisional Hero License which lets them fight villains and protect citizens.

    Since the ending of the saga, it should be noted crime rates went up, and new villain organizations have increased. The police are taking care of it, though!


    It had been time to finally see her room in the new and rebuilt U.A High School which had turned into a dorm not just for Class 1-A, but the entire student body. As Mina made way into the newly done school, she was beamed with excitement almost to the point of legit crying. "Woooow! SO AMAZINGGG!" Mina spoke aloud, tears coming down her eyes as she was excited to see the newly done school. It was just super overwhelming for her to see the brand new school which had just been turned into a place to live.

    After while Mr Principal appeared and told Class 1-A to go off and see their brand new assigned rooms. Mina took off quickly, and just saw her room and again was overcome with excitement, and super happy to see a room of her own at long last. "OH MY GOSH! IS THIS A ROOM FOR ME?!" Mina shouted loudly, enough for the others around her to likely hear her. Soon after she looked around her room, Mina was able to finally talk to the others about the room. Her being an easygoing girl just struck up a convo with every single person possible.

    "How was your room?!", "What did you think of it?", and much more escaped her lips as she spoke to every single classmate who had also been eager to share how they felt about the school being turned into a dorm. Everybody was excited and awaited the next day at long last to be greeted by Mr Principal again. He stated that they were invited to a party of sorts, but students who failed passing any exams would have to stay behind. This meant Mina, sadly. She failed a recent exam which made me a bit sad. Mina spoke with a huge smile on her face and was always happy.

    Boom! Mina had been crushed hearing this. The poor girl just cried up a storm and became a wreck being told she'd not be able to come along with a few others due to failing an exam. It hadn't been her fault she failed but she'd chalk this up possibly overtime as just a learning experience... After Mina threw a fit and cried, she had been invited. The pink skinned girl was just as social as ever to people, and didn't like being left behind whatsoever.

    "Fine, you can come, Mina" Mr Principal decided he had been kind of harsh recently, and that after this he'd expect his students to train their Quirks and become the best heroes out there to protect the world. It had been Mina's dream to become a hero, and she was gonna pass the final exam to become a hero to defend the world from the villians out there.

    Hours later went by, and Mina had loved the interaction time with students and seeing other heroes attending this event to give tips and advice to Class 1-A and every other class located in the now dorm school. Being a hero would be a hard challenge, but Mina had friends and Class 1-A behind her to go out there and stop crime in this world. All Might had retired at long last, and it was the new generations job to take over. All Might was confident that Class 1-A and the future generation would be able to handle it especially since U.A High was a great place.

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  2. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido My Hero Academia

    Lawful Good
    OK, I hope I got it good enough for you guys! She's ready for review.
  3. Lanni

    Lanni Moderator
    Application Division

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    your application is

    Looking good, Rika! Accepted! Please swing by the sign ups and have fun!