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Aura Of Mystery

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Riley, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Riley

    Riley Pokémon

    Lawful Good
    July 3rd

    For not the first time, Riley was grateful for pokeball technology. Having his more spacious teammates out and about in the middle of town. At least, having a 21-foot water-dragon-snake wandering around seemed like a pretty bad idea to him.

    But, he didn't have to worry about that, instead, he could focus on the little things. Like his latest job that would let him pass the time.

    While Riley didn't really like the idea of living somewhere permanently, he liked having money as much as the next guy. Since Pokemon battling didn't pay in Pandora, that left him getting random jobs for a bit before moving on again. It worked for him and his team.

    Handing out fliers to advertise some sale wasn't glamorous or exciting, but it did mean he had enough to buy some sweets for his team and himself. It always amused him to think about how much a sweet-tooth Entei had.

    So, he was giving away fliers, while Lucario stood beside him, silently judging everyone. Well, silently as far as anyone without aura abilities knew. Riley was struggling to keep a straight face while hearing so much sarcasm during an otherwise dull job. Little did he know, it was actually going to be pretty interesting.

    Not a lot of people were interested in taking the fliers, so Riley was stuck with a pretty big pile as people passed by. It was so tall that he needed to use his aura to see everyone around him. It was probably quite a sight, someone clearly blinded by the papers in his arms, dodging the moving crowd as if he knew people were there before they even got close.

    It was this that let him react to the problem faster than anyone else. A young kid, couldn't be any older than ten, was sitting on the sidewalk playing with some toy cars. He was out of the way of the moving crowd, but that wasn't very helpful when he dropped one of the toys in someone's path.

    The man was carrying a box full of something heavy, Riley didn't care. What he did care about was the fact that as soon as he stepped on the toy, he lost his footing and sent the box falling right onto the kid, who was too scared to move. Reacting quickly, Riley dropped all of the fliers and used his aura to create a force-field around the kid.

    Fortunately, he managed to send help just in time. The box bounced off of the shield with a loud 'thunk' and fell to the ground. Letting out a sigh of relief, Riley dropped the force field, which also meant his hands weren't glowing bright blue anymore. He didn't approach the kid to see if everything was alright. The fear was being replaced with confusion and gratitude, neither of which Riley needed to deal with. He was more concerned about the fliers he dropped into a puddle, ruining them; he was going to be in so much trouble.
  2. Chibiterasu

    Chibiterasu Guest

    Well, that's not good as majority of the paper fliers were all over the place; some in the puddle and others on dry ground; what a mess! Before long, a white pupper came and the little one is going to walk around and use his little mouth to pick up the papers that didn't make it in the puddle.

    After all, helping people is what he does best.

    Before long, he went to Riley and lifted his head up, looking to the other with his innocent, beady eyes and wagging tail. Who could turn down such adorableness?
  3. Amber

    Amber Guest

    She had been running errands to help her house-mate and had picked up some bread, jam and fresh vegetables. While the civilized air to the market was like the so-called pre-virus days, a bartering system wasn't - basis trading was still a thing between the tribes when they weren't at each other's throats.

    Shifting the paper bag from one arm to the other, Amber arrived a few moments after the kid had been saved. She had paused at the sight of the dog-like being hanging out by the man, her thoughts flashing back to the encounter she'd had with Cynthia and Karen. Was the blue and black beast and the white puppy similar creatures? Pokemon if she remembered correctly.

    She was also wondering if the guy owned the puppy as it seemed to be helping collect sheets of paper lying around the street. Bending over carefully, she picked one up before the little dog could grab it and studied it.